Warren Buffett’s Pampered Chef and MonaVie


Time and time again, MonaVie distributors confuse an anti-MonaVie stance with being against Multi-Level Networking. At first it seems logical, but open further examination it doesn’t seem to stand up. Disapproval of the business practices of one company, shouldn’t impact the whole industry. For instance it’s quite possible to dislike how the New York Yankees spend millions to build a team that the Kansas City Royals have trouble competing with… but that doesn’t mean you dislike baseball.

Warren Buffett has invested in Network Marketing company Pampered Chef. You can read a little why he did that in this CNN article. Some will be quick to ask, “What’s the difference between Pampered Chef and MonaVie?”

When you go to a Pampered Chef you get to see the objective benefits of their products. From one Pampered Chef distributor in the above article:

“‘How many times have you pulled those brownies out of the oven to find that they are done around the edges but still not set in the middle?’ she asks, as she lifts a 12-inch diameter cookie from the Pampered Chef’s round baking stone. ‘On our stoneware the heat is distributed evenly, and your cookie will come out perfectly.'”

You can clearly see that the product works right there in front of you before you drop a dime. If it doesn’t work, you don’t pay for it. That’s what I mean objective benefits. It’s clearly observable by all parties.

What objective benefits occur at a get-together for a health product? Do you drink it and are you instantly able to do more push-ups? We know our bodies don’t work that way (unless there’s adrenaline involved). The “benefits” of MonaVie are subjective and very possibly due to the placebo effect, since we know that MonaVie lacks nutrition.

Pampered Chef’s products seem comparable in quality and in price with what retail store Williams-Sonoma offers. Using that link above and the information there, we know that MonaVie lacks nutrition (it’s main purpose) making its quality quite questionable. Also MonaVie Active’s retail price of $45 for 25 ounces is, ounce for ounce, about 10 to 20 times more expensive than V8 Fusion Acai Berry or Tropicana Pure Acai Raspberry… and that’s not to mention that Welch’s Grape Juice was shown to have more nutrition in previous paragraph.

So to recap:

  • MLM products that are health-based have difficulty proving their value to consumers. MLM-based health products should always be a red flag to consumers.
  • MonaVie’s product by all measurable methods falls short, making it’s quality quite questionable. That’s not going to get Warren Buffett’s sign of approval.
  • Pricing a product at 10x to 20x more than comparable products without showing the quality is also not going to endear you to Warren Buffert’s business team.

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154 Responses to “Warren Buffett’s Pampered Chef and MonaVie”
  1. Anonymous Aussie Says:

    Not sure states “I really wish I could remember, most of the time that I was listening I was just thinking about how mad I was that a “friend” would take me to this, I went to this thinking that it was a business opportunity not this, it just felt like everyone there were keeping something from me..”

    I remember feeling exactly the same way – although I was brought as a guest, it was pretty obvious that those of us guests were in fact the prospects.

    I saw people around me signing up on the spot and it just made my jaw drop that anyone would do something without thinking it through or seeking a second opinion.

    You were right to trust your instincts – especially given things aren’t only kept from people, they’re flat out distorted and misrepresented.

  2. Rasheed Says:

    Not sure:

    It is a business opportunity only in the sense that you get an IBO number, and that you CAN (hypothetically) get paid without you doing anything. However, it is shameful that they’d be keeping things from you.


    I can’t blame the people who signed up on the spot. They’re just so excited, that’s all.

  3. Not sure Says:

    Overall I try to be very open minded, but for now I will just say that most of us grow up being taught and believing that you should go to college get good grades and then you can get a good job, if you really think about it, it is biased, but it works for most of us. With the speakers I herd they felt as if their parents were liars and the people around them were as well because their advice didn’t get them where they wanted. In a one hour presentation they are crazy to believe that I would drop my lifes plans because of what they say.

    On this site I was pleased to see that there was a section on the placebo effect, I did labs when I was younger and one was that I had a group of 6, I was given the responsibility of giving out these “pills”, I told them that by taking this pill you will sleep better, wake up rested, and be more energetic the next day, well the pill was a simple very generic looking multi vitamin, and by the way the only people who knew what the lab was, were the group leaders and it was explained to the test subjects that we wanted to know if any or all of these claimed outcomes, came to be the next day.. Now for the results, we had 35 people in the class, 5 gave out the pills to groups of 6, so 5 groups total with 30 subjects all together..
    The next day 23 of the 30 subjects claimed that all of the implied outcomes were true, they slept better, woke up rested and had more energy while the 4 others said they woke up rested and felt more energetic and the last 3 claimed to have felt no effects..
    I know that this was a small study and may not be accurate but when something is said to be healthy or cure something people do believe it, and the subjects were very shocked to learn that the “miracle pill” was merely a simple over the counter vitamin.

    Anyway later after the presentation we stayed to meet people and it was amazing how the questions were dodged, I consider my self pretty intelligent for my age and the questions I ask are only to the point, and I just found it funny to see them stumble over simple direct questions such as how do you sell the bottles, and I was always directed to listen to the cds or ask my host, and a few times the guy that I was asking stopped and said wow your smart.. TO me its just a piece of mind, its the same thought as if your going to a dealership, and you ask one of the salesman, what engine does it have, and to find out he needs to look at the manual or the window sticker, this has never happened to me because I usually know more than the salesman, but wouldnt you think twice about purchasing that car. If you believe in a product, a mindset, or a system you should be educated enough to answer the questions like they were on the back of your hand and be passionate about it.

    Sorry for the rambling, I finally got home so I can type alot more than being on my phone..

  4. Not sure Says:

    Quote:[Editor’s Note: The sales pitches for most MLMs, do not encourage proper due diligence. They work on the victim’s emotions using scripts like, “Does an extra $4000 a month sound like something you’d be interested in?”]

    I heard this BS 20 times and I always asked, how do I do that? and are you making that much?

    Answer 1. Go ask someone else or listen to the CD
    Answer 2. No, but I’m on my way

    Thought in my head : Thanks for nothing, have fun with that!

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