MonaVie Uses EarthFruit’s Mid-Grade Acai (and Doesn’t Harvest or Freeze-Dry Their Own)


Update 3/4/2015: EarthFruits has informed me that they no longer supply product to MonaVie.

Two researchers of MonaVie have come up with the interesting fact that you read in the title above. Amthrax started by asking, EarthFruits and MonaVie: What’s the Connection? Upon looking into it, Vogel (a frequent commenter here) found that both are in South Jordan, EarthFruits supplies Acai to companies, and that both support MonaVie’s MORE Project. What’s more of a coincidence? Both companies list the same address as their corporate headquarters… 10855 S. River Front Pkwy, Suite 100, South Jordan, UT. It seems safe to say that there is a connection here. The question is what exactly is that connection? Vogel dug a little deeper and this is what he found…

“The shipping bill of lading from November 2008 (#MAEU857273697) shows that EarthFruits received a large shipment containing drums of solids originating from Balboa, Panama (a port city located at the Pacific entrance to the Panama Canal) and arriving in Los Angeles.”

The shipper was Bela Iaca Ind. E Com. Polpas de Frutas Ltda. [translation; Beautiful Acai Fruit Pulps Ltd.]. Bela Iaca Ltd (located in Castanhal, Brazil) was founded in 2003 and manufactures fruit purees that are shipped to buyers worldwide. Their products include acai puree (available in 180 kg drums) as well as bacuri, cacau, camu-camu, cupuaçu, acerola, passion fruit, pineapple, guava, cashew, taperebá, soursop, lime, muruci, uxi, and mango.

A search for other bills of lading from Bela Iaca uncovered a shipment (#MAEU853684299) on February 23, 2007 of 260 drums (roughly 25 tons) of “frozen acai refined and pasteurized with 12% solids added with citric acid”. This shipment was also to Los Angeles and originated in Panama. The receiver of the shipment was…[drum roll please]…MONARCH HEALTH SCIENCES (now doing business as Monavie LLC).

Note also that the manufacturer specifies that the acai is only 12% solids, which represents low to mid-grade acai (Type B). The same company also offers higher-grade versions, which apparently Monavie LLC was too cheap to pay for. These include a version that contains more than 14% acai solids (Type A) as well as an even higher-grade organic version.”

So here we have a forensic trail that tells us pretty much exactly how and where Monavie really gets (or got) their acai. As I [Vogel] speculated a long while back, they purchase cheap frozen acai pulp in 180 kg drums from an unaffiliated non-exclusive bulk supplier in Brazil. The drums of acai puree are then shipped by slow boat to Panama, where it is unloaded and transferred to another ship for slow transport to Los Angeles. After arriving in LA, the drums of acai puree are shipped overland by truck to the bottling facility in Utah. Monavie LLC has nothing to do with the harvesting or processing of the acai berries and they aren’t freeze-dried within 24-48 hours of picking.

Of course the big take-away here is in that last paragraph. MonaVie distributors like to say that MonaVie is there harvesting the acai. This is obviously not true. They like to say that they get the best quality acai. Again, the company they buy from has better quality available. MonaVie distributors like to say that MonaVie is there freeze-drying the acai to keep it fresh. That doesn’t seem to be the case either.

Huh, so how about those berries?

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144 Responses to “MonaVie Uses EarthFruit’s Mid-Grade Acai (and Doesn’t Harvest or Freeze-Dry Their Own)”
  1. MonaVie Scam Says:

    Not Sold,

    People here “bang the same drum” because distributors bring nothing new. For example, you came here, looked at all the evidence, and then just discounted it completely. If we had video of MonaVie using low-quality acai in the processing of their juice, you’d say that video could have been doctored and it doesn’t count as proof. Sorry, but that’s not logical.

    The best way to look at this is view through law and what is considered a reasonable doubt. We have clear Means, motive, and opportunity (MMO).” The means is the waybills all the information in this article… the motive is to save money… and the opportunity… well that’s pretty straightforward.

    It’s worth noting that MMO isn’t enough to establish guilt on its own, but there’s no other reasonable explanation than the obvious. This is where you add the “looks like a duck and walks like duck” to the MMO described above leading to a conclusion that leaves no reasonable doubt.

    MonaVie knows of this site (I have emailed with Shante their corporate blogger multiple times) and they have presented no defense or explanation.

    Not Sold, I’m sorry, but this is a very, very lopsided case. It is not a “strong conclusion” to draw as you say, it is the “only reasonable conclusion.”

    I don’t understand why you think Vogel is caught up in his own self-importance. He hasn’t mentioned anything about himself. In fact, I often refer to him as a Giant Octopus from the planet Kelmar, because he doesn’t care if anyone knows anything about him… just the objective information that he supplies.

    Please note that Vogel has officially called out MonaVie. He has filed documents with Federal agencies. The difficulty is that those agencies are very slow even when they are staffed adequately… and they are very understaffed with our large national debt.

    Not Sold said, “The general tone of the site is to jump on anybody that disagrees with your point of view.”

    This is because these people, like yourself, don’t bring any logical arguments. Most of the time, they’ve been addressed dozens of other times and these are just uninformed distributors making illegal medical claims in hopes of bilking people out of their money. I don’t understand how you can suggest that trying to stop people from breaking the law is “disagreeing with a point of view.”

    There really isn’t a “point of view” to be had here. This isn’t politics or religion or something where people can have different opinions. This is very, very objective “the Earth is round” territory. You’d jump all over people if they were claiming “the Earth is flat” as their lie to cheat people and make themselves rich.

  2. Humiliated Says:

    Good choice to just walk away from MV “Not Sold”. You have no reason to believe me, or trust me but my story is that these sites weren’t available, the articles hadn’t been written in Men’s Journal, etc.. when I first got involved with this company. I implicitly TRUSTED the people that got me in involved. BobJ accuses me of not doing my “due diligence”, and, to an extent, he is right, I guess I should not have trusted those people and really looked at what I was getting into. Perhaps I didn’t dig deep enough intially & just blindly believed what I was told by my friends. I just honestly believed that they had my best interests at heart. Mea culpa.

    Enter a friend of mine who is a geophysicist and who I eventually got “on the juice” for a short time. I am not saying that she is qualified to comment on nutrition per se, but she looked at the “scientific evidence” (Dr. Schauss’s studies etc. ) and very delicately shared the truth about the nutritional “value” of the product with me based on her analysis of the data & how the studies were conducted etc. I wasn’t even entirely convinced that she was telling me the truth…why would my good friends have lied to me?? That is when I really started to research this on my own. Lo and behold, she turned out to be 100% right.

    BobJ accuses us of being “haters”. Do I hate that I lost friendships over this? Yes. Do I hate that I lost money over this. Yes. Do I have that I lost a little bit of self respect over this? Yes. But I didn’t start out being a hater.

    This has nothing to do with this not being a viable business for me and that I didn’t TRY hard enough. This has EVERYTHING to do with being lied to for the entire time I was involved. This has to do with the fact that I was spending a lot of money a month on something that I thought was providing me with a great deal more nutritionally, because of what I was told. This has to do with the fact that I was told it would take away my pre-menstrual cramps, reduce my joint pain, lower my blood pressure, reduce my cholesterol, help with insomnia etc. It did NONE of these things in the two years I was drinking it. The pat answer for that is “it is not for everyone”. Why not? Why wouldn’t it take away my cramps? Midol does and I would much rather deal with it naturally. Midol or anti-inflammatories will help most of the female population with their cramps. Why didn’t the magic juice help me with all of these things? Riddle me that

    At the end of the day, I stayed on this because I thought that I was getting value for my money nutritionally. Clearly I wasn’t. That is the bottom line. It makes no sense to say that I should then ignore these facts and continue to flog this crap on my friends/family/colleagues because I could potentially make millions. Call it a moral thing.

  3. BobJ Says:

    Humiliated what effort did you put into the Business?

    How many tastings? How many 1 on 1’s?

    The product works different for everyone some people feel something some don’t. Maybe it wasn’t something you needed to add to your diet maybe it’s something you needed to take away.

  4. BobJ Says:

    Vogel just because Monavie isn’t certified Organic doesn’t make it inferior.

    [Editor’s Response: In general, people value organic foods because they know that pesticide and hormone-free. This guarantee is important to a lot of people and explains why Emerald level distributor Mitch Biggs Claims MonaVie is Organic even though it is a lie.]

    And yes Monavie and alot of their Doctors Like Schauss, talcott and Product Developer Jeff Graham were some of the first people to Bring Acai to America.

    [Editor’s Response: “Some of the first people”, I’m not sure what that is supposed to mean when it was pointed out that Sambazon was years ahead of bring acai to the United States. Talcott didn’t work with MonaVie until long after MonaVie was already being distributed for a couple of years. BobJ just brings more lies to the table]

    And Vogel Monavie never stated they had made their own acai so you found nothing new you just never asked the question to Monavie. I am sure if you had asked them they would of saved you all your time and trouble to go searching the internet in your underwear.

    [Editor’s Response: MonaVie distributors often make the claim that the acai in MonaVie is better than other acai and it can only be obtained in MonaVie. We see MonaVie corporate taking this tactic by branding their own acai – AcaVie. This is pure marketing so that distributors can claim that MonaVie is the place you can AcaVie to give it an air of exclusivity… and hence value.

    It’s important information to know that you can get higher-quality acai and that there’s not special about MonaVie’s acai.]

  5. BobJ Says:

    ORAC is an excellent indicator of a substance’s ability to fight free radicals; however, it is just an indicator. The strength of an antioxidant in terms of how it can benefit your body cannot be measured by ORAC alone. If something tests high in an ORAC test, which is an in-vitro laboratory test, it does not necessarily mean it will have the same effect to fight free radicals inside the human body or in-vivo. For example, plant extracts which are commonly used in other juice blends, are not used in MonaVie-only whole fruits and juices are used. Plant extracts can cause a high ORAC reading in a test tube but there is very little scientific evidence that extracts derived from fruits will work equally as well in the body as whole fruits and juices.

    [Editor’s Note: Sounds like you are playing both sides of the fence on this one BobJ. You say it is an excellent indicator of a substance’s ability to fight free radicals, but then you backtrack and say that it might not have much value where people care… results in the body. Since you are playing both sides of the fence, I’ll address both sides. MonaVie claims ORAC is important: and it was important enough for them to lie about. Thus we (well FoodTech) showed that an apple has a higher ORAC score: So if you are of the belief that ORAC matters, then the apple is clearly the way to go. If you are of the belief that ORAC doesn’t matter, then the obvious question is, “Why is MonaVie using it as a marketing point?” They continue to use ORAC as it’s antioxidant measure when they make the claim that MonaVie has the equivalent antioxidant capacity of between 5 and 13 fruits:

    Don’t over-think it, BobJ. Either ORAC matters and we should choose the apple or it doesn’t matter and MonaVie should issue numerous apologies for their marketing tactics over the years. You can’t have it both ways, Bob.]

    To determine a product’s true antioxidant ability, it is necessary to conduct both in-vivo and clinical (human) studies. According to a study recently published (Jensen et al. In Vitro and in Vivo Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory Capacities of an Antioxidant-Rich Fruit and Berry Juice Blend. Results of a Pilot and Randomized, Double-Blinded, Placebo-Controlled, Crossover Study, J. Agric. Food Chem., 2008, 56 (18), pp 8326-8333), individuals who drank MonaVie had an increase in the amount antioxidants and a decrease in the effects of free radicals. This study also identifies a variety of phytonutrients in the MonaVie blend. The studies can be viewed by visiting

    [Editor’s Note: This was not recently published… I thoroughly debunked nearly 2 years ago here. It’s been discussed dozens of times already. In fact, you can just go read the post: The Multitude of Problems with Schauss’ “Double-Blinded, Placebo-Controlled Study” on MonaVie and comment about the study in the proper place on this site.]

    This level of validation cannot be expressed in terms of an ORAC value. Additionally, the benefits of phytonutrients cannot be measured by ORAC alone since many of them provide benefits in addition to antioxidant protection.

    That should throw the apple theory out the window.

    [Editor’s Note: Sorry until you address the issues with the study you mention, the apple still wins by a landslide.]

  6. Humiliated Says:

    BobJ. Can I ask you what difference it makes how many tastings I went to? How many one on ones? I don’t understand how that relates to my discovering that the product is nutritionally void and how disappointed I was with that. And how I could not continue to ask people to drink/buy something that is ridiculously overpriced just so I could make a buck? For the millionth time, I didn’t get involved in this for the BUSINESS, I got involved because I was told it was a nutrionally superior juice and Dr. Schauss’s own studies show that it is nutritionally INFERIOR. My friend confirmed this. That is where everything comes to FULL STOP for me.

    I keep asking you, who the hell are you?

  7. Vogel Says:

    Boob said: “Vogel just because Monavie isn’t certified Organic doesn’t make it inferior.”

    Well, yes, it more or less does, but what you originally said was that Monavie’s acai is the “highest quality available”; not that “Monavie’s acai is not inferior to that of other beverage producers”. Organic acai is sold by the same suppliers that Monavie buys their lower-grade acai from; it just happens to be more expensive, so Monavie chooses not to use it in favor of a cheaper grade. That in itself might not be so reprehensible if it weren’t for lying turds like you saying things like this:

    “They get the highest quality acai available”

    Clearly, they don’t. And to make matters worse, you con artists either lie outright by saying that Monavie’s acai IS organic (even though it does not meet Federal regulations as such), or you go even a step further and say that it’s BETTER than organic.

    And it’s not just goofs like you saying these things. The company is the source of the misinformation, as evidenced by this document for example, which makes the following claims:

    “the superior quality Acai that distinguishes MonaVie is EXCLUSIVELY available to MonaVie–and NO other company!”

    This is pure BS! The acai used in Monavie is: (a) not superior quality; (b) available to anyone who wants to buy it from one of the 3 manufacturers that Monavie buys from (ie, Liotechnica, Dibony, and Bela Iaca). The document goes on to state:

    “As their own Acai production plans had earlier evolved, K2A built a state-of-the-art Acai processing plant at the edge of the rain forest near Belem, Brazil. Their studies revealed that precious phytonutrients in the Acai berries began degrading and breaking down very shortly after harvest, so it was crucial to begin preserving and processing them immediately after the berries were harvested.”

    BS again! K2A is nothing more than a post office box in Utah. They neither built nor do they own a production plant in Brazil. They have published no scientific studies showing the degradation characteristics of harvested acai. Furthermore, Monavie uses frozen citrate-preserved acai puree, so IF it’s in fact true that acai degrades rapidly unless it’s immediately freeze-dried, then Monavie is using degraded acai. The document then goes on to claim:

    “And only the ripest and peak quality Acai berries from each cluster are selected and
    used for MonaVie. Berries that are less ripe and of lesser quality are sold to other
    companies who use conventional processing methods.”

    Here it is falsely implied that Monavie somehow controls or is involved in berry picking (this is also implied in their doctored video showing acai pickers in Monavie t-shirts). Monavie is not involved in harvesting or processing the acai. They buy it from other manufacturers and they have no control over how and when the berries are picked. And who are these “other companies” that they refer to? Of course, they don’t risk naming names because their claim is BS and unsupportable, and if they were to try to claim that a specific acai drink manufacturer uses low-quality unripe berries, they’d be sued into oblivion.

    But here is one of the claims that I found particularly amusing:

    “Jeff Graham also noted the manipulation of published ORAC scores by many companies who “spike” their formulas with Vitamin C or Vitamin E (and are not legally required to disclose such spiking!) in order to artificially inflate their scores.”

    The irony here is that spiking with antioxidants (to boost ORAC) is exactly what Monavie is now doing in their latest formulations. Not only will they be adding vitamin C, but vitamins E and A as well. This is an admission of defeat and a response to the evidence uncovered here (from the company’s own research) that the ORAC score of Monavie Active is very low. Monavie is now guilty of exactly what they accused their ‘competitors’ of doing – not that Monavie actually ‘competes’ with any other product – they purposely choose to shy away from competing because they would get reamed. Monavie could never secure shelf space in US supermarkets because they are utterly incapable of competing in the open market.

    But of course, ultimately, they don’t give a damn about competing in the retail sector because retailing juice is not their goal. Their end-game is to sell distributorships and overpriced ineffectual sales tools and tickets to motivational seminars, the profits of which are split exclusively between a small cadre of Monavie’s top executives.

  8. MonaVie Scam Says:


    Thanks for crediting this site as being helpful for people researching MonaVie. That is my goal here. I’m sorry that I wasn’t around to stop you from wasting precious time of your life on MonaVie. From the email I’ve gotten, I have saved a lot of other people quite a lot of time.

    It’s odd that BobJ would complain that people aren’t doing their “due diligence”, and then he comes here and posts the study by MonaVie advisor Alex Schauss without actually doing the due diligence on the study.

  9. Humiliated Says:

    Yes, Monavie Scam…so true. However, “due diligence” is only if it is their favour. Independant evidence is not to be relied upon, only “information” cut & pasted from

    I do have to say that these sites were incredibly helpful in assisting me in making my choice to get the hell outa Dodge. I must also add that I went to several people that I had unwittingly conned and asked them if they experienced any of the alleged benefits of the juice (most of them had long since gone off, feigning financial difficulty etc. ) and what I got was a barrage of negative feedback about the juice itself. I was really quite ashamed and wished I could give them ALL their money back.To this day it makes me sick to think about the hard earned money they put out because they TRUSTED ME!Some of that money went to my upline…but most of it went to those piece of sh*t Larceny and Hartess.

    Thanks. Needed to get that off my chest. Guilt is a heavy emotion to carry around!

  10. Vogel Says:

    Humiliated — You are so absolved and forgiven! You show in every post what a genuine caring person you are. I think your friends will understand and hold no grudges. You rock!

  11. Humiliated Says:

    Thanks Vogel. I try! ;)

  12. Anonymous Aussie Says:

    Humiliated – isn’t it laughable that the term “due diligence” is thrown around so much yet this is precisely the one thing that the company diverts people attention from and distributors fail to do?!

    My own friend stated that he saw all the articles which implied that Monavie was a scam but that in doing his “due diligence” – which entailed reading only Monavie literature, learning about the scientific studies about acai and listening to the testimonials of other distributors, these ultimately convinced him that it was the real deal.

    In other words, my friend only considered information that served to validate what he wanted to believe rather than considering any unbiased information which challenged these beliefs (he was tricked into believing that Monavie was a nutritional supplement but unlike yourself, he was also sold on the idea of getting rich and was tricked into believing that Monavie would help him achieve his financial goals) – as such, he never considered information beyond what Monavie told him and is still struggling with accepting and trusting any outside information (a year of being brainwashed by Monavie and the MLM propaganda is going to take some time to undo).

    I think you should be far more forgiving of yourself – you are obviously a person with high morals and clearly never set out to deceive anyone. It’s ultimately you that was defrauded – I hope you lodged your complaint to the authorities…

  13. Anonymous Aussie Says:

    BobJ states “That should throw the apple theory out the window.”

    What evidence did you provide to contradict Monavie’s own Dr Schauss’ study concerning Monavie who reports “The total antioxidant capacity of the JB measured by ORAC is 22.8 μmol TE/mL” and “total phenolics 1.48” (mg GAEa/mL of juice).

    These are the facts and as confirmed by Monavie Scam, the apple is still the outright winner.

    Please provide the links to any scientific studies which contradict the facts – your distortions and blatant misrepresentations will not suffice.

    Seems to me whatever grade acai is used in Monavie, there’s sweet f*ck all of anything of any quality in the premiere blend of nutritionally void mush – you only have to refer to the product information to see that Monavie offers very little in terms of nutrition – a daily value of 2% vitamin C, 2% iron and 1% carbohydrates for original and active ( and 3% carbohydrates, 2% fat, 1% fibre, 4% vitamin A and 2% iron for pulse (

    BobJ – please correctly identify yourself with your distributor number as per your company policy requires you.

  14. BobJ Says:


    What did you debunk? With your opinions? Monavie fought against inflammatiories, raised antioxidant levels significantly.

    [Editor’s Response: The study cited another study that showed that fruit does that too… thus MonaVie didn’t prove what needs to be proven, that it is better than eating fruit. Where is the same test, but done with an apple]

    The people they tested were fine they were all on the same level. You wanted them to stuff their faces with fruits and veggies b4 they walked in? that would of made levels of antixodant levels hard to dictate probably. These are worthy scientists they have there reasons for each specific thing. You cannot speculate otherwise. You didn’t debunk anything except in your own head maybe.

    [Editor’s Response: “Fine” is clearly your opinion. I have no problem with them being on the same level, but put them on the same by controlling their diets to include the recommended amount of fruits and veggies. Otherwise you are not testing real world conditions… and that is really what we care about.

    I’m not going spend a lot of time explaining it because it should be common sense, but there is a rule of diminishing returns when it comes to vitamins. This is why you can’t just take a whole bottle and be the healthiest person in the world. I quickly found a source that I generally would consider less than reliable: (see last paragraph). However, you can catch a snippet of the law of diminishing returns and vitamins in the highlighted text that Google shows… I just don’t have a JAMA account to get the full article. Feel free to buy it yourself.

    The point of the above is to show that if they had people in real world conditions… MonaVie may have shown no statistical effect since the returns of the product would be diminished. This is further evidenced that they had to give the participants 4 servings of MonaVie (twice as much as the recommendation) and then measured 2 hours later (what about the other 22 hours of the day?) Oh, and the study wasn’t done on a statistically large amount of people being that it was something like 12 (haven’t read the study in awhile).]

    Vogel, You just did your usual BS find some stuff on the internet and then speculate with knowing the real reason for anything. But you offer up your reasoning and pass it off as fact.

    [Editor’s Response: Find stuff on the internet? I read the study thoroughly and pointed out numerous procedural issues. You just repeat the conclusion and ignore how it was derived. That’s MonaVie’s goal with this study… give distributors something that sounds plausible enough to sell juice.]

    Orac is not the tell all! That was the purpose of my post. Direct clinical studies are needed to test the direct effect of antioxidants. Monavie did that and it significantly raised levels. Also the Acai berry is a very new berry Scientists are still learning about it’s profound effects.

    [Editor’s Response: What the test did is show that 4-servings of MonaVie may significantly raise levels for a short period of time for people who have a diet completely void of any kind of fruit, vegetable, meat, coffee, etc… What the test didn’t show is the most important part – how does it compare to other forms of antioxidants? You obviously know that other fruits and vegetables also significantly raise levels or else you wouldn’t be against people coming in with a normal diet. So the important point here, the one that people have to make their buying decision on, is how do they compare? Another thing that consumers may ask is, “With my normal diet, am I getting any benefit from MonaVie?” In my opinion, and unless MonaVie proves to me otherwise MonaVie is like having a second vitamin after the first… you are not really getting any benefit from it.

    Also, the acai berry is almost literally as old as dirt. It isn’t new at all. If think the acai berry is great, then go get something like Sambazon where you know how much acai berry you are getting rather than MonaVie who won’t tell you.]

    Vogel you did not find anything that proves that monavie uses low grade acai will you stop! % of solids doesn’t represent low grade. Also just because it’s not certified Organic does not mean it’s lower grade. Monavie Acai is quality and combining that with all the other fruits and ingredients such as Wellmune, Plant sterols, Resveratrol, Gloucosamine you have the some of the most unique products on the market.

    [Editor’s Response: This is your opinion that MonaVie acai is quality. The evidence shows otherwise. Again, most people prefer organic because they know it free of pesticides. As Vogel showed recently in a comment elsewhere (or maybe even this thread) the Amazon is full of pesticides… I believe it was ranked in the top 3 in the world. If you want to play a game of chance with pesticides, then by all means don’t go organic… but some people prefer not to play that game with their health.

    All the ingredients that you mentioned can be had else where… and much more cheaply. For instance you can get more plant sterols for 7 cents than you can in 4 ounces of MonaVie (typical cost over of $6): I can make a product just as unique by adding the same supplements that MonaVie adds to much cheaper options of V8 Fusion or Tropicana Pure.]

    Humiliated I asked what you did with the Business because you were talking about recieiving your card with money on it. However like Most Monavie distributors you most likely never had even one tasting party and never showed the plan to a person. People are supposed to be having Tasting parties every week! If your not doing that your not gonna succeed. That is why you have to treat it like a business.

    But you have guys like Aussie and others not realizing what it takes to succeed here and see that so few people are making money they think it’s impossible to make money. It’s simply not accurate the number of failures is high because people do not do NOT put the necessary effort in to SUCCEED!

    Humiliated I can assure you Monavie is a quality juice and a quality business. I know that you had your doubts the whole time about it and you were looking for the negative to assure those doubts. When you found this site it seemed right to you but be assured all this site does is lead you astray.

    Monavie is a great opportunity and has a great product. However if you are happy with your current position in life and have good health or simply cannot afford the product at this time then that is understandable. Just know that Monavie will always be available to you don’t believe all that read especially by people as biased as the ones here.

    [Editor’s Response: I’m sure many Royal Tongan Limu juice distributors from Dallin Larsen’s last company also said the same thing. That was before the FTC and the Department of Justice destroyed all the product.

    There is no bias by the people here. I’m not the one making a living selling expensive juice. We are just advocating that people eat fruit, be active, and spend their money wisely.]

  15. Anonymous Aussie Says:

    BobJ states “That should throw the apple theory out the window.”

    Monavie Scam – permission to throw BobJ and his baseless facts, statements and fictitious numbers out the window?!

    Monavie clearly hasn’t helped improved BobJ’s lack of intellectual functioning – 22.81 is a most appropriate number all round.

  16. mysterious Says:

    bobj, i been sitting back and reading and you still have yet to show any real evidence, or proof, when all the boys hear have showed the evids and profs they need, everything hear is thought out before being posted by scam. and the rest hear r telling honest words of wisdom.

    you have yet to show anything other then just cult like actions from a tipical monaBOT, i usto be there but after making 10 dollars and wasting so much money with product, travel, phone calls, seminars and one on one, blm(business launch meeting) and just bragging up the stuff just got sickning and making faulce claims. once i read the ftc and fda site for fegulations i realized i was in the wrong and the team and monavie did nothing but encurage me to this informaton, my own uplines spoonfeed me the info i had comming out of my dirty mouth.and i aint going to get into the religion side of the story, but you know what, you need to stop repeating your se,lf in the way your sticking up for the company nd expecially repeating your self in so many ways, in slightly differnt words. but your like a bot comtroled by the hype and dreams made by monavie for you. hence why i call u a monabot.

    you may or could have been in monavie for quite sometime, or not but you sould like you just signed up and are looking for answers and came upon this site, and you arfe doubting your self deep inside but you keep pushing your self when you feel this business might be a SCAM. i was there and i started to convince my self hard that this business was good,then i decided not to do this business anymore and take out all the brainwashing out of my head and started to do research on monabots and all aspects of the business.

    found this site and fell right at home even though i can not talk nor write as good as them, i know they feel better knowing that 1 less person is not doing monavie and after having doubts doing reserch and finding a site like this one with proof weather you think its good or not, its legit and well thought out proof. nothing you can say will emit the fact that this is legit roof. reciets and graphs and site links and such. why bobj, why do you dance around argueing with these guys about the same usless info that is getting you no wheres and making you look like a robot who is driven by greed and in the business its like 1 in 30,000 for anyone who will ever make it and yet its gatta be in an area wheres the place is right. everything is a factor. and my point is that you have yet to state your rank and time in this business and how much you actually make with proof and hear yiou ask humilated for his.

    as for hard work yes htis business is hard work, but how do you do the expected hard work when you got a full time job like most people should have, i did not, full time daddy barly getting by, and u got cds telling you and also upline telling you if you need to sell sometyhing to get money to make it to big majors and seminars, and quit watching tv, sheesh this is retarded, anyways the point it is hard work, even though when you first see this thing you r told and made to think how this is easy yiou rnt even told how much the juice is when you first sign up, and they(signed me up and everyone else on 3 cases a month autoship, and i had to go and turn it off and take down to one case) talked to my upline and they said that you have to do that to everyone that signs up but one upline said that you must tell the new distributor you are doing that so he can decide to stay on or go off it, but i was not told and lucky i know how to explore sites and such.

    anyways i know this is babeling but i just want bobj to know and realize he is repeating him self and isnt showing proof him self and asking questions he himself wouldnt answer. and that i was once in the business but became smart and got out before having to file bankrupt, anys bobj you gatta open your brain and stop being brainwashed, and get out of the cult, thats what your in a cult, you r a monabot and you are in a monaCULT, and one day you will lose friends you thought you had and family will hate you after the business goes down for them, and what are you going to sai, you didnt work hard enough, so sad for you but i gatta keep working, well i tell you what you lose a friend you also looes his hard earned money he was giving you byt buying the juice. and you lose a friend and you start to get a concience. and when you rnt making any real money in 10 yrs and you do quit you will wonder where all your real friends are and then you will be sad and alone.

    this business ruins people, relationships, and families.

    get that in your hear and open your eyes and hears and mind to the truth. or else you will be a broke homeless drunkin bum in the alleys of nyc. by monaBOT who lives in a monaCULT.

  17. Humiliated Says:

    BobJ. You know NOTHING about me and what I did to “grow” my business. I told you that I wouldn’t answer that until you identify yourself. In addition, I have never said anything about receiving my “card”. You are mixing me up with another unhappy ex-distributor.

    And, please LISTEN CAREFULLY…I drank the juice for the alleged nutritional value. I NEVER said that I got involved because I wanted to become a millionaire. I have NOT ONCE said that I got into this for the business aspect of it. I have a very different value system then you. I don’t care about making millions, especially in this deceitful way. I care about being healthy, at peace with myself, treating people with dignity and respect and above all, living my life honestly. That is my definition of success. That is where you and I part company.

    And again, I did not start out a disbeliever. I can assure you that the people I got involved were only involved because I believed wholeheartedly in what I was selling them. And, you wanna hear something crazy? I told them about it because I actually thought it would IMPROVE THEIR HEALTH, not because I wanted their money. It didn’t improve their health. Wait a minute. Yes it did, they didn’t have as much back pain from carrying around all that money.

    As I have said, when my geophysicist friend broke down the studies done, she is the one that enlightened me about the fact that this juice is nutritionally inferior. She had NO REASON to lie to me. She had no agenda. She just worried about me throwing my money away when she knew I was drinking this crap “for my health” and had stopped taking my daily vitamins etc. The company changed their mantra midstream and started calling it a “supplement” but that is not the word they spread initially. This was a nutritional REPLACEMENT. I am not an idiot. I know what I was told and I was told this by people at the Diamond level.

    Please. I have EVIDENCE (and not just from these web sites) that this is NOT a quality product (so very far from it) and to say that it is a quality company makes me slightly nauseous. You say that these sites lead you “astray”. Do you know how cult like that sounds? Do you hear yourself? If you really believe that this product and the company is that great, discuss it with a nutritionist and consult an independant business lawyer. Don’t listen to us.

    Lastly, I can assure you that I will NEVER go back to the Church of Monavie and my ONLY interest is to bring this “company” down. Period.

  18. MonaVie Scam Says:

    Thanks Humiliated and Mysterious for commenting on this one. I think both you show a view from being past distributors that needs to be told. Humiliated’s advice here is good. Take the juice to any unbiased nutritionist and/or give them the studies and the response. I can’t imagine you’ll get a response different than what Humilated got. I went to a nutritionist and she said that it was better than absolutely nothing, but a waste of time and money if you just eat fruit. That is perfectly logical as adding MonaVie to a diet that already includes fruit is… just adding more fruit… except that it is not much fruit (two ounces of juice), lacked vitamins, minerals and fiber, and was really expensive.

    That shouldn’t surprise anyone as that is what world-renowned nutritionist Dr. Andrew Weil says about MonaVie.

  19. BobJ Says:

    this business ruins people, relationships, and families.

    get that in your hear and open your eyes and hears and mind to the truth. or else you will be a broke homeless drunkin bum in the alleys of nyc. by monaBOT who lives in a monaCULT.

    So it’s a cult and I am brainwashed that is original.

    You guys are scared of success that is the bottomline.

    You are jealous of people who make it. You are not able to come out of your comfort zone and try new things. You are scared money.

    This site is propaganda. It is wrong and obnoxious.

    What proof has this site provided? Other than point some bad seeds out in Monavie out of the Million distributors that have signed up. LOL of course your gonna have some bad ones.

    This site has proven absolutely nothing. You guys lack faith and lack social skills. AFRAID OF SUCCESS IT SCARES YOU SO YOU TRY TO GO AGAINST IT TO MAKE YOURSELF FEEL BETTER.

    But since a a mysterious Food Technologist comes on here and says it has less nutrition than a apple you guys believe it lacks nutrition. Since Vogel points out there are some bad seeds in Monavie and in a Word of Mouth Business some people tell some of the facts wrong it’s a bad business. Since Scam puts his little posts up like Monavie Worst Juice in the America it preys on your fears and negative emotions and you guys eat it up.

    In a typical day your gonna get 77% negative energy and this site just brings more of that. Stay positive keep positive things in your mind believe have faith don’t stop succeed. Don’t be afraid of success. Have some faith in your fellow man and trust that they aren’t all money hungry greedy selfish con artists.

    There are great people in Monavie. You guys seem to think that everyone in the Business is a con artist. It’s terrible. There are some really solid people here and since they are positive and keep each other motivated through meetings and other events you call it a cult. It’s not a cult. We have all different backgrounds here. People are suffering not seeing their kids as much as they want because they are tied up at work. Relationships suffer because of financial situations. However if you want to win and have the desire to win you can. Monavie is a vehicle to get you there. You choose your path. You can take it as far as you want.

    The average person won’t that is why the failure rate is so high. Aussie’s 99% percent number is so off it’s not funny. Again it’s more like 90% and probably 70-80% of those people DO NOTHING TO GROW THEIR BUSINESS!!!!!!!!!!

    Monavie is a powerful vehicle with a very unique and nutritious product. Network Marketing has a black cloud over it so when people sign up they look for the negative and they can find it here. One day Network Marketing will not have a black cloud and will be well respected by many. Robert Kiyosaki calls it the Business of the 21st century and it should be. Oh wait scam post your little opinion on why Kiyosaki doesn’t agree with Monavie and try to pass it off as fact that is what your good at.

    Don’t look for the negative don’t look for the obstacles. Look for the opportunities and look for the positives. That is all.

    If you are just getting into Monavie don’t let the propaganda of this site disturb you be strong and don’t let anything or anyone stop you from what you want to accomplish.

  20. Vogel Says:

    Jeez dude. Your rabidly fanatical posts are going to scare away more prospective customers than my comments will. Keep it up!

  21. MonaVie Scam Says:

    What do you want proved BobJ. There’s piles of proof from all the links on the home page: see

    There are not just “some bad seeds” Bobj… there are bad seeds at all levels of the organization. That includes Black Diamonds and even MonaVie corporate as well as MonaVie scientific advisors.

    BobJ, I already have success, which is why I can spend time on this site helping others. It is you who is afraid to understand the very product that you sell.

    Remember that the Worst Juice in America was wording from Men’s Health, not me. Next time learn to read.

    I love how you can come up with a number such as 77% negative energy… there is no such thing as negative energy, much less a way to quantify it. If there were such a thing as negative energy those who charge $40 for proven nutrition-deficient juice would be at the top of the list. What is your encore, selling beat up 1995 Honda Civics for $85,000?

    BobJ, you know you are in a cult when you talk about others having “negative energy.” That’s how they keep you brainwashed.

    Yes, relationships suffer because of financial situations, and that’s why it doesn’t make sense to sell $40 juice to people. For a family of 4 that’s a burden of $5000 that they don’t need.

    If these distributors are doing nothing to grow their business, MonaVie should cancel their distributorship. A distributor who doesn’t distribute is not a distributor anyway.

    Robert Kiyosaki – see: It is not my opinion… I cite specific examples from Kiyosaki’s book. Again, Kiyosaki is not a credible source anyway… so you prove nothing.

    It’s amazing that MonaVie distributors just trot out names like Kiyosaki without knowing the history of him.

  22. MonaVie Scam Says:


    If you, don’t bring some research to the table in your next post, I’m going to have to stop accepting your comments. At this point you are not making any new points or giving any reasons in your comments. You aren’t proving any point on this website to be mistaken. So start proving posts mistaken and cite sources.

  23. mysterious Says:


    im not good at spelling, and my typinbg messes up all the time. so i am sorry for that part, but anyone who has quit monavie after going the whole 9 yards with monaVIE can open their eyes after they are done and realize how they were brainwashed. and also someone who comes hear or anysite that speaks the truth for that matter can understand that monavvie is a bad choice to do and that all mlm companies are bad for selling, and in my opinion even avon is bad to sell because u make such low money it all goes back into product that u want to use, but atlease people want avon.

    monavie pushes there skunk juice on others by making false claims and telling there distributors to buy a case for everyone in your family because its healthy and theres something for everyone, well a family can be a mother daddy sister sister and new baby brother. lets c ut the baby out and just make 4. thats 4 cases a month, thats on average 6 hundred a month with out going to meetings and buying tools, and gas and travel. and so on. its all told to you through meetings seminars and cd. they say that if you have questions and want an swer to buy the 400 dollar give or take in price, top 50 cd pack and u r sure to get answer.


    i am an ex distributer and chose money and happyness and family over the company and u say i am a failure. and that all thoes that failed are scared of success. how do u come up with this stuff oh wait u r being brainwashed every second because u are preparing for media wars at the next cult seminar by reading the most pages and the most cds to win a cheap lil belt and trophy with in one month till the next seminar. wow u really are being brainwashed. my own mother doesnt watch as much tv anymore because she is brainwashed byt his pethedic company. she doesnt watch news or listen to radio or even her fav sitcoms anymore. the odd slip up does happen buyt on cds it says to change your habits and make lil changes like stop watching tv and all together, will be hard at first btu it will be like second nature, and no radio or news paper, instead read books from monavie and our recamendations and go online to our website and watch videos and read somemore.

    if thats not brainwashing then i dont know what it. u see when your in this company you r being brainwashed, and you cant not open your eyes to truth and whats real, you do not accept others words because only what you were told is what you believe. and you cant accept truth so uy decide to try and make shit up to make your company proud of you when they arnt even looking at u. do u think they care for u, u r so far at the bottom u arnt a blimp on the radar.

    and yet you have yet to state anything about your self. rank and name and pay. yet you judge anything anyone says from their past on their expirence and call them failures and your self a seccuess. does that mean you are a black diamond with a business black diamopnd marcadies car. i highly doubt it because you wouldnt have the time to be writting on hear.

    when you get higher up in the company you dont have time to do anything your always doing meetings and more training and even when you think you get vacations with monavie you are training so its not like u r really free in this company, and they wont let u go weith out a fight if you ever get to the top. i could go on but ill wait and see what all gets said. but please state facts and proof before u gio on the way you do.

    i am just an ex monavie guy who loved his family more and i did see what it was like inside and did not want to be there. but you will someday realize u rnt ever going to get paid at the rank u have acheived and will say we were all right.

    now u stop being a monaBOT in a monaCULT.
    we will have to call a priest on you to do an exerist on your ASS to remove the deamonds who are not allowing you to see the truth and only what you r told, hence brainwashing.

    u act tough with words but no one knows who u are and u dont know us, so before you piss the wrong person off think about what you sai u bot in a cult,.

  24. MonaVie Scam Says:


    You apparently missed my comment last night about bringing relevant research about MonaVie to the table. Your comments about Pfizer, while perhaps worth investigating, are outside of the scope of this site and definitely not on the topic of MonaVie/Earthfruit’s Mid-Grade Acai.

    As such, the comments have been removed.

  25. Bill Says:

    Just found this site and I’m just amazed at how misinformed so many are even with your nice little links and what have you.

    First, Bela Iaca produces what is often considered the best acai in Brazil and therefore the world. Earthfruits is just a middleman company for MonaVie that purchases from them and Bony, but I understand they are going to go exclusive with Bela Iaca starting this year. Bela Iaca was formerly Acai do Sao Pedro, probably why there was some video at one point of the facility with workers using the Sao Pedro shirts/logos. Acai do Sao Pedro sells to all the major producers in Brazil. Nobody else even comes close.

    Second, Monavie is a waste of money, but not because they use bad acai, 12% solids is considered a higher grade in Brazil. It just doesn’t cost that much or deserve such a markup. It should sell for $10-$15 at most.

    Third, the difference between organic and non-organic acai is nothing. Location of trees is most important. The state of Para typically produces better quality and higher in nutrition than other Amazon states like Amapa where Sambazon gets there acai. In fact, there acai is degraded due to the poor location of their facility in Brazil…another story. I should mention that the farm acai of some companies like Bony is not good for the Amazon b/c they cut down forest to grow acai…most of the acai companies don’t do this, though.

    Fourth, the difference between 12% and 14% solids in acai is very difficult to notice. It is unimportant if you are blending the acai. It only matters if you eat/drink acai fresh the day it is made like they do in Belem.

    Fifth, everyone in the US adds unhealthy ingredients to their acai juice. I hate Monavie’s taste, price and selling style, but it is not an unhealthy poor grade juice except for the sodium benzoate. Try Amazon Thunder if you want some pure acai…you probably won’t like the dull taste. Or try the Costco 90% acai, this is good stuff and very comparable to real acai in the amazon that has been sweetened…but their price is a few $ too high also.

    Sixth, Liotecnica is a very reputable company with high quality. Their freeze-dried acai is the best, hands-down, for now. I’ve tested the others and visited all the companies. I have no idea how MonaVie uses it, probably sparingly knowing how expensive it is and how cheap MV is.

    Seventh, there is only one US company that owns their own acai facility, Sambazon. But, as I mentioned earlier, their acai is of poor quality due to the long trip from harvest to their facility. Just look at the color of their acai for proof…it is weak, almost brown, not dark purple. I do like Sambazon as a company, but even they lie a lot…all companies do. There is no helping of indigenous people b/c there aren’t any in the acai harvesting regions…they were murdered by europeans hundreds of years ago.

    Finally, if you don’t like acai, no problem, if you want real, true acai, 12% is good enough for any of you, and you should be looking to buy some frozen pulp. I mentioned two other companies above, but I cannot vouch for the fact they are in liquid form and acai oxidizes rapidly…so they might be losing nutrients unless you get a batch date that is less than a few months old. Frozen acai pulp/puree is the way to go for getting acai the Brazilian way. It is nutritious but not a miracle. Remember, Amazonians ween babies off mother’s milk to acai. It makes up 40-60% of per day calories and these people live strong and long. There are few cows in the flooded areas of the amazon so they eat acai instead which is good and healthier. We weren’t meant as humans to eat milk from animals..we aren’t baby cows. Sorry for the digression. My point is avoid acai juice…it just isn’t worth much most of the time, including Sambazon and Zola, but if you do get acai juice watch out for all the cheap filler juices like apple and white grape…if they are present and there is little to no fiber then there is little to no acai. And, avoid clarified acai juice, it is at least 30-40% less nutritious..some Texas A&M related study that I don’t have a link for.

    If you refute any of this then I will know you are lying because I have actually lived in Brazil and visited almost every single acai company in business. Sorry for the opinions that crept in, I tried to keep it to the facts, but there were some companies being dragged through the mud that don’t deserve it…not MV, of course…drag on.

  26. Vogel Says:

    “Sorry for the opinions that crept in, I tried to keep it to the facts…”

    But your entire post was opinion and you didn’t present any facts. I think most of what you wrote was BS, but of you’d like to take a second try and present some EVIDENCE to back up your opinions, I’ll look it over.

  27. Patrick Says:

    That post by Bobj make me laugh me ass off lol! He states “If you refute any of this then I will know you are lying because I have actually lived in Brazil and visited almost every single acai company in business.” So visiting a company makes oneself an expert? It is so obvious that Vogel has a passion for this subject and has thoroughly researched it. It also looks like he continues to do so. Bobj, Vogel always produces links to the information he provides which makes it more than just an opinion. I did not see anything from you except for opinion. However; you are still in good company here because I think we can all agree than Monavie is a ripoff!

  28. Ed Says:

    I just spent a long time reading all of this. A lot of great information has been passed around. At the end of the day, people have to make their own decisions and follow what there heart tells them. It’s like religion… it’s faith that makes people keep following something they can’t see. I appreciate the evidence given by Vogel and the like because it gives a look at the other side of the coin.

    I’m a distributor for MV (please save the insults). I enjoy the products and of course the money. If that makes me evil, I’ll accept the consequences from my maker. What I can do though, and I suggest all of the MV distributors and fans that commented here do as well, is simply not speak garbage to customers, friends, and of course family. Vogel gave a lot of good evidence which I believe is in many cases accurate. What I plan on continuing to do is speak the truth about a great juice/drink. The truth is, I like to drink it. It tastes good to me. It’s better for me than smoking or eating a double-double every day. Hey buddy, do you feel the same? Ok, buy a bottle, lol!

    Any how, good stuff on here. Thanks Vogel and everyone else for the passion.

  29. MonaVie Scam Says:


    The value of a juice is not like religion… it is not about what your heart tells you. It isn’t faith about following something you can’t see. Think about it for a minute. Would you say the same thing about cheese steaks and ice cream? Nutrition is a very well understood and proven science. You can quantify various aspects of foods such as calories, fat, vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein, etc. You can’t claim there is any uncertainty in this matter.

    The only reason to buy the product is what you said, “it tastes good to you.” It is not comparable to smoking as it doesn’t contain any habit-forming chemicals like nicotine. No one replaces their smoking habit with MonaVie.

    It is also not comparable to eating a Double-Double (In-N-Out Burger). MonaVie juice (in recommended portions) is not a replacement for food as it does not provide one with the calories that one needs. Thus people are drinking MonaVie AND Double-Doubles. In fact, they are probably eating more because they think they’ve taken care of their heath requirement by drinking MonaVie. That’s really dangerous as MonaVie lacks nutrition. So you have bunch of people getting really poor spending $1500 a year and still eating unhealthy foods.

    Stealing someone’s wallet is better than robbing a bank, but it doesn’t actually make it a good thing. Next time compare MonaVie to eating fruit.

  30. jim Says:

    Ed said:
    “What I can do though, and I suggest all of the MV distributors and fans that commented here do as well, is simply not speak garbage to customers, friends, and of course family. Vogel gave a lot of good evidence which I believe is in many cases accurate. What I plan on continuing to do is speak the truth about a great juice/drink.”

    Ed, what you can do is quit immediately, tell everyone you ever approached regarding Mona vie what you have learned and why you quit. Now that you are aware that you are part of nothing more than a product based pyramid scheme continuing with Mona vie would be choosing to be a liar for money.

    How can you not “speak garbage” and only “speak the truth about a great juice/drink.” when presenting Mona vie unless you told your prospects something like this:

    “the juice is irrelevant, it’s the byproduct of the compensation plan I’ve come here to talk to you about. It’s one of those pyramid schemes you’ve probably heard or read about. The cost is about $150 per month to start, but odds are slightly better if you kick in $300 or better yet $450 per month. The chances of you breaking even are less than 1% and you’ll have to work hard just to do that. In order for you to make $10,000 you’ll have to get your friends and their friends to spend around $150,000. Most of this money will go to me and those above me. Oh, and that $10,000 is not all profit, remember you have to pay for your cost into the pyramid we discussed. But if you do work extremely hard there is the slight chance you can make several hundred thousand per year. The big earners on the IDS I’m required to give you came from other pyramid schemes prior to Mona vie, such as Amway. Since nobody has ever built a business in those top rankings without a prior downline that would make your odds historically zero, so just disregad them. Of course the law frowns on such schemes, they deem them to be scams and harmful, so we have to include this juice. It’s just juice, no better than grape or apple juice, but it does have some sketchy chemicals.. don’t drink it if you’re pregnant.”

    Anything less than this would not be speaking the truth. Unless you are telling the complete truth as you now know it, you are selling your reputation for the guilty memory of how you were once a con man.

    Tell your friends what you learned, how you believe Vogel to be correct. If it was an honest mistake because you were decieved, they will forgive you. If you continue on and they find you out, forgiveness will be much more difficult. This is your moment to decide how you will choose to live your life and what kind of man you want to be known and remembered as.


  31. Anonymous Aussie Says:

    Ed states “At the end of the day, people have to make their own decisions and follow what there heart tells them. It’s like religion… it’s faith that makes people keep following something they can’t see.”

    Faith and hope belong in religion true – but not business where facts, statistics and numbers are what counts.

    Faith and hope are what MLM companies such as Monavie ask their representatives to make decisions based on however the reality is that this is merely a means of diverting people’s attention from the facts, doing true diligence and making fully informed decisions based on accurate information that isn’t distorted by faith or hope.

    The facts and numbers prove unequivocally that Monavie is a nutritionally void fruit juice and the statistics confirm that you have a less than 1% chance of succeeding in the venture. Or more accurately, you have a greater than 99% chance of failure. Period.

    The evidence also shows that Monavie do NOT harvest or freeze dry their own acai – which is one of many misrepresentations proven on this site alone.

    Ed further states “Vogel gave a lot of good evidence which I believe is in many cases accurate. What I plan on continuing to do is speak the truth about a great juice/drink.”

    So let me see if I got this correct…..

    What you’re actually admitting to is the fact that you’re ignoring the evidence as it stands, despite the fact that you can see it is accurate, but will continue to attempt to peddle a nutritionally void fruit juice to unsuspecting family and friends (who have faith and trust in you) using blatant misrepresentations about the “greatness” of the product.

    Tell me Ed, do you fully inform your victims….ahem prospects of the FACTS which you know to be true so they get the opportunity to make a fully informed decision or do you withhold this information and thus have your victims….ahem prospects make financial decisions based on your own BLIND faith?

    Seems to me that this “religion” you’re following (ahhhh…..that would be GREED) has caused your moral compass to go entirely astray of what actually constitutes as honesty, respect and the most meaningful things in life.

    What a f-ing disgrace.

  32. Humiliated Says:

    Ed. Wow. I am not going to insult you but REALLY? I looked a family member in the eye the other day and they jokingly asked when I was going to pay them back for all of the money they spent on MV for themselves and their family. It was a joke but I was horrified. My friends, colleagues and family were all in my “downline” and they were all putting money into my bank account. Most of them weren’t interested in the business side but I told them that there were so many nutritional benefits, it was well worth the money. I literally (unknowingly) stole money from them because this crap juice provided them with very little nutritionally.

    See, you are in a much better position than I am/was. You have had the opportunity to learn more about the product independant of the MonaVie web site. You now know that it is only slightly better then eating a cheese burger (even according to Monavie’s own studies!). You can’t just say if people want to buy it, I can’t stop it. Yes, you can. You can stop people from wasting their hard earned money on this PROVEN to be NOT ANYWHERE NEAR GREAT product. You have a moral obligation to stop your friends and family from throwing their money away in order to pad your bank account. Saying “I enjoy the product and of course the money” doesn’t absolve you of that responsibility. I know that this is a dilemma for you because the cash flow will stop, but you NEED to do the right thing.

    Why do you need to have faith? This is tangible. You can take the products to a nutritionist and get some feedback. You can talk to a financial expert (if you don’t want to listen to Lazy Man) on the business side and get an honest opinion about what you are doing to your friends & family. Would you buy a house or a car on blind faith? Would you just believe the real estate agent or the car salesperson? Of course not. You would have the house and the car checked out by an independant source, not one that the agent or salesperson direct you to, right? Essentially, you have started that process by checking out this site. Don’t stop here. What you are doing is not right and you know it, or you wouldn’t have come on this site. I really hope that you make the right choice here.

  33. canada Says:

    i have assist to a Monavie presentation in canada.
    The product video they show was very interesting and the peoples there were very convincing about how the product changed their life.

    The part that kinda lost me is when I asked about the retail price… a bit expensive even for a super juice.

    I than realised that they broke many points of the canadian laws about pyramid schemes.
    I asked questions only to see some angry answer like if it was wrong to ask those questions…. they were already filling some aggrement paper for me to sign even if i did not show much interest in behing a distributor.

    when asking how i could get a bottle or two to try it out…. again the angry answer : it does not work like that …. you need to be a distributor to get the product…

    again a sign that it was against canadian law… when our friend called us to know when we will be ready to be a distributor i mentionned about this website and about canadian laws : final angry answer … you cannot trust the internet … followed with the phone hang up. they never called back…
    I guess the $$$ was more important than the friendship … thanks monavie.

  34. MonaVie Scam Says:


    Let me congratulate you on your good instincts.

    Unfortunately this behavior isn’t uncommon with MonaVie. I’m not saying it is the norm to get you to sign up just to try a bottle. In fact, it is a lie that you need to be a distributor to get the product.

    My biggest issue here is the “You cannot trust the Internet” argument. In fact, I took a couple of hours and wrote a couple of articles about why do they do this: MonaVie Distributor: You Can’t Trust the Internet. I suggest paying special attention to the part where they have repeated tried to suppress the information.

    And yes, the $$$ is always more important than the friendship to them.

  35. CollegeFreshman Says:

    It appears that the EarthFruits website is down ( It says it is changing to EcoFruits.

  36. undecidedinOntario Says:

    I was just a quest at one of Monavie’s meetings…do they really have a patent for the freezing /harvesting process??

  37. MonaVie Scam Says:

    Yes, but patents just mean that people can’t use the process. It doesn’t mean that it’s actually a good or the best process. I wrote more about patents here:

  38. humiliated Says:

    UndecidedinOntario, do yourself a huge favour and read through these articles and the links to the Men’s Journal article, the Wikepedia article etc. before you take any further steps. They will try to rush you into making a decision but educate & investigate, just like you would before you embark on any business venture.

    It doesn’t even matter that they have a patent (as MS says, it doesn’t mean it makes the juice any more valuable) because the juice is not the nutritional bonanza that they tell you it is. The two shots per day is equal to ONE serving of fruit and is very low in anti-oxidants.

    Read the Wikipedia definition and the articles on this site, which will lead you to the Men’s Journal articles, studies done etc.. These articles will also show you how it is impossible to make any money with this pyramid scheme. I am sure that you were shown an extremely complicated binary system which appears to be credible because it all seems so complicated. It ain’t. It is a pyramid scheme dressed up like a complex, legitimate business model.

    Talk about this with a neutral third party who has a background in science…just don’t accept what is being told to you without questioning it for yourself. Above all, don’t accept the answers that you get from Monvie website or the people that invited you to the party. A lot of the distributors simply trusted the people that got them involved (like myself) who in turn trusted the people that got them involved etc. and they are all being fed the same load of marketing crap from Monavie Corporate. Don’t fall prey to it!

    I have learned so much about these “juice companies” (Monavie isn’t the only one out there making all these false promises of health and wealth) through these sites and educating myself elsewhere. But I learned the hard way. I would love to stop someone else from wasting their hard earned money and time on this worthless juice and pyramid scheme!

  39. Vogel Says:

    Don’t mind if I chime in on the patent question. At one time, Monavie used to claim that their juices contained “Opti-Acai”, which refers to a particular formulation of freeze-dried acai powder patented (#7563465) by Alexander Schauss and Kenneth Murdock (DBA “K2A Corp” – registered to a generic PO box in Springville, UT).

    This form of acai powder (Opti-Acai) was used in 2 studies conducted and published by Schauss in 2006. The name Opti-Acai is a trademarked name owned by K2A.

    Since roughly mid-2010, Monavie stopped claiming that the juices contain Opti-Acai and started claiming instead that the juices contain “AcaVie”, which they describe as follows:

    “AçaVie™ is an antioxidant packed ingredient that combines our patented açai and juçara freeze-dried powder and puree with Enlivenox™, a proprietary açai compound boasting 10 times more polyphenols than traditional açai.”

    “MonaVie now has a patented brand of acai; it’s called AcaVie, and it’s the most potent form of acai available anywhere in the world.”

    Note that “AcaVie” refers to a trademarked brand name (owned by Monavie) — NOT to a patented form of acai. I have found nothing in Monavie’s recent advertising materials that refers to either Opti-Acai or the patent/trademark number for that particular ingredient. Note also that Monavie refers to “our” patented acai and freeze-dried jucara powder”, which implies that they own the patent; however, this seems to be misleading since there is no evidence that Monavie ever owned any patent for any form of acai.

    Also relevant is the fact that the freeze-dried acai referred to in the Opti-Acai patent has a lower ORAC score that that which Monavie was claiming in their advertising materials.

    Incidentally, the company clearly lied in the past by claiming that they control every aspect of acai production from harvesting to bottling – they clearly do not and never did.

    In summary, it’s not clear that Monavie is using a patented form of acai in their products, or that they ever did. And of course, even if they had, it wouldn’t mean much. Monavie does not have exclusive rights to produce freeze-dried acai powder, and in fact, it’s freely available from bulk suppliers in Brazil, some of which Monavie has used in the past to procure ingredients (eg, Liotecnica, based in Sao Paolo, Brazil).

    Furthermore, it appears that the main acai ingredient in Monavie juices is not freeze-dried acai powder but rather frozen citrate-preserved non-organic acai pulp/puree, which is also purchased from non-exclusive bulk suppliers in Brazil and shipped by slow freighter to the U.S. for blending. The inclusion of frozen acai pulp/puree is at odds with Monavie’s promotional claims that acai is essentially nutritionally useless unless it is immediately “freeze-dried” using “their” patented process.

    And to top it all of, Monavie now spikes the juice with several exogenous vitamins, so in essence the nutritional contribution of the acai itself appears to be nil – Monavie is now basically fruit punch with a cheap low-grade multivitamin added to it.

  40. CGC Says:

    Good info Vogel. One obvious question is, how much of this supposedly super acai is in a bottle of MonaVie? It’s a trade secret? Okay, approximately how much — less 2%, 2-5%, 5-10%, 10-20%, more than that? Is there more freeze dried than acai pulp? Since no distributor can answer that vital question, even mentioning the existence of the patent is pointless.

  41. humiliated Says:

    Arg. Very good information Vogel…my head is spinning though! The company sucks at providing a nutritional beverage or business opportunity but they are amazing at spin doctoring!

  42. Jim Says:

    Vogel, awesome research, analysis and summary regarding the patent question. It’s been a while since I said it… Thanks for all you do and the time you invest to educate those looking for answers.

    Humiliated, as always thanks for bringing your experience and empathy to the conversation. I would like to suggest one correction if I may. You stated it is impossible to make money in this scheme. This technically is not accurate and could lead pro-Monavie folks to point to this as how little the haters on the Internet understand MLM. Rather than impossible I would say it is highly improbable to make money, as in less than 1% historically. It would also be accurate to say that if you are unfortunate enough to be one of the less than 1% who are cash flow positive it is only by inflicting losses of at least 20 times any profit earned upon your downline.

  43. humiliated Says:

    Jim, you are right, I wouldn’t want to mislead people with false information like SOME people we know!

  44. Vogel Says:

    Aw, thanks guys! Glad to help, as always.

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