Why is Peter Catalano Spamming Twitter about MonaVie?


This is a little of an unusual topic for me to write on, but I was just looking on Twitter to see what people are saying about MonaVie. It turns out that Peter Catalano has a monopoly on almost everything on Twitter. I counted 7 Twitter accounts pushing MonaVie that are easily traceable back to him.

Here are screenshots of his accounts:

Peter Catalano - MonaVie

Peter Catalano - MonaVie

What are those accounts:

Can anyone tell me what his game is? Why does one person need 7 Twitter personalities to push the same thing? Perhaps it’s for confusion. I had thought that multiple people were saying positive things about MonaVie, and surprise, surprise it’s just one person.

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MonaVie & Twitter & Peter Catalano

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10 Responses to “Why is Peter Catalano Spamming Twitter about MonaVie?”
  1. Ross Says:

    Catalano is an MLM addict. Every week he’s slumming a new MLM or product. Run, don’t walk, run away from this guy!

  2. Peter Catalano Says:


    This posting was brought to my attention this past week. Sorry for the long time to respond.

    You are right. I was wrong to create postings in this fashion. It was a mistake. I apologize for perpetuating poor internet etiquette. (I blindly followed training) All but 2 Twitter accounts will be removed this week.

    My appreciation of the MonaVie juice drink is as a result of personal use by both my wife and I. Not everyone feels the same about the juice which I completely understand and respect.
    My postings about Monavie on Twitter terminated several months ago. Any post I make going forward will be confined to one account.

    Last year I was over exuberant in joining multi level marketing companies. My exuberance has wained and now my business ventures are very focused in a realm that inspires me.

    I am open to any healthy discussion you or your readers wish to hold. Please feel free to contact me directly so I may respond in a timely manner.

    Thank you again for bringing this to my attention and helping me learn proper internet etiquette.

  3. MonaVie Scam Says:

    It’s not your fault for taking time to respond. It’s not like I told you I posted this.

    I admit that I might have went overboard with this attack. I was trying to follow what people are saying about MonaVie and I simply couldn’t get through the dozens of repeat comments.

    I’m now more concerned about the training that you blindly followed. No one should be training people in this way.

  4. Peter Catalano Says:

    Thank you for your understanding. Sorry for all the comments you had to weed through in your research.

    To be clear, Monavie did NOT train me to use Twitter in that fashion. Fact is, when they discovered it, they immediately requested I terminate the postings AND complete a training session specific to on-line advertising. I was humbled.

    As for the training, again I am embarrassed. I found a training from another MLM and thought it was “good.” I now know better. I am not willing to disclose the other training in this public forum for risk of defaming another’s name. I will say however that my friend who informed me of your post is an advocate of the integrity of the internet and fights for it as zealously as you. If an opportunity presents itself to interact with my friend, you will find someone who takes a stand and does not waiver. A good friend to have might I add!

    I will endeavor to “clean up my act” as it relates to my marketing. As you might imagine, I am enthralled with a new MLM that is launching this week. If you by chance catch my posts, I hope you give me an opportunity to demonstrate why I will stand for the product and the rapid, viral distribution which the owners of the company and I wish to see. In this game, the stakes are high. In this game, you will find the same passion and stand I have for the product as my friend has for the integrity of the internet!

    Thank you for engaging in this conversation. It is fun. Well, at least for me. For I like to learn and greatly appreciate when someone is willing to teach.

  5. Joseph Says:

    Having enough time on your hands to go around and search for proponents of Monavie on Twitter and come back and write a post focused solely on it is a little excesive…. I’m not sure what Monavie did to you, but from one person to another, try to find something more productive to do…. I don’t think this is very healthy behavior sir.

  6. Mali Says:

    I would have to disagree with Joseph, pointing out the tactics that is used in monavie sales and the business of monavie is important to understand what the company of monavie is, and how they get there customers. Some company’s don’t care how they get customer’s they “spam” everywhere and everything and you gotta ask yourself is that something i wanna be involved in?

  7. Candace Says:

    Joseph, it takes very little time at all. Use Google right now and try it yourself. The internet is teeming with under-educated, ill-informed, over-zealous, propaganda infused comments by MonaVie distributors about MonaVie juice.

  8. MonaVie Scam Says:

    Joseph it didn’t take me more than 25 minutes from start to finish of the post. I was simply looking for information about MonaVie on Twitter, not trying to target anyone. However, I saw these 7 Twitter accounts with thousands of Tweets. I highly suggest you direct your speech about having too much time on his hands and excessive behavior to Peter. Trust me, it takes a lot more time to put out those thousands of Tweets.

    It is my opinion that MonaVie is committing fraud against consumers on a high level. It’s very productive to stop consumers from being victims of fraud.

    Why not talk about

  9. Bob Says:

    It’s not really that strange for someone to have multiple Twitter accounts, or any other social media accounts for that matter. For instance, Lazy Man has several social media accounts and nobody is making a big deal out of that. He uses his sites to flog his blogs, which by the way earn income for him. So what is the difference?

  10. MonaVie Scam Says:

    It’s very unusual to a person to have 7 accounts pushing the same exact product. I don’t push the same product… or any product from any (or all) of my Twitter accounts…

    I’d like to point out that Twitter is not your own website… and that is why Peter acknowledged it with his comments as well…

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