Jim Janssen: MonaVie Distributor / Scammer


Frequent commenter Vogel contributes this important piece of information (slightly reworked for readability):

Fraud-Artist Spotlight: Jim Janssen (ID# 1986314)
Here’s a fraudulent quote from Monavie scammer du jour Jim Janssen, one-time maintenance man at JC Penny and Target in Kansas City, MO (which obviously makes him supremely qualified to make medical claims about snakeoil fruit juice):

You can see the claims here:: “Monavie acai berry drink is so packed with glucosamine that it has helped those with fibromyalgia, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer”

Here is his MonaVie Page and his
Linked In Page.

Glucosamine has never even been postulated to have beneficial effects for any of those conditions. Who would be foolish enough to believe such nonsense? Does Jim? Or is he purposely lying and breaking the law just to make a buck? Let’s get those FDA reports out!

In addition to sending those FDA reports out, please feel free to Tweet him or send him a Linked In message that he should stop breaking the law and scamming people in an effort to line his own pockets.

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4 Responses to “Jim Janssen: MonaVie Distributor / Scammer”
  1. Vogel Says:

    This is a bit of a dilemma. We can address the problem short-term by telling individual distributors that they have been outed, giving them the chance to rectify the situation, but in doing so we get sucked into the game of “herding cats”, and in we’re also helping the company to cover its tracks and avoid prosecution. I debated whether to post the example of Jim Janssen or keep it on the down low and just report the violation directly to the FDA. The more reports and substantiated examples they receive, the more likely they will be to cut off the head off the beast, and then there will be no need to herd the cats.

  2. MonaVie Scam Says:

    That’s a good point.

    I was thinking we have more than enough on the company itself.

    While I don’t want to be herding MonaVie’s cats, I think there is a lot of value to showing prospective distributors that they really should avoid associating themselves with such criminals.

  3. Stephen R. Says:

    Thank you for giving me more inspiration to show people like you wrong about everything that you have said and “claimed” other people on saying.

  4. MonaVie Scam Says:

    You are welcome for the inspiration Stephen. Unfortunately, the claims here are very real and you can not deny they are being made even if you try to put them in quotes as if to call doubt on the claims.

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