Orrin Woodward Looks to Whitewash History with Amway

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On his blog, Orrin Woodward made the following statement:

“We are pleased to announce that Amway Corp., MonaVie, TEAM, Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady, Tim Marks, and other parties have reached agreement to resolve all pending legal and arbitration disputes between them. The terms of the agreement are confidential. I would request anyone who blogged on the various disputes to remove all materials so we can close this chapter of our lives and move forward together. Polly Harteis had an impactful quote at Jerry and Polly’s recent seminar, ‘Don’t criticize the old, just create the new.’ This is excellent advice for all of us in Networking.”

For those unfamiliar with the term whitewash allow me to quote a few bits from Wikipedia:

“To whitewash is to gloss over or cover up vices, crimes or scandals or to exonerate by means of a perfunctory investigation or through biased presentation of data. It is especially used in the context of corporations, governments or other organizations.

Modern Usage
Many dictatorships and authoritarian states, as well as democratic countries, have used the method of whitewash in order to glorify the results.

During the Soviet-era, Stalin adjusted photographs of himself with Lenin, in order to position himself closer as to give an impression of a closer relationship between the two.”

In Orrin’s own statement above, he doesn’t deny that there were “various disputes.” He would just like to remove all evidence of them, so that years from now it will be forgotten.

Woodward should heed Polly Harteis’ words himself and not focus what others wrote in the past and instead create the new. It’s been shown that the “new” for Orrin Woodward is lies.

I don’t mean to steal the thunder from Amthrax analysis of the same Orrin Woodward announcement. Readers should visit that article as well.

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