The New MonaVie Scam


Memo Sanchez has written a parody piece on MonaVie. It does a great job of unveiling exactly the scam that MonaVie is… and even tells you how you could create your own MonaVie Scam. In particular it illustrates the silliness behind distributors talking about the business of MonaVie and glossing over the nutritional benefits of the juice.

Imagine, instead of trying to work your way up to the top of the distributor pyramid, you could just start out at the top. Seems like a sound plan to me!

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  1. Former Monavie Member Says:

    DO YOUR HOMEWORK PEOPLE! Monavie is not profitable!

    Monavie Business Structure
    Monavie pays a team commission of 10% of PV on the smallest leg when a distributor becomes active/qualifies. And in order to be active for team commissions, a distributor needs to buy 1-case at $130.

    With this in mind, a distributor buys 1-case (4 bottles) for $130. They have 13 distributors buying 1-case (at $130/mo) for 100 PV which creates 1300 PV on the smallest leg. 10% of 1300 PV is $130…the one distributor breaks even.

    Therefore, a minimum of 26 distributors are needed to buy a case free and clear per month, and at least 13 need to be on the smallest leg ordering 100 PV.

    26 distributors = 1 case (your profit $130)[that’s if all 26 are buying a case per month from you]
    52 distributors = 2 cases (your profit $260)[that’s if all 52 are buying a case per month from you])
    104 distributors = 3 cases (your profit $520))[that’s if all 104 are buying a case per month from you]

    Needing 26 people below you ordering 100 PV (at $130/mo) to be profitable is a tough road for the average distributor, and the mathematics aren’t adding up into getting new distributors in to profit quickly.

    Monavie Sales Figures
    Monavie uses “alternative marketing” or what’s known as “Back Door Marketing” in where Monavie gets all their money upfront when they sell a case and you are stuck with the product to sell, as opposed to a real distributor where you sell a company’s product with no money upfront and earn a commission. So in all reality a Monavie distributor is nothing more than a customer. [excerpt Monavie ID statement: individuals who executed a MonaVie Distributor Application and Agreement are considered wholesale customers]

    So now let’s get into money. According to Monavie’s marketing sheet the average case profit is $30.

    1 case (4 bottles) divided by $30 = $7.50 profit per bottle. and that doesnt even include shipping, traveling, and business expenses!

    Alternatively if you divide the average hours per month required to sell Monavie as mentioned on their pamphlet it’s 32 hours.

    So let’s say you sell a case a month.

    32 hours of labor divided by $30 = $1 an hour. So in essence a Monavie distributor makes an average of $1 an hour. That’s less than minimum wage! and that doesnt even include shipping, traveling, and business expenses!

    Or you could take it from Monavie’s own statistics that the average income of distributors is $3.75 a week. See link below.

    No matter which way you do the math it doesnt work out, and that’s if you can even find people to buy $40 a bottle juice in a market where people rarely are even buying $40 wine!

  2. kirk Says:

    The person who wrote this could NOT have been a Mona Vie distributor! If he/she was…he either has a learning disability, in which case he should meet with his upline for help (we will help him become as successful as he wants to be), or he did NOT stick with the program long enough to HEAR about the compensation program!!!
    It only takes 2 Mona Vie distributors personally enrolled by ME to earn $520/WEEK!!…NOT 104!
    A Mona Vie Distributor is the highest paid Independent Distributor of ALL MLM’s!!!
    We are compensated in 9 different ways!
    This guy mentioned ONLY 1 form of compensation (COMPLETELY INACCURATELY), which makes up the majority of your commissions once you have gotten a feel for how the business works (normally a couple of weeks, to a couple of months in, depending on how much effort you are putting into the business).
    The reason Mona Vie has achieved the #1 ranking in the Food/Beverage catagory of Inc.500 Magazine…(out of 27 Million privately held US Companies), and the reason Dallon Larsen was named Entrepreneur of the Year by Earnst & Young…is because of the phenomenal compensation program, the products, the leadership, and the distributors we attract.
    I do NOT blame this unfortunate BOOB for his gross mathematical errors, I am certain he is a product of our Public School System.
    Email me if you have any interest in learning the TRUTH…otherwise, try working on something CONstructive.
    PS Are you a lawyer, by chance? ;)

  3. MonaVie Scam Says:

    If you look at MonaVie’s Income Disclosure Statement, it’s not a good compensation program… or at least a vast majority of people are making under minimum wage. So if you claim that it’s a good compensation program, you are either disagreeing with MonaVie’s facts here or saying that they aren’t presenting the truth.

    Also everyone should read about MonaVie and Inc. Magazine’s 500 before they start to claim that it means something. It’s comical to make fun of other people’s education and/or their math skills and at the same time tout Inc. Magazine’s list as having any meaning.

  4. Burned Out With MV Says:

    Amazing what kind of spin they will put on this to give the appearence of profitablilty to the average distributor.

    IDS says allot, like if I found a $20 bill on the floor this week I guess they would say my Annualized Check would be $1040.

  5. Ray Says:

    Man it sounds like you have quite a problem with mona vie? can I ask you what that is? I have never seen somebody so out to prove something wrong since I saw a scott larsen I believe that was his name , so angry that he would go after somebody or some company like that…just wonering if you will answer my email..
    thanks and God Bless

  6. MonaVie Scam Says:

    It’s really very straight-forward. People are trying to get rich selling juice at $45 a bottle, when it’s been shown to be no better than $4. Many of them justify it by illegally saying it has some medicinal properties.

    I don’t like people trying to scam other people and draining their life savings. I would hope you are against that as well.

  7. Mali Says:

    I don’t think he is trying to prove it, I think he has, in a easily accessible form with verifiable scientific links to back up his claims. What i wonder is why someone would try so hard to ignore the facts? can you say money?

  8. Burned Out With MV Says:

    I don’t do health arguments about the product, way too much information both pro and con out there, it’s about your choice.

    One thing I have noticed is there are less than 100,000 folks referenced on the IDS making between “chump change” and “God like money at this” and the ID numbers are getting close to 2,500,000. What happened to the other 2,400,000 people?

  9. Rest of the Story Says:

    My Girl friend shares Monavie. She said if you are getting 1 case per month than all you would have to do is get 3 prefered customers getting 2 cases per month or 6 prefered customers per month to get your juice paid for.
    She has been in for 2 1/2 months and is getting free juice(her juice paid for).

    You are just Anti-Monavie. I dont think you care about everybody and there money the way you claim. I bet if you get mad at someone that you hold a gruge. What a sad world you live in.

  10. MonaVie Scam Says:

    Do you see that is a pyramid scheme? Everyone has to get everyone down the line to buy more so they can get their juice for free. It turns out to not work. Look at the Income Disclosure Statement, and you can see that some 85% are working 300 hours a year or 37.5 full time working days (nearly two months of full-time work) for their “free juice.”

    Rest of the Story can bet what he wants, but if he’s smart he’ll follow the story from when I first encountered MonaVie before he loses all those bets.

  11. Rest of the Story Says:

    How is getting Prefered customers a pyramid scheme? I think you should tell the whole story. People dont get this upset because thier wife was talked to about a product. After reading all of your post you seem to be very unhappy with your life. It almost looks like your wife left you over this so you are getting revenge. Monavie does have nutritional benefits heres proof

  12. The Rest of the Story Says:

    This is what you are upset about?
    My wife is an active member in a nation-wide, young adults group. I am a member as well, but I’m not nearly as active (lack of time, plus my Laziness kicks in). The groups’ goals are very noble. They aim to help members with public speaking and event planning skills while raising money for charity through local businesses. Recently my wife went to a meeting and was gone longer than usual. I got a little concerned, so I called her to find out how the meeting was going. It turned out that it wasn’t a typical meeting any more – one of the members had invited some business acquaintances of his. When she got back, she told me about the meeting. It turned into a presentation of an energy/antioxidant juice called MonaVie.

    If this is what truly sparked you to do this then it is obvious you have some serious problems. This does not justify your actions.
    Wouldnt something like someone blowing cigerette smoke in hers or your face be a little worse? Normal People just dont act like this just because someone talked to thier wife about a product. You can see post #11, thier is health benefits to drinking Monavie.

  13. MonaVie Scam Says:

    Rest of the Story,

    “I think you should tell the whole story. People dont get this upset because thier wife was talked to about a product. After reading all of your post you seem to be very unhappy with your life. It almost looks like your wife left you over this so you are getting revenge.”

    It’s a longer than that one paragraph. I could and I will write it up and put it in an About page on the site. It will take me about 3 or 4 hours to write that up and I simply don’t have the time to do it now. However, in the meantime the cliffnotes version is the 3700 comments that the post created, with many, many illegal medical claims, misinformation, and lies by MonaVie distributors. I don’t think you realize that I have over 1200 posts about how people can manage their money and MonaVie distributors are undermining that hard work by trying to line their pockets with people’s hard earned money. If MonaVie distributors are going use lies and misinformation to line their pockets, I’m going to put the truth out there, so people can protect the money they’ve worked so hard for. If you have a problem with that, I fail to see how you sleep at night.

    By the way, my wife and I are still quite happily married. Thanks for asking.

    “After reading all of your post you seem to be very unhappy with your life.”

    Anyone who has read any of my posts wouldn’t conclude that.

    We already know that Dr. Carson’s claims are inconsistent with MonaVie’s and the FTC’s Guidelines, so how does anything at matter… he’s a co-founder of MonaVie and obviously biased.

    I’ve never claimed that there are no health benefits to drinking MonaVie. I claimed that they aren’t quantifiably better than other much, much cheaper juices. Going on a 10-second walk is healthy too. It doesn’t mean it’s as healthy as a 30-minute walk. There are degrees of healthy, and that’s what I am talking about.

  14. The Rest of the Story Says:

    Dr.Clayton is not a co-fonder of Monavie.

    Your Wife being talked to about Monavie is what lead you to doing this. All of the other post after you telling about the meeting your Wife went to is just you slamming Monavie. If your Wife had not went to the meeting about Monavie then you would not be doing it. You need to get your facts straight about Dr. Clayton.

  15. Mali Says:

    The Rest, its not uncommon for people to come on this blog and start trying to dilute facts or try to insult people on a personal level because they are not mature or logical enough to come back with facts of the argument. You can always tell when someone is losing the argument when they resort to these kinds of tactics because you don’t have any other facts that you can bring so you use name calling and other tactics to goat people into a argument that has nothing to do with what the debate is about some prime examples of this that monavie uses are asking if your a Christian, saying that your selling something else, that your just evil, your a negative person the list goes on and on if you show facts to back it up you most likely will be confronted with one of these topics that is only to say they are trying to shy away from the real topic and that is why is it better than 4 dollar juice????

  16. MonaVie Scam Says:

    Dr. Carson isn’t a co-founder of MonaVie? From his interview on CBS Radio

    “Recently Dr. Ralph Carson, CoFounder and Chief Science Officer of Monarch Health Sciences”

    Now from MonaVie’s Wikipedia Page (and you can find this in a number of other sources so don’t claim that Wikipedia is reliable):

    “MonaVie juice was launched in January 2005 by multi-level marketing (MLM) company Monarch Health Sciences, which was founded in 2003 as a distributor of diet and weight loss supplements. Also in 2005, the executives of Monarch founded MonaVie LLC/MonaVie Inc., a privately-held MLM company based in Salt Lake City, Utah. The newly formed company took over the bottling, distribution, and marketing of MonaVie juice products. Both Monarch Health Sciences and MonaVie, Inc. were founded by Dallin Larsen, who graduated from Brigham Young University with a B.S. degree in finance.[10] Larsen previously held senior executive positions with the MLM companies Dynamic Essentials and Usana. According to company sources, MonaVie juice was developed by Ralph E. Carson, now the company’s Chief Science Officer.”

    If Dr. Carson is not a co-founder of MonaVie, it’s a very, very interesting and narrow definition of “co-founder.” It’s the kind of misinformation that MonaVie distributors are famous for.

    Your Wife being talked to about Monavie is what lead you to doing this. All of the other post after you telling about the meeting your Wife went to is just you slamming Monavie. If your Wife had not went to the meeting about Monavie then you would not be doing it. You need to get your facts straight about Dr. Clayton.

    Yes, I would not have heard about MonaVie if it wasn’t for her being talked to about it. It’s true that I wouldn’t be writing about it. I also wouldn’t be writing about MonaVie if it didn’t exist. What’s the point?

    The other 3700 comments here are not me “slamming MonaVie.” There’s a lot of research that became the posts on this site.

    My wife never went to a meeting about MonaVie. She went as part of a charitable group to talk about what they can do to help promote local business. A MonaVie distributor decided to take that opportunity to turn it into a meeting about MonaVie without putting it on the meeting agenda.

    It’s very telling that you address the content of the posts on the site. When you leave a comment, it should be about the post. If it’s not, then don’t get upset if they start getting deleted in the future.

  17. The Rest of the Story Says:

    Dr.Clayton and Dr.Carson are two different People. Again get your facts stright.
    You can see Dr.Clayton not Dr.Carson below.

  18. MonaVie Scam Says:

    Dr.Clayton and Dr.Carson are two different People. Again get your facts stright.
    You can see Dr.Clayton not Dr.Carson below.

    This is again typical misdirection from a MonaVie distributor, but he doesn’t even realize it. Check out comments #55 and #56 here… the first one was on Dr. Clayton and the next one was Dr. Carson… and the comments are less than two hours apart… He/She is trying confuse once again.

    Nonetheless, my comments still stand that Dr. Clayton’s commentary is irrelevant if the founder of MonaVie, Dr. Carson, is violating both the FTC’s guidelines and MonaVie’s… The Rest of the Story drops a link and then doesn’t address it when I pull it apart –

    Regarding Dr. Clayton, What about Dr. Edell and what about Dr. Bowden. The Rest of the Story is really quiet there and he/she doesn’t address any of the posts on this site.

    He/She are leaving on this post that are not related to the article at all. If there’s someone avoiding the facts it’s The Rest of The Story.

  19. Bill Says:

    i made ten billion dollars off monavie and im only twelve
    prove me wrong.

  20. MonaVie Scam Says:

    That’s kind of my point. Outstanding claims require outstanding proof. You have to prove to us that you did.

    It’s like a little kid saying that he can lift a house over his head. You tell him to prove it and he says that he doesn’t want to right now. Does that mean you just take his word for it?

  21. Anna Says:

    Sell the dream, thats what they do and well

    Dont bother anyone with facts, please..

  22. Mike Says:

    Hear of Bernie Madoff? Now that guy is a scum. I am wondering why a guy like u would spend so much time on Monavie when Wall Street is ripping off your average joe including their retirement fund. If you try Monavie and it does not work, stop buying it.

    You must have an ulterior motive. Why not write about TOYOTA and their attempt to hide their issues of sudden acceleration. You must be too intelligent to figure out their technology and wall street financial mathematical cons game, huh.

    There are lots of overprice and inefficient items out there like IPHONE and etc but I have yet to see u talk about them. If you were to talk about other products then I can see your balance and fair approach to consumer goods. But your intend here is really questionable.

  23. Lenny27 Says:


    #1 Food and Beverage in Inc. 500 Magazine [Editor’s Note: Please read the criteria that Inc . Magazine’s 500 uses. It is not a judgment of quality of company or quality of product.]


    Health and Wellness industry is a billion dollar industry on it’s way to a Trillion [Editor’s Note: So if I mix a couple of bottles of V8 Fusion together and call it healthy, I’m going to be rich. Please realize that this has nothing to do MonaVie.]


    Dallin Larsen the Supposed crook got Named Entrepreneur of the Year from Ernst and Young a extremely prestigious company [Editor’s Note: Considering that he’s conned a thousands of distributors to work for less than minimum AND pay thousands for his product, I can’t argue that Dallin Larsen is quite the entrepreneur.]

    Facts: Sumner Redstone president of Viacom drinks the juice and swears by it [Editor’s Note: Being president of Viacom doesn’t make you immune to MonaVie’s Placebo Effect]

    Facts: The Boston Red Sox, Anaheim Angels and Houston Rockets all endorse Monavie [Editor’s Note: … and MonaVie pays them well to do so]

    Facts: Monavie was a billion dollar company in less than 4 years [Editor’s Note: According to who… MonaVie? See Is MonaVie the Fastest Company to $1 Billion Dollars?]

    Facts: Monavie contains ingredients that help with inflammation, heart health, the immune system and joint health. [Editor’s Note: All those ingredients: glucosamine: plant stanols, wellmune can be had much cheaper in other forms.]

    Facts: Monavie has the more millionares according to forbes magazine than any other network marketing company [Editor’s Note: Please link me to the article on Forbes site.]

    Facts: Monavie has Indy 500 racing car [Editor’s Note: … and MonaVie pays a lot of money for that form of advertisement.]

    Facts: This site is completely subjective [Editor’s Note: Your one-sided “facts” were completely subjective and show how little you actually know about MonaVie.]

  24. TommyTunes28 Says:

    Therefore, a minimum of 26 distributors are needed to buy a case free and clear per month, and at least 13 need to be on the smallest leg ordering 100 PV.

    26 distributors = 1 case (your profit $130)[that’s if all 26 are buying a case per month from you]

    This is stupid and subjective.

    Distributors below you could easily be on 2 cases or 3 cases autoship which is very common and distributors could be making Bulk order bonuses of 3,6,12 cases which not only give you PV but give you upfront bonuses. Also you would get bonuses from signing each personal up and from them getting two people which is the star maker bonus.

    You could have 26 Distributors under your lesser leg and say 15 of them are ordering 1 case a month and 11 of them are ordering 2 cases a month.

    So within the month you have 4 weeks

    The 1st week you have 7 Distributors ordering 1 Case each That’s 700 points and $70 dollars

    The following week you have 6 distributors ordering 2 cases a week that’s 2400 points that’s $240 dollars

    The third week of the month you have 7 distributors ordering 1 case each again that’s $70

    The last week you have 5 distributors on 2 cases 1 on one case that’s 1100 points and $110 dollars.

    So that is $490 a month from just the team commissions and about $125 bucks a week.

    Ok so now you say it’s extremely hard to get 26 people? It’s not hard but it takes patience to find someone who wants do the business with you but you will find that person.

    So say you find two people who want to pursue the business. Let’s say you are on 2 cases and they are on 2 cases You get $40 bucks each for sponsoring both of them that’s $80. Then they went out and found two people each and you got another $40 each for the Star Maker bonus that’s another $80 bucks. Now you have your two personals plus the 2 people they each got that’s a total of 6 people now. Now say you signed up 5 people who are just ordering just drinking the active, the gel packs or the energy drink for example all on one case or 100 pv. You get $20 each for each one of them another $100. The personals you signed up both get 5 people each doing the same thing that’s 21 people now. Out of the 7 people your personals both signed up they find one guy each who wants to be on your team and pursue the business. One goes out and signs two people the other goes out and gets 3 people. For a total of 26 people.

    So in summary you signed up a total of 7 people you found two that wanted to do the business and 5 that just wanna drink the juice. You spend $250 bucks a month on your juice and say $100 for sales tools and going to meetings so that’s $350 dollars you spent in your first month. You earned $490 dollars in team commissions and $260 dollars in bonuses($180 from the 7 personals,$80 from the star maker bonus) for a total of $750 dollars. You made a profit of $400 dollars that month or $100 week. But don’t forget now you have a solid foundation for you business you have two personal business builders that you found another two that they found so you have two business builders out of the 26 in your lesser leg.

    Out of those 4 they will continue to find more people who either want to drink the juice or do the business as well as you continue doing the same thing. Even if two of those original business builders drop out they could find another business builder for you b4 the they drop out. Also even if 10 of the 22 people who were originally just drinking the juice stop after a couple of months you will find more that want to try it and that stick with it. You and your team will continue to grow as long as you continue to treat it like a business and do the necessary activities. Go to the meetings, have tasting parties do the one on one’s with people and share the juice and the opportunity. You will continue to earn bonuses through the first order bonuses, star maker bonus and bulk order bonus as well as continuing to earn the team commissions. Once you have a nice foundation of a couple business builders your organization can really grow and this is on your lesser leg. Your power leg could easily be being helped by your upline who are placing people below you which happens very frequently in this business.

    It can be very powerful if you stick with this and don’t quit. Many people give up rather easily after 1-3 months because they find 1 or 2 people and don’t really try that hard then 1 or both of those people quit and they give up. Then they are getting ridiculed by family and friends for doing a “Pyramid scheme” lol. The process is legitimate money is being exchanged for a product and certain people are drinking it for it’s benefits and some are choosing to pursue the business as well. You get stronger as person as you continue to not give up and continue trying to achieve at this business. Best part is the investment is very minimal so you have time to learn the business skills and adapt to this new business environment. You will meet tons of new people along the way and start new friendships with mostly all positive people and you are all helping each other to succeed. That is why this business model is powerful because you don’t regularly get that in conventional business. People are usually just concerned about themselves most of the time.

    This is why Network Marketing has created more millionaires than any other industry because people helping each other and having tons of support to succeed.

  25. TommyTunes28 Says:

    All my comments are being deleted!! Obviously Scam picks and chooses what he wants on his completely biased and subjective site

  26. TommyTunes28 Says:

    So Sumner Redstone feels no effects it’s all placebo because you say so? Ok!!!!!!!!!1

    Monavie is a billion dollar debt free company I highly doubt they are lying, but maybe because you say so!!!!!!!!!

    Yes they have A Indy 500 car and pay for the endorsement so does every other dang company ! Monavie did it will the billion dollars they earned like the other big companies that endorse.

    With the trillion dollar Industry now your not gonna make money with V8 but if you want to get involved with this industry and don’t want to start up your own company because of the hefty start up costs you can become a distributor for a network marketing company like Monavie that has a solid product and get into a Trillion dollar industry.

    Ernst and Young doesn’t give out awards to people who scheme other people. This award shows that Dallin is doing very postive things.

    Red Sox, Rockets, Angels as does the the many other companies that endorse. However It also shows that these teams like their product and want to be affiliated with Monavie.

    The ingerdients in Monavie are also combined with 19 fruits for a nutritional and excellent tasting beverage. Food Tech’s apple theory or one test from Men’s Journal really doesn’t prove much. People enjoy the beverages and have noted positive results. But wait it’s all placebo effect right? But didn’t Monavie test against Placebo’s and it showed a difference in Antioxidant levels? Stop with the placebo effect………

    I am talking about facts you are merely just trying to spin them and make them all seem to be very insignificant and that is clearly being subjective on your part. Your whole site is biased and subjective it’s called Juicescam !!! Every single thing you post bashes Monavie and your cronies come to support you on every single thing you write there is nothing that is objective

  27. MonaVie Scam Says:

    Not many people (if any) knew that Bernie Madoff was scamming people while he was doing it. If I had known, I would have written about it. However, now that consumers know and is no longer being scammed by him, it doesn’t do much good to write about it.

    There has been enough written about Toyota. They made some honest mistakes and they’ve openly admitted to it. Writing about Toyota now is like writing about Madoff… it does consumers little good as the time has passed.

    I try not to write things that have passed unless we can take it and learn from it. For instance I don’t write much about Royal Tongan Limu’s scam other than point out that MonaVie’s CEO was involved with that as well.

    Maybe I’ll stop writing about MonaVie when they are done scamming people.

    Mike, if you did a little research you’d realize that I do write about other things. I just do them on other websites. It doesn’t make much since to write about Madoff or Toyota on a site specifically tailored to discussing MonaVie does it?

    Oh and one could hard call the iPhone “inefficient.” It was interesting that you could only come up with one bad example and then used “etc.” as if there are a lot more.

  28. MonaVie Scam Says:

    I find it funny that you suggest that it’s not that hard to get 26 people, but then mention how distributors “are getting ridiculed by family and friends for doing a ‘Pyramid scheme.'” If friends and family can’t support you, you are going to find 26 strangers who do? Perhaps this is why 93% of MonaVie distributors barely make minimum wage and 85% barely make enough to pay for their own juice.

    “Network Marketing has created more millionaires than any other industry” Really? I’d love to see where you got that nugget of information from.

  29. MonaVie Scam Says:

    Actually most comments are moderated. It’s a pretty standard process actually.

  30. Food Tech in CA Says:

    TommyTunes28 wrote: “The ingerdients in Monavie are also combined with 19 fruits for a nutritional and excellent tasting beverage. Food Tech’s apple theory or one test from Men’s Journal really doesn’t prove much. People enjoy the beverages and have noted positive results. But wait it’s all placebo effect right? But didn’t Monavie test against Placebo’s and it showed a difference in Antioxidant levels? Stop with the placebo effect………

    **Apple theory? It’s not a theory. It’s merely me referencing data that’s been documented.

    MonaVie data was supplied by AIBMR Life Sciences (Dr. Schauss). Apple data is easily found in the USDA ORAC Table of Selected Foods.

    Any 6th grade science student can find it.

    The 19 fruits that you mentioned still equal only 4 oz. of fruit juice. It takes 6 oz. of a fruit juice to equal one USDA daily serving. So, MonaVie is equal to 2/3 of one fruit serving.

    There is no scientific data that indicates the 19 fruits found in MonaVie are any more nutritionally potent than 19 fruits found at your grocers. The only difference is many of the MonaVie fruits have funny names.

    No, it’s not all placebo effect. 95% of it is nothing more than outrageous lies by distributors without ethics. The other 10% can be attributed to the placebo effect.

  31. MonaVie Scam Says:

    Your comment about Sumner Redstone shows you clearly don’t know the meaning of the word placebo.

    Why do you highly doubt MonaVie is lying about being a billion dollar company? We’ve seen them openly lie about the ORAC score of MonaVie… and that’s something we can clearly see is a lie. MonaVie could tomorrow claim that it’s 50 billion dollar company and it would be difficult to refute it because they are publicly held.

    I know that other companies pay for their Indy 500 cars. I was simply making a point that this fact has no impact MonaVie’s product.

    Why not make money with V8? I could easily just combine a couple of different V8 Fusion juices and put them in a fancy bottle like MonaVie. It’s actually a better idea than becoming a MonaVie distributor because I’d be at the top of the line. And yes you’d be involved in a “trillion dollar industry.”

    Bidding the highest to be the official drink of a sports team does not mean that the sports team wants to be associated with the product. It just means that those teams are smart enough to take MonaVie’s money. If MonaVie wants to pay to sponsor this blog, they are willing to do that as well.

    Food Tech’s apple example is not a “theory” – it’s mathematics showing that an apple has an ORAC score 9 ounces of MonaVie. It directly refutes MonaVie’s claim that 4 ounces of fruit has the ORAC (antioxidant capacity) of 13 fruits. That proves a lot.

    The Men’s Journal tests show that there are better juices out there. Thus if you think MonaVie is good and shows a difference in antioxidant levels – imagine what the better, cheaper juices could do.

    It is true that MonaVie tested against placebos and it showed a difference in antioxidant levels. In that test the researchers also noticed that fruit would do the same. So please explain why people do not note “positive results” or “benefits” when they eat an orange. The placebo effect explains the any possible “positive results” that people are noting.

    The facts that you are talking about only tell half the story. I’m telling the other half. It’s becoming quite clear that your definition of objective is only what benefits MonaVie. It also doesn’t seem like you really know what facts are. When presented with a fact such as a single apple having as much antioxidant power (measured by ORAC score) of $16.20 of MonaVie (9 ounces at a $1.80 retail price) you call it Food Tech’s Apple “Theory.” The objective testing that Men’s Journal did on juices “doesn’t prove much” to you, but the subjective “positive results” that people note have value to you.

    TommyTunes, you just aren’t using any kind of logic.

  32. TommyTunes28 Says:

    Finding a certain amount of distributors to run a business with you does take patience and persistence on your part. This business is simple but not easy it can be hard at times but overall if you have the right attitude you will succeed in finding the right people. Not all of your friends and family are going to ridicule you but some will and some will join you. Plenty of people have a huge network of people that they know and then they are introduced through those people and so on….

    Ten million new millionaires will be created between 2006-2016,
    and The Next Millionaires explains how you can become two of the strongest emerging markets our wellness and Network marketing………

    I couldn’t find the forbes list but it’s out there…….I will have to continue to look
    of them–especially if you are in direct selling, technology,
    home-based business, product distribution, or an emerging
    trillion-dollar industry like wellness.

    Hey Scam if it’s so easy to create a beverage and make millions than make it happen? I’m sure with your code of ethics and with food tech to back you you could make a very nutritional beverage!! It’s so easy to do!!!

    The Men’s journal doesn’t list all the specific details of the juices just some and it’s one test who knows the true validity of the test……Also it was on one bottle of the Monavie the active, it didn’t test the pulse or the M-Mun many more tests need to be revealed. In the meantime I will take my Uncle’s word for it when he tells me he feels good but wait can’t make any claims here so I won’t state them but if he if I just say he feels good than it’s a placebo right? But again how is it a placebo if it was tested against placebo’s? Obviously the antioxidant levels are rising making people feel better….Your placebo arguement means nothing.

    As far as FoodTech’s theory why is he the only one coming out and stating this? Why aren’t other scientists stating this as well? Maybe it’s because what is is stating is just one little part of the test but it doesn’t reveal everything that is conatained in Monavie and what Monavie can do for your body?

    Also what do you make of this? This is the Acai that is being put in the Monavie bottles………….

  33. Vogel Says:

    Tommy, before I delve into addressing the fluff you posted, I would like you to answer one question. If Monavie is, in your opinion, such a good product and a good company to distribute for, then why do you not comply with company-mandated policy that requires you to post your name and distributor ID#. I find it very telling that distributors are quick to make unsupportable claims but are too embarassed to take responsibility for them. You are advertising for the product and the company and yet you are purposely violating your contract by not following procedure. That makes you a rogue distributor, and one who would have to be deemed unreliable.

  34. Food Tech in CA Says:

    TTunes, don’t tune us out. Again, it’s not a theory. It’s simple comparison of numbers.

    Give it a try. go to This is AIBMR’s study on MonaVie Active. Refer to page 8329 Table #1. Find the ORAC values (combine the two). It equals 22.81 umoles/ml. (total ORAC)

    Now go to This is the USDA ORAC Table of Selected Foods.

    Select an item to compare against MonaVie. Look for total ORAC. Values are usually per 100 gms., so divide by 100 to find umoles/gm.

    As for what’s contained in MonaVie, unless you produce an analysis or study, we’ll have to consider the question unremarkable. I can pose the same question to you about untested toxins found in MonaVie.

    The acai powder that you referenced is well known here. There is no evidence that any useful level is added to the product. Consider that the acai powder is reported to have an ORAC of 1,027 umoles/gm. However, the finished product only has an ORAC of 22.81 umoles/ml. Using simple math, tell us how much the powder has been diluted.

    Throwing an orange into a swimming pool won’t make it orange juice.

  35. Vogel Says:

    Tommy, it doesn’t take one long to realize that you are not interested in facts, but since you chose to launch a personal campaign of deception and misinformation, I will, for everyone else’s benefit, reiterate some of the key facts that we have been discussing on this forum. These facts have nothing to do with trivia like Sumner Redstone, Ernst & Young awards, or sponsorship of race cars and sport teams — these are the IMPORTANT facts.

    Product and Price Issues

    1. Monavie juice is made from low grade non-organic acai puree (approx 11%) purchased from non-exclusive bulk manufacturers in Brazil. We have proved this based on the shipping bills of lading for raw materials received by Monavie’s head office.

    2. The amount of acai in Monavie juice is not disclosed, which leaves people with no way to know how much acai they would be getting for the stratospherically high retail price of $39-$45 a bottle. The juice is not made from pure acai but rather is a concoction of various fruit juice concentrates, many of which are very mundane and cheap ingredients, like grape and apple juice concentrates. Thus, although it is advertised as “acai juice”, as near as we can tell, it is nothing more them acai-infused grape juice. At $4 a bottle, this detail might not matter so much; but at $39-$45 a bottle, it matters greatly.

    3. Product testing by Chromadex Labs (hired by Men’s Journal) and AIBMR (hired by Monavie) has collectively demonstrated that Monavie contains low levels of vitamin C, polyphenols, anthocyanins, and proanthocyanadins (confirmed by comparison with USDA data), and that it has a low ORAC score (22 units/mL) relative to other common foods. The bottle label gives no indication that Monavie is a good source of any nutrient other than vitamin C. Lastly, it contains negligible amounts of fiber, which is responsible for many of the health benefits of fruit.

    4. Monavie contains sodium benzoate, a particularly unpopular preservative that has received negative attention in the media and is being widely phased out in beverage manufacturing. No other juice products use it. Neither should Monavie, but because of the long lag time required for distributors to unload their high-priced stockpiled inventory on a non-receptive market, the preservative is necessary to keep the juice from rotting. Adding this preservative, however, negates all claims about the product being “natural” or “wild-crafted”.

    5. Other acai products (e.g., Sambazon) contain higher-quality organic acai and sell for much less than Monavie. Other non-acai based fruit juices (e.g. Welch’s grape juice) offer AT LEAST comparable nutrition and more antioxidants but sell for about 1/25 the price of Monavie. Neither of these other types of products contain sodium benzoate. Fresh fruit (clearly the preferable option over a synthetic processed juice) is more nutritious than Monavie and sells for a fraction of the cost. Monavie has no demonstrable benefits over any of these far less costly alternatives.

    6. Ingredients in Monavie, such as glucosamine, plant sterols, and beta-glucans, that are being widely touted by distributors, are in fact commonplace, inexpensive, and easy to obtain elsewhere.

    7. Monavie was recently implicated as the cause of fetal abnormalities in a published medical case report, and in another review article, it was indicated that Monavie can cause complications during therapy with anticoagulant medications, which is very common among the elderly.

    Business Opportunity Issues

    1. The IDS clearly shows that Monavie is a losing proposition for the vast majority (more than 90%) of distributors. It shows that most do not even earn even minimum wage and yet it does not even reflect the cash outlay for inventory (juice purchases), sales tools, or “training” events. If these are factored in, it can be inferred that most distributors probably lose money.

    2. Despite the low payouts and widespread losses, the original founding members of the organization (the executive Black Diamonds, many of whom came over with their networks from other MLMs) are reaping massive profits, apparently fueled to a large extent by sales tools revenue rather than juice commissions.

    3. Fresh unopened cases of juice can be purchased for LESS than wholesale price on E-Bay from buyers who have excellent reputation ratings. This alone negates the viability of the business model for distributors. It remains unclear whether these sales represent distributors leaving the business and selling unsold inventory, distributors who are selling the juice at cost to remain eligible to receive commissions and bonuses, or product being shipped out the back door by the company or its executive distributors.

    Issues With the Company

    1. The most notable element of Monavie advertising is the use of illegal claims that Monavie can cure, treat, prevent, or mitigate the symptoms of diseases. The number of examples are too numerous and striking for the company to continue to claim that they are not responsible for these claims. We have seen numerous examples of high-level company executives and executive distributors who have openly encouraged the use of disease treatment claims.

    Notable examples include videos of Brig Hart soliciting testimonials of miraculous cures from distributors, and Ralph Carson encouraging similar testimonials from distributors at the Indy 2010 meeting, and audio recordings from late-2005 in which Dallin Larsen touted Monavie as an arthritis remedy.

    But the most egregious example of all is the video in which Black Diamond executive Jason Lyons appeared at a recruitment/sales pitch meeting accompanied by Lou (Louis B.) Niles, who, although dressed in surgical scrubs and claiming to be a cancer specialist, is in fact not a doctor and had previously been court-martialed and jailed for numerous offenses including rape and perjury. The video, in which Niles promotes Monavie as a treatment for cancer, has since been widely used by distributors to promote Monavie, and both Lyons and Niles have remained active distributors.

    2. Shortly before founding Monavie, CEO Dallin Larsen was the VP of sales and marketing for Royal Tongan Limu juice (Dynamic Essentials). His efforts were responsible for the MLM company: (a) being shut down by the FDA, (b) having millions of dollars worth of inventory destroyed in a landfill pit, and (c) triggering a multi-million dollar class action settlement. Distributors were left high and dry when all of this took place — no product, no company, no job — despite all of the time, effort, and money they expended based on Dallin Larsen’s promise that RTL would be bigger than Microsoft (the same claim that they are now making about Monavie).

    3. Monavie and executive distributor Kevin Vokes were cited by the FDA for numerous violations pertaining to the illegal adverting of Monavie as a disease remedy/treatment.

    4. The company puts an inordinate focus on recruitment rather than retail sales, which raises the red flag that Monavie is in fact a thinly-disguised product-based pyramid scheme. Distributors loathe reciting the true retail price of Monavie and instead claim that the juice can be had for more cheaply or for “free” if one were to become a distributor — this is further evidence that the intent is not to retail the juice but rather to push people into becoming distributors.

    5. The company operates a “charity” (MORE Project) from its corporate HQ. It is run by the CEO’s sister-in-law. Despite the fact that it has existed since 2006, no financial data have been released to the public and the organization’s IRS990 form has not been released (and may never have been filed with the IRS). Thus MORE has solicits donations without the usual oversight that reputable charities operate with. The organization is funded by the distributors who are encouraged to have monthly donations automatically deducted from their commission checks. In contrast with the company’s claim that they are “helping to give back” to the Brazilians, mainstream media reports indicate that companies like Monavie are helping to drive up the price of acai in Brazil so that the people who depend upon it as a dietary staple, can no longer afford it.

    6. The company has invoked so called “experts” who upon closer inspection, have very dubious credentials. Examples include Alexander Schauss and Ralph Carson, who list PhDs in their resumes that were in fact obtained from mail order diploma mills (California Coast University and Donsbach University, respectively). Distributor Jose Allongo (founder of the Monavie advisory board) was hailed in Monavie advertising as “physician of the year”; a title which in fact Allongo purchased by making a $5,000 donation to the Republican National Campaign Committee.

    7. In addition to Lou Niles, Monavie has also employed other high-profile felons. Executive distributor Phil Driscoll served prison time for tax evasion and bilking funds from his “charitable” Christian ministry (Mighty Horn Ministries). New distributor Kevin Trudeau served prison time and has faced numerous convictions for illegally advertising his line of dietary supplements as wonder cures. Monavie was even in the center of a political scandal involving the Finance Minister of the Bahamas who illegally tried to reduce the import tax rate on Monavie to benefit his sister, a Monavie distributor.

    8. In the past year, the Better Business Bureau has rated the Monavie company at “F” to “D-minus”. The BBB is a widely respected consumer protection agency, and their extremely low ratings of Monavie serve as a clear warning.

    9. Monavie was recently sued by Oprah Winfrey and Dr. Mehmet Oz for fraudulently using their names/likenesses in Monavie advertising. Monavie was previously sued by Imagenetix for falsely claiming that Monavie contained Celadrin.

    If anyone doubts the veracity of the details, I can repost the supporting references, which we have already discussed in great detail. If anyone is thinking of attempting a rebuttal to my post, I advise that they research the facts carefully before commenting, because we have done so already and we have systematically dismantled the usual pitiful excuses that have been presented by distributors to date. Make sure to not repeat their mistakes. Notice that there is no hatred in the details I presented; I am not pitching a product; I am not a competitor; I am not criticizing MLM in general; I am not a failed distributor; I am not envious — these are the typical ludicrous and feeble arguments raised by distributors to avert attention from the facts. I am merely presenting facts about Monavie that we have uncovered through our diligent research.

    The weight of the evidence against Monavie is crushing. No right-minded individual could ignore it or conclude that Monavie is anything other than a blatant and atrocious health fraud pyramid scam. Those who might attempt to discredit this information, or me personally, simply have no basis for doing so other than to protect their own selfish financial interests. Any revenue made from selling Monavie is blood money — made at the expense of cheated consumers, defrauded medical patients, and poisoned fetuses.

  36. TommyTunes28 Says:

    Wow Vogel you just wasted all your time on that?

    Pretty pathetic………..

    Fact is you have no clue where Monavie’s Acai comes from you found nothin with truly substantial evidence you can google things allday it ain’t fact.

    Everything you stated means little and is not significant at all. Some things you said are baseless some are true but are not important at all. I will address all of this later as you are are really a loser………

  37. Vogel Says:

    OK juice whore. I’ll be looking out for your rebuttal. We’ll all be amazed if you can tell us anything about Monavie that didn’t come straight off a brochure. Don’t forget to post you distributor ID number.

  38. Food Tech in CA Says:

    So, the best response from TTune is “it ain’t fact” and “you are really a loser.”

    I think Mr. Tune brought a squirt gun to a forest fire. He clearly is in way over his head.

    If he has any rebuttal at all, it’ll be some cut and paste from a MonaVie propaganda sheet.

  39. Candace Says:

    Vogel, That was brilliant. If one can read what you’ve just written and still believe that MonaVie is a good business opportunity, a healthy product, or a good value for their money, they have simply chosen to ignore the truth and be misled.
    Thank you.

  40. Mike Says:


    To the general public. At the end of the day from my conclusion Juice Scam is working for a competitor. It is stated in his about me page. Do not shoot the messenger.

    Here is what he is doing with his website beside and his sidekick – teaming up to respond to an email. I am merely doing what you he is doing here which is cutting and pasting his ABOUT ME Page and nick picking his intend which is what he is doing in general.

    About Me

    Many MonaVie distributors, preferred customers, or supporters in general come to this site making assumptions about me. So rather than tell you about me, I thought enumerate and dispel the most popular erroneous assumptions:

    * I am a Negative Person – Nothing could be further from the truth. I’m quite positive. MonaVie supporters often don’t realize that spending $45 for a bottle of juice is outrageously expensive and it hurts the consumer’s chance for financial freedom. In a tough economy such as this one, I believe most people have better things to do with $5000 a year (cost for a family of four) than buy this juice. In addition to that, I want to clear up the misconceptions that MonaVie Distributors are spreading around the web. Consider me like Consumer Reports magazine, looking out the people’s best interests.

    We live in America and it is everyone choice if they want to spend their money on junk. You are NOT Consumer Reports and you never will be because you are:

    a) NOT revealing who you are except that you build website.
    b) Had never pick apart any other products besides this one. If you have please lists all related website and most importantly your CREDENTIALS.

    I think CREDENTIAL IS VERY IMPORTANT here don’t you think? Since you build website that talked about other inferior products. I want to make sure that we are not reading a post from a high school kid that is being paid by a competitor.:)

    How about products that is made in CHINA? Now that is a WHOPPER if you ask me. Hmmm where do we start since their product is still out there in many stores and you are not even talking about it? Shame shame shame.

    How about the DRYWALL that was shipped over during the housing boom? If my research is correct some of them are still slipping in from the west coast which I might add – IS MAKING THE HOME UN LIVEABLE and WORTHLESS.

    c) I am again questioning your motive here AGAIN. Wall Street is still scamming people everyday but yet I do not see you tailing or talking about GOLDMAN SACHS for the huge debacle in our nation housing crisis and the homeless people that they have since put out onto the streets.

    Toyota finally admitted their mistakes after the DOT finds out that they knew about their brakes issues way before they were caught. They have since killed INNOCENT people driving their car. Oh really – killing INNOCENT people is OK when you knew about it earlier on so you can saved monies on the recall.

    c) Is a Mercedes Benz worth its price for taking you from point A to point B? If not buy a Hyundai. Simple.

    By the way just in case you do NOT know this – Hyundai is getting better with their quality and it is price reasonably well. Simple.

    Or an IPHONE? Is it worth the price for making a phone call? Again it is a matter of CHOICE AND THE RIGHT OF EACH INDIVIDUAL, PERIOD.

    I am not going to go there with you in relation to other products and that is the reason why I put in etc… SINCE YOU HAVE SOOO MUCH TIME ON YOUR HANDS TALKING ABOUT MONAVIE YOU CAN ALSO DO THE REST FOR US HERE IN THIS FORUM.:)

    * I am Unhappy – On the contrary, I’m quite happy. I love what I do. Most of the people reading this have not met me to make that judgment.

    I will take a pass on meeting you. AGAIN you are merely cutting and pasting information from other website and merely pointing out comparison. You and your side kick added commentary and compare published docs, which is rather weak without any in depth research.

    Spend some money and take it to 3 independent research labs and publish the report here. Now that is what I called research. Again please do not publish passed article. We the audience voted you to be the man. You will need new ones. OK.

    On the other hand Consumer Report has their hands on a product. They TEST each product and then write about their pros and cons about them. Not you.

    To me Consumer Report is FAIR and BALANCE. They do not build a website and cut and paste what others editors write from each different magazines or websites.

    So please do not compare yourself to Consumer Report. You do not have the manpower, research, or the money to do it.

    Oh I forgot you build website like GODADDY who does a better job for less and a much better job at that. Why not write about how they create a better mousetrap then you buying and borrowing codes on the WWW and you losing your ass every month hoping that they go out of business.

    By the way did you know that YAHOO as a business website application for $9.99?

    * I am a Failed MonaVie Distributor – I’ve never been a MonaVie Distributor or involved with MonaVie’s organization in any way.

    Now which IS IT?

    A FAILED Monavie distributor or never been involved? Do not blame the messenger here.

    * I work for a Competitor – I create websites, mostly focused on educating consumers on how to get the most for their money.


    Mostly focused on educating consumers on how to get the most for their money.


    You might want to join GO DADDY or YAHOO. You might do better there since your research is pretty much cut and paste info and you can have a monthly steady income and stock options THERE.

    I do not participate in any MLM businesses nor do I have anything to do with juice sales.

    You can usually tell when someone is on the losing side of the argument when he/she resorts to attacks of the messenger (me). This is a classic debate tactic called Ad Hominem, which is Latin for “argument against the person.” Wikipedia gives an example:

    “An ad hominem argument has the basic form:

    Person 1 makes claim X
    There is something objectionable about Person 1
    Therefore claim X is false”

    Thus just because I make a claim and you find something about objectionable it does NOT mean that my claim is false. One should be wise to not shoot the messenger.

    You have tried to add some Latin language to your blog here but let’s try this:

    Falsum in uno, falsum in omnibus which is “false in one thing, false in everything” against the person

    This Latin phrase means “false in one thing, false in everything”, and it is often used to label someone found to be wrong on one issue to also be wrong with regard to other issues.[4]

    This is a logical FALLACY because being found incompetent in one respect does not imply that one is incompetent in all other respects.

    This is an example of an ad hominem argument and a special case of the association fallacy.

    The last thing that I’d like to address is why I’m anonymous. I don’t think my name or qualifications are relevant to the information on this site. I back up my facts with sources liberally, so you don’t have to take my word for anything. Just about anything that you see that doesn’t have a source referenced is because it’s common sense. For instance when someone says that acai has the protein profile of an egg, I point out the fallacy of the logic… since MonaVie has 0 grams of protein per serving. You don’t need to be a protein expert to know that if the final product has no protein, the protein profile of one of the ingredients is of little value.

    I agreed with you on the protein part. Again I referred to – Falsum in uno, falsum in omnibus. That does not mean that they are wrong in the others. Got it?

    Again if you are a competitor I believe FULL DISCLOSURE and A LEVEL PLAYING FIELD is the most important here. You will need to clarify who you are working for and that is how we create a PLATFORM for FAIRNESS and BALANCE DEBATE and we can then discuss your product that you represent as well.

    By the way I am creating a website from Yahoo for $9.99 including having numerous of my sidekick to response to you. I hope you submit my comment here because I want the people that read your blog that you are nothing but a COMPETITOR AT THE END OF THE DAY FROM YOUR ABOUT ME PAGE.

  41. Food Tech in CA Says:

    Pete Moss, how have you been? There’s no one who can write an entire page and say absolutely nothing, except Pete.

    Did you have a point? Are you saying that Lazyman is a bully, and is picking on MonaVie?

    That’s really too bad. Deal with it.

    As for your suggestion about three studies on MonaVie, that’s already been done. AIBMR, Men’s Journal, and the one that I financed.

    However, when I posted the results from my study, it was you who called Chromadex and threatened to sue them.

    If you feel so strongly about all of the other issues that you’ve mentioned, I suggest starting your own blog. Make it pro-MonaVie, anti-Toyota. Whatever you want. Just stop crying.

  42. Candace Says:

    From the incoherent ramblings Mike just made, one can only assume he’s “taken” too many “doses” of his faux super juice.
    Mike is truly jacked on the juice!!!

  43. MonaVie Scam Says:


    I cleaned up your comment a bit. It will help me address your concerns and allow others to read what you are saying easier.

    Credentials – They are only important to you. This website is for those looking for more information before making a buying decision on MonaVie. That’s why I say that Vogel is a space octopus from the plant Kelmar. I could be the absolute most evil person in the world and it wouldn’t impact any of the information in any of the articles. The messenger does not impact the message if the message is based on objective analysis as I do. My hope is that the people making the buying decisions are intelligent enough to realize this. I believe that credentials are only important to Mike, so that he can attack me (as he does in the rest of the email) and draw attention away from the product.

    Consumer Reports – I did not compare myself to them. I said that you should think of me as looking out for people’s best interests as they do.

    China, Drywall, Wall Street, Toyota, Mercedes, iPhone, etc. – I don’t see what any of these products have to do with MonaVie. The person coming to this website is here to learn about MonaVie, not any of those topics. Some of the arguments made by Mike here are just too off-base to even address. For instance, people don’t buy iPhones only to make phone calls. It seems that Mike just wants to deflect attention from MonaVie rather than refute any of the information in the site.

    Testing the Product – This has already been done three times, as Food Tech mentioned and each time it’s back looking bad for MonaVie. I don’t know why Mike is asking for new tests when we have no information that the product or the testing procedures have changed since the last tests. Even if MonaVie did change their product, the tests prove the fundamental point that MonaVie was selling juice that wasn’t nutritious for years. Why would we trust a new version?

    GoDaddy / Yahoo – If GoDaddy goes out of business this website will still be fine. Mike, has demonstrated a fundamental lack of knowledge on how the Internet works. I did know that Yahoo has a business website application for $9.99. A Blogger account from Google is free.

    Failed Distributor and being a Competitor – Please note that those were a list of bullets of “most popular erroneous assumptions.” So it seems like you failed at reading. So your big “a-ha” moment kind of fails there, doesn’t it?

    Falsum in uno, falsum in omnibus – I have no clue the argument you are trying to make here. I agree that false in one thing doesn’t make them false in everything. I never implied that because they wrong about the protein part, they are wrong in other areas. However, if the salesman (a MonaVie Distributor) makes this common mistake as we’ve seen many times before one of two conclusions can be made:
    1) Either they don’t know the product well enough… in which case they shouldn’t be selling it.
    2) They are purposely trying to confuse the customer into making a purchase by using facts irrelevant to the product.

    Either one of the above reflects very badly on MonaVie’s company and it’s product.

  44. John C. Says:

    Hahahahaha! Reading the distributors’ comments really entertain me! Thank god there will always be stupid people in this world. It would be very boring indeed if everyone had a brain.

    And, thanks for a great site. Keep up the good work. You can’t save them all though (probably the same thoughts from the other side.)

  45. Rasheed Says:

    LOL wow Mike’s comment really made my day.

    I can’t believe he thought the “erroneous claims” list was “ALL THESE CLAIMS WERE TRUE”

    I guess his reading comprehension just kinda sucks.

  46. Ryan Says:


    In post #2 you mentioned Dallon Larsen? Isn’t his name spelled Dallin? Probably not a good idea to misspell your CEO’s name.

    MonaVie “may” cure cancer or other ailments, but obviously it doesn’t cure stupid.

  47. Concerned Says:

    I’ve been spending lots of time reading this, and I definitely have to chime in before finishing reading all posts – so I apologize if I repeat something.

    My motivation to check out MonaVie is because some friends have been letting the company run their lives. They have “new” friends that they spend more time with. New friends that they are going to get rich with together. They are all putting in the hard work now because it’s almost as if their future success is guaranteed. They post self-motivation notes and create vision boards that run their lives. I am all for self-motivation, but I create realistic goals. I know that I won’t become a millionaire without hard work.

    Now, the juice may or may not be good. Personally, I think it’s overpriced. However, if I want to feel good, I will put in the hard work – exercise, eat healthy, take a vitamin, etc. The primary concern is the fact that they canceled plans we had this weekend. Instead of joining us for an annual event, that is held the same time every year, they canceled to go to their motivation meeting instead.

    It hurts me to watch them work full time jobs and then spend their money based on a “promise” of getting rich, when I don’t ever see it happening. Therefore, I support sites like this that will hopefully undo what MonaVie has done to them before they fall out of my life forever.

  48. Concerned Says:

    People think Lemmings kill themselves because of Walt Disney. Lemmings do nothing of the sort.

    It just goes to show that the masses can easily influenced.

    MonaVie = Disney?
    Distributors = Lemmings?

    Just saying…

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