MonaVie’s Global Income Disclosure Statement vs. MonaVie’s Canada Income Disclosure Statement


Time and time again, MonaVie distributors and other proponents of MLM programs make the claim that it is possible for anyone to be successful. They refuse to believe that the compensation plans are set up to prevent them from succeeding. With that idea, in mind, I thought I’d review the Income Disclosure Statement of MonaVie Global and the Income Disclosure Statement from Canada. I think you’ll be surprised by what you see.

Click here for the IDS from MonaVie Canada (CANADA 2008)

Click here for the IDS from MonaVie Global (GLoBAL (Mid-Year) 2009).

As I post this it is November 26th, 2010. It is nearly 2011 and MonaVie’s Canada IDS is still stuck in 2008. Their Global IDS is about a year and a half out of date. However, that isn’t want I want to focus on with this post.

If you open up those links in new windows and compare the numbers you’ll find some stunning similarities:

Distributors who don’t qualify for commissions: Canada – 86%… Globally – 87%
Distributors Star Level or below: Canada – 82%… Globally – 85%
Distributors who reach Star 1000 level: Canada – 4%… Globally – 4%
Distributors who reach Star 1000 level: Canada – 4%… Globally – 4%
Distributors who reach Bronze level: Canada – 1%… Globally – 1%

You can see that above the Bronze level, both IDS are 1% or less.

What does this mean? The mathematics in the compensation plan prove that success is limited to a few. Exactly like playing the lottery, the odds of success are clearly pre-determined.

MonaVie proponents like Orrin Woodward suggest that lack of success is a result of the individual. Since the system fails in the same way in Canada as it does in the rest of the world, we can easily determine that it isn’t the individual… it is the plan.

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  1. humiliated Says:

    I googled Monavie in Canada and found this article. They talk about 200 distributors being present for the ribbon cutting ceremony. Doesn’t seem like a lot, does it? The new facility has “meeting rooms”. I wonder if it was getting too expensive for the local Black Diamonds to rent out space in hotels etc. for their brainwashing seminars. I also wonder how long this new facility has been in the works. Are they now focusing on the Canadian market because the U.S. market is clearly dying? Or is this one last attempt to give the cult credibility?

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