How Much Acai is in MonaVie?


MonaVie touts the value of acai in it’s juice saying it has “superior nutrient content” and calling it “one of the world’s top superfoods.” I believe that acai is a very good food, perhaps even a great food. However, any company that uses acai as it’s main reason for retailing at $1.80 an ounce should probably disclose how much of the ingredient is in the mixture. That’s especially true because you can get 100% acai juice for a lot less money.

MonaVie says that it can’t disclose the amount of acai in it’s blend because it would be giving up a trade secret. In theory, someone else could use the information to help decode part of the MonaVie’s secret recipe.

One thing we do know, acai is the first ingredient on the MonaVie label. With 18 other fruits in the juice, there’s likely at least 5.3% acai. As a consumer, one should take a skeptical look with their money and not assume there’s any more than that. I don’t know anyone who drinks Coca-cola for health. They pay a small amount of money for the taste. The ingredients or secret recipe is not important to the value that one receives in buying Coke if they just want good taste. If MonaVie wants to bill itself as something that tastes great and price itself similar to Coke, I’m fine with that. If it wants to bill itself as a healthy beverage, it should have to show why it’s healthier than other competing beverages at less than 1/10th the cost (like V8 Fusion Acai Berry).

It is my belief that a premium price requires proof of a lot of premium ingredients. Is that what’s in MonaVie? Only MonaVie knows, and they aren’t saying.

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41 Responses to “How Much Acai is in MonaVie?”
  1. distributor1 Says:

    WOW again! your over here saying “one should not assume” when your over here assuming that there should not be more than 5.3% acai. Where would you even get those numbers from? Yes it is a health beverage. Why is it better? The whole idea of the monavie original ‘purple top’ was to make the most ultimate nutritional beverage known to man! and they succeeded! They gathered a group of scientist and looked over a 100 fruits and narrowed it down to 19. 19 superfruits. There is fruits in there that have 30x more vitamin C then an orange. Thats crazy.

    Acai has a high amount of lipids or fats. Depending on the region of Brazil and time of harvest, the amount of fat from the acai can vary. If you pour MonaVie into a cup or look at the blend in the bottle you will notice a green oily substance. This oily substance is fat that comes from the açai berry. If you look at other acai juice drinks you will notice that this is not contained in their drink. These deposits that you see in the MonaVie blend are nothing more than the healthy fats known as mono and poly-unsaturated fats which came from the large amount of Acai in the formula. Many companies pull out these healthy fats to make the appearance of the juice more pleasing. This process is known as clarification. Clarification involves the removal of fats, fibers and other beneficial nutrients, which is where 50% of the nutrient value is found. But, unlike other beverage companies, MonaVie uses acai pulp and freeze-dried powder so you receive every nutritional benefit this superfruit has to offer! Do your research. Were #1 for so many reasons so just face the facts already.

    I think your ridiculous for even titling this ‘monavie scam’. Monavie is nowhere near a scam. It shows how much you know about the company and what they have to offer. I’ve looked into a lot of companies and MonaVie is in fact the biggest opportunity anyone will ever encounter. So sit down, shutup and quit trying to attract and scare all these people from this wonderful opportinity. An 18 year old doing Monavie is making THOUSANDS doing this business from helping people become healthier with a 5 start product and opportunity and you call it a scam.


  2. distributor1 Says:


    Those are the fruits in the bottle. Look up a couple fruits that aren’t that commonly known and check out there value and tell me if thats not ‘premium’ enough for you. Like aronia, acerola, camu camu..were dealing with rare superfoods from the amazon rain forest and your asking why it’s better then v8.

  3. MonaVie Scam Says:

    The 5.3% number comes from 100% divided equally amongst all 19 fruits in MonaVie. It really comes out to around 5.26%, but I rounded up. Theoretically is at least 5.3% acai in MonaVie for the label to be in compliance with listing the ingredient with the most first.

    However, it could only be 5.3% acai.

    “There is fruits in there that have 30x more vitamin C then an orange. Thats crazy.”

    Yes, but the final product has very, very little vitamin C. Are you drinking that fruit with the 30x more vitamin C or the final product? You are drinking the final product.

    “Acai has a high amount of lipids or fats.”

    Yes, but again the final product has very, very little fat. The label says only 0.5 MGs. So if the claim is that acai has a high amount of fat and the final product doesn’t have fat, one must conclude there’s not a lot of acai in it.

    If you want mono and poly-unsaturated fats, you are better off eating an avocado. It would be cheaper. One avocado has more than 20 times beneficial fats you mentioned in MonaVie.

    Just because a fruit is rare it doesn’t make it nutritious – nor does it make it a superfood. Lastly, it doesn’t mean the end product is nutritious. Remember that Men’s Journal proved MonaVie lacks nutrition. Do your research :-).

  4. F U anti-MV people Says:

    The monavie bottle is 100% fruit. Okay? It has 19 different fruits. Really good ones. Who wants to eat an avacado a day. Even go to the store to get a couple. I love avacado but we’re talking about older folks who don’t want to eat a lot of fruit a day to get the equivalent amount of nutrients that monavie can give you in 2 little shots. Is that understandable?? It’s in convenient liquid form! Pills, are just out of the question. I’m sure you seen ‘food matters’ video. Our bodies weren’t even meant to break down clay. Pills can’t be our remedy for everything. Now fruit. Dont you think by the time the fruit gets to the store it’s lost a lot of it’s nutrients?!? I seen all these messages stating people ran test verse an apple.. where are those numbers and who wrote them? a normal individual like you and me on a site he created?? lead me to the page. I’ve seen a lot of false claims on beating our ACAI’s ORAC. Bottom line is i believe we have a great product because it has helped me physically and you cannot tell me it hasn’t because I AM ME AND I KNOW. Okay?! If it has helped me and i’m very young, imagine all the older folks who talk about this on the news and the ones who consume it regularly. Even my grandparents! so why talk negative about it so much if it has done good to thousands and thousands of people? why can’t you be happy like me that they developed such a juice that people love that is in convenient liquid form that taste delicious and has helped people to have a natural form of energy they can consume EASILY. WHY ON EARTH ARE YOU SO AGAINST THAT?? IF IT HAS HELPED PEOPLE.. WHY NOT SPREAD THE WORD OF IT DOING GOOD THINGS INSTEAD OF BRINGING MONAVIE DOWN ON YOUR BAD EXPERIENCE WITH IT? IF YOU EVEN HAD ONE.

  5. MonaVie Scam Says:

    V8 Fusion Acai Berry is also 100% fruit. Welch’s grape juice mentioned in the Men’s Journal article gives you more nutrients than MonaVie. It is also in convenient liquid form. Is that understandable?

    I don’t believe fruit going to the store loses much of it’s nutrients. My evidence for this? This comparison between an apple’s nutrients and MonaVie. The numbers for the apple are from the USDA. The numbers for MonaVie are MonaVie advisor Dr. Alex Schauss. If you have a problem with the research there, leave a comment a that link there and I’ll be happy to direct you to give you the sources. This isn’t exactly someone making up stuff in their living room.

    I can’t tell you that MonaVie hasn’t physically helped you. What I can say is that MonaVie physically hurt me. If I did say that, then we’d be even. I can also say that it’s likely to have helped you because of the placebo effect. And that’s not MonaVie helping you, it’s just in your head.

    I’m a consumer advocate. I hate to see people getting ripped off. When I see people paying $45 (or even $20) for juice that is shown to be poor, I want to help them. When I see distributors claiming that juice “physically helped them”, giving it the appearance of having some kind of medicinal properties, I get angry as it is not approved to be medicine. Science has not shown it can possibly physically help anyone more than grape juice. Excuse me for being logical here and trying to help people this poor product.

  6. joshua Says:

    Have you watched ‘food matters’ like i mentioned?

    How did monavie physically hurt you when it is just fruit?? did it financially hurt you or physically? so how can you make these claims that it hurt you when there is no proof that monavie had anything to do with physically hurting you.

    Don’t worry about other people. It’s working and the price is decent for the product. Stop saying all this [bullpoop] $40 a bottle [poop] man people don’t buy it buy the bottle usually. I give bottles away for free and people buy it by the case which is 4 bottles. if you get 2 cases it’s even cheaper. even if the juice was $1000 a damn case and people like the juice and they were rich. Leave it be! they’re jacked on the juice then let it go! Don’t get angry when there is a product out there that is all natural and is helping people physically and or financially. Also, no, your not excused cause your not helping anybody. The product is fantastic and has helped so many people. Let it go already. Your like an anti-helper in my eyes. Such a negative person.

  7. MonaVie Scam Says:

    Can you provide a link to the “Food Matters” video?

    Joshua, now you understand my viewpoint when you say that MonaVie physically helps you. How is it possible when it’s “just fruit.” How can you make these claims when there is no proof that MonaVie had anything to do with physically helping you.

    If I say it hurt me, I have to have proof. If you say it helped you, you have to have proof. Neither of us seem to have either, so it’s pointless to debate. I’m glad you understand now.

    No one eats and apple and immediately says, “That helped me!” Kids in Brazil don’t eat acai and say, “Wow, I’m physically helped!”

    I do worry about other people. As a consumer advocate, that’s my job… worrying about consumers. Why are you worrying about me?

    I clearly outline how much MonaVie costs here –

    If people are rich, I have no problem with them spending this money. If Jonathan Papelbon wants to a small percentage of his money that way, fine! He should know that the product is scientifically shown to be a poor source of nutrients and antioxidants.

    Of course I’m the anti-helper in your eyes. You are trying to sell people $45 juice so you can line your pockets with money. Of course you are going to say that I’m negative, because your potential customers could see this website and realize the product has little value.

    You do yourself no favors by avoiding the topic of this post and not proving how much acai is actually in MonaVie.

  8. ItsABusiness Says:

    Monaview Scam,

    The business of MLM is the draw and why the cost of the kool-aid is what it is. Forget talking about the nutritional value and assume it has none. The product is simply the tool to make money and as long as people get more people to buy it and sell it, a significant flow of money gets people what could possibly be several thousands of dollars coming to them each month. There doesn’t seem to be anything particularly wrong with the product from what I’ve read, I don’t see anything particularly right with it, but as long as it’s not hurting, then people can buy it, sell it, and get other people to buy it and sell it, and in a relatively short time, you are getting a check for $500 – $5000 a month and then you get paid for speaking at bigger conferences, and paid to travel cool places to tell people how your life has changed, the debt that you knocked out, and great life you now have from this non-hurtful colored water.

    The product is simply a way to the income & lifestyle. Drinking the stuff is optional. Just buy it and get others to buy it and sell it. I believe by law it’s got to be a practical product that is easy to use and consume, but nobody says you have to. Seeing all the juices in there, I’m going to guess if you add rum, you could have a very expensive holiday warmer. That makes me feel better.

    Drink it or don’t drink it…Monavie isn’t about the product, it’s about making money by people buying the product. Once you see it from that standpoint, who cares if it’s just oily colored water?

  9. MonaVie Scam Says:

    That’s why it’s a scam… if you assume it has no nutritional value as you say, how do you justify getting people to spend $5 a day buying it?

    You realize that without the product it’s your basic illegal pyramid scheme, right?

    I care if it’s just oily colored water, because a lot of people are going to lose a lot of money, just like the victims of Bernie Madoff’s schemes.

  10. ItsABusiness Says:

    Well, it may be a scam, but it’s a legal one by the way they are working, and only the people upset for not making money call it a scam. Those making money, even just enough to cover the cost of their next “case” of colored water (by the way, a case to me has 24 cans or bottles, don’t try to church it up Josh) call it a legal multi-level-marketing business of independent business owners blah, blah, blah. To make it legal, they need a product, so they have this secret formula miracle juice as their product to legalize the pyramid. It makes you feel better, my foot. Punch me in the arm and give me $5, and I’ll tell you punching me in the arm feels good.

    Outgoing type-A personalities who hate their jobs or deperately are wishing they didn’t max out that 5th credit card will get people to come to their meetings where charismatic people using God and the economy as their platform will convince people to join and bring a couple of people to the next meeting. Introverts and sceptics will leave and either not say anything out of embarrassement for being in it in the first place or feel like failures for not succeeding while some others did. Very few former MLMers call BS on it. You do stand a chance to succeed, no doubt about that, but you better work your butt off every bit as hard or harder as you do your day job to convince others to part with their money and work as hard as you. My philosophy is simple: If you have to work so hard to convince people it’s a good thing, it’s probably not.

  11. MonaVie Scam Says:

    LOL, that’s a funny argument to make…

    It may be legal, though some say that it is not because you have to significant retail customers… who are not yourself or distributors. I’m not a lawyer, but the law on this looks dicey – at best. So let’s just say there’s considerable doubt about MonaVie’s business practice being legal.

    Giving you the benefit of the doubt, it’s funny to say “only the people upset for not making money call it a scam.” I’ve never tried to sell a bottle of MonaVie and I call it scam – mostly because of what you said, if it has no nutritional value consumers are getting zero value for their dollar… and it’s a lot of dollars.

    MonaVie makes it easy to convince people it’s a good thing – through misdirection and lies. MonaVie lies about their ORAC score and bangs the drum about acai, when they dilute it’s potential effectiveness with 18 other fruits. MonaVie also has distributors spreading medical testimonies that it’s a good thing… convincing people that it’s a solution to a medical problem. It’s a very convincing argument for those who want to believe in something.

  12. ItsABusiness Says:

    I think the reason the MLMers sell these goofy products is because they have to jack up the price in order for the money to trickle through the pyramid. If they sold V8 for $3, they’d have to sell 1.5 a day and compete against Walmart, who is selling it for $2. There’s not enough margin to make everybody up high rich. So they have this hidden secret voodoo recipe and claim that it will make the cripple dance and the ugly attractive, they put a big price tag on it, and viola!

    MLM isn’t for me and I believe most MLM push their rules of legality to the limit. If someone likes it and wants to be “that” guy…the one who comes to their class reunion to recruit and causes everybody to reconvene at another place he’s not told about…you know the type…then more power to them. I know a few people who are making serious money from MLM, but I just have no interest. If you can’t sit down with a beer in your hand and talk to me, I don’t want to hear what you have to say. That pretty much eliminates most MLMers who seem to have strict rules against drinking while they are talking business, and I’m not meeting anybody in the evening for two friggin hours without being supplied with adult drinks as part of the recruitment process. I close “real” business on the golf course and over nice meals at fine restaurants. My company picks up the tab for these because they are a common and necessary part of selling.

  13. Candace Says:

    It would seem like the $3.00 product selling for $40.00 just barely keeps the MonaVie scam from being a cash gifting type scam. They could sell a .02 cent envelope for $15.00 just to have a product to move to legitimize the cash changing hands. Oh, and then, since it’s disguised to look like a real business with real products, certain head honchos can also make millions of dollars off of “business building aids” or “sales tools”.

    Here is a funny take on this type of scheme:

  14. ItsABusiness Says:

    Now if I wanted to make the most money I could with a product that costs less than $2 to produce, I would go down the MLM track. I don’t have to pay squat for advertising, people only get paid when they sell. Less overhead, more profits, and people I consider “sales reps” are growing by the day and I don’t have to pay insurance or benefits.

    From a business side, it’s awesome. My reps defend my product and tell people it’s the best, they can get rich making thousands while I am making millions. With a lack of information about the true makeup of the product, ignorance is bliss, and what they don’t know won’t hurt me.

    With that said, it’s still a way to earn money and it is technically legal. Make money selling funk juice to others who know they are buying funk juice and are expected to sell funk juice, and you’ve got a flow of money that can change peoples lives. I’m not against it, but I know what it is and it’s a money flowing scheme…which is one step higher than a scam, but not a big step. Used car salesmen consider their jobs noble as well, but nobody wants to be around them, nor hear about how legit they think they are.

  15. Ezekiel336 Says:

    Just stumbles across this site…who IS this Monavie scam dude? I picture him with a red nose, curly hair, white face and big red lips… just like a CLOWN!…anyway… I was taking Mona-vie for a month and a half before I was SOLD on it. I used to wake up 3-4 nights a week with charlie horse in my calfs and hamstrings from my sciatic nerve. (have had neck AND back surgery also) I would also wake up drenched in sweat. After about a month and a half of taking I realized i had not a single cramp or woke up not even one night in sweats. I KNOW it works and have NO idea WHAT in it stopped this but something did. You can all disagree with me and that’s fine…but your WRONG. Period. I noticed my joints not hurting as much also (I was already taking glucosamine) I could see the joints pain lessening because one could “expect” that. But I had no idea and was not looking to stop my muscle cramps or sweating so there could not possibly any “placebo” effect of “thinking” it solved it. The whole apple thing? Apple having more whatever than Monavie? There are apples IN Monavie? Hellooooooooo? So it’s like apple compared to apple PLUS everything elese? Can apple “A” be more nutrient than apple “B”? And to Monavie scam dude…. Someone JUST told you no one buys a single bottle and then you come back and whine about us selling juice for $45 a botlle? Hello? Testing 1…2…3…is this thing ON?!?!?!? Hello!??! Is THIS understandable? You are here to bring us down…and it AINT working…go spread your negativity elsewhere..i’m sure there’s SOMEONE who can use your negative attitude ( Just kidding…no one can use that)…but anyway. It’s real. It works. You disagree? …your WRONG. If something dont work for you…fine…dont try to tell the rest of us were wrong. Do have a great day though. :)

  16. MonaVie Scam Says:

    I was taking Mona-vie…

    You “take” medicine, you “drink” juice.

    As for the medical testimony we know that MonaVie medical testimonies are pointless and I explain why in that link. (Small hint, you obviously don’t know what the placebo effect is from your comment).

    I don’t think there are apples in MonaVie. I never said that there were. I said that:
    1) MonaVie Corporate claims a consumption of ORAC is good for you
    2) An apple has more ORAC than 4 servings of MonaVie at a much cheaper price.

    On average apples have about the same amount of nutrients. The same thing could be said of MonaVie… can one bottle of MonaVie have more nutrients than another bottle of MonaVie? Yep.

    This isn’t negatively thinking on my part… I’m looking to help people make wise spending choices and $45 a bottle juice isn’t one of them. If you were about to pay $50,000 for a Yugo, you’d want me to stop you. Sure it’s negative thinking in the eyes of the seller, but doesn’t make spending $50,000 on a Yugo a good thing for the buyer.

  17. Jim Lange Says:

    Here is some analysis regarding how much acai is in Monavie that may be helpful.

    We know from research on freeze-dried acai berry that it has an anti-oxidant value of 102,700 per 100g. That is huge! No doubt about it. Let’s also assume that you mixed this with water to create a liquid. (Yes, I know that Monavie is a blend of juices, not water, but for this example I’m assuming that none of the other ingredients have any ORAC value whatsoever. You’ll see why this is important in a minute.) So how much acai would you need to create a liquid with 2280 ORAC per 100 grams? The required ratio is 2280 / 102,700 = .0222. This means that you need .0222 * 100g, or 2.22 grams of freeze-dried acai berry mixed with 97.88 grams of water to produce an acai berry juice with an ORAC of 2280 μmol TE per 100g.

    So you can create an acai berry juice with an ORAC of 2280 with 2.22% freeze-dried acai berry, right? So if we mix it with juices other than water that have some ORAC value higher than water, the ORAC of the blend will go up. So to keep the ORAC at 2280 (the scientifically proven value), we have to reduce the amount of acai berry to compensate. We know that Monavie contains pomegranate and blueberry juice, which have ORACs of 2341 and 2906 (per 100g) respectively. The remaining juice blend must have an ORAC way lower than these to achieve a final value of 2280, correct? So even if it has just a little bit of pomegranate and blueberry, and the rest water, we have to reduce the amount of acai berry to less than 2% to keep our overall ORAC at 2280.

    So what about juice made from pure, fresh acai berries? Fresh acai has an ORAC of 6900 μmol TE per 100g. You would need to mix 33% acai puree with 66% water to achieve an ORAC of 2280 (6900 x .331 = 2284). Of course if you add any freeze-dried acai or any other juice with an ORAC higher than 2280, you must reduce the amount of acai puree.

    Math doesn’t lie. If you believe the scientific studies published on, you must conclude that the amount of acai berry; whether in freeze-dried, pulp, or puree form; is a small amount. There is no other explanation.

  18. MonaVie Scam Says:

    Well done Jim. I hadn’t done the math, but this is kind of the point that I’m making when I say that it’s great to scream freeze-dried acai berry, but you can easily prove there isn’t much in there (as you did).

    MonaVie can get around this on the label by calling it an acai proprietary blend. It could be 0.000000001% freeze-dried acai for all we are able to tell and the rest is just acai juice. You can get 100% acai juice at quite a discount to MonaVie. That would allow you “brew your own” juice very similar to MonaVie very cheaply.

    In fact you could seemingly get all the major ingredients by combining some Sambazon with some other fruit juice blends (like the V8 Fusion that I mention a lot).

  19. ItsABusiness Says:

    I have no doubt that the amount you calculate to be in it is still probably more than is actually in there, but as of right now, it’s not illegal and people are making hundreds and thousands from getting people to buy this purple kool-aid. From a consumer of it, it’s crap. From a business standpoint, it’s a way to make some money from selling and getting others to sell something as valuable as a pet rock.

    No matter how much evidence you provide to prove it’s nothing more than colored water, the business side has to make their idiotic claims of it’s health benefits, for as long as they do, they can keep growing their “business”, and make money.

  20. intrigued and open-minded Says:

    Oh my, how I love the search for truth. I would never be able to break down that mathematical equation but thank you. I am starting to understand the against side of this discussion but in the same token, why does the against side not understand at least some of the views of the for side? Coke spends millions in ads all the time,. Mona Vie pays the people selling instead. The business aspect is promo ed on a socializing end. Why wouldn’t you want to spend more time seeing friends and family? Why not make money doing it? Why not encourage them to make money socializing with more of their friends and family? If it is a scam,.it looks like a fun one that doesn’t hurt and only benifits. All of you in the against side, don’t buy the juice. In fact I am very sure you won’t,but please enjoy your coke. It does nothing for you at all but you pay for it. Money makes this world go round. I would rather be one of the wealthier ones drinking Mona Vie as you would coke. I hope my friends and family do too. In fact, and this is the honest truth( take it or leave it), all this research has convinced me to become a part of the business. Why would I want to sit at the bottom when with this business I could be laughing at the price of it from the top? Go attack Starbucks on the price of their me, that is a scam.

  21. MonaVie Scam Says:

    There are no examples for the Pro-MonaVie side that have stood up to scientific scrutiny. That’s why this website has taken the “against” viewpoint, where it started out neutral and asking a simple question if the juice is a scam.

    “Coke spends millions in ads all the time, Mona Vie pays the people selling instead.”

    Ummm, MonaVie pays money to sponsor car races and the Boston Red Sox. Also Coke spends a lot more money employing people than MonaVie.

    “The business aspect is promo ed on a socializing end. Why wouldn’t you want to spend more time seeing friends and family? Why not make money doing it? Why not encourage them to make money socializing with more of their friends and family?”

    These are all good as long as you aren’t asking them to pay $45 (or even $20) for a juice that can’t show it’s better than $4 juice. You really want to make your friends and family spend 10x-20x more on juice than they half to?!?! Wow! I try to help my friends save money, not get rich off of making them overpay for juice. With friends like that, who needs enemies?!?!

    “If it is a scam,.it looks like a fun one that doesn’t hurt and only benifits.”

    Tell that to the people who e-mail me complaining that they lost thousands of dollars buying worthless juice, and wasting their time on something that doesn’t make sense. Why stop at selling juice. Why not sell people $20 loaves of bread? Oh and let’s sell eggs at $25 a dozen too. It looks like that’s fun and doesn’t hurt… it only benefits, right?

    “All of you in the against side, don’t buy the juice.”

    Yeah, all of you who don’t like $20 loaves of bread or $25 eggs, simply don’t buy them. Sorry, that’s really poor logic. If you see someone selling Yugos to people pretending it’s something that it’s not for $50,000, I would hope you’d stand up and point out that this salesman is ripping people off.

    “In fact I am very sure you won’t,but please enjoy your coke. It does nothing for you at all but you pay for it.”

    It’s a product that’s priced on par with it’s competitors, Pepsi, RC, etc. It’s not trying to scam people into thinking it’s worth 10x or 20x more than other sodas. There’s a mountain of difference between the two. People who drink MonaVie will still be enjoying and paying for their Coke because MonaVie doesn’t quench their thirst. You are trying to compare apples to transmissions… they are not nearly the same.

    “Why would I want to sit at the bottom when with this business I could be laughing at the price of it from the top?”

    If you looked at the MonaVie income disclosure statement you know that the odds of laughing it at the top is very minimal. And if you get there, your conscience should weigh on you as you made all those friends and family overpay to get there. You might as well convinced them to join a pyramid scheme. It worked for Bernie Madoff, right? Oh wait, the law caught up with him and piles of people lost a lot of money.

    “Go attack Starbucks on the price of their me, that is a scam.”

    It’s possible to make Starbucks coffee at home for a relatively cheap price (pennies on the glass). If someone wants to sell me MonaVie for consumption in my home for a similar price, I’ve got my wallet open.

  22. Jim Lange Says:

    intrigued and open-minded,

    I’m actually a distributor for company with competing products, so I’m not against the idea of making money by selling products. I do believe that Monavie has some health benefits, but the products I represent have more active ingredients and cost far less.

    Unfortunately, very few Monavie distributors actually sell products to end consumers at retail, so most of the volume (and thus profits) are generated from distributor consumption, which clouds the issue of value.

    In contrast, I sell about $1000/month to end consumers who happily pay retail and reorder themselves online. They experience a benefit greater than the cost, or they would not reorder, and their perception is not tainted by dreams of fortunes.

    I’m pro-network marketing, but if a company does not emphasize retail customers, there are no checks and balances to ensure that the products are effective and fairly priced. Monavie (and many other companies) are built almost exclusively on distributor consumption, which puts them at risk of violating pyramiding laws (at worst) or overcharging (at best).

    If you have not already mad a commitment to Mona Vie, I encourage you to investigate other companies.

  23. David Bernstein Says:

    I went to a couple Monavie parties and saw the pyramid scheme type of selling, which is not for me. I don’t have the personality to hold a sales presentation for my friends and family. It just seems so wrong in many ways.

    If Monavie was some sort of “Miracle Juice” it would get way more media attention and Oprah would not have pursued legal action against the company. Hospitals would give it to their patients, 3rd world countries would by the product to feed the needy, Doctors would recommend it to all their patients, Drug Companies would by the company (everything has a price – Pharma companies have gone through billions of dollars of acquisitions) and sell it as the new found “fountain of youth”.

    It is also easy for Monavie not to assume any legal responsibilities for what the sales people are saying, because the sales force are independent distributors. Have one person instigate a rumor and it trickles down the line and with somebody blowing it out of proportion to get the “sale”.

    It takes uneducated people with pipe dreams to believe, the Inc. 500 listing, which any company get submit their info and lie about progress and in the meetings “tout” how Oprah endorses this product. OPRAH IS SUING MONAVIE!!!

    I also did research on the “top sellers” of Monavie to question the actual business model. Look up the names of the top performers, who have unusual names (Holly and Corbin Roush; Onyx Coale and others) on whitepages (easier to find since there are not many matches) and match the names with their respectful spouse, so you get the correct address. Once you have the home address type in the address into to get their home values. Some of them range between 200k to 1.2M for the top producer. Now most people live within their means and especially newly rich who acquired their wealth through these dubious means typically start spending (look at their promo videos – Lambos, Mercedes, private planes, etc.). So why is somebody who makes over $3,000,000 a year, which is $250,000/month living in a $1M home, which is a mortgage of maybe 7k??? These people could easily live in a $10M and still have $200,000/month left over as savings. Somehow the get rich scheme does not add up!!!!

    Dallin Larson, who is the founder, touts that the product is only 1% of the business, now for a miracle juice with all its benefits, should sell itself. Every business is only 1%, but they make Monavie seem more than that. As if they found and invented the fountain of youth (cures cancer and other ridiculous stuff I have heard).

    I can go and on and I am amazed that the same people who think other things are a scam are selling the scam of Monavie. These days everything is a scam, Coke advertised by skinny, good looking people, McDonald’s advertised with great lighting and a healthy family. Eat McDonald’s and drink Coke as part of your diet and see what happens. Monavie feeds into the American Dream of quick money and people who think they are of high moral character are just as shady as the big corporations advertising their products.

    There are no ethics in business (they are just sold and packaged to make one believe a certain thing) and I believe majority of the people have character flaws given the opportunity (for some it’s Monavie for others it’s something different). Even Monavie sellers sold themselves into believing it’s a good thing they are doing and there will always be people questioning what you do. Our society looks at the end result and once you are a huge success rarely will anyone question what you did to get there. Then you hear fantasy stories, the “american dream”, but rarely will you hear how “shroud” and tough that person actually was.

  24. David Bernstein Says:

    Is the Mormon Church involved in this?

  25. Single Mom Says:

    I just wanted to thank you for all the information. I am a true believer in getting the scoop from both sides before I make a decision. I have recently been approached by a Mona vie distributor and do not doubt the positive effects of the Acia berry itself. This mixture of juice, however, I’m not yet convinced. My issue, for now, is with the price and as a single mom can not afford $100+ dollars for a case per month. If the product sold for a more reasonable price I MIGHT consider trying it. As for the business side of it…I could never do that to my family or friends….That’s just cruel! Nobody should have to pay that much for juice….beneficial or not!!!

  26. single mom of 4! Says:

    I am a single mom of 4 small children. When in doubt try it for yourself. After 3 days of taking the active–I could bend over right out of bed. Up until that point in life, my children knew in the mornings mommy’s back hurt real bad. I leave it up to you…try it if it does not change how you feel after a bottle. Then don’t buy it–as for me and my kids–we will! No one can put a price on being able to pick something up for my children. I will never stop taking Mona-Vie! And asking others if they want too. :0)

  27. MonaVie Scam Says:

    Single Mom,

    There is no doubt here. It is impossible that this would have effect different than any other juice. My wife was given two bottles and tried them both… no difference.

  28. Vogel Says:

    Single Mom,

    If you are going to spam us with vague testimonials of miraculous health benefits, why wouldn’t you follow company policy and post your distributor ID#? Is it becuase you don’t want to be held accountable for lying and illegally promoting the juice? Seems so.

    And when you say things like “I’ll never stop taking Monavie”, you sound like a cult member. Is it so inconceivable to you that someone might develop a better juice than Monavie (or that they have already done so)?

  29. Tom Says:

    David –

    Acai is a very interesting fruit with anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties that is receiving a lot of attention already. All the major food and cosmetic companies jumped on acai band-wagon. As I said there is 25% of acai, most of which is freeze-dried in MV. The rest of nutrients is coming from 18 other fruits which create synergistic effects with acai. [Editor’s Note: Please provide the study or evidence showing any “synergistic effect”]

    Green stuff (film) that appears in MV bottles are healthy unsaturated fats (Omega 3 and Omega 6) which most of other companies decided to filter in their products. [Editor’s Note: Tom doesn’t apparently know about the Negative Health Effects of Omega 6’s. We get more than we need in our food already.]

    There are new MV products on the market – so why don’t you analyze them and stop refering to one consumer research which is not designed to be scientific. Where are new reports that would bring some new light to MV? This company brings a lot of new stuff to the market, has been issued a lot of patents to protect its intellectual properties and a leading portal like yours should take a note of that and not just use the same language over and over again. [Editor’s Note: We discuss many types of MonaVie here. Here’s a particularly interesting one where MonaVie’s Dr. Clayton is caught trying to deceive people about Wellmune, the ingredient that MonaVie touts in MonaVie M(Mun).]

    Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry – one of the best references in food industry because articles which appear there are peer-reviewed, in several of their studies listed MV Active as the study subject. [Editor’s Note: The Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry have nothing positive to show about MonaVie. The studies have been debunked on this site many times in the comments before. One example is a study actually backs up this independent lab study of MonaVie showing it to have little nutrition.]

  30. MonaVie Scam Says:

    Tom, unless you can supply evidence I’m going to strip out the conspiracy theories and slandering and illegal paying off of pharmaceutical, food, magazines, independent research companies.

  31. Go West Says:

    Tom, where does it say 25% Acai? Prove it, post a link, a picture, something that backs up your statement. Seriously man, come through on this one little thing and you might deserve a sliver of cred here…waiting

  32. Tom Says:

    Don’t you have a friend in UK? It is on the bottle – why should I prove something that is obvious? Do some research or ask Food Tech. It is a common knowledge since September 8, 2009 – the launch date for EU version of MV juice. I bet MonaVie Scam knows it – if not you and all your support staff are pathetic!

  33. MonaVie Scam Says:

    I personally don’t have too many friends in the UK. I’ve never been there, personally. Even so, of the more than 300 people I know in the US, not one actually has a bottle of MonaVie lying around. It’s not like you are asking for something common-place. I think Go West has a legitimate request for you simply link us to the label that MonaVie provides on its website…. or that MonaVie should provide on it’s website. Last I looked MonaVie didn’t want to disclose any their nutritional information labels (US or UK) on the web. They are probably the only company pitching health, who aren’t willing to actually give nutritional information. One has to wonder why…

    I have heard people previously claim that MonaVie has 25% acai in it, but there has never been any evidence provided. Thus far we have just MonaVie’s official claim on its site that the amount of acai is not disclosed. So if MonaVie is disclosing it on labels in the UK, why are they not updating the US site with the information? Why is MonaVie trying to hide this valuable information from it’s American customers?

    While on the topic of labels, I noticed American and Canadian MonaVie are different. If/when Tom comes in with a third label to add, what will it tell us? Are we supposed to believe that MonaVie is the same everywhere? That no longer makes sense. Are Dr. Alex Schauss’ studies invalid because he doesn’t state which of the (at least) two blends of MonaVie he is using?

  34. Tom Says:

    Camu Camu and Cupuacu are two of the fruits from MV blend that are considered novelty items in Europe, and it would take a long time and money to prove their value to European Union. The formula for EU is then a bit different with several fruits being added and some being removed.

    Most of MV products are food only so it is your responsibility not to generalize any of the “sham” reports to all the products that are made by MV in a growing world of MV. There are only 18 countries for now. I can forsee your headache when MV reaches 60 countries with 5-10 different formulas.

    You do not need to believe that MV is the same everywhere. It does not have to be. You do not tell companies what their product portfolio should look like because it would be easier for you to attack their products. What do you care what others can buy? You will not buy any MV, and the one your wife tried was for free.

    Still, you should be careful not to make generalizations as you do most of the time, especially if you are ignorant to what THE HERO COMPANY of your web site is doing outside of the US.

    Probably you do not even know that MV is growing rapidly in Malaysia, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Japan. But do not worry, they will not come to your site due to the language barrier.

    Dr Shauss is using US-approved blend of MV.

  35. MonaVie Scam Says:

    From the talk of it, acai was a novelty item in the United States when MonaVie started… so by that matter it should never have been added to the US blend. The fact that there are different blends speaks to the “science.” You are saying that MonaVie has made the choice to change the blend for marketing reasons in different locales. This tells me it’s not about providing people with the most healthy option, but the most convenient for them.

    That’s a slippery slope and one can easily see why they might use third-rate acai. It would be for the same reasons, the profits are better when you skimp and the public has no way of being the wiser.

    I believe that if a company is out to make the best juice possible, it should be the same everywhere. If it isn’t the same everywhere (and that’s what you seem to be claiming), then your previous claim about it being 25% acai is very false as you (originally) didn’t not specify which version of MonaVie you were talking about.

    If the product isn’t the same everywhere, this website assumes, unless stated otherwise, that “MonaVie” is the US-approved blend of MonaVie. Of course we’ve found that even that blend changes over time, which, if true, nullifies all of Dr. Schauss’ research.

    I’m well aware that MonaVie is entering new countries. It’s completely logical since the pyramid in the United States has started to implode. Yes, that’s a bit of a generalization, but I can back it up with two pieces of important information:

    1) Google Trends is very good indicator of the public’s interest in things. This can hardly be debated because they have data of billions of web searches. That data shows that people are getting less and less interested in MonaVie –
    2) Combine #1 with Exhibit A of this PDF (it’s slow loading) – see page 31,32 of 39. High ranking MonaVie distributor Kelly Bangert details how her business dropped 40% from between 7/2008 to 1/2009… and that by June of 2009 it dropped another 30%. Also note how she says her Blue Diamonds (other very high ranking distributors) are getting their house and cars foreclosed upon. She furthermore said, “None of my top leaders could even pay their bills, they gave up everything to work MonaVie full-time.”

    Sounds more and more like MonaVie is running and hiding to the countries that you mentioned, because it’s failing in the US.

    Oh and English is the first and most dominant language of Singapore… so I expect the language barrier to be very low :-).

  36. Vogel Says:

    Wow, I’m suprisied you dodn’t make more noise about that PDF of the Xowii v. Monavie lawsuit — Monavie’s being sued yet again…for $50 million. Now we know why they have to charge $45 a bottle…it’s to cover the lawyers fees.

  37. Vogel Says:

    …and you’re right about page 31-32…that’s a doozy. Bangert describing how the Monavie business slid into the toilet, and how vengeful the company was when he resigned. Great stuff!

  38. Vogel Says:

    BTW, Kelly is a dude and his wife’s name is Jill; they are Royal Black Diamonds, supposedly among the top earners in the company. Kelly Bangert made all sorts of BS claims about Monavie, and the company featured the Bangert’s as one of their distributor “success stories” (“story” being the operative word, because it was all BS, as we can see now).

    Here’s another taste:

    Bangert: “After being introduced to MonaVie, I began drinking the product twice a day. My body had a great reaction to the nutrition that MonaVie provides. I was hooked. That’s the great thing about MonaVie; the product sells itself. Not only is the product truly amazing, but the business opportunity is even more incredible. Anyone can do this business. The only way you will fail is if you quit! I wish each of you all the success that you feel you deserve.”

    Sounds like Bangert was failing pretty badly (30% drop in sales per month) before he quit.

  39. Tom Says:

    Another tactic of juice-scam boys – divertion – you tell them one thing and they divert attention to some BS that has no relevance to the topic

    Admin? Where are you? This topic is about the amount of acai in the MV. I am tired of seeing irrelevant stuff all over this website. Try to organize it better because your ranking will slip too!!!

    The reason google search shows drop is because there are more and more official websites (including various language sites) that people go to directly without going to the main MV site that you refer to.

  40. MonaVie Scam Says:

    I’m not sure what you are writing about Tom. It is MonaVie distributors like you who are diverting attention. This is very on the topic that you started about the growth of MonaVie. You are the one bringing up GMOs which has nothing to do with MonaVie.

    I noticed that you haven’t sent me the label from European MonaVie. You still give no comment on why MonaVie in the US holds the amount of acai in MonaVie a secret and is open about it being 25% of the juice in Europe.

    You Google explanation my make sense… if it didn’t come with MonaVie Black Diamond Kelly Bangert’s documented proof about his earnings dropping 40%… and then dropping another 30%… and how all the high ranking distributors in her downline are losing their homes and cars…

    … and then he said that MonaVie’s Income Disclosure Statement is not accurate. His quote (on record) was, “…no one was close to making anywhere close to the income disclosure statement.”

    Let the public be the judge of why Google is showing a drop in searches. I think it’s just indicative of what the very highest people in MonaVie have seen (see above paragraph about Kelly Bangert).

  41. Styles Says:

    That lawsuit info should be added to the wikipedia site stat! Great news. Cant wait to see the outcome. I smell an out of court settlement or something though. I’m sure they will do something to keep it quiet.

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