XOWii Lies about Nutrients in XOWii Ultimate?


I clicked on XOWii’s website today (12/23/2010) and I found something amazing. It was the following claim:

“One 2-ounce shot of XOWiiâ„¢ Ultimate is the nutrient equivalent of more food than you can comfortably eat in a day – 2 cups spinach, 3 oranges, 22 eggs, 15 avocados, 3 cups of pea, 50 bananas, 5 potatoes, 2 watermelons, 30 cups of tomatoes, 12.5 pounds of cheddar cheese and 80 mushrooms.

Would you rather consume this mountain of food or receive all those nutrients in one convenient 2-ounce shot?”

What an amazing claim, right?!?! However, it is clearly lie. To understand why, we need to do no more than look up what the definition of a nutrient is. Wikipedia gives us a list of types of nutrients. As you can see, carbohydrates, proteins, and fats are nutrients. So the statement that XOWii is making is that 2 ounces of XOWii contains all the carbs, protein, and fat of that huge list of food. So let’s look at the nutrition label of XOWii Ultimate:

XOWii Ultimate Nutrition Label

XOWii Ultimate Nutrition Label

As you can see that XOWii Ultimate contains no fat or protein… core nutrients that are in avocados, eggs, and cheddar cheese. It makes MonaVie’s claim of it being the antioxidant equivalent of eating 13 fruits look tame. The MLM juice scams know no limits to their ability to commit large scale consumer fraud.

Just in case XOWii updates their website, to fix this illegal claim, I grabbed a screenshot to prove it:

XOWii Ultimate Lies

XOWii Ultimate Lies (click for full image)

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One Response to “XOWii Lies about Nutrients in XOWii Ultimate?”
  1. MadScientistMatt Says:

    My first thought when I read that list of things they claimed it was equivalent to was, “If that were somehow true, drinking Xowii must make you really, really fat.” A two ounce drink that contains the nutritional equivalent of 12.5 pounds of cheese alone would be well over 10,000 calories per ounce, and you still haven’t stirred in the avocados, eggs, and tomatoes. The claim is so over the top it almost sounds like a parody of the “13 servings of fruit” line.

    The claim doesn’t hold water if you add up the vitamins and minerals, either. You can find a searchable database of the nutritional information on most fruits, vegetables, etc here:


    For example, there’s less calcium in there than in ONE OUNCE of Cheddar cheese. One banana delivers 40 times the potassium. And so forth. Someone with more time on their hands than me could tally up all the vitamins and minerals of the “equivalent” list they gave; it would probably be much, much higher on every list.

    Another interesting note – if I’m reading the label right, it appears the vitamins and minerals are things it’s been fortified with directly, not things that were in the fruit juices. Which would make Xowii Ultimate more of a liquid, juice-flavored multivitamin than a juice blend.

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