Shipping MonaVie’s Acai Around the World?


What are the side effects of shipping fruit around the world?

From everything I’ve read acai used in MonaVie is freeze-dried and shipped from the Amazon to the United States (specifically Utah) for bottling. This requires a lot of energy – energy in the form of oil or coal. Creating the energy to ship the fruit, leaves pollutants behind, and can’t be considered a good way for the US to reduce their dependence on foreign oil.

Many health organizations are suggesting that it is better if we eat locally grown food rather than importing it.

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14 Responses to “Shipping MonaVie’s Acai Around the World?”
  1. Rest of the Story Says:

    Acai bring the locals more money than the heart of palm, there fore saving trees in the Rain Forest. It has been said that the Rain Forest is the Lungs of the Planet so what Monavie is doing is a good thing for the Rain Forest. Why dont you go after the Chemical Plants and such. You are trying to make Monavie out to be bad in every way possible.
    What a sad sad World you live in, I feel for you.

  2. MonaVie Scam Says:

    I’ll quote from a villager in the Brazil:

    “We are happy that people on the other side of the world are able to enjoy our acai, but we don’t want to have to go without it,” Neves said. “Why should we suffer so people who don’t even know anything about the fruit can have their acai pills?”

    Read the whole article, she’s is not just talking pills, she’s talking about the acai in general.

    These people are using the word “suffer”… you are going to try to twist that into being a good thing? Wow!

  3. the rest of the story Says:

    So just forget the farmers? What about them?
    She failed to tell you that when pochers come in and cut the heart of palm that it kills the tree for ever. So when this happens were will they get their Acai then? Monavie can help you to Brother.

  4. MonaVie Scam Says:

    Forget the farmers? I’m advocating helping the local farmers at farmer’s markets.

    Where is the evidence that there’s any kind of poaching going on? I’ve heard a lot of MonaVie distributors saying that MonaVie is being responsible while others are not. I don’t know how we can prove this is the case and it’s not the other way around (MonaVie poaching and others being responsible.)

  5. Kyle Says:

    do they ever say how and when it’s shipped? do they have some magic electric vehicles with low carbon footprint?

    do they ever promote tourism to the amazon if you can’t overdose on acai?

  6. MonaVie Scam Says:

    Well we are finding out more information on how MonaVie’s acai is shipped here:

  7. mysterious Says:

    i just wonder why monavie seems the need to make videos and lie about how they harvest the crapy grade acai they clam to be so great and make videos on them going there , not to mention them going to the more project and making it look so good, im discusted with all these lies, and find it very funny on how people stick up for monavie when sooner or later in the end they will end up hear doing the opposite. if they lied about the acai and how they transport it when obviously another company is doing all the work and selling it to monavie, why do they talk about a paten on the freeze dried process and being the only ones allowed to do that freeze drying, and if theres any proof of this paten, because what i learned is that words arnt good enough in todays world, i fell for that once and i wont fall for it again. im an ibo whos been fooled into the monaCULT and dont want anything to to with the company. im smart and got out before i lost my money. id num 2795783

  8. Magic Man Says:

    I would say I agree with Brian Dunning here in regards to locally grown as opposed to shipping.

    So if they are freeze dried they can handle the slower shipping methods like cargo ships.

  9. MonaVie Scam Says:

    Having watched that video on the locally grown foods, I’m not sure I buy it. He seemed to make a case that the farmer’s market distribution was a very tangled web, where it seems to be exactly like a distribution center system. Maybe it is because I live in California where much produce is locally grown very efficiently and not driven far at all.

    It’s worth noting that there’s little freeze dried in MonaVie as we’ve mathematically proven: While it is transported on cargo ships, it doesn’t make sense to get your berries from so far away, when berries of superior nutrition are closer and more efficiently grown.

    On the other hand, he does give a good 3 minute explanation on why MonaVie is a scam here:

  10. Food Tech in CA Says:

    Freeze drying has some benefits. It slows down the growth of microbes, for one. But, the benefit MonaVie is really interested in, is the cost savings. Shipping all of that water found in most fruits, is very expensive. The patent for the freeze drying process of acai, has nothing to do with the quality of the product. It is merely a variation of a process that’s been around for decades.

    Claiming that this process somehow makes this particular acai superior in some way is nonsense. It’s nothing more than marketing fluff.

    And as MonaVie Scam has pointed out, the acai, whether it’s puree or the processed freeze-dried powder, has little impact on MonaVie’s nutritional profile.

  11. jim Says:

    If you like Brian Dunning, here is a story specifically on Mona Vie from Skeptoid… good stuff.

  12. Mackwiz Says:

    Thanks for the Brian Dunning links, pretty good stuff. I think he spells it out how this so called “system” is nothing more than a lottery ticket.

  13. Magic Man Says:

    I agree MS. I’d rather have local berries and juice that is cheaper and better.

  14. Magic Man Says:

    Thanks Jim,

    Posted to my Scambusting page

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