MonaVie and Houston Rockets


I received an interesting email the other day:

Bill (I’ve changed his name) wrote:

“I’m skeptical specifically because all the web info I see is from the many,
many, MonoVie distributor sites, and not the teams themselves.

I went to the Rockets partner page, and MonaVie is nowhere to be found. I emailed Jason Krohll, the Rockets Sr Director of premium sales and services. He
just sent this back to me:


We do have a partnership with Mona Vie thru our building, Toyota Center. MonaVie is the energy drink we serve here for all Toyota Center events including Rockets games.

Hope this helps,


This is pretty clear to me that they only have a vending partnership for the Toyota Center, which is not the same thing as the Houston Rockets basketball team.”

To back up Bill’s point, I decided to look into the claim. I noticed that MonaVie had an official announcement of the partnership where it read:

“MonaVie EMV web banners will also be featured on, and the healthy energy drink will have a presence at several community events.”

However an inspection of The Houston Rocket’s Partner Page and Bill’s quote from Jason Krohll seems to show that MonaVie is misrepresenting something here. It’s surprising to me that they’d really be misrepresenting this because it’s fairly easy to buy a partnership with the Rockets. Is it possible that MonaVie’s check bounced?

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MonaVie - Houston Rockets

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14 Responses to “MonaVie and Houston Rockets”
  1. Steve D Says:

    It’s a partnership they are serving the Drink at all the Rockets games and the other events there ……Your reaching for thin air again

  2. Vogel Says:

    “MonaVie EMV web banners will also be featured on, and the healthy energy drink will have a presence at several community events.”

    Do you see a Monavie banner on Steve? Thin air?

  3. MonaVie Scam Says:

    It doesn’t seem much of a partnership when your “partner” doesn’t acknowledge you exist. Where are the banners on as Monavie announced?

    It’s worth noting that doesn’t even exist… it’s a redirect to NBA’s Houston Rockets website. While this isn’t unusual for sports teams, it is very odd that a company would put a press release with it in it.

  4. Just Me Again Says:

    Yet another idiotic assumption. The check bounce comment is even more idiotic. Now run along and find something that someone actually cares about, maybe the kids Tylenol recalls, or other recalls of dangerous off the shelf meds that drug companies ship even when they know about the dangers and mold and strange pieces of crap in the bottles, but hope nobody notices. Do something about that.

    And Mr Scam, once again who died and made you the all mighty mister knowledge of sponsorship. Obviously you don’t know the deal and as always, you make assumptions.

    Those that don’t have a clue simply assume and you lot are master assumers.

  5. MonaVie Scam Says:

    Well Monavie is welcome to come and explain the details of the sponsorship. I’m just pointing out that once again MonaVie seems to be posting misinformation. If all you can offer is a “there must be some explanation” I’m going to go with Occam’s Razor and propose the simplest explanation.

  6. Bob Firestone Says:

    It sounds like claiming a partnership with google because you are buying PPC ads.

  7. MonaVie Scam Says:

    I do not buy any PPC ads from Google at this time. I don’t claim any partnership with Google. You could probably ask 99.9999% of Google employees and they would admit to knowing nothing about this site.

    The “partnership” with showing Google advertising is something that hundreds of millions of people can set up in an hour or less. Anyone claiming that partnership validates their business is missing some common sense.

  8. Rockinwithmonavie Says:

    I am amazed at how some people are so negative about something they obviously know very little about, misery loves company, I guess.
    If you just break it down in simple terms, Monavie is a blend of 19 fruits that are very very good for you, so by drinking 4oz a day, you get the equivalent of 13 serving of fruit. That’s it!! Don’t over think it. Don’t be afraid of it!! lol, it’s not a scam unless you consider fruit a scam. As far as the energy drink goes, we finally have an energy drink available to the masses that is good for us instead of horrible..
    Guess what if you share these products you might even get some referral bonuses from the company. Stop being so smart it’s holding you back and Lord help you!! Stop being so negative.

  9. MonaVie Scam Says:

    Ugh, it’s really bad when people who know very little about something claim that others know very little about it. For example, Drinking MonaVie is Not Equal to Eating 13 Fruits. It’s not over thinking it, to actually think about it right in first place.

    Fruit is not a scam… it’s the high price of MonaVie for something that doesn’t seem close to fruit that is the scam.

    Before calling someone negative, perhaps you should Open Your Mind About MonaVie.

  10. Anonymous Aussie Says:

    Rockinwithmonavie – when you enter a discussion, perhaps you should try to get an understanding of where precisely the discussion’s at and what arguments people have presented before making comments such as yours which have already discussed in detail – not to mention debunked.

    Why don’t you post some FACTS to support the statements you make in future instead of posting the same useless comments distributors such as yourself make about the product – which is EVIDENCED to be lacking in nutrition.

    People don’t need to call on the help of the Lord in making a sound decision about Monavie’s product and opportunity – particularly given there are an abundance of FACTS available that confirm both the product and opportunity are a complete farce.

  11. Rockinwithmonavie Says:

    Bibliography – 7 Clinical Studies for Wellmune®
    1. Cox D. Effect of Wellmune WGP® Gluco Polysaccharide given per os (PO) on the Immune System of
    Healthy Human Volunteers. 2005. Biothera Inc. Eagan, MN 55121.
    2. Cox D. Final Report on the Evaluation of the Efficacy of Wellmune WGP® Glucopolysaccharide for
    Prevention of Experimental Rhinovirus Infection (common cold) in Human Volunteers. 2005. Biopolymer
    Engineering, Inc. Eagan, MN 55121.
    3. D udney C. Cytokine ELISA Analysis of Serum Samples from Human Volunteers Treated with
    Wellmune WGP® Beta Glucan. 2006. Biotherapharma, Eagan, MN 55121.
    4. F eldman S, Schwartz H, Kalman D. Mayers A, Kohrman H, Clemens R, Krieger D. Randomized
    Phase II Clinical Trials of Wellmune WGP® for Immune Support During Cold and Flu Season. Research
    Paper Published in The Journal of Applied Research. 2009;9:1&2. Abstract Published and
    Presented in Experimental Biology, 2008 Annual Meeting, San Diego.
    5. H arger-Domitrovich S, Domitrovich J, Ruby B. Effects of an Immunomodulating Supplement on Upper
    Respiratory Tract Infection Symptoms in Wildland Firefighters:2001:Board #165 May 29 3:30
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    pS353. Abstract Published and Presented at the American College of Sports Medicine, May 2008.
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    Inc. Draper, UT 84020. Research Paper Publication Pending in Agrofood Industry Hi Tech. Abstract
    Published and Presented at American College of Nutrition Annual Meeting, Sept 2007 as WGP®
    3-6 Supplement Reduces Immune Suppression and Improves Mood State in Stressed Subjects. Journal
    of the American College of Nutrition. 2007 Oct 26;5.

  12. Vogel Says:

    Oh jeez…another brain-dead idiot distributor who can’t fathom how to make a compelling relevant comment. State a fact or state an opinion but don’t just post bibliographies. This does nothing to advance the discussion.

  13. mysterious Says:

    oh dear god, im an ibo who does not bother with th company anymore because i found the light. the right one that gets me out of the love empty hollow place of empty ness where i was misserible and now i am happy not thinking about lying to my friends and a future of no friends because they would hate me for ruining their lives. but vogel is right, thoes bibliographies dont show anything, just that you coppied stuff from a book, and still do now show proof from sites that matter. i think it seems like a waste of typying because it got you knowwheres and maybe it was a copy and paste job, who knows.

  14. Rasheed Says:


    How does your posting of a bibliography on Wellmune have ANYTHING to do with MonaVie and Houston Rockets?

    And have you VERIFIED those sources? I can post a bibliography with a ton of numbers and names that don’t exist and say that my fingernails cure cancer. Dr. Oblong says it himself on page 434 of his book “Rasheed’s Fingernail-The Cure for Cancer”

    Just because a website has sources does not mean the sources are valid.

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