MonaVie Lies about the ORAC score of MonaVie?


Let’s make this short and sweet…

MonaVie says four ounces of MonaVie Original (and Active) has an ORAC score of between 4,000 to 5,000 units (see #11).

However, the AIBMR study done by Dr. Alex Schauss concludes “the total antioxidant capacity of the JB (i.e. MonaVie) measured by ORAC is 22.8 umol/mL.” Using simple math, we can conclude that 4 ounces (or 118ml) of MonaVie has an ORAC score of 2690 (22.8 multiplied by 118 is 2690). AIBMR’s research is sponsored by MonaVie and done by MonaVie Advisor Dr. Alex Schauss.

MonaVie knows that the ORAC score of four ounces of it’s juice is 2690, but claims it has nearly twice that in the material they circulate to the public and distributors. Isn’t that lying? What am I missing here?

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106 Responses to “MonaVie Lies about the ORAC score of MonaVie?”
  1. Jason Stone Says:

    Wow! I just spent the past hour+ of my life reading this thread. And the reason I read it is because I am seriously considering joining Monavie. I’m actually going to a “tasting party” tonight!!

    I’m 35 yrs old. I have done Amway in the past, and learned the hard way about MLM businesses. I know that I cannot go into the business, sit back, and wait for money to fall into my lap. I’m going to have to SELL people on the business, and build my downlines.

    I agree with BOTH sides in this thread. I appreciate MonavieScam for posting the downsides to the company. I have researched just about every MLM out there today, and Monavie keeps coming up the BEST as far as product vs. start-up cost vs. pay structure. And I can find VERY few complaints about it. The whole health thing is kind of douchey. I run a health club, and for every REAL cure to a health issue, there are 5000 bogus cures. And what’s crazy about the health industry is that NEW information comes along every day. I remember when eggs were GREAT for you. Now theyre NOT great for you. Whatever.

    The reason I agree with Jake is that instead of posting this thread as an informative forum, SOME people are taking a “holier-than-thou” stance against the monavie reps. SO WHAT if a rep beefs up their product with a tall tale of grandmas bum knee being miracualously healed!!?? I say random things about my gym when selling a membership that may be exaggerated. EVERYONE does it. And if you say you’ve NEVER lied about something to sway favor YOUR way….you are LYING right now. When you got insurance on your last car….did you answer YES to ALL the money saving questions even though you KNOW DARN WELL that your car doesn’t have daytime running lights!!?? YES!! You did. Because you wanted to save/make money. So come down off your thrones people!!

    The whole thing about 99% of people NOT making money in the company. I WILL be a part of that percentage giving away my $140 per month UNLESS I get tin there and work my butt off to get OTHER people to pay their $140 to cover MINE. That’s how MLM works. And if the person gets Monavie because he/she thinks it cures cancer….well, they are just silly.

    Anyways. My brain is fried from reading all these posts. So I’m not sure if mine made any sense whatsoever. And I’m not sure if I can find my way back here to see who responds to this, but yal have a wonderful life!!! It’s beautiful.

  2. MonaVie Scam Says:


    You can’t get an accurate picture of MonaVie by just reading one article or one article and the comments. There are dozens and dozens articles here that objectively show the harm that MonaVie is doing.

    It’s very odd that you say that MonaVie is the “BEST” in terms of product (Men’s Journal shows that Welch’s is better), start-up cost (most MLMs now have no start-up costs, but instead charge extremely expensive autoships – MonaVie is one of the worst in this area), and pay structure (99.64% of MonaVie distributors lose money). There are few complaints about it because most people still believe that the payday is there and that it is their fault for not working hard enough. Few realize that the compensation plan is designed to work against them.

    Some of the people here have taken a “holier-than-thou” stance, but in my opinion it is justified. Pretty much anyone here is holier than a “rep beefing up their product with a tall tale of grandmas bum knee being miraculously healed” – that’s straight out fraud in an attempt to scam people. There’s one thing about exaggerating a point – there’s another to breaking FTC and FDA laws, which is what happens with “tall tales of grandma’s bum knee.”

    Umm, perhaps you are the only one who lies to insurance companies. They’ll easily figure out that you lied on your form (they know what kind of car you drive and the features it has). If you ever try to cash in on that insurance, you are going to be in trouble. They’ll just say that the contract is void and you have to pay the whole thing. So, I hope no one here is lying to their insurance companies.

    It’s not just 99% it is 99.64% who actually make any money. So imagine Fenway Park with 35,000 people in it. Each one is just as willing to work their butt off to get OTHER people to pay their $140 to cover yours. One 126 of those 35,000 people will be successful in making ANY money at all. If you like those odds, perhaps you are the kind of person who thinks that lying to your insurance company is “a good idea.”

  3. Bond Says:

    Where is the AIBMR study done by Dr. Alex Schauss file? The link is broken.

  4. MonaVie Scam Says:

    AIBMR changes their links very often and they don’t properly redirect them as they should.

    I suggest you do a search on the Internet.

  5. jimmy bondo Says:

    i advice all of you to go read the dr oz study on acai berry, mayo clinic, wed md, before you claim what you think, if the berry is so bad why has the natives in south america been eating and comsuming this for thousands of years!!!!!!!!

  6. MonaVie Scam Says:

    Berries aren’t necessarily bad, in fact, they are quite good. The important thing to note is that drinking MonaVie is not like eating acai berries. It’s juice, which many health organizations make clear is not healthy… here’s a video done with a few government organizations about juice:!

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