MonaVie is Embarrassed by Their Income Disclosure Statement?


The Fraud Files found that MonaVie has been editing their own Wikipedia page. As Fraud Files points out that’s a conflict of interest. However, the really interesting information is how MonaVie is editing the information about their company.

This edit removed the company’s Income Disclosure Statement. What possible reason would they have to remove information on WikiPedia that they publish on their own site? Is it so damning that MonaVie would go against Wikipedia policy to delete it. That’s the only logical explanation. This is especially true since 99% of MonaVie distributors earn an average of $3.75 a WEEK back in 2008 (it hasn’t changed significantly since then). It’s worth keeping in mind that those drinking the juice pay $30 a week in juice to earn that $3.75. Sounds like a good deal.

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MonaVie & Income Disclosure Statement

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159 Responses to “MonaVie is Embarrassed by Their Income Disclosure Statement?”
  1. Jim Says:

    TOS said”Well, I must say, I was completely ignorant and did not realize what I was actually doing.”. Wha wha wha what?!? It was that easy? I mean, I’m glad you saw the light if in fact you are sincere, but it usually takes weeks of education to make a distributor realize the truth, especially a profitable distributor. Can I ask what were the facts that led to this turn around for you. Thanks.

  2. The Other Side Says:

    @humiliated: I was making an average of about $720 a week. I would have moved up to gold, but I didn’t have a personal signup doing well enough for me to move up. I will be more than happy to give all of you the reactions of my team. After I talk to them, I will submit an article.

    @Jim: I consider myself to have strong morals, and the thought of me making money while I am hurting others does not sit well with me. I never really did research before I joined, but looking at all of the links provided to me, I found that I was doing just that. I am upset that I was able to be so blinded, and maybe the benefits I was getting from the juice are just a placebo effect. In that case, it is not really benefiting at all; it is just covering it up, so that it can get worse without my knowledge.

  3. Andrew Says:

    This site is a scam! I have a few friends that are going realy well in this business. They are earning real money and are realizing their dreams. You dont sign up just about anyone. Only people that are motivated and have goals in their life and are willing to work just as in any type of business you haver to WORK to get paid. Mr juicescam how much are they paying you to run your SCAM website?
    There are many Polish sports people and gold medal athletes that swear by MonaVie!
    Just about anything can act like a placebo. How about your s–t vitamin pills from a chemist? They also act as placebo. The pills from your doc can also have placebo effect! So bloody what! Just about anything gets criticised these days. Some morons have nothing else to do but sit by their square box all day long and criticise everything! Do something more useful will you!

  4. MonaVie Scam Says:


    Remember that for people to be earning money, many people need to be losing money. Read: It’s Not a Matter of Effort, it’s a Mathematical Certainty. Don’t be proud of making money in this scam, you are just making it clear how much you financial damage you are doing to others.

    I only get paid a pittance in advertising fees for running this site. My other businesses do well enough that I can essentially volunteer my efforts here to help others.

    There are a things that athlete’s swear by. Many Boston Celtics swear by their Land Rovers as well. It doesn’t really mean anything.

    People can buy a years worth of vitamins for around $5-10. When a year’s worth of MonaVie is priced there I’ll stop writing new articles on this website.

    Yes, if everything can have a placebo effect, then why are you willing to pay $40 for yours? Get a much cheaper one.

  5. humiliated Says:

    Noooo Andrew…MONAVIE is a scam. You say “Only people that are motivated and have goals in their life and are willing to work ” really? I guess all of the people that I know that have lost their jobs and homes through years and years of vain pursuit of financial freedom through MonaVie are losers? You are an a$$hole for making that comment because there are people (that I personally know) that have put their hearts and souls into making this work and have pretty much lost everything. These are your brothers and sisters you are talking about. Only the people that got in at the top or were strategically placed at the top are (were)making any money for a sustained period of time.

    It is a pyramid scheme PLAIN & SIMPLE.

    Mr. Juicescam saved me a lot of money and heartache. He presented me with facts & data. He encouraged me to go out and confirm this information with independant third parties, unlike Dallin Larsen & Company who don’t want you to investigate the “juice” or the “company, in fact, it is discouraged. What kind of business does that??

    Mr. Juicescam has been extremely supportive even off of this site when I have sent him emails asking him questions. He gets absolutely no benefit from that and I know he has helped countless others “off site” as well. THAT is who Mr. Juicescam is.

  6. Oldhat Says:

    1st… It is not helping anyone to make dramatic claims that any multi-level marketing business is a “scam” or a “pyramid” just because you do not understand or agree with that particular type (or in some cases, specific) business. Since all of this garbage is anonymous, how can people fact-check to verify that the negative postings aren’t coming from competitors? They can’t.
    2nd… The only statement that actually helps anyone about a business opportunity is to CHECK IT OUT CAREFULLY WITH REPUTABLE SOURCES and do not make emotional decisions!
    3rd… If you are not a successful leader in a multi-level marketing business; you simply don’t know what you are talking about. I would never ask my plumber for investment advice unless he or she showed me that they have a very successful and personally managed portfolio. “It is better to be silent and thought a fool…”
    I wish all readers and bloggers great success! If you are reading this blog to do research about Monavie, your not getting credible information… and no.. don’t even trust me… do some REAL research!

  7. MonaVie Scam Says:

    1st. Calling it a scam isn’t a dramatic claim. It’s the appropriate term for MonaVie using the definition from Webster’s Dictionary. As far as calling it a pyramid, it seems to fit according to the FTC’s definition:

    If you did you research on this site, you’d know that they are from the author of MonaVie Scam. The story of how I got interested in MonaVie is quite clearly laid out there. Finally, even if the postings were from competitors would it matter? The important thing to focus on is the message, not the messenger.

    2nd. I would say that the best information is to evaluate the information objectively. For example, it’s been mathematically proven that 99.64% of MonaVie distributors lose money. You really don’t need to go much further than that. If you want a REPUTABLE SOURCE, here you go: See also:

    3rd. Wait a second, you are saying that only people who are able to debate the validity of MLMs are the people who are successful? The few successful people in MLM are always going to give you the biased side, because that’s how they make money – they get paid by promoting MLM. It’s clearly a conflict of interest.

    Additionally if your parents tried to tell you how difficult it was to be a rock star, you’d ignore their advice (they aren’t rock stars) and only listen to Bono or Steven Tyler’s? This clearly doesn’t make any sense.

    If you are reading this blog, you are clearly getting credible research. Simply look at the number of articles and the depth of information available. I challenge anyone to show a greater source of unbiased information on MonaVie anywhere.

    Finally Oldhat, if you find anything in any of the posts on this website to be factually incorrect, let me know. I strive to make sure that everything here is accurate… at least at the time of posting (MonaVie changes it’s product and other details over time).

  8. team deception - Building a Leadership Factory Says:

  9. humiliated Says:

    Hi JS. Further to the above article regarding the IDS, Monavie has finally sent in a response and here it is:

    “The MonaVie IDS is based on “Paid-As” rank, and not “Achieved” rank. In this way, the IDS represents to distributors what they would earn if they were paid at those ranks for any given week. This is different from conveying to distributors what the average earnings of our individual distributors are at their achieved ranks

    “Finally, thank you for making us aware that this could be confusing to our distributors. We will review the issue and consider for the next revision.”

    Ummm…pardon? I don’t know if I am reading this correctly but are they saying that if are a Ruby and not making any money, you haven’t been factored into the IDS? Are they also saying that this isn’t a reflection of a persons ACTUAL earnings, but that they have simply extrapolated from a certain ranking’s best week for the “total payout”?

    I am completely baffled. How do you read it?

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