MonaVie M(Mun), Dr. Paul Clayton, and Wellmune


[Note: Dr. Paul Clayton responds in the comments. Also, A reader very conclusively shows that Dr. Paul Clayton is misleading people in multiple ways.]

A commenter who refers to himself (or herself) as The Rest of the Story alerted me to speech that Dr. Paul Clayton did at a recent MonaVie event. Before I talke about them, I’ll embed them from YouTube so that you can watch. It’s not entirely necessary to watch, but just in case you are interested in it, I’m here to provide that service. (Note: I’m not responsible if they get pulled off YouTube at a later date. I don’t control YouTube. You snooze, you lose):

There are a few things that I took away from the above videos:

  • Many of Us Have Poor Diets – I don’t disagree. However, he seemed to go on this for quite some time. Simple solution? Head to a local farmer’s market and pick up some fruit and vegetables – organic if you choose.
  • Fruit from All over the World is a Problem – This was at the 2:50 minute mark of the second video. This strikes me as extraordinary ironic revelation to pitch at a MonaVie conference. In short, he’s blaming MonaVie for part of the health problem.
  • Zoonotic Diseases – He mentions that Zoonotic diseases have risen since the 1960s mentioning the following: swine flu, bird flu, HIV, and SARS. Well if you check out that link, Zoonotic diseases are nothing new. Here are some others: measles, smallpox, influenza, diphtheria, anthrax, and Bubonic plague. You might recognize those from before the 1960s. He also makes the mistake of listing Malaria as a Zoonotic disease when it is generally not considered one.
  • “No Defenses Against these Diseases” (2nd video 4:38 mark) – He says there’s no defense to the Zoonotic Diseases, yet I know people who have Swine Flu vaccine. How can this be?
  • Antibotics are useless in 2010 (2nd video 4:45 mark) – Isn’t it odd that I can still get antibiotics then? They still seem to help people. I realize that point that he’s making that they are becoming less effective. It’s like oil, we are getting into a worse and worse shape, but we do discover more efficient ways to prolong the supply we have. We do the same with antibiotics. We might not be able to pull this off forever, but no one has dug the grave on antibiotics yet… except for Dr. Paul Clayton it seems.

In the end, the answer he said was to take Wellmune and he quotes some studies and some findings. I will get to these in future posts, but I would like to mention that he says there are some “1000 studies on this molecule, making it the most studied natural ingredient ever” (Fourth video 3:25 mark). I’m going to venture that water (H2O) or sugar (glucose for example C6H12O6) are both natural ingredients, as well as molecules… and I’m sure studied a lot more than Wellmune.

It should be mentioned that you can buy a different brand of the same beta glucan that Dr. Paul Clayton mentions for really cheap (60 day supply for under $20).

Another issue is that we don’t know if Dr. Paul Clayton was a paid speaker. In the medical industry this is considered a significant issue.

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211 Responses to “MonaVie M(Mun), Dr. Paul Clayton, and Wellmune”
  1. amy Says:

    thanks. will do

  2. Mackwiz Says:


    I am glad that you read the material and see where we are coming from. I know that at first glance we look like a bunch of angry haters attacking people doing business in MonaVie and the company itself, but upon close examination you see why we are putting time and effort into discussing just how very wrong the whole MLM miracle juice scam thing is (not just limited to MonaVie, although that is the main focus for now).

    As for your religious question, I’ll just give you my experience. When I was at the MonaVie tasting meeting, the way the distributors were acting was very similar to a group of religious fanatics. When the speaker asked the crowd how many people felt the benefits of the juice, everyone in the room except me jumped to their feet, and I looked up and could see this strange zeal in their eyes. I honestly think that if I said I didn’t think the juice had any benefits at that moment, they would have been inclined to yell at me or even worse.

    MonaVie is not in the business of selling juice or health, they are in the business of false dreams. By claiming they have the path to financial freedom and health freedom they work their followers up into a religious-like frenzy, all the while pocketing the money that the distributors are giving them because they want that dream to come true.

    And lastly, they also exploit religious beliefs to get distributors in the mindset that following MonaVie is what their god would want them to do. There are a few people here who were former MonaVie distributors who can attest to what I said.

  3. Humiliated Says:

    Hi Amy. I am an ex-distributor and I began blogging on here some time ago for several reasons. For one, I needed to “exorcise” my demons (or guilt) for having dragged my friends & family into this scam. Secondly, I wanted to stop someone else from making the same mistakes. Finally, I was learning a lot from the people who blog on this site regularly like MS, Vogel, Mackwicz, Anonymous Aussie, Switch, CGC, Rasheed (you should check out his article on this site…we converted him!) and not just about Monavie.

    As background, I was pulled into this by people I completely trusted and there was no real information available on the internet or media at that time. After a time, I started to hear about how you shouldn’t have a TV or go on the internet. You shouldn’t read anything negative about MLMs or Monavie. The people that got me involved began isolating themselves and just hanging out with MV people. I started getting weirded out when I saw that.

    To be clear, I wasn’t “in it” for the money. I was promised so many benefits, the main one being a nutritional bonanza. I suffer from knee and back pain due to years of athletics and was told this would disappear with prolonged “use”. I was “on the juice” for 1.5 years and nothing. Was also told it would help with pre-menstrual cramps, blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Again nada. I was so sick of taking Advil for my pain, and I would have LOVED to have had a natural “remedy”, so I fell for it.

    When it didn’t do anything for my ailments, I thought, “well at least I am getting amazing nutritional benefits” and I had stopped taking my daily vitamin. I was TOLD that I wouldn’t need to eat my fruits and vegetables (if I didn’t want to) because MV contained the equivalent of 13-18 servings of fruits AND vegetables a day. I heard this at meeting after meeting. I heard it from a “diamond” level person. This wasn’t an isolated incident. I am not saying that the people who got me involved knew they were lying, because I don’t believe that they did, but they chose to remain ignorant.

    I also began to hear a lot of “bible speak” and I am an atheist. That also sent off alarms bells in my head. I found out that the R3Global conventions are primarily bible thumping meetings as they were nearly all fundamental “Christian” speakers (including the “motivational speakers). I have nothing against Christianity or Christians, and in fact some of them have blogged on here saying how offended they are that the message from Monavie is God=Monavie and Monavie=God. Religion (in my humble view) has no place in business and it is another red flag that this is a cult.

    Finally, please understand that we are constantly “discussing” these matters with people that haven’t done a lick of research on any of the topics related to Monavie. Good for you for reading the available information (albeit a bit late) and coming back to say you understand why we are emotionally invested. I am so sick of seeing people get ripped off, marriages being destroyed, families torn apart, homes and savings lost because of the greed of 3 people.

    I personally know people that quit their jobs and are more debt then they have ever been in, being told not to quit. Buy more product. Buy more of the “brochures/books/flip charts/cups” and THEN you will be successful. It is truly diabolical.

    That is why I choose to write about THIS company. It is consumer fraud and we need to stand up for what we believe in.

  4. switch Says:

    Yep, I was also a distributor who also has seen the deception and lies within Team and Mona Vie. They have proven to me what they’re all about. Took the ride all the way from Quixtar to the leap of hell with Mona Vie all because a good friend of mine told me to trust him. Well, so much for that.

    I also saw religion playing a key role in the Team Mona Vie regime. I have to admit, I was lost on this part and have to agree 100% that religion shouldn’t play a key factor in any business whatsoever and on top of that, you had to pay for the religious session they offered….can’t one go to their own church if they want a time for prayer for free? I found that odd when you had to actually pay for this religious session…hmmm. It’s fine to have your own relationship with christ but why on earth they like to openly share their business as a gift from god is beyond me and how they’ve been able to spin that for all this time is just plain sick.

    So yes, I, along with many others here are standing up for what we believe in.

  5. amy Says:

    hi Switch and Humiliated:

    Thanks for the information and feedback. :)

    This whole thing started for me because I am interested in nutrition, it’s what I got my degree in, and have been studying informally my whole life. I went to workout at my gym and some folks had a booth set up. I asked about it and ended up at a meeting.

    As I mentioned in an earlier comment I was more focused on the product than how the business is run. The juice, for $130.00 a month, was just unreasonable. It flies in the face of what I believe to be true about nutrition. So I was quickly losing interest.

    I did, for a brief moment, try to look at it from a business perspective. I am in social work so I just figured I was naturally suspect of people who make tons of money; and I didn’t want to be critical. There are a lot of red flags though; if someone wants to see them.

    I am also naive enough to believe that if a business is illegal than how could it be going on?? I am thinking differently now thanks to this information. I guess some people could prosper, for a season, on something illegal until if finally falls through. Maybe they aren’t illegal I don’t know. It sounds like it could be borderline at best.

    I think it’s great this information exists for people who want to be informed.

    I will send anyone here if it ever comes up.


  6. Mackwiz Says:

    MonaVie and similar MLMs walk right up to the line on the law. Before MonaVie there was a juice called Royal Tongan Limu that MonaVie’s current CEO was involved with. They went too far with health miracle claims and the FDA shut them down.

    Since this is v2.0, they are a bit smarter this time and have revised the “official” company line so that they can continue operations without getting busted. They were slapped by the FDA in 2007 and since then have revised their distributor contract requirements, such as distributors having to post their distrib. ID, no making miracle claims, etc. If you skim through this site though you will see that it doesn’t happen in reality, mostly because MonaVie corporate itself all but goads distributors into making illegal claims and getting hostile with critics (Beatrice, the person at MonaVie HQ who called MS an annoying douche via email, etc).

    It’s kind of like if I have a restraining order against someone because they keep harassing me, and they have to stay 100 feet away, and that person buys a megaphone and stands exactly 100 feet away is still harassing me. So as it stands now MonaVie is using a loophole in order to make illegal medical claims, while “offically” claiming they are legit and have no control over distributors making such claims.

    So in this case it is up to the consumer to call BS and call them out, hence why this site exists.

  7. Anonymous Aussie Says:

    Great work, Amy.

    If a person hasn’t bought into the entire notion of “financial freedom” it certainly isn’t difficult to see that Monavie is as the site name suggests…..a scam!

  8. Humiliated Says:

    Hi again Amy. You know, I can totally relate to that whole “if a business is illegal, how can it be going on” concept. I have learned that the world can be an ugly place. I understood the whole concept of marketing and perhaps blurring the lines there but this company goes well beyond that. I was confused when I was involved because I wasn’t making money off of my downline consistently drinking the juice, only when I got someone else to join. I was told that we had to “share” the product and that was the magic. I didn’t understand that this was a pyramid concept because, after all, there was a PRODUCT. Again, trusting my upline was a huge factor with my continuing on.

    I have learned from the site (thanks again MS) & other sources, that this is a pyramid scheme through and through.

    I will tell you, I thought I was a cynic (and to be sure, I had some niggling voices in my head about the company and the product all along) but I didn’t realize how truly naive I was to the world of MLMS. I know for certain that I will be hypervigilant now, and will never be that naive again.

  9. MonaVie Scam Says:

    I’d give a few thoughts on how an illegal business could still be going on.

    1) Few people are willing to prosecute the business. For one these businesses have millions of dollars and resources to out-lawyer you. For another, they need the victims to actually realize they are victims and bring a case to court. The people who don’t succeed are often called losers and failers by others in the group… so those people generally just want to escape. (I encourage you to read this comment from just yesterday. Lastly, people tend to have been brought into these businesses by friends and family, so people might be afraid to sue a company which they still have close ties to.

    2. Bernie Madoff’s pyramid scheme went on for 17 years. Enron scammed people for years as well (see this great Malcolm Gladwell article on the subject.

    3. Lastly, I think everyone should watch this video about how these companies have ties with government officials at times. It sounds a little conspiracy theory to me, but they name specific names and what roles they had with those companies and what roles they went on to have with the FTC. That said, some MLMs are being shut down. Nexgen is one such example.

  10. amy Says:


    I was reading more of your site and noticed a couple of times that Monavie has a D rating by the better business bureau.

    There was a news show recently that was exposing the alleged fact that the better business bureau is now recruiting money (scamming business) before they will raise their grade.

    Just wondered if you have heard that? Not that it matters really as far as Monavie goes. Just figured someone might mention it in order to defend their D rating (which I have no doubt they deserve either way).


  11. MonaVie Scam Says:

    I did hear about it… I wrote an article about that too: Did MonaVie Pay For a Better Grade from the Better Business Bureau?

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