More Proof That MonaVie is Dying


I received an interesting email recently. The person had an email from former MonaVie distributor Robert Wright. I asked him if I could publish it and he went back to Robert for permission. Robert granted the permission so here is his email:

I was in MonaVie for 2-1/2 years, and never heard of non-retail bonus that you speak of. I will look into my back office and see if I can decipher what it is that you refer to.

As far as their Income Disclosure Statement….what a crock of crap. I have to admit that I made good money with MonaVie for the first year that I was with them. I made it to Gold Executive rank, but NEVER made the kind of $$ that it showed on the IDS. My average income ran around 300-400 per week, a far cry from $52,000 per year.

My group grew to just under 700 as of July of 2010, but out of those people I now have only 17 people that are on auto-ship and drinking the product

I’m very good friends with my Black Diamond up-line Carrie Dickie….she is the one on the Momentum DVD who talks about them taking the berry out of Brazil and MonaVie giving back to that country…speaking of the MORE project. She has over 22,000 people in her group.

Carrie made $980,000 in 2009 with MonaVie, her income today is less than $500.00 per week. This is happening with many of the Black Diamonds in MonaVie… the problem is that people simply cannot afford to drink the juice.

Carrie and I, along with my Diamond up-line, found a company that has a product that is only $40.00 per month, has better results than MonaVie, is a publicly traded company so that there is no hidden BS about the company being a billion dollar company, yet no one can see the books to validate what is being said. Everything with this company is in the open to the distributors and share holders, we are seeing 307% growth, and experiencing the momentum that MonaVie was seeing between 2005-2008.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the MonaVie product, but tell your wife to run….it is a loosing proposition. My wife and I went around $20,000 in credit card debt “sharing the juice” with everyone who would listen, only to have them get on the product, and than stop after a couple of months when they couldn’t afford to drink it anymore.

That’s quite a drop, right? It seems to support interest in MonaVie is fading.

As for the company that Robert is talking about, but not naming by name. That’s another scam called Protandim. Out of the frying pan and into the fryer.

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11 Responses to “More Proof That MonaVie is Dying”
  1. Emily Says:

    That’s why MV was so desperate this year that they came out with a new weight management product, RVL. Instead of claiming to have up to 13 servings of fruit a day … it claims to give you up to 10 servings of fruits AND vegetables.

    Not only that, it only works that way if you consume the supplements AND the nutrition bars with the RVL. Talk about misleading.

    You wouldn’t believe how many MV distributors were so giddy about what an explosion they’d make in the market and claims that MV’s business would go “boom” with this cheap piece of crap product.

  2. Dr. Philip W. Loh Says:

  3. humiliated Says:

    Check out Amthrax’s latest article regarding the class action law suit against Monavie brought on in the Arkansas courts! The “complaint” makes for very interesting reading, covering most of what we talk about here!!

    Vogel…I think that “drain” you talk about is finally becoming a reality! It seems Monavie is beginning it’s descent into the sewage system where all MLM companies will (hopefully) eventually be!!

  4. Yaw Says:

    Do you guys have anything else to talk about except monavie? the website is called juicescam but it might as well be monaviescam. There are hundreds of other companies out there like us who are in the juice industry, but I don’t see a single article on any one of them. I’m not the type that will come on here and defend Monavie to the death, because it’s just a waste of my time. I know what a difference it’s made in my life and that’s all that matters.

    Please tell me this monaviescam. have you actually consumed monavie on a consistent basis before?

  5. MonaVie Scam Says:

    This website was designed to talk about MonaVie. I think I make that pretty clear on the home page. I didn’t get MonaVieScam because the use of trademarked terms (MonaVie) in domain names was a legal grey area.

    There are thoughts at expanding it to include other juices. However, as you mention, there are hundreds of other juice companies out there. This website is largely a volunteer effort by me and it really only covers 50% of the articles that I want to write about MonaVie. So take the 120 articles here and multiply it by two and there’s 240 articles per juice company with hundreds of juice companies. Don’t hold your breath waiting for coverage of other juices.

    The good thing is that you can apply a lot of these articles to other juice companies. For example read: The Problem with the “Try MonaVie” Argument. You can replace MonaVie there with just about any juice for which illegal medical claims are being made. By the way that article is also the answer to your other question, Yaw.

    As a reminder, please make sure your comments are on the topic of the article you leave them on. You didn’t address the topic at all.

  6. humiliated Says:

    Yaw, at risk of staying “off track”, I am coming on here to defend my host. I, for a fact, know that he hasn’t consumed MV on a regular basis, but I have. Yep, a year and a half (I remember the ol’ “you have to give it at least 3 months to get results”). But you would have known this if you would have taken the time to read any of this website. You need to hone your research skills and really take a look at this product and the business as there is a lot more information available than when I was involved a few years ago.

    I had friends and family consuming it regularly as well. It changed NOTHING for any of us. The only person that this would do a damn thing for is someone who had never consumed a piece of fruit or a vegetable in their life. Since a daily serving of MV is equal to ONE piece of fruit a day, I am thinking there are much cheaper ways of getting these nutrients with the added bonus of the natural fibre.

    If you felt changes in your pain levels, that is a placebo effect as I had friends with rheumatoid arthritis who I had drinking this swill and they felt no change in their pain levels after 6 months.

    As I was really getting nothing out of it, I took the juice and the business plan to independant sources (a nutritionist, a business lawyer and a REAL scientist) who pretty much looked at me and said “you didn’t buy into this crap did you”? Hence the name
    “humiliated”. Most of my downline had dropped out because they couldn’t afford it, but there were a few that continued to do it because they wanted “to support me” . I went to them, hat in hand and told them what I had learned. They forgave me as I had learned a valuable lesson, but they stopped drinking it immediately because they too had felt nothing but extra calories.

    So, unless you meant it changed your life because you got into this pyramid scheme early and made a whack of dough of off unsuspecting victims (initially because as this thread indicates, the company is going down the toilet), then you may have a point.

    Or, if you say it changed your life because you have a whole new group of lifelong friends who REALLY CARE ABOUT YOU…try leaving and see how much they care.

    I did learn a new mathematical equation since leaving though. Placebo + greed = mc Scam squared.

  7. Kristina lelm Says:

    What is the company you discovered that is better than monavie and cheaper. I do MV and am undecided so I’d like to know what you found..thx.

  8. Kristina lelm Says:

    Please also let me know a good company that I can sell the products to my friends….thx.

  9. MonaVie Scam Says:

    Men’s Journal showed a few examples of cheaper and better juice:

    Also Weight of a Nation, done with government agencies, explains why juice isn’t particularly healthy in general:!

    Why sell your friends products? Friendship isn’t being a salesman. Quite the opposite.

  10. MadScientistMatt Says:


    If you’re looking to start a small business, my advice is to attend a trade show on a business type you’re interested in getting into. You’ll find plenty of manufacturers looking for distribution there. You’ll probably do best with some sort of niche item you can’t find (and better yet, can’t find a cheaper competitor for) at Wal-Mart.

  11. Roger Says:

    When me and my ex-wife separated (she’s totally anti-MLM, and despite having over 4000 active distributors in an energy drink MLM I’ve been with since 2005), some weeks after she approached me with Mona-Vie, I was running a personal training studio at the time, and she gave me a bottle to try. Tastes alright, but as a certified health professional I looked at the ingredients – sodium benzoate, preservative. That was a deal breaker right from the start, never mind the ripoff price of the MonaVie glorified grape juice.

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