Mitch Biggs Scams People and MonaVie Condones It

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If you haven’t read Mitch Biggs Claims MonaVie Prevents Swine Flu and Mitch Biggs Claims MonaVie is Organic (and Other Lies), I recommend you do so before continuing to read this article.

I decided I’d take a page out of Mitch Biggs’ book (see the Swine Flu article) and put MonaVie to the test. I informed MonaVie legal compliance about Mitch Biggs’ infractions. I also mentioned that I’m saving the communication of the email for the FDA or FTC if either decide to reach out to me. I wanted to see how MonaVie would react to this. If their compliance team took no action and the FDA and FTC did contact me, I’d have some good evidence about how their compliance team works.

MonaVie’s legal compliance never replied back to be. I had included MonaVie’s chief blogger Shante Schroeder in the communication and she did get back to me (Kudos to her. I bet MonaVie doesn’t pay her enough to deal with the excrement she must have to deal with), but mentioned it was a legal compliance issue. MonaVie would have passed my test if they stopped Mitch Biggs from distributing MonaVie. At his distributor level (one of the top 166 MonaVie distributors), ignorance of MonaVie’s policies is not an excuse. He willfully broke not only MonaVie’s policies, but also the law. If the compliance team isn’t going to flex its muscle to remove distributors in who willfully commit these acts, they are not doing their job as a compliance team. MonaVie failed the test. Amazingly Mitch Biggs is still allowed to distribute MonaVie juice and still collect a paycheck based on his previous illegal activities. Of course, having a poor compliance team helps MonaVie make more money, so this looks like yet another case where MonaVie’s ethics as a company are completely lacking.

MonaVie’s compliance team did get the content removed and pretended like it never happened. That’s why I have preserved the history of the Mitch Biggs’ articles with the images in my articles. I didn’t even receive a thank you from MonaVie’s legal compliance team for doing their job for them.

I don’t understand how any person with any ethics can align themselves with MonaVie.

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