Dallin Larsen Jr. Refuses to Be a Scammer Like His Dad, Promises to Tell FBI about MonaVie Lies

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In a surprising series of posts on Facebook the son of MonaVie CEO, Dallin Larsen, Dallin Larsen Jr. said he wants out of MonaVie. He doesn’t want to be a part of an organization that lies to people even if it means losing his trust fund. On his Facebook page there are quotes such as:

“there has to be a way out”

“@ david bunker…this is me calling out your fat tubby ass. You work for a nutritional company yet you eat burgers and fries all day. Chunk a chunk a chunk a chunk … I understand business is business which is why you should practice what you preach…I am son of the founding chair and president. Based on how much money the company makes is based on how much goes into my trust fund. GUESS WHAT? I don’t want a trust fund, I don’t want money from a man who walked out on me as a small child leaving me to try and raise four girls on my own at age 11. So dad go ahead and keep your damn money I don’t want it. I’m done being the man people expect me to be. You have all been lied to, they are poisoning you in order to depopulate, don’t buy it… @FBI—I have information for you. CTU has contacted me… I can be reached at [email protected]

“Dome dome origato nehow dashimash hola and hello. forgive me If my pronunciation is off : My name is Dallin Larsen Jr. Some of you may know me as Ross. I am the son of whom many know as CEO, Founder, and Chairman Dallin Albert Larsen, not to be confused. The Executives and I have decided it is best that I do not work at Monavie any longer based on personal reasons. I wish you all the best of luck I’m just not making what I need to here. I hope that one day you and your families will be in a position not only financially, but physically, mentally, and emotionally to the point where you no longer have increased stress from your job. I hope one day to meet all of you and know you are doing a terrific job at what you do; otherwise, the Monavie Corporation would not be where it is today. I’m done being the man people expect me to be. If I am fortunate enough to meet you, do not hesitate to come up and say hello, I don’t bite…delta alpha lambda lambda ioto nu lambda if you want fresh milk, don’t poison the cow for only the fool works for free. I love you all, I hope for nothing but the best for all of you…and David Bunker I forgive you for your selfish self-indulging idiocracy you son of a bitch you’re all doing a great job. Keep it up, don’t quit, blessings. love. ohbdeegada.”

This has obviously put MonaVie on alert. There a couple of messages from Randy Schroeder, International Distributor Ambassador at MonaVie, on his wall saying, “Dallin…call me. My private number is in your in box.”

I have also received word that the last quote from Dallin Larsen Jr. on Facebook was sent to everyone at MonaVie Internationally. The person said that his father followed up with the following email to everyone:

“All, I apologize for having to respond to all of you as a result of my son’s email. I love my son and he has been and is going through some personal challenges. I appreciate you honoring our family’s need and desire to deal with his challenges in private. Sincerely, Dallin A. Larsen Founder and CEO; MonaVie”

Clearly dad isn’t getting his wish due to the information being put publicly on Facebook. I understand that not every family is perfect all the time and we all go through some personal challenges. That’s not really the point of this post. The point is that it is notable that Dallin Larsen Jr. would give up a substantial trust fund and saying that everyone is being lied to about MonaVie and that he’s willing to tell the FBI about it. Hey, readers of this website have known about the lies for years, but it noteworthy that there lies that would be of interest to the FBI.

It’s also good to have the confirmation that top MonaVie executives don’t actually live a healthy lifestyle. Finally, there’s the thought that if this is how MonaVie treats their own people, what are doing to others?

Here is a screenshot from Dallin Larsen Jr.’s Facebook page (click for larger image):

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