The Aftermath of Quitting TEAM and MonaVie


The following is a guest post from a former MonaVie distributor and a former member of TEAM. As editor of the site, I’ve adjusted the formatting slightly for appearance on the site. He previously wrote the article: Ex-MonaVie & TEAM Distributor Explains His Metamorphosis

As a preface, I must say that I love this site. It’s opened my eyes, really, and I’ve met a lot of neat people. Also, I was able to practice my debate skills on several occasions. It’s fun!

That said, my primary purpose on this site is to add value. And so I tell my story about me telling my ex-sponsor that I quit TEAM…

So, I recently told my ex-sponsor that I left TEAM and MonaVie. I told him via email. Here’s what happened.

The Diamond of the TEAM sent me a text message later that day that exactly read “Call Right Back.” My thoughts: “Hell no. I demand a bit more respect if you want to talk to me.”

Then about a week later my sponsor emailed me back and said hes been really busy (he and his wife just had a baby girl), but that he would like to know my reasons for leaving, so he’d call me later in the weekend. A fair request.

No call. Whatever. It’s not my responsibility to let the world why I quit TEAM.

Now I know my group well. Even after I hadn’t talked with any of them for around two months, they didn’t get the hint that I had quit MonaVie and TEAM. In fact, they still invited me to meetings and such.

So I know that if I had talked with my Diamond, he’d have found some way to guilt-trip me or something.

But that’s just the funny thing. While I was with TEAM, I was looking for another way to… you know, actually succeed in MLM, because frankly, the TEAM system sucked. I learned nothing about building a business. What kind of business doesn’t advertise? There’s internal advertisements within distributors, but how do you let everyone else know what you’re doing?

TEAM affiliates, I must know: why is the “business support system” lacking in a FUNDAMENTAL CONCEPT IN BUSINESS? Why does the TEAM system lack information on how to copywrite, or how to excel in PPC advertising, or how to use social networking as an advantage?? WHY? I learned all of that stuff in about a week, and it was FREE, and I can honestly say that I learned more in that week than I did from the expensive-as-hell TEAM system.

There’s something seriously wrong.

Anyway, the system sucks. Yeah. Moving on…

I was reading general MLM tips back then. And what did all of the “MLM gurus” say? Don’t chase.

Why am I suddenly being chased by my ex-team? Either TEAM is incompetent in their own business (i.e. Network marketing), or there must be an ulterior motive… or, maybe TEAM is just a cult…

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29 Responses to “The Aftermath of Quitting TEAM and MonaVie”
  1. CGC Says:


    I don’t see in what way you are being “chased” by your ex team. From your post it appears the opposite is true and you are being ignored. Could you please elucidate?

  2. Rasheed Says:


    By the way my upline kept asking me if I would like to go to seminars, conventions (and when I said I couldn’t afford going to the convention, which costs upwards of $400, offered to help me sell things to get me there), I felt like I was being pursued and he just couldn’t get the picture that I no longer wanted to be in TEAM.

    Additionally, when I called him a few months ago about my initial concerns about MonaVie, he told our Diamond, and the Diamond called us and basically said “I dunno” to each answer and said “Great, glad to have you guys back” as if he wasn’t listening to what we were saying.

    So if trying to get me to stay, while I obviously am not interested in the opportunity anymore, is not chasing, I don’t really know what is.

  3. Rasheed Says:

    By the way, I’ll be putting updates as comments, since my upline may or may not call me soon.

    Just another thing I wanted to add though. Whenever my upline calls me, it’s always about something TEAM-related. It’s never about how my family is, or how life is, it’s always to get me to a convention. Whenever I ask him about his family, he says great, and moves onto something TEAM-related and asks if I’d like to go to x seminar or whatever.

    Cuz apparently I’m just another number I guess.

  4. Humiliated Says:

    Rasheed, that was my experience but with Monavie. I had a tragedy in my life, which my upline found out about. My upline emailed me telling me that they knew it was a hard time for me but they were really glad I was still “on the juice”. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was at that moment that I really started to question what I was involved with in terms of the ‘cult’ and ‘greed’ aspects. I thought, if they can’t even send me a concerned email without mentioning the stupid juice, something was horribly wrong. I could feel their greed reaching out from my computer moniter and strangling me. I guess it helped me to see who the really were as human beings and realize that I want nothing to do with them any longer. These weren’t people I wanted in my life. It is really difficult to see greed take precedence over compassion, decency, empathy and plain old good manners.

    It sort of reminds me of that Purewal video that Vogel directed us to. They say do it in spite of your spouse’s better judgement or pleas. They don’t care if you end up divorced as long as you are ON THE JUICE.

  5. switch Says:

    Ahhh, yes! The good ol’ chase! Sounds very familiar to me with the chats you’ve had with him. That’s very typical of a Team member to just jump into their story involving Team….and frankly, they don’t give two shits about your life. They only thing they care about is themselves. I guess this whole “chase” can be seen different ways whether it’s phone calls, talks in person, or heck…even driving by in a nice new shinny mercedez!!! Yes, please note that from my yard there was a one finger salute to them also!

    I’m sorry to hear on the tragedy. How idiotic, selfish, and greedy of them to throw that at you but certainly doesn’t surprise me at all on their comments. Please keep up the good work you’ve given my family and friends. Your facts have gone along way in my household.

  6. Vogel Says:

    BTW, I was just going over some of Monavie’s horrid Black Diamond “documentary” videos, and at least 2 of them included the Black Diamond distributor specifically mentioning how they relished rubbing their new vehicles (1 was a Mercedes and 1 was a Monavie bus) in people’s faces. How F-ed up is that? could you imagine Steve Jobs doing that at a meeting for Mac salespeople? “Hey everyone…look at me…I’m so filthy rich I can tell everyone, including you, to go F themselves…HAHAHAHA!” Can you believe that THAT is the dream they are trying to sell? It’s so perverse.

  7. Vogel Says:

    Charlie Kalb (04:30): “What I found out about a motor coach, it’s, it’s great revenge. You drive this up to all the people that have ever told you that it won’t work. This is a great evidence that Monavie is a great opportunity and a great business vehicle.”

    Rob Alwin (01:40) – “You know there was a time when it was very painful when people you care about that live in your neighborhood tell you no. And sometimes it even breaks your heart. But you know what the more heartbreaking thing is watching them go to work. In fact just for kicks sometimes well sit in our drive way and wave them off — [cut to shot of Alwin family in driveway] — Take care, bye-bye, don’t work to hard. Hey guys, so what do you guys want to do today? [Son responds] ‘Hey let’s go cruise the cars’. [Daughter begs] ‘Oh oh, can I drive the Mustang please?” [Alwin replies] ‘Yah yah yah, I’m getting’ the Caddy’.”

    BTW, judging by Alwin’s delivery and body language — painfully contrived and uncomfortable in his own skin — I’d have to immediately assume that every thing he says is a lie.

  8. Rasheed Says:


    Yeah, all that matters to them is being on the juice… it’s sad… what’s sadder is that I saw the recommended monthly PV go from 250 to 300, and people who weren’t on the recommended monthly PV were pretty much ostracized. Minimum requirement to get commissioned from MonaVie was 100 PV (one case per month), full commissions are at 200 PV. Yet TEAM has always recommended that everyone gets on 250 PV, and now 300 PV. They even have special meetings and events to ensure the non 300 PV people feel left out. I’ve been to one of these events. They’re not all that great.

    So if anyone can tell me why buying 3 cases of juice for one or two people makes sense, I’m all ears.

  9. Rasheed Says:

    Oh, and humiliated (again):

    Sorry about your tragedy. But now that I think about it, it seems like all that matters to TEAMers is that you’re on the juice, and at 300 PV at that.


    I see you know where I’m coming from! haha


    That’s funny. I know where they’re coming from; it’s a common saying that “success is the best revenge.”

    I agree with that saying, but not to show people that I’m better than them or to show them that they’re dumb, or whatever.

    Take me for example. I’d like to be a DA one day. Of course there’s gonna be a lot of people who say that it takes a lot of work and I probably can’t do it. But if/when I become DA, I can show them that they were wrong. Simple.

    I wouldn’t use it to advertise though.

    Success is indeed a good revenge, but it’s also good advertising.

    A bank robbing mastermind can show how much money he’s stolen to get you to help him out. And psychologically speaking, a person is more inclined to do something when they can see the rewards right in front of them.

    Doesn’t make the bank robber ethical. Success is the best revenge, but in my opinion, only when it’s ethical success.

    You know, success gained by not lying to people and not making illegal claims.

    By the way, I’m selling this comment for a million bucks. It’ll cure your cancer!**

    **This product is not approved by the FDA to cure or mitigate any disease

  10. Vogel Says:

    Success is its own reward. Seek that and forget about revenge.

  11. cat Says:

    “Yeah, all that matters to them is being on the juice… it’s sad… what’s sadder is that I saw the recommended monthly PV go from 250 to 300, and people who weren’t on the recommended monthly PV were pretty much ostracized. Minimum requirement to get commissioned from MonaVie was 100 PV (one case per month), full commissions are at 200 PV. Yet TEAM has always recommended that everyone gets on 250 PV, and now 300 PV. They even have special meetings and events to ensure the non 300 PV people feel left out. I’ve been to one of these events. They’re not all that great. ”

    Totally true. That’s the reason I left. I felt very left out because i couldnt afford the increase. i’m back to reality, i’m back to my family and friends, back to doing what i love when i left TEAM Monavie.

  12. Rasheed Says:

    True. Seeking success for the sole reason of revenge takes all ethic away from your work.

    But I must admit, it’s a nice added benefit (when my “success” was getting straight A’s for one term, lol)

  13. Anonymous Aussie Says:

    Rasheed asks “So if anyone can tell me why buying 3 cases of juice for one or two people makes sense, I’m all ears.”

    I recall when I first started looking at Monavie (before I really looked into the issue of pyramid schemes) and thought that the requirement for distributors to ONLY buy one or two cases per month was a totally absurd policy. I mean, that clearly isn’t going to be enough to enable a distributor to derive any profits if they don’t have enough stock to sell, yeah?

    I know that the requirement to purchase large amounts of inventory is a red flag for authorities but I also think that mandatory purchases that don’t reflect the minimum sales quota should also be a huge red flag and attract much greater attention.

    Rasheed – have you though about laying your cards out on the table and telling your upline exactly what you’ve discovered about the business/products and that you know you were lied to?

  14. Rasheed Says:


    Yeah, that makes sense. It’s easy to say “Yeah! We sold 2 trillion dollars of product in the last DAY!” when it’s a friggin’ POLICY for every distributor to pay a thousand bucks per month just to qualify for commissions.

    And as to laying my cards out: I discussed the preliminary issues with my sponsor when I started having doubts. It went similarly to this:

    I emailed him a lengthy email (let me know if you want to read this email) and he called me later to discuss them.

    Well, I don’t think he actually read the email because he didn’t address a lot of issues that I brought up. Like the D- in the BBB (I would have liked for him to address that because last month he sent a text blast saying that MonaVie had an A+), and a few other concerns he sort of just skipped.

    He responded to the billion dollars in sales. He said, “well, shouldn’t you have proof before you criticize a company on their alleged sales?” so I gave him the example I wrote in my previous article: If I had a company, I could claim that I sold two billion in a week! And anyone who doubts me must prove me wrong!

    He saw my point, but then just said, “I dunno, email corporate” (I did; I didn’t get an email back).

    Then I addressed the P&Ps with him about having to sell to five people per month, and he said, “I dunno, ask our diamond”

    Then I addressed how distributors always claimed that MonaVie put $250 million of research into making the MMun product, and he said, “Well it doesn’t really matter who put the money into the research, $250 million is still a lot of money to put into a product.”

    Good point sir, but he missed MY point, which is the blatant lie that has been told. Also, there is a difference between Microsoft putting $250 million of R&D into making Windows 7, and Dell putting Windows 7 onto a machine their selling, and saying “Yeah! $250 million of R&D was put into making this product!”

    Big difference. Unfortunately, I just thought of this latter point just now, and wasn’t able to share it with him.

    And then about the 5-7 servings of fruits and vegetables, he said “Well why don’t you just email TEAM about the misleading claims?”

    Again, he missed the boat on that one. It’s on their BROCHURE, which has been approved my MonaVie (which is signified by the logo on the front of the brochure), the brochure that they use to show the plan to everyone in the TEAM system… it’s THERE. There’s a reason they put it there, and they don’t care if one person notices the false claim, I’m sure many people have before. It shouldn’t be the responsibility of the distributors to ensure the validity of the claim of the tools that they use to share the product, it should be the makers of the tools. We trust them to have accurate information. If we can’t trust them with that, what exactly CAN we trust them with?

    So that was that. Basically, he just said “Go ask x, I dunno.” Which is good, at least he tried to direct me to somewhere I could get information; unfortunately, they were not responsive. As expected.

    Then the diamond called me the next day (read: chasing).

    He discussed the points with me, and then he reinforced his claim that MMun cured cancer in everyone he gave it to, etc… and then at the end, he said “glad to have you back!” even though we’d said nothing of the sort.

    That was the last time we heard from him.

    Now if my sponsor calls me back and asks why I (finally) left TEAM, I’ll just share with him my new information, and to advise him to not just be a drone and follow a hyped up stranger (read: Orrin Woodward and the rest of the policy council), but to actually form his own opinion and do whatever he thinks is right.

    Honestly, if he wants to be a great leader, he’d back up his claims with evidence and not just follow the crowd. He’d do his research so he won’t lead his people into a fire. But the path he’s taking right now, they’re headed straight for a fire. I’ll do my best to help him, but I can only throw the lifesaver out to a drowning person. It’s up to him if he wants to take it. I’m not gonna beg anyone to listen to me, because I’m confident in what I say.

    That was probably long enough to be an article in itself, but that’s my story in a nutshell. lol

  15. Amthrax Says:

    Somewhat tangential to the discussion, but otherwise related. Amway announced that they reached an agreement between TEAM, MonaVie, Woodward, and some of his downline leaders to drop all pending legal and arbitration disputes. Check it out:

    We are pleased to announce that Amway Corp., MonaVie, TEAM, Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady, Tim Marks, and other parties have reached agreement to resolve all pending legal and arbitration disputes between them. The terms of the agreement are confidential.

  16. switch Says:

    Sounds way too familiar on your upline…”dunno, go ask someone else, or this person over here”…give me a break. You’re right, that person should do his homework but instead he’s more interested in the cash and could care less what the questions/concerns are. Beating around the bush on all your questions is pretty much the norm acrossed the board for all uplines. So basically, they run a business on all bullshit and lies. That’s ALL IT IS!~

    They reached an agreement….LOL! Oh so, what do you suppose this confidential information is all about? Hey wait a second….my upline told me that there was no more legal disputes ever with them and that was quite some time ago….huh, I guess things just never change.

  17. Vogel Says:

    “Sounds way too familiar on your upline…’dunno, go ask someone else, or this person over here’…give me a break. You’re right, that person should do his homework but instead he’s more interested in the cash and could care less what the questions/concerns are.”

    I know right? Should a distributor who provides no value be entitled to earn revenue from their transactions? They don’t know squat about their products, and because they can’t reliably answer any questions, they have to refer to someone else to get them out of the hot seat when someone asks them a stumper (that includes questions as basic as “what’s in Monavie?”). If a distributor can earn money from transactions without being able to provide reliable product support and without handling the product, then they are just being paid for having signed someone up, not for providing value in the transaction. That’s just one more aspect that screams pyramid scheme.

  18. Anonymous Aussie Says:

    The lack of support provided by Rasheed’s upline is in breach of Monavie policies and procedures which states

    2.1.7. I will provide support and encouragement to my Customers to ensure that their experience with MonaVie is a successful one and will clearly state all terms of sale.

    2.1.8. I will offer to provide follow-up service and support to my downline as is reasonably necessary to assist them in building a retail Customer base and a downline organization.

    The lack of ownership by Rasheed’s upline concerning the misrepresentations made is also in breach of Policies and Procedures

    2.2.4. You also agree to be fully responsible for all of your verbal and/or written statements made regarding the Products, services, and the Compensation Plan which are not expressly contained in Official MonaVie Materials.

    Monavie is the most thinly veiled pyramid scam I have been confronted with – no retail sales being made, an inability to identify customers from the sales force (that’s because the distributors are the customers), little to no knowledge of the product being sold (as pointed out by Vogel), no training addressing the issues of sales of the product alone, minimum purchases which don’t even reflect the sales quota, no verifying that “sales” are being made to non-participants (or that any sales are being made at all), the focus of the distributors activities being recruitment and selling the opportunity, products grossly inflated in price that aren’t able to compete in the open market, misrepresentations concerning the products to justify the exorbitant price, compensation plan providing the greatest rewards for recruiting a huge downline and the compensation plan enriching only the very few at the top, greater than 99% loss rate (confirmation of the pyramid math), it LOOKS like a pyramid and operates like a pyramid (duhhh….because it IS a pyramid!) and MORE (such as diversion tactics such appealing to people’s sense of greed, attempting to leverage from the credibility of others, founders with questionable backgrounds concerning their business practices and involvement in other scams, using religion or patriotism to gain credibility, asking distributors to focus on future earning potential rather than the current earnings/or lack thereof, etc etc).

    It’s inconceivable to me that people don’t see the underlying business of Monavie isn’t selling juice…

  19. switch Says:

    Vogel- absolutely NOT should they earn any revenue. But unfortunately, they do. What’s happening is these people that have have no clue about a reasonable question brought forward have no answer (and yes, sometimes it was as easy of a question as “what’s actually in the juice?”) so what do they do??? They turn to their upline…because that’s what they tell you to do! Believe it or not, Mr. Woodward gave an “inspirational” speech where he told us to use your upline like they have a field collar for dog training on their necks and everytime you have a “prospect” interested….PUSH THE BUTTON ON THE SHOCK COLLAR!!!! Use your upline to answer all the questions…but the sad part is, as Rasheed said the same, they (Silver, Golds, and even Ruby’s) were even stumped on some of the questions OR completely gave some bullshit lie….So, in the meantime these distributors on the bottom that don’t know the honest truth sit around casting the bait hoping to snag another victim just because they’ve been exposed to Mona Vie’s bullshit income disclosure sheet. They see this as some sick way to get wealthy and healthy at the same time because their uplines are telling them “USE us” for any questions the prospects have….well, in my case it certainly backfired on them and backfired WELL.

  20. Stupid Mistake Says:

    This is going to be a long post.

    I was talked into joining TEAM MonaVie because of the prospect of earning side income. A month has passed and I still have not received any “card” in the mail from MonaVie. I want to quit. I have one contact below me because my sponsor put her below me. I have noticed a few things about MonaVie.

    – The juice is very good. It is almost addicting, but it is way too expensive to be worth the taste.

    – The nutritional value is poor compared to other drinks. Just look at the Nutrition Facts

    – The EmV (energy drink) does work! The downside is that I think I am allergic to it. I notice that I get a stuffy nose the day of drinking it and for a little while the day after drinking it.

    – The meetings are all the same. I have only been to two meetings and they are exactly the same except for a small bit at the end.

    – The seminars are expensive. $30 for a ticket is outrageous! There is also a “mega-seminar” coming up in January. It is 3 days of speakers for $120. I have not gone to a seminar yet and do not want to. I have better things to do with my time. My sponsor and other higher ranking distributors have even offered me a free ticket. I still declined.

    – They did have a condescending attitude about college. My sponsor and other higher ranking distributors were unfazed of me telling them that I had a lot of papers to write. I am fortunate enough to receive free tuition, so college always comes first.

    – Forget about me not receiving any money from MonaVie for accumulating points. Forget about me wasting $200 for the sign up autoship starter cases. What is the worst thing about TEAM MonaVie is that I am bothered beyond belief. I consider myself an average/real American; I just want to be left alone. I get calls at least 3 times a week asking me to go to meetings, seminars, to turn autoship back on, or to receive CD’s of speakers.

    I don’t consider myself to be a true MonaVie distributor. I don’t have that bias, nor am I fired up about MonaVie like the rest of them. I promised myself that I would not try to pitch to anyone until I got my money. I wanted to be very honest with them about everything. One of my friends was interested in the EM-V, but I told him it wasn’t worth it, but I would just let him buy only through me, so that he wouldn’t be involved in the “system.”

    So how do I completely get off of TEAM and away from MonaVie?

  21. Mackwiz Says:

    Stupid Mistake,

    Welcome to the site. There are a few ex-distributors here that will be able to help you get out of the “business”.

    If they want you to drop out of college to peddle juice that is insane. The odds of getting a better paying job with a college degree is much better than the odds of making more money selling this stuff.

    Good luck, I hope everything works out ok and you get out with as little money-loss and hassle as possible.

  22. Rasheed Says:

    Stupid Mistake,

    Feel free to contact me at [email protected] and I will send you the exact email I sent my upline. They took me off EVERY email/text blast now and they don’t even talk to me. I think they may hate me, but I don’t care.

  23. switch Says:

    Stupid Mistake-
    Glad to see you’re blogging about your experience. It sounds like you’re on the right track as far as leaving. Sounds like you’ve canceled your autoship which is the very first thing you should do. Then, if you’re getting any system cd’s or info from the Team side you should cancel all those too.(check you’re credit card, it should be an extra charge of around at least $20 a month depending on the package they conned you in. If they’re still calling you, you must still have some connection open to them as far as giving them your hard earned money. Just make sure EVERYTHING is canceled. After that, it’s just a matter of stopping the communication with them and walking away.

  24. Humiliated Says:

    Stupid Mistake. Please, please, please…the BEST thing that you can do for yourself is cut off the money flow. Then, sit down, after you complete your papers for college, and commit to reading the articles on this site and the “Lazyman” site. There are facts and research on here that your upline will never tell you about.

    I was involved with this cult for 1.5 years because this information was NOT available when I was a part of it. I became involved because of people that I trusted. I no longer have anything to do with them. I have the forgiveness of my friends & family who I also unintentionally suckered into this scam, but others are not so lucky.

    Just walk away, tell them you are not interested any more. That is what I did and I had to be firm. Of course they never spoke to me again but that collateral damage I am more then ok with.

    You clearly have critical thinking skills…sit down and educate yourself on TEAM & MONAVIE by reading what is contained on these sites. Start with Wikipedia. You will have no choice but to walk away, I guarantee it.

  25. Rasheed Says:

    Also, email [email protected] and [email protected] and tell them I QUIT

  26. Vogel Says:

    Also, make sure to send a complaint to the BBB (see link below) and then send a registered letter to Monavie requesting a refund for everything you spent because you were misled, and you don’t appreciate being bilked out of your hard earned money.

  27. Anonymous Aussie Says:

    EXACTLY Vogel!

    If a person feels like they’ve been scammed, it really would be worthwhile putting pen to paper and sending in a complaint letter to the BBB/FTC AND their up-line and/or Monavie itself in which point by point attention is drawn to all the misrepresentations made, the decisions made and money spent as a direct result of these misrepresentations and demanding a full refund of all monies spent.

    No doubt a complaint letter would be a guaranteed way sever all ties with the organisation as well.

    And what about the possiblity of a class action lawsuit – I’ve just seen recently that the Amway/Quixtar lawsuit was settled. You will note that the accusations included that it is an illegal pyramid scheme, that participants are lured into buying over-priced products which do not allow for any profits to be made in selling these and purchasing tools which participants are warned as being essential to building their businesses.

    Furthermore, it was claimed that earnings paid weren’t based on sales but rather on the recruitment of new participants and that participants are deceived into participating in a scheme where financial loss is inevitable.

    Sounds all too familiar….

  28. V $$ Says:

    Stupid Mistake –
    You said, “I promised myself that I would not try to pitch to anyone until I got my money.”

    Just curious… how did you expect to earn any $$$ if you didn’t “pitch” it to anyone?

  29. MonaVie Scam Says:


    I thought the $$$ comes from selling juice, not pitching (recruiting) people, right? That would make it an illegal pyramid scheme.

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