Purple Horror gets Whitewashed


A couple of months ago, Purple Horror underwent a drastic whitewashing. For those unfamiliar with Purple Horror, Newsweek offers this description of it:

“On PurpleHorror.com, a hugely trafficked MonaVie discussion Web site so large that it’s slow to load, outraged distributors and perhaps more level-headed juice fans trash the purple elixir.”

A couple of years back, the Consumerist also wrote about Purple Horror and its outraged distributors.

The whitewashing consisted of deleting thousands and thousands of comments and in its place posting a few videos showing MonaVie in a positive light. The title as of this writing is “MonaVie Questions”, which obviously doesn’t fit the domain name of Purple Horror. Fortunately, thanks to Archive.org, you can read a large sampling of some of Purple Horror and compare it against the current one.

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2 Responses to “Purple Horror gets Whitewashed”
  1. team deception - Building a Leadership Factory Says:

    He cannot whitewash everything. People are waking up to this scam. There are some very high up (PC) former TEAM members that have united together and are talking. As of now there are over 670 comments. This has to be a nightmare for Orrin Woodward knowing that the truth is coming out for so many to see.


  2. Cultastic_team monavie life training orrin woodward and chris brady scam Says:

    I agree. What people do not realize is that Orrin is all about himself and does not care about the well being and lives of others on his team. He and Chris are at the top of the pay plan in their PROFIT SHARING business that they setup with team (tool money).

    By bringing in outside groups and plugins, which is what they want to do with their LIFE TRAINING tools, they stand to benefit the MOST out of anybody since they are on top. They tell everyone else to get in and build the business as if it is a good opportunity and they encourage others to grow organically, while they are sitting around growing their pocket books by leaps and bounds anytime a new MLM or leader joins their group.

    This is why Orrin pushed so hard to bring in leaders in 2007 prior to suing Amway. He brought in Billy Florence, Randy Haugen, Len Griffin, Fred Harteis, Don Wilson and a whole slew of other leaders. (Luckily for Fred Harteis and Len Griffin, they saw his BS and decided to not switch over to teams training system.) It took Randy and Billy a few years to wise up, but once they did….they LEFT in a New York Minute. And the sad part is that Orrin SLANDERED them on the way out the door like he does to any leader who chooses not to build his team.

    It is absolute BS that he expects everyone to grow their business organically, while he can go out and bring in plugins and he RAKES in the cash. No one else in Team will profit the way Orrin and Chris will with their Life Training tool company that they plan to pitch to other MLM groups.

    People have NO IDEA how Orrin works and they will praise ‘LIFE TRAINING’ as if it is the best thing since sliced bread, but they will NEVER make a dime off of their efforts in the business. Orrin and chris will be the ones profiting at others expense!!

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