MonaVie Active and MonaVie Original?


What is the Difference between MonaVie Active and MonaVie Original?

The MonaVie Original juice, which has a purple label, is the original 19 fruit blend. MonaVie Active, which has a green label, has the same blend of fruits as MonaVie Original, but with the addition of liquid glucosamine and omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids. Glucosamine may be helpful for maintaining healthy joints*.

* The United States FDA has not reviewed these statements. Glucosamine has not been shown to treat any disease.

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10 Responses to “MonaVie Active and MonaVie Original?”
  1. Nelly Says:

    I am a distributor of Monavie. I have been since I was introduced to the product last year. You indicate that it is an expensive product at $40.00 per bottle. As you may have a valid point, have you tried buying fruit at a grocery store lately? Better yet, have you managed to eat them all before some of the rot on your counter or your fridge? It i estimated that about 15% of us eat our required fruit and vegetables per day. Perhaps you are one of those people. I am not. For about $6.00 per day I now have an equivalency of 13 fruit going into my body every day. I noticed at a large grocery store in our area a company selling 100% pure acai juice. The bottle was roughly the same size as a Monavie bottle and they sold at $50.00. The bottle did not indicate “freeze-dried” and the grocery store would be profiting from the sale instead of myself if I bought it there. Did you know the Monavie has created about 50 millionaires since they have started in 2005. I don’t know where you work, but has your company or any one you know of done that? I realize that Amway and Quixtar have a different way of paying distributors. I actually wrote a research paper on Amway in university in 1992 and called it “Amway, The Cult of Free Enterprise” What I am learning is that 95% of people have been taught to get out of school and work for someone. We were not taught in school to have someone work for us or a system. We are our own asset weather we are an employee or have a small business. What network marketing does with it’s principles of franchising is allow us to work for a time and then have the system work for us. We are still getting paid now for work we did last year. It’s like the pipeline theory. A town is out of water so the only way to get water is for people to walk down to the water with buckets those who do this get paid when they arrive into the town with the water. Now on the other side there is a person who has the idea of creating a pipeline. So he sets out to construct this pipeline. Those on the side are laughing at him and telling him he’s crazy and they are getting their pay at the end of every day. This person feels discouraged at times because he is not seeing the pay at the end of the day, but he has long term visions and doesn’t give up. Finally, he has finished building his pipeline. All of his efforts are now going to pay him over and over and over again. Who do you think is laughing in the end of this story? That is what network marketing provides. If a person is plugged into a good training system like TEAM (that is who we are affiliated with to get our support and education…fantastic system!) I hope I have been able to provide you with information that you may not have had before. I believe that although there have been companies who have been scammers Monavie is not one of them. However, there are over 250,000 people who are distributors of Monavie products. If you were the CEO of a company that large, do you think you would have control of what people are saying the the homes or buildings of others. I know that there are strict rules and they have removed people from being distributors who have not abided from the rules on being honest and uphold integrity. Anyway, I felt compelled to write to you. I am not one who spends this much time writing or even being on the computer. Take care. All the best to you.

  2. MonaVie Scam Says:

    If you are truly a distributor of MonaVie, I advise you quit now as you likely spreading lies.

    MonaVie is not equal to eating fruit – MonaVie headquarters preaches this and for you to make the comparison is not only false, as a distributor, it’s fraud.

    Nelly said,

    I noticed at a large grocery store in our area a company selling 100% pure acai juice. The bottle was roughly the same size as a Monavie bottle and they sold at $50.00.

    There are grocery stores that sell similar for $5. It’s worth noting that MonaVie could have 6% acai for all we know. V8 Fusion Acai Berry is $3 and you can’t prove that MonaVie has more acai than that.

    Nelly said

    Did you know the Monavie has created about 50 millionaires since they have started in 2005.

    Do you realize they are mostly (maybe all?) founders of MonaVie or people who bring their million dollar lines from other MLMs?

    Truth is that 82% don’t make enough to pay for their juice (see: That’s a pile of people working 450 hours for nothing other than cheap juice they could buy for pennies.

    I won’t go against the network marketing thing except to say that I know Mary Kay and Pampered Chef’s products do something for me. It’s impossible to prove that of MonaVie. People are biased to believe it and there’s also placebo effect to consider. So any networking marketing thing with juice without proven clinical studies is likely a scam in my opinion. If they are a legit business, let’s see how it does on a store shelf in comparison to other juices… Is MonaVie up to that challenge? I’m guessing no.

    Nelly said,

    If a person is plugged into a good training system like TEAM

    You mean a company that sells a trunk of tools (without the trunk), for $2000? Well, if you buy that you now need to be in the top 92% of all active MonaVie distributors (not just regular distributors, but ones really recruiting) just to recoup your costs.

    Sounds like a pretty poor opportunity if you ask me.

  3. Pamela Says:

    Wow. you can sure post alot of crap, can’t you. Hmm, you don’t believe Nelly, and you think everyone making money is a founder. Well, I have a challenge for you – go to the Super Open and teaching at the Marriott at Glenpointe, 100 Frank W Burr Blvd, Teaneck, NJ on Wed, Sept 2, 2009 – There will be 3 speakers there, all making over $1 million a year. AND NOT ONE OF THEM WAS A FOUNDER OF THE COMPANY. You sat there and said how none of what people say is true, there is no scientific proof to back it up, when there is. And as far as the tools, ANY BUSINESS YOU GO TO, YOU HAVE TO PURCHASE TOOLS. YOU NEED A COMPUTER TO SPEW YOUR HATRED – MCDONALDS FRANCHISE OWNERS HAVE TO GO TO MCDONALDS UNIVERSITY. I had a Party Lite business for many years, I had to go to training, I had to buy tools or I couldn’t do my business. Furthermore, the tools aren’t $2000 and it is up to each person what they choose to take advantage of. I work in corporate America and it’s amazing, the books my old manager said I had to read as part of my reviews. are also what are suggested reading for distributors! So, are you saying that all corporate business are scams too….For my J(ust)O(ver)B(roke) I also have to be licensed, ANOTHER TOOL! Damn, I guess I must be in a scam job too, according to your rantings.

    Any of the distributors I have met have said equivalent UP TO 13 servings of fruit. You say Placebo affect – well, give me the placebo affect then because I can’t stand the pharmaceutical companies making money off of us only to find out later, oh, what we were giving you, is now going to kill you….Eastern Eurpoe and Asia have been using the natural route all along and they are much healthier than Americans. I am guessing, you must work for one of those Pharmaceuticals…. I have never seen so much hatred come out of one site with no proof to back any of your comments.

    I truly feel sorry for such a negative person. That sure doesn’t help your health either!

  4. MonaVie Scam Says:

    Well, I searched the Internet for a half hour and couldn’t find the names of any of the three people who are speaking there. So why don’t you list their names, so I can check on them. Maybe you can also tell us how long it took them. Please confirm that the didn’t come from another MLM (so that we know they didn’t bring a pipeline from another MLM).

    However, even if you can prove all that, you just proved that 3 of some alleged 2.3 Million distributors (see comment posted on Lazy Man and Money at August 31, 2009 at 12:20 pm by Juice Lover) are successful – which is really not a good ratio. It’s worth looking at the MonaVie Income Disclosure Statement to see how horrible the business opportunity is.

    Pamela said, “You sat there and said how none of what people say is true, there is no scientific proof to back it up, when there is.” Show me that proof. I’ve read every report (the AIMBR one and the ones on Pub Med)and those reports scientifically prove that MonaVie is nutritionally deficient – you can find more information at and I haven’t gotten around to writing the summation of the what’s in all those comments, but I hope to in the next few weeks.

    I think most people have a computer for other things other than their business. I don’t know anyone who goes through life without a computer, but everyone I know goes through life without MLM marketing tools. I don’t know much about McDonalds’ Hamburger university, but I don’t see any mention on their page or on Wikipedia about it costing money. Can you find me a source that lists how much it costs?

    I worked in the corporate world and every time you needed a book, you just asked your boss to expense it. Done… free book. They also had $5,000 a year tuition reimbursement, so I’m sure that MonaVie matches that as well.

    As for the UP TO 13 servings, look at the previously quoted Juice Lover. He doesn’t say it in the comments at Lazy Man and Money. Also you can see comments #33, #123 (9-13, note, not the 5-13 number he should be reporting), #270, #638, #726, #853, #908 at the MonaVie comment archives. That’s 7 misinformed distributors and I stopped after comment #908. In the remaining 2300+ comments there are probably a lot more mentions. Maybe you just aren’t meeting enough distributors.

    If you want the placebo effect, you can save a lot of money by not buying the juice and taking something much, much cheaper as a placebo effect. So that’s not a reason to pay $40 a bottle (or even $20 a bottle) for MonaVie.

    Pharmaceutical companies aren’t perfect, and to expect perfection is silly. I wouldn’t go throwing pharmaceuticals down the drain though. They provide a lot of the vaccinations that have extended our life expectancy to over 75 years. Of course if you like polio, we might be able to work that out. You don’t think Eastern Europe and Asia have pharmaceuticals? That’s ignorant. And no, I’m a software engineer, I don’t work for pharmaceutical companies.

    You might want to rethink my position. I’m not spreading hatred. I’m trying to save people thousand of dollars a year. In this economy, it’s a very noble cause. It’s much better than telling people to pay 20x as much as equally proven juices available at local grocery store.

    All my proof comes from the research at Lazy Man and Money and the 3200+ comments there with in depth research that is backed up by sources.

  5. carter Says:


    can you check on the patent that Monavie has, how do you search for that?

  6. MonaVie Scam Says:

    Umm, I went to MonaVie’s Wikipedia page and searched for the word “patent.” It linked me here. I’ll try to include more about the patent in another post, but there seems to be plenty of freeze-dried acai on the market, so either MonaVie isn’t protecting it well or everyone else found a way make freeze-dried acai without infringing on MonaVie’s patent. It’s worth noting the ORAC of the acai in the patent is far less than the ORAC score that Dr. Schauss claims it to be (it’s half).

  7. MegaVie Says:

    Yes, some companies have you go to training classes (McDonald’s University and Disney University, for example), but you don’t pay for it! In fact most companies will pay YOU while you are training!

    Seriously people…MonaVie is juice. A serving of MonaVie is equal to a serving of juice. Go eat an apple.

  8. Joe Cannon MS CSCS Says:

    I want to point out that MonaVie Active contains glucosamine HCL. The majority of research on glucosamine has used glucosamine sulfate -not glucosamine HCL.

    the NIH did an extensive study of glucosamine HCL several years ago and concluded that it was not effective except for maybe very mild forms of osteoarthritis.

    Not all research on glucosamine sulfate is positive either so this is not a miracle. That said, taken as a whole there is much more research on glucosamine sulfate.

    Previously Ive reviewed what I feel are the top 4 facts about glucosamine most people dont know

    Something to think about: Most glucosamine products on the US market that I see contain glucosamine HCL.

  9. Vogel Says:

    That’s also my take on the scientific literature. Effectiveness ia overrated, and the sulfate form is preferable to the chloride form.

    BTW, had a quick look at a couple of your articles…good stuff…kudos!

  10. Joe Cannon MS CSCS Says:

    Vogel thanks much I appreciate the feedback :)

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