How Much Does MonaVie Cost?


MonaVie comes in two styles, MonaVie Original and MonaVie Active. The prices vary on the product. It also depends on how much of each you buy. Buying a case (4 bottles) is cheaper than buying bottles individually. One can pay $39 to become a MonaVie distributor and buy MonaVie at the wholesale prices.

Quantity MonaVie Original (wholesale) MonaVie Original (retail) MonaVie Active (wholesale) MonaVie Active (retail)
1 bottle $32 $39 $37 $45
1 case $120 $149 $130 $159

In addition to these costs you want to either add shipping or a will charge price if you pick it up a distribution center (oh and gas to get to the distribution center).

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The above article is intended to be accurate at the time of its original posting. MonaVie may change its pricing, product, or other policies at any time without notice.

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28 Responses to “How Much Does MonaVie Cost?”
  1. Mike, san Antonio, TX Says:

    Two things come to mind.

    #1. If the product can do even a small percentage of what’s claimed. Why does it sell for just $39.00 per bottle wouldn’t it be worth much more?

    #2. Why are all of the positive testimonials of health and curative claims from distributors? It seems strange that no doctors, therapists or health professionals have any comments (other than negative) about a product with the “benefits” of something so life altering.

  2. ken Says:

    It’s because doctors, therapists and health professionals aren’t selling in and don’t drink it. For that price they should make it alcoholic.

  3. Tom Says:

    MV Original cost $19.89 per bottle if someone buys bulk in the US and not $32 as you said (Red flag)

    MV Active cost $20.73 per bottle if someone buys it at wholesale prices and not $37 as you misinformed everybody here.

    Why do not you try to be more accurate?

    I recommend that you watch “Food matters” to get some basic knowledge – I recommend it to anybody who is becoming interested in healthy eating. Please do not ask to provide a link. Find it in your video-store or pay for something for once.

    On pricing logic – why don’t you find out how much pharma companies are charging for drugs for which they have patent protection – their marging are usually in the 90% levels. We all pay for it, you do not call it a scam – but I think you should for drugs which for most part treat symptoms only and not cure anything. Actually only antibiotics can cure something but unfortunately due to the help of the friends from chemical giants we are all becoming more resistant to them due to the antibiotics given to the animals.

    And this is not a conspiracy theory – these are facts.

    Before you censor my comments again – watch “Food Matters” first. It has nothing to do with MV.

  4. Vogel Says:

    Tom said: “MV Original cost $19.89 per bottle if someone buys bulk in the US and not $32 as you said (Red flag) MV Active cost $20.73 per bottle if someone buys it at wholesale prices and not $37 as you misinformed everybody here. Why do not you try to be more accurate?”

    “Red flag”? “More accurate”??? WTF are you talking about Tom. You are quoting the wholesale price if someone signs up to be a distributor (which also costs money) and goes on autoship for 12-case lots. Lazyman very clearly quoted the wholesale price for 1 case of Monavie, and his quote is exactly the same as what’s listed in Monavie’s wholesale price list.

    I’m continually amazed by the way you distributors are so averse to quoting the actual retail price of your product? None of your competitors are embarrassed about the retail price of their products. If you can’t even bring yourself to utter that ungodly high retail price, then obviously, this isn’t about retailing product, it’s about signing up distributors – hence, it’s a pyramid scheme.

    Now repeat after me. Monavie Active sells for $45 a bottle. BTW, you know where you can stick that red flag now don’t you?

    Tom said: “I recommend that you watch ‘Food matters’ to get some basic knowledge”

    Most of us here, present company excluded, have already surpassed “basic knowledge” on the relevant subject matter. Go blog about ‘Food Matters’ somewhere else where it might be pertinent, like a movie critic website. You might want to also search for an appropriate venue for your rants about the Pharma industry, because this sure as hell ain’t the place.

  5. MonaVie Scam Says:

    I’ll try to catch Food Matters next week. I suspect it won’t tell me much about how organic-certified fruit and vegetables are bad for me. I bet it talks about the non-organic-certified food like MonaVie.

    If that’s what I’m going to find out, it’s best to just cut your losses because fear-mongering on quality of food isn’t going to make MonaVie any better. Also you’d to 2-3 bottles of MonaVie a day (at a cost of over $50 at the cheapest wholesale bulk price) to replace your diet with MonaVie. So I’m sure the answer Tom isn’t saying here is to drink MonaVie exclusively. Hence he must be advocating some other healthy eating choices. Whatever they may be, this website really has no argument against those… and if we agree, what’s the point? It has as much relevance as a saying that Ferrari tends to make cars that drive fast.

    Of course if Food Matters has nothing to do with MonaVie… then it’s like Vogel says, “it has really point on this website.” No one here is against healthy food. We just have lots of evidence that MonaVie isn’t included in that group.

  6. Tom Says:

    Vogel said: “You are quoting the wholesale price if someone signs up to be a distributor (which also costs money) and goes on autoship for 12-case lots. Lazyman very clearly quoted the wholesale price for 1 case of Monavie”

    You’re wrong Vogel again – nobody needs to be on auto-ship to buy 12-cases of MV!!! For example: you can be on auto-ship for 2-cases and order seperately 12-cases to get the prices I quoted. Vogel – Stop spreading lies – if your arguments are so strong why do you need to lie? To order 12-cases one needs to be a distributor. To become a distributor it costs a fee $39.99 or it is free if someone buys in their initial order at least 2 cases.

    Retail price for U.S. preferred customers who order from MV distriutors’ web sites is $37 for Active or $31 for Original if they buy just one bottle. Preferred customers who buy 2 cases of Active they pay $230 for 8 bottles, or $215 for 8 bottles of MV Original.

    So it does not make sense to use the retail price term the way you use it, as most of customers can buy it cheaper than the retail price you qoute using the web site of distributors’, and not buy directly from them.

    You spread misinformation about MV, although one would think based on your activity on this web-site, that at least you know your competitor well!!!

  7. MonaVie Scam Says:

    You are the one spreading misinformation about MonaVie… since you claimed my pricing was wrong. I very clearly stated the correct retail and wholesale pricing.

    If it doesn’t make sense to use a retail price, then why does MonaVie have one? Complain to them. A popular saying is, “Don’t hate the player, hate the game.”

    Remember that the FTC requires 70% of retail sales, so if you think that most customers buy it cheaper then retail, it looks like you just incriminated MonaVie for violating FTC’s rules.

  8. Tom Says:

    You are wrong on this issue but you cannot admit – you seriously have a problem – when something is white you still call it black –

    Price I quoted is correct and wholesale price is $19.89 for MV Original, and $20.73 for MV Active and not the prices you or Lazyman quoted. You know what, he was too lazy to do his research right. There are no wholesale prices available for buying 1 case of MV only and you do not need to be on autoship for 12-cases to get these prices.

    And stop using these big words every time you lose argument – I am not sure whether you work for FTC or big food corporation – but be more serious. You cannot win all the time, even if you own this website. Number of people that disagree with you is far greater than the group of juice-scam people actually writing here in your support.

    On retail prices – I do know the American business culture where most merchants give discount off retail prices, so I do not understand your stand on retail prices for MV.
    I could retail MV for $100 for Vogel and so what? Someone would prevent me from selling it at this price because so-called retail price is $45? And if my preferred customer buys MV Original for $28.75 and MV Active for $32.50 (based on one-case purchase) off my website then this becomes retail price for him or her and not the one that you call yourself a “retail”. Notice that your “wholesale” price for one-case is still different than the one I qouted for preffered customer based on the one case purchase. You are just totally biased against everything that is MV and as ai said earlier it is very tiring to talk to you.

    MonaVie Scam – you would more credible if from time to time you could actually pretend you agree with someone else. Otherwise, you are just what you are, and I hope people can see through you and see you real intentions.

  9. MonaVie Scam Says:

    Tom said,

    “You are wrong on this issue but you cannot admit – you seriously have a problem – when something is white you still call it black… There are no wholesale prices available for buying 1 case of MV only…”

    Did you miss either of Vogel’s links above? In case you did, you can clearly see the wholesale prices for buying a 1 case (4 bottles) of MonaVie (Original) the purchase number is 111004010. The number for Active is 111104010.

    I didn’t make up the terms of “wholesale” and “retail.” I’m only quoting what MonaVie and MonaVie distributors use. I find it very unusual (well stupid in fact) that MonaVie has a wholesale price for one bottle of juice. That flies in the face of what is usually defined as wholesale – which is buying in bulk.

  10. Tom Says:

    MV price list is for people who are a bit more creative than you and actually can use brain – for me when I see that suggested retail is the same as wholesale – I know this is not a wholesale – look down morons until you get to bulk prices – then wholesale prices make sense as they are different than sugg. retail

    Maybe, that is why your comments are so one-dimensional. Lack of creativity, and limited intelligence – what a heck you use it against everybody – now it is my turn.

    You proved nothing – just that you are ignorant and not so creative – we all knew that already – you cannot even list the correct item number – just make things more confusing maybe people will not notice you were wrong again.

    1. Wholesale prices for MV Active and MV Original you showed are from 60% to 80% higher than in reality – big lie

    2. You have to be on autoship to buy 12-cases to get the prices I wrote about: $19.89 for MV Original, and $20.73 for MV Active – lie

    3. 70% rule is not about how much retail sales each distributor should have rather than a guideline how much of the previously purchased products have to be sold or consumed before a distributor should reorder in order to avoid inventory build-up.

  11. MonaVie Scam Says:

    I’m only quoting the wholesale prices and retail that MonaVie distributors publish. It’s not my fault that they have a stupid definition of wholesale. It is not to me to creatively interpret what is their black and white.

    I don’t really care what the 70% is about as long as it is being followed. According to Tom in other posts here, MonaVie expects you to just buy enough for yourself. The 70% rule says otherwise. It is that simple and straightforward.

    Since Tom wants me to be creative, I’ll take a shot. If MonaVie expects you to just buy enough for yourself, purchasing of 12 cases (48 bottles), and nearly $1000 worth of product is likely to be overkill. I don’t know anyone who goes to the store and buys $1000 worth of any grocery. Creatively speaking, there’s no reason for the 12-case wholesale price because it’s not practical according to Tom’s typical MonaVie use-case (drink it yourself).

  12. Anonymous Aussie Says:

    Tom states “70% rule is not about how much retail sales each distributor should have rather than a guideline how much of the previously purchased products have to be sold or consumed before a distributor should reorder in order to avoid inventory build-up.”

    Tom, you’re supposed to be selling the product – the spirit of the 70% rule (in conjuction with the customer and retail sales rules) is to prevent people from purchasing the product solely for the purpose of collecting commissions (generally known as inventory loading) and to make selling the primary activity of a distributor.

    However, we know that you and your downline are collecting commissions and bonuses based on purchases you have made rather than sales of any products to any customers – your goal is to collect commissions and there’s no intention on anyone’s part to sell the product.

    And you still haven’t figured out you’re in a pyramid scheme??!! Frightening.

    This is all a bit off topic, I think.

  13. Tom Says:

    You still do not get the difference in what one distributor actually orders and sells.

    Yes – each distributor sells products – but not necessarily delivering physically the bottles the their end-customers – most often through distributor’s own internet websites

    As I said, based on my experience an autoship order should be enough to cover own consumption and whatever distributor needs to share it with prospective customers or distributors.

    Retail customers can order on their own through distributors’ own web sites – sales count to distributor but distributor does not have to order physically for every customer who wants to buy from him or her.

    Do you finally get it? Stop spreading lies about MV and the pyramid scheme. MV is a legitimate MLM business. Given so much evidence if you remain unwilling to be objective, I would not be suprised if MV collects info from this site to finally kick you a$$ for spreading lies – if you are stupid and have no cover – you will not have enough money to defend yourself in the court of law.

  14. Vogel Says:

    Tom said: “You are wrong on this issue but you cannot admit – you seriously have a problem…Price I quoted is correct and wholesale price is $19.89 for MV Original, and $20.73 for MV Active and not the prices you or Lazyman quoted. You know what, he was too lazy to do his research right. There are no wholesale prices available for buying 1 case of MV only…”

    You’re a lying a-hole Tom, just like all the other Monavie conmen. This official 2010 price list shows the WHOLESALE price for ONE case (4 bottles) of Monavie; and it’s the same as what Lazyman quoted. The prices you are quoting are for 12-case lots (which require an upfront payment of almost $1000…F-ing absurd!). How dare you accuse Lazyman of being wrong when all he did was quote from your company’s official price list.

    Tom said: “Do you finally get it? Stop spreading lies about MV and the pyramid scheme. MV is a legitimate MLM business.”

    That’s a F-ing larf! So legitimate that they use child molesters to pretend to be doctors and scam people into believing that Monavie cures cancer (still waiting for your heartfelt apology for those pricks, Lou Niles and Jason Lyons, who made Monavie’s scandalous and illegal promotional video)? So legitimate that CEO Dallin Larsen’s last company got shut down and fined out of existence by the Feds, as a result of the illegal marketing of the product (not coincidentally, Larsen was VP of Sales & Marketing)? So legitimate that they hire fraud artists (Alexander Schauss and Ralph Carson) with bogus PhD degrees to tout the legitimacy of the company and the product? You’re truly pathetic Tom, but next to these guys, you’re just a piss-ant; although I have no doubt that you desire nothing more than to be just like them.

    Tom said: “I would not be suprised if MV collects info from this site to finally kick you a$$ for spreading lies – if you are stupid and have no cover – you will not have enough money to defend yourself in the court of law.”

    I’m sure Monavie does collect info from this site…it gives them a good idea of which documents they should shred next and which new lies they’ll need to concoct to explain away the old after they have been exposed. Your sniveling little legal threats reveal once again how ill prepared you are to argue on your own behalf. No one here is the least bit frightened of your paper tiger of a company. They probably piss in their boots every time another lie or company charlatan gets exposed on this site. You want to put Monavie’s legal defense fund to good use? Maybe you can get Lou Niles the child molester sprung from the county jail before his fellow inmates strangle him with his own intestines.

  15. Tom Says:

    As I already explained use your brain Vogel interpreting the price list – this is not so difficult – even YOU can learn it.
    If retail price is the same as wholesale – this is not a wholesale price – wholesale price makes sense only when you buy bulk – 3, 6, or 12 cases. Yes the prices per bottle I gave are for 12 case order. However, having them at the top of this page based on the one case only misinforms people about the real price of MV when purchased at wholesale levels.

    You lied you have to be on autoship for 12 cases to buy at that price – You do not need to be on autoship at all or be on autoship for 1 case only. I did not hear any apologies.

    Vogel – again stop using F words – it only gives impression to everybody you are losing it. If you are compulsive – count to 10 – maybe it is time for you to fly away (Vogel means bird in German) and do something else.

  16. Vogel Says:

    Tom, just like everyone else associated with Monavie, you’re a class-A jerk. You came here like a raving lunatic accusing everyone here, especially Lazyman, of lying and misquoting the price of Monavie, when in fact, you have been shown from Monavie’s own wholesale price list that the prices Lazyman quoted are accurate. Yes, LM quoted the wholesale price for one case, but that was what was clearly listed in the price list, so you have no legitimate reason to impugn anyone’s integrity in this matter. You could have simply admitted that while Lazyman’s price quotes are accurate, the price is even lower if someone buys 12 cases at a time. Instead you essentially accused him of lying — and that’s what characterizes you as an abrasive, dishonest dick.

    None of this changes the fact that the retail price of your nutritionally-void juice is a laughable $45 per bottle. It would be incredibly foolish for anyone to ever pay $45 for Monavie; and yet that’s what the price is…deal with it.

    But rather than trying to split hairs about the price of Monavie, you should be groveling for the public’s forgiveness for having leveraged a convicted child molester/doctor-impersonator like Lou Niles (under the auspices of Black Diamond Jason Lyons) to promote your juice as a cancer cure. You’re a F-ing embarrassment to the human race.

  17. Me Says:

    Tom, if you have a family remember you have alot more to lose then just money. Dont risk your relationships with the rest of the world to make 20$ with Monavie. Its a Cult that will suck you in and take you away from the things that really matter.

  18. Tom Says:

    MV is about building relationships – it is too bad it did not work out for you and your husband.
    Things may go wrong if only one side gets involved like in your case. This business is for strong people who don’t give up easily and have good support coming from family members and helpful upline. Have you done everything you could have to help your husband to grow this business? It is easy to criticize others for your failures. Read “Business of the 21st century” by Kiyosaki to understand why you could not understand your husband – you’re deeply in E (Employees’) quadrant – people who build MLM networks have great dreams and desire to succeed in B (business) quadrant. You couldn’t understand your husband because your values are so different.

    MLM companies are as good as any other businesses – there are no shortcuts though – it is hard work for someone who wants to succeed – it takes a lot of preserverance and daily discipline. People who don’t know anything about this industry can call it a cult.

  19. MonaVie Scam Says:

    Building relationships? Friends don’t ask friends to buy $40 juice.

    It is true that people get “involved”… many comparisons have been made to it being a cult. Personally, I think MonaVie is similar to Jonestown – especially the “Jacked on the Juice” aspect of it. Of course people involved in cults are the first to say “people who don’t know anything about [this cult] can call it a cult.”

    Please stop placing the blame on “Me” (the commenter above). Don’t say it is her “failure”, because she wisely didn’t want to get involved with a pyramid scheme like MonaVie. Read Kiyosaki’s better known book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad and realize that MonaVie’s autoship policy is what he calls a liability and that it falls in with the thinking of “Poor Dad.”

  20. Tom Says:

    MonaVie Scam – you are totally misinterpreting Kiyosaki’s concept. Have you read his book “Business of 21st Century” – he is big proponent of MLM industry and he does not discriminates MV in this respect – MV is legitimate business – otherwise it would not be operating in 18 countries in the world.

    You will get sued one day, I can see it, for spreading your ideology – Look in the mirror – you are a cult member. I see you guys from juice-scam club as someone who look and behave like cult-members. You said you work for free so that the world be a better place. You did not say if you meant for yourself, your employers (that you are afraid to name).
    Last time I heard Dallin Larsen said he wanted MV be the best company not in the world but for the world. Are you jealous? Is that it?

    As MV is legally operating you should be careful about what you say about its “illegal activities”. If you are right – go and report this to proper authorities and stop being a raging lunatic accusing MV for being a pyramid scheme on your website.

    MLMs are not get-rich schemes – they require a lot of work and preserverence. They are really for strong people who like to help other people. When my friends joined MV they knew that I cared for them, and wanted them to succeed. Some of them quit and many more stayed on. But nobody blamed me for their decision to quit. They never knew anybody who would be that committed to their success and they appreciate me for that.

    I see you try to be a psychologist too – however, leave this to specialists, as you suck at it.

    Friends do what friends should do – I bet you don’t have any real friends who care for you.
    If you call these juice-scam guys your friends you do not know what building relationships is really about.

    Me – she chose not to get involved in what her husband got really passionate about without knowing any of your arguments. She came like many distributors that failed at MV to your website after the fact to find that she was not alone.

    Actually I would not be suprised if all these juice-scam guys were just one person – MonaVie Scam – you like to use various nick names: Lazyman, MonaVie Scam, maybe you you are also Aussie, Vogel, me, Food Tech – all in one person.

  21. Vogel Says:

    How long do we have to put up with this space-wasting idiot?

  22. Styles Says:

    Probably till we ask for his Distributor Number.

  23. MonaVie Scam Says:

    Good point Styles… looks like he’s still not following MonaVie’s Procedures:—social-media

  24. Tom Says:

    I am not making any claims about MV – this is food not drug – so live with that. You tried censoring me before, Vogel is abusing me, you’ll come up with something sooner or later. Are you out of your ammo?

  25. Styles Says:

    So wait a sec.. are you a distributor for monavie tom? Are you on autoship?

  26. mysterious Says:

    monavie requires you to sign up distributers in order to make your self money. the other ways to make money with out signing up other people is to sell over priced juice by lying to people , usually your close friends and family and co-workers, to start out with and that usually leads to begging people in the streets and everyone u come into contact with, which ruines your life because no one will like u. people close to you believe what you say and try the stuff and eventually put there life savings into this business that is setup to fail. and then after you will not have any close friends and family. and you dont have a job because u quit your real job to do this business full time. so sad.

    another way is to sign people to be prefered customers and if they dont order you dont get paid.

    but you only get a first order buness when the next person get placed below you on the team leg, you get a fob, first order bonus thats about 10 dollars american it can be a lil more, but usually aint, in order to claim any money maid by someone signed up is to not only be active, but to qualify, which is to get a few people on the team leg and atleast 1 on the personal leg, and then you qualify but they have to be active, remember you dont get paid if they dont buy. and its not 50 percent, if you only get 10 percent of the shortest leg, or 5 percent of the shortest legg and 5 of the same points of the team legg equal to the personal leg. so think about that.

    and for the other ways, well you need to reach a certain level inorder to get other money, so basically you have to sign people that buy the juice to get paid and you want them to sign people and so on, so you are making the company lots of money but you dont get much. it doesnt matter if you make some money because you will go broke buying tools and going to meetings and seminars and buying more profuct, and gas and then your not even paid for your time.

    its a pyramid scam and will be just like everything else, the people at the top make the money, only because they r on stage and make cds and sell them, when you buy them you pay the higher peeps, and also when you make tools, you sell them and make tuns, thats the other secret business, all mlm business have that secret business that will take your whole lfe and no friends to get to and most will never, only a hand full of people get chosen to do so. and thoes that dont are forced by minipulations, saying if you dont buy tools you wontg get anywheres in the business and you must be on system (buying books and tickets and cd’s) to get ahead anywheres in the business. that if you take a break to spend time with family because this business takes up any time you have after your 9-5 job. thats you lost your dreams and you bust buy this book to pick up your motivation so u can start, and

    they say they are the friends you will want to be around. well i tried this business and after a few months of hating my self for joining, i got wise and did research and found http://www.juicescam and many others suck as this site, to research my thoughts abotu monavie. and i got out of it. be smart and do your research. these people who clain to be your friends, who live breath eat and dream monavie, onl talk to you when it involves the business, they do not care for you any other way, as long as you empty your wallet to get them paid, when you dont go to meetigns, they ignor u.some friends. they even shut me out of the texting where all the meetings were, not like i could afford to go after 3 months, spent too much money i didnt have on travel and toold and system and product….. they make too much fulse claims of cures and medical claims and cures and all that stuff which is lies, ever herd of the placebo effect, well think about it. anyways im going to end it hear and ill see if anyone comments, but i doubt it.

    monavie cost way too much to be worth it, sorry with not enough tests to prove the high price, dont waste your time.

  27. Dana Says:

    Really the price of MonaVie is irrelavent. The only thing consumers really want to know is… does it work? If it does, the American public will, sadly, pay any price named. However, I must agree that there really is no substitution for good, healthy, organic food and good old fashioned excercise. I’m not saying the product doesn’t work. I myself have never tried it, nor will I ever. Whether it costs ten dollars or one hundred does not matter to me for a number of reasons. It’s a matter of preference, and I prefer to maintain health by means of purity in my diet. One can argue that MonaVie is pure, but I must disagree. Let me be frank, if it doesn’t grow on the vine as is (bottle and all), I will remain unconvinced.

  28. MonaVie Scam Says:

    The cost of a product is always relevant. The American public can not pay any price named.

    That said product doesn’t work, unless you define work as failing as both a beverage (it doesn’t quench thirst in its recommended amount) and it lacks nutrition

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