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Posted by MonaVie Scam on September 28, 2010 in Open Discussion. You can skip to the end and leave a response. Pinging is currently not allowed.

8 Responses to “Vemma Open Discussion”
  1. Rasheed Says:

    Looks like Vemma’s got a sleeping aid.

    I wanted to try their energy drink Verve; apparently it has some cool things like vitamins and minerals, but who knows. I haven’t tried it yet.

  2. Anonymous Aussie Says:

    Hate to sound sceptical but it certainly has got the characteristics of another MLM scam – hyped up products (fruit juice no less!), the internet littered with absurd and illegal testimonials for products which have not been evaluated by the FDA and of course, distributors not making any money.

    Here’s an article which I found that seems to provide a bit of information about Vemma and which seems like a good starting point – it also contains the links to the studies upon which the company relies to promote the products.

  3. Rasheed Says:

    Mm thanks AA.

    Well, at least there’s this article:

    I don’t think Vemma on the corporate level is necessarily evil like MonaVie seems to be, but of course, there’s always distributors who overhype and oversell.

  4. Anonymous Aussie Says:

    Overhype and oversell?

    These people are making disease claims not unlike Monavie distributors:

    So according to the above, Vemma (a product not approved for the treatment of any diseases and is not evaluated by the FDA) can cure cancer, help with allergies, blah blah. One has to wonder where these distributors are hearing this information in the first instance – from our own experience, the use of these bogus testimonials starts with those highest ranked.

    According to the link you provided, Vemma was the only one which contained beta carotene – it didn’t verify a cure for cancer and beta carotene can be derived from eating an ordinary carrot. Furthermore, Vemma’s products are actually fortified – it’s like dropping an multi-vitamin pill into your fruit juice (which would be cheaper in any event!).

    Did you see the link that I’d posted and the “credentials” of Vemma’s doctors? Laughable.

    It’s the same old MLM formula, Rasheed –

    magic potions and lotions (grossly overpriced) that can cure every disease imaginable (and sold by the uneducated and unqualified!), the promise of an income opportunity far in excess of any other occupation (albeit for only a very few who joined first!), rewards of million dollar bonuses/houses/other prizes if you achieve virtually unobtainable levels (there’s certainly no one more gullible than a person blinded by greed!), financial/time freedom (this is not a get rich quick scheme – it’s a 3 to 5 year maximize your losses plan!), helping people achieve their goals (a justification for scamming those nearest and dearest in the hope of becoming rich yourself!), leverage off the efforts of others (just as those in the upline are milking money from you!), money being promoted as the key to all happiness, passive/residual income (which can’t actually be possible if the anti-pyramiding rules are being abided by but we’ll ignore those), focus on the future earning potential and goals (instead of the current and ongoing losses!), duplicate, duplicate, duplicate…blah, blah, blah.

    Of course this formula doesn’t rake in millions of dollars from bona fide customers not associated with the scheme – but rather from the company’s own sales force who are chasing the all elusive millions flaunted by the promoters as being possible for anyone to earn.

    We’ve seen it all before.

  5. Rasheed Says:

    That’s disappointing.

    I guess it’s safe to say that all wellness MLMs should be looked at with caution.

  6. Anonymous Aussie Says:

    Those are my sentiments exactly…

  7. Vogel Says:

    …buried in a pit IMO.

  8. Billhelm Says:

    I dont know how long vemma has been around but i know the energy drink verve has. They sponsored a few professional bowlers and saw their logos on the televised matches on ESPN. Ken Simard was one of them and this was at least 2-4 years ago.

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