MonaVie Medical Testimonies are Pointless


There are been a lot of comments here, but a lot of them are from individual people claiming that MonaVie solved some kind of medical condition. I don’t understand why these people would waste their time. Any intelligent person would realize that MonaVie medical testimonies are pointless. Here’s why:

  • MonaVie does not treat medical conditions.
  • MonaVie knows their juice can’t treat medical conditions
  • They come from anonymous people and are unverifiable – I could post on any forum that MonaVie gave me rabies or any sickness. As outlandish as it sounds, it’s true. Someone could argue that I’m lying, but how do they know? I could simply post back they don’t know me. I’ve seen time and time again, someone post their testimony about MonaVie helping them with some medical condition. It’s similar to me posting that MonaVie gave me rabies. There is no way to verify either fact. If you say it’s completely illogical for MonaVie to give someone rabies, I would respond with the first bullet point above – it is completely illogical for MonaVie to treat medical conditions.
  • Testimonies are potentially biased – There’s a high probability that testimonies for MonaVie could be biased. Distributors could be putting the testimonies out there sway the public opinion, and to drive sales for the product. They understand that even if they don’t make a direct sale, they may be helping a colleague make a sale. That down the line might be helpful to them. One the other hand, people who claim that MonaVie doesn’t do anything, have nothing to gain. It’s not like, they are going to sell you another juice or product. It’s called being a good consumer advocate which has it’s own rewards – the warm fuzzies of having helped someone.
  • Any perceived medical benefit of MonaVie could be due to the placebo effect.

It all adds up to MonaVie medical testimonies not being helpful for much of anything in deciding if purchasing MonaVie is the right thing for you.

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35 Responses to “MonaVie Medical Testimonies are Pointless”
  1. Tom Says:

    This product is for people who see results on their own and they drink it. People who do not see any results do not drink it.

    It is that simple – if people read this kind of stuff that you write here and decide against trying this amazing juice is up to them.

    This product is not for everybody – Nobody is forcing anybody to anything here – however if it was not working, nobody would be so stupid to drink something that does not work for over 5 years now – especially as someone said the juice was so ‘over-priced’ – however it was their opinion – and this is mine: One bottle of MV contains antioxidant equivalent of more than 80 servings of fruit – this product is perfect for busy people who value healthy nutritional foods – it is like fast food of healthy nutrition without going through all kinds of pains and sacrifices associated with typical diet.

    My brother was buying acai juice from Costco – he did not see any difference himself – but changed his mind when his son who always had digestive problems started to have a normal metabolism with MV and did not see any improvement with Costco stuff.

  2. MonaVie Scam Says:

    Please define the results that people see. Please define “working” in your phrase “if it was not working”…

    One bottle of MonaVie also contains the antioxidant equivalent of a small amount of cinnamon – see: So don’t try to market it as being worth near 80 servings of fruit… a bottle is worth a fraction of a dollar of antioxidant capacity.

    Busy people can grab an apple an go. It’s cheaper and easier for them. Busy people can’t fuss with MonaVie distributors. Instead it’s best to have the choice to get the product at the local grocery store or have it delivered to you with the rest of an organic fruit delivery (see something like Farm Fresh to You).

    Tom, I’d like to direct you to MonaVie’s statement on claiming digestive problems – You just violated your MonaVie Distributor agreement. Your reputation again suffers…

  3. Anonymous Aussie Says:

    What that??!!

    Tom, if a single apple has TWICE the ORAC, twice the phenolics and more fibre than days serving of Monavie – then surely you’d figure out a bottle of Monavie does NOT have the antioxidant capacity of 80 servings of fruit.

    Heck – this actually means that you’d need to drink more than twice the amount of Monavie each DAY to get the same nutritional benefits as a single apple! That would cost in the vicinity of what, $10.00 per day!

    Sounds like a rip off whichever way you look at it.

  4. mysterious Says:

    violations of the ftc and guidlines set forth time and time again. its amazing how so many people such as tom feel to share there pitty story to sell juice. i dont believe that a story such as there sone is now all better after digestion problems and this aint an attack on your son, but what im saying is you tom, shouldnt use stories as such to sell monavie juice, what your doing and this is in my eyes only and i believe that by telling these stories to your friends and others online is to find a gulliable sap who will begin to suffer from symptoms of placebo and then believe these drinks really make there lives good from a drink that claims out ragious cures. anyways i am a monavie distributer who wants out and cant find a way other then to wait till my year is up.

  5. Rykel Lim Says:

    I believe that you are trying to put MonaVie distributors in a Catch22 situation…

    If they do NOT give their testimonials, you say that the product does not work.

    If they DO give their testimonials, you say that they are lying/acting against the law/unverifiable etc.

    So, when a MonaVie consumer gets his/her health symptoms relieved by MonaVie Juice, what do you want MonaVie distributors to say, exactly?

    Please help me understand, thank you so much.

    Regards, Rykel

  6. MonaVie Scam Says:

    The answer is that the distributor is to say nothing. Both me and MonaVie agree on this. Here is MonaVie’s take from their own website: MonaVie itself says that testimonials “must be truthful AND be subject to typical results.” Thus a testimonial that MonaVie helped with a health symptom is not within MonaVie’s own distributor guidelines (since it will get them in trouble with the FTC).

    MonaVie hasn’t undergone the clinical trials necessary in the FDA it to “to cure, treat, or prevent” any health symptom. If MonaVie wants to set up these clinical tries they are welcome to. To date Monavie has not. Until they do, distributors will be acting against the law. Remember that the last miracle juice company that Dallin Larsen was with Royal Tongan Limu was shut down due to the company making these health claims.

    I’m not trying to put MonaVie distributors in a Catch-22. The organizations that protect consumers have set up the guidelines. It is MonaVie and their distributors who must within them. If they can not do so, it is time to look for a new business…. especially before MonaVie becomes the next Royal Tongan Limu.

  7. Rasheed Says:


    We do not make the laws and guidelines of medical testimonials. As long as a person adheres to the guidelines, s/he can make any valid testimonials s/he wants.

    A glance at the approved claims list shows that there are not many approved claims for MonaVie Active & Pulse.

    Attributing a relief of a healt symptom to MonaVie is against the guidelines, and may or may not even be true. It may be due to the placebo effect. Unless you have a doctor say that MonaVie actually changed your physiological composition (I.e. antioxidants helped you with such and such) there are no valid attributes.


    P.s. I know I’m probably confusing in this comment. My phone is being very sluggish so I’m not typing as much as I want to.

  8. Rasheed Says:

    Lol MS posted while I was typing.

    That’s another reason I left MonaVie. It’s impossible to sell a product when you can neither prove what it does nor share what it has (supposedly) done for you.

  9. Rykel Lim Says:

    Rasheed and MS, as a matter of fact, I have heard countless TEAM CDs say that MonaVie Juice is simply a functional food beverage that helps the body to function better. Period.

    In addition, if anyone wants to learn more about the acai berry/MonaVie Juice, Distributors are to point them to Dr Schauss’ speeches and other MonaVie-produced materials, rather than try to educate them themselves.

    So please tell me if TEAM is teaching the members wrongly with regards to the product/claims/testimonials?

  10. MonaVie Scam Says:

    How do the CDs claim that it helps the body to function better? Should I be able to jump higher? Should I be able to do more push-ups? I’m curious about the specifics, because it is very similar what you said before about the product “working.” Let’s not get into undefinable generalities like “function better” or “working”, and talk about the specifics so that they be debated.

    Otherwise, I can claim that apple juice is “a functional food beverage that helps the body to function better” and claim that the product is “working”, can’t I? If you are in TEAM, you are a juice salesman. You have to have a selling point that makes your $35-$45 juice better than my $3 one, right? If the TEAM CDs aren’t addressing this, it’s time to leave TEAM… they clearly aren’t helping you sell juice.

    I’m sure that distributors are trying to point people to Dr. Schauss’ speeches and MonaVie-produced materials rather than try to educate them themselves. I’m sure you think that’s a good thing, because this way people do get going about illegal medical claims. However, it also means that MonaVie can sell its system of half truths. It leads to distributors like the one who came by just yesterday making erroneous claims about the number of fruit servings in MonaVie. This leads to a lot of misinformation about MonaVie being spread by unqualified juice salesmen. Consumers are being tricked by these claims and MonaVie and their distributors turn a blind eye to it because swindling people makes them more money.

    Rather than focus if TEAM is teaching the members wrongly, let’s focus on whether they taught you correctly about the testimonials. It seems they didn’t.

  11. Rykel Lim Says:

    MS, my apologies. I should have spoken more clearly.

    Team CDs say that when you STP, simply highlight that MonaVie is a functional food beverage and leave the prospect to do his/her own research as homework. (cf. First Night Pack)

    There are NO specifics in Team CDs on the health benefits/claims other than CLEAR instructions to follow MonaVie’s company guidelines and to listen to Dr Schauss etc.

    IF you desire to debate specifics, then maybe you should listen first to Dr Schauss’ CDs/DVDs and then disprove him here, or else we are not even speaking on the same channel.

    Now, also, if I noticed correctly, many of the anti-MonaVie statements/propositions on this very site are in fact backed up by the very declarations of MonaVie itself.

    So are you now saying that because MonaVie distributors point prospects back to MonaVie, therefore they are “misinforming” them? And then, in the same breath, accuse MonaVie distributors of making false claims when they do NOT refer prospects back to the company?

    So which way would you have it – have people sent to MonaVie, or not? Why? <— I hope you answer this question without evading it.

    You cannot have your cake and eat it too.

    As for the TEAM CDs that are not helping TEAM members to sell juice, you say that because you start off with the assumption that it is TEAM that ought to do this job. What makes you so sure that ALL Team members are "juice salesmen"?

    In fact, unless you have NOT heard Team CDs yourself (have you, honestly?), you SHOULD know that TEAM CDs speak on leadership, character, community building, tenacity etc. – the very virtues which are extolled by great men such as Stephen Covey AND solid principles to live your life.

    TEAM is NOT MonaVie, and MonaVie is NOT Team. I hope that helps, and thank you for responding.

    Cheers, Rykel

  12. MonaVie Scam Says:

    Rykel said,

    “So are you now saying that because MonaVie distributors point prospects back to MonaVie, therefore they are “misinforming” them? And then, in the same breath, accuse MonaVie distributors of making false claims when they do NOT refer prospects back to the company?

    So which way would you have it – have people sent to MonaVie, or not? Why?”

    I recommend you read the section called “How a MonaVie Distributor May Mislead You” on the home page of this site. I think it clears up some of the things that I am talking about. The classic example is the one I just mentioned about the distributor thinking that drinking 4 ounces of MonaVie provided them with 7 servings or more of fruit. MonaVie’s website is responsible for this misconception, when it uses a phrase “antioxidant equivalent”… which is the key point that distributors either mistakenly or conveniently drop. I explain that in this article: Drinking MonaVie is Not Equal to Eating 13 Fruits.

    In short, what you are getting from Dr. Schauss and MonaVie’s website are a set of half truths. Sometimes MonaVie and Dr. Schauss can’t even agree on their product. This was the scenario that lead to this article: MonaVie Lies about the ORAC score of MonaVie?

    I want distributors to be educated about the product. As salesmen of the product, they should at minimum know what I know… and thus they should know every piece of information on this site. So should people be sent to MonaVie’s website? I think it would make more sense to send them to the unbiased Wikipedia page on MonaVie. After that, they should probably directed to read this website. This website gives the complete picture rather than half the picture.

    Thanks for your response about TEAM. It was as I expected. I just wanted to make sure were on the same page.

    I wanted to make sure that the discussion was clear that TEAM is NOT helping people become better juice salesmen. However, that is what a MonaVie distributor is… a juice salesman. As you say, the products are about leadership, character, community building, tenacity, etc. Products like those from Stephen Covey you can get anywhere… has a number of them… probably a lot cheaper than TEAM. According to Orrin Woodward in the Forbes article, “What I try to give most of all is hope and encouragement.”

    If you go to the TEAM website, you can clearly see that it is tied to MonaVie. There are at least 5 MonaVie products and logos there and no other product listed. That makes your statement of “TEAM is NOT MonaVie” look pretty false. There’s clearly an exclusive relationship there. Surely, there must be “hope and encouragement” for people of other products? Why isn’t TEAM promoting those?

    If TEAM is going to tie itself to one product like it has with MonaVie, they have a responsibility to teach about that product. Otherwise it is extremely silly to focus on the product so much.

  13. Rykel Lim Says:

    Hi MS, I agree, you have made some good points.

    But still, you have not actually answered if you would prefer MonaVie distributors to refer prospects to MonaVie or not. (ie. to follow Compliance, or to use own health claims)

    To say that it is better to refer them to your Anti-MonaVie website is like saying, “You like USA. To find out more about USA, do NOT go to the USA websites, because they contain half truths about USA. Go instead to Jihadist websites which tells you why USA is the Great Satan which ought to be destroyed.”

    Are you asking MonaVie distributors to do the stupid?

    Obviously not. You are just asking MonaVie distributors to find out what you have “found” to be the truth about their products here at your site, right?

    Again, granted, you might have a few well-researched truths about MonaVie here, but this site contains half truths too, such as slanted articles about TEAM by Rasheed, AND comments by dead-anti-MonaVie people like Switch.

    Just one more thing I truly need to clarify – you said, “Otherwise it is extremely silly to focus on the product so much”.

    The truth is that TEAM focuses on the product so LITTLE. Which is exactly what I have been trying to prove with my little comments here. No doubt, you needed me to say that in order to “prove” something. May I know if you are trying to show that TEAM training is more expensive than buying Stephen Covey stuff from

    Regards, Rykel

  14. Rykel Lim Says:

    p/s. The Chinese have a saying, “Give one inch, and they will want a foot.” Avarice is insatiable.

    That is to say, even though I have clearly shown that TEAM is NOT advocating personal health testimonials in their CDs, the anti-MonaVie guys will nod, then move on and demand that Team Members remove something else. And something else. And something else.

    Until the TEAM Members are so “victimised” by these Anti-MonaVie creatures that they have no blood left, only bones and skin.

    Like the Palestinians who will demand this and that concession from Israel UNTIL that tiny country is wiped out from the face of the earth.

    So what are victimised people to do?

    Fight back, of course, and ensure victory over the oppressors. So you can bet that TEAM Leaders will always provide a reasonable answer to every hungry and willing-to-listen person. Maybe MS is such an individual, since he said that “we are all here to learn”. <– I like that. :)

  15. MonaVie Scam Says:

    Rykel said, “But still, you have not actually answered if you would prefer MonaVie distributors to refer prospects to MonaVie or not. (ie. to follow Compliance, or to use own health claims)”

    I thought answered the question, quite clearly. I’ll try again. This isn’t an either send them MonaVie or not situation. People should be sent to the three places I mentioned:

    1. MonaVie’s website – for information on official compliance, not stories that make MonaVie look like it can help with brain injuries like this one.
    2. Wikipedia – for unbiased information about the company
    3. This website – for all the information that MonaVie doesn’t mention on its website because it would cost MonaVie juice sales.

    If you have to pick one, I would suggest it be Wikipedia. MonaVie should be emailing distributors reminders about compliance issues anyway. If MonaVie isn’t, than that’s just another area they are negligent.

    Your USA analogy is flawed. There are a lot of USA websites that are neutral and even critical of the United States. I would of course tell people to go those websites. This is the equivalent of sending people to Wikipedia. It sounds like you’d only send people to websites where the USA is right in every decision it ever made.

    I’m a big fan of the New England Patriots. I know that their website has some good information, but I almost never go there. The commentary is decidedly going to be biased. Instead, I read what ESPN has to say. Sometimes, I even read the NY Jets website to see what rivals of the Patriots are saying. By reading all the sources, I get all the information.

    By sending people to MonaVie, you are sending to a place where their livelihood depends on showing a pro-MonaVie stance. MonaVie makes money by convincing people to be distributors and customers. My livelihood does not rest on I don’t make a single cent if you stop buying MonaVie products. I have no financial motivation at all.

    Yes, I am asking MonaVie distributors to do “the stupid.” Why? Because scamming people is wrong. I like to think that no one wants to be a bad person. Maybe I’m silly for that belief. When I open up my car dealership and start selling overpriced clunkers based on misinformation, I would expect that you help the consumer the same way I am. It’s the right thing to do.

    There are more than “a few well-researched truths” here, don’t be so quick to toss them aside as being of little value. There is a big difference between half-truths and slanted articles. Rasheed’s article was his experience. TEAM should strive to give people better experiences. Next you’ll say that New Yorkers have a slanted opinion on the events of 9/11/2001. There are many dead-pro-MonaVie people that come here and leave comments too. I think that presents a very fair contrast in that section of the website.

    You say that TEAM focuses on the product so little, but the TEAM website (and its numerous MonaVie logos and product mentions) tell a different story. TEAM should make a choice. Either just sell the leadership courses without the MonaVie, or admit that its with MonaVie and own up to the responsibility of educating people on that product. Pick one or the other, don’t have your cake and eat it too.

  16. MonaVie Scam Says:

    Rykel said, ” The Chinese have a saying, ‘Give one inch, and they will want a foot.’ Avarice is insatiable.

    That is to say, even though I have clearly shown that TEAM is NOT advocating personal health testimonials in their CDs, the anti-MonaVie guys will nod, then move on and demand that Team Members remove something else. And something else. And something else.”

    I don’t think anyone ever made the claim, “TEAM is advocating personal health testimonials in their CDs.” I don’t know why are you trying to defend as if we did. This is just a straw man argument. No has demanded TEAM member remove anything. This is supposed to be a discussion about medicinal testimonies made by people in MonaVie. There’s should not have been any TEAM specific discussion in here at all. Somehow, Rykel you got way off track.

  17. Rasheed Says:

    Rykel, it doesn’t matter what TEAM promotes on their CDs. I’ve been to a countless number of open meetings, I’ve been the wing-man of a lot of STP’s, and in ALL of them, there were medical testimonials.

    “Pulse made my cholesterol drop!”
    “Active made me able to walk better!”
    “I never get sick anymore because of MMun!”

    Since Open meetings are conducted by TEAM, you’d imagine that TEAM carefully instructs the speakers on what to say.

    It doesn’t matter what the method of teaching is. The fact is, distributors are making medicinal claims to their prospects, and neither TEAM nor MonaVie are doing anything to stop the claims.

  18. SAm Says:

    After reading the content on this website one has to question the fact that what is MS’s agenda here? Do you people think that he/she really cares about how people are getting scammed ( if they are getting scammed),is it a ex monavie distributor who is mad at the world because things never went his/her way?? What is their agenda and why is he dedicating his life to discredit Monavie?

    [Editor’s Response: Please read: If you read this site, there no debate that people are getting scammed. I believe it is worth helping people, sorry that your agenda is in scamming them. MonaVie and their distributors make money from scamming people to buy their juice. I make my product (this website) available to anyone for free. The agenda is in those who are trying to get people to spend their hard earned dollars on juice.]

  19. B. Hammond Says:

    I like it. I am a distributor and it has helped me. You may not believe it, I really don’t care. You have your opinion and I have actual results. You can tell everyone you want that it’s a scam. I don’t believe that it is. It’s not a get rich quick scam. The science backs it up.

  20. MonaVie Scam Says:

    Please read: Distributors Posting on Blogs

    The science does not back up the product. I have shown it in at least a dozen cases on this website. Anything you produce, I have thoroughly debunked. It is not an opinion that it is a scam, it is a proven fact.

    No one claimed it was a “get rich quick scam.” It is just a scam in that the juice doesn’t give any of the benefits that are typically attributed to it.

  21. Rasheed Says:

    Mr. Hammond,

    It’s not a get-rich quick scam. It’s a get broke quick scam. How much money are you spending on 4 oz of juice per day? $100? $200?

    And pray tell exactly what science backs MonaVie up? Please tell me you have the ability to read, because there are countless articles on this website that refute your claim.

  22. Mackwiz Says:

    “It’s not a get rich quick scam. The science backs it up.”

    That’s right, it is not a get rich quick scam. It is a motivation/secret wealth pool/health scam. Regardless of what you say, you know just as well as I do that MonaVie presents itself as the secret path to riches that traditional “9 to 5’ers” don’t know about. Not only that, it promises to make you motivated and healthy too. That’s the scam, because the “science” you say backs it up is pseudo-science.

    But wait, there’s more! By using the “through the grapevine” technique, MonaVie also presents itself as a substitute to prescription medicine, which makes it a cure to [insert chronic disease/illness/condition here]. Add some FDA conspiracy theories to the mix and you have 1/2-3/4ths of MonaVie’s sales force (or possibly more). You know, because both the US government and “Big Pharma” want you to be sick to keep you on the pill, while slimy juice hustlers who previously got busted for making fake miracle juice are legit. Obviously!

    With all that being said, I am glad to know that you “like it”. That’s a really good reason to spend outrageous amounts of money on juice that science says has the same nutrition as a handful of carrots per serving (real science, you should check it out sometime).

    Also, I am glad to know that you don’t care what we think, even though you bothered to post here… seems kind of strange for someone who doesn’t care about this site’s content to post their pointless medicial testimony [illegal under US law and against your distributor contract] and also not post your distributor ID [against your distributor contract].

    You are obviously a pristine example of integrity.

  23. MadScientistMatt Says:

    B. Hammond, would those results be of the “double blind, controlled clinical trials” variety, or the “I had such and such an illness, drank a bottle of MonaVie, got better, but have no way of proving MonaVie actually made me get better faster” sort of results? Many of the articles here document how the science is against MonaVie being any better than a $4 bottle of fruit punch, and somewhat less useful than a basket of fresh fruits and vegetables. If you want to challenge that, don’t just appeal to some vague “science” that “backs it up” – whip out the measurements, the numbers, the results.

    And if you don’t know how to tell good science from bad… be prepared to have that made very clear to everybody, except perhaps you.

  24. Anonymous Aussie Says:

    Hammond states “It’s not a get rich quick scam.”

    It’s not a means of getting rich. Period. It’s a scam because it’s wrongly promoted as being an opportunity despite the fact that greater than 99% of the sales force are losing money, a fact which is unwittingly withheld from consumers as at the time they decide to sign up.

    The science you base your beliefs on prove nothing about Monavie and are bogus – just as your vague claims of having seen results from consuming a processed and chemically preserved fruit punch are.

    One possible “result” which is entirely plausible is actually cancer – particularly given sodium benzoate (the chemical Monavie is preserved with) is believed to cause this when combined with vitamin C.

  25. JustWondering Says:

    I’ve been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. If you need to know what this is then wiki it, it’s not pretty. Since I started drinking Monavie my symptoms went away. It’s expensive since I don’t want to sell the product, but right now I consider it worth it. If you can save me money by telling me what is in it that might be helping then I might stop. Until then, I’ll keep using it.

  26. MonaVie Scam Says:


    That is an interesting comment. I did look up “ulcerative colitis” and I didn’t see MonaVie listed on the list of treatments at the National Institute of Health’s website. I’m going to have to ask for a note from your doctor certifying that you are telling the truth and that he’s properly run clinical experiments to show that it isn’t the placebo effect.

    I did take the opportunity to view your website from the email address you left behind. In particular, I found this post describing what seems to be MonaVie, though you don’t mention it by name other than saying that you are the “Active” version. You make the mistake that many MonaVie proponents make.

    – You falsely claim that MonaVie is like eating 13 fruits. See: In fact it is equal to eating to 6 baby carrots: I just saved you a lot of money that way didn’t I?
    – You falsely claim that it has “an immense amount of antioxidants” when clinical testing shows the opposite:

    I already wrote about Food Matters and MonaVie – It is very unusual that you would connect these two together as Food Matters never mentions MonaVie at all. In fact, Food Matters suggests supplementation with vitamins and minerals which MonaVie has little of. If you believed in Food Matters, you wouldn’t drink MonaVie.

    I don’t want to get into the pesticides and herbicides, but remember MonaVie is not organic, so it has just as much potential for those as any non-organic fruit. You aren’t avoiding any pesticides and herbicides by drinking MonaVie.

    Finally, it’s quite odd that you didn’t mention the ulcerative colitis in your post on your page. JustWondering why you wouldn’t do that.

  27. Vogel Says:

    I’ve been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. JW said: “Since I started drinking Monavie my symptoms went away. It’s expensive since I don’t want to sell the product, but right now I consider it worth it. If you can save me money by telling me what is in it that might be helping then I might stop. Until then, I’ll keep using it.”

    There is nothing in Monavie that could alleviate the symptoms of ulcerative colitis. Eschewing legitimate medical treatment in lieu of Monavie could cause you irreparable harm, since the underlying inflammatory damage will continue unabated.

  28. Anonymous Aussie Says:

    Reading justwondering’s “testimonial” just gave me ulcerative colitis.

  29. humiliated Says:

    I looked at the post as well…sure looks like “Rob” is trying to “soft sell” the product to me. In fact, this was exactly how I got roped into it, with the whole replacing fruits & veggies for the “gal on the go”. Hilarious that he got no real “bites”, only one comment from someone saying their vegetables go rotten. Looked like he was trying to engage this person in some dialogue but it didn’t go any farther. Close call for another potential victim!

    If this Godforsaken farce of a “nutritional supplement” company insists on staying in existence with their deluded sheep buying anything and everything they are selling, my ONLY wish is that distributors would stop saying it contains 13 servings of fruits & vegetables, it is almost criminal. Nay, I believe that it IS criminal.

  30. Mackwiz Says:

    I have Ulcerative Colitis as well and I know for a fact that MonaVie does nothing because I’ve tried MonaVie and nothing happened.

  31. CGC Says:

    There are some fresh, though not original, medical testimonials following this brief review of MonaVie:

    Check it out and counter the BS with some facts.

  32. baudline Says:

    You’ve got to be kidding! We know lots of people personally who’ve been exceptionally helped by this researched, clinically tried and peer published product.
    WHERE’S YOUR PROOF! We have lots.

  33. MonaVie Scam Says:

    Since you have so much proof Baudline, go for it. Show me what it is.

  34. Angela Says:

    My son has had cancer for over 3 years. MM at the age of 26. Very rare ! He goes true extensive chemo treatments. Which makes him extremely sick!Has had extensive radiation. Since drinking monavie his ammune system has improved greatly and handles the chemo like a champ! I do not distribute nor have I tried it myself yet. I know for a fact that many oncologist recommend their patients to use this product as well! Just saying!!!!!

  35. MonaVie Scam Says:

    Angela, did you read the article? Do you have proof that this happened? How can we prove that you are not a distributor with MonaVie? Who is the oncologist?

    This is a perfect example of why your testimony is pointless. Just saying!!!

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