Skeptoid Agrees with JuiceScam about MonaVie


I came across this article on Skeptoid related to MonaVie.The article makes many of the same points that have been made here in the past. Some of those include:

  • Much like how McDonalds is in the real estate business and not necessarily the burger business, MonaVie is in the MLM business and not the juice business. This is an especially appropriate analogy since Robert Kiyosaki, often mentioned in MLM circles, said that about McDonalds in his Rich Dad, Poor Dad book. As to how this applies to MLM, Skeptoid says “their product, like the Big Mac, is secondary to their business model.” This is a common theme this own site, and we see time and time again, that MonaVie refuses to stand by its product and it put on store shelves.
  • He then goes into the value of the juices themselves and their antioxidant claims. He makes note that these juices, “better [contain significant antioxidants], because they base their entire marketing campaign around this claim specifically.” He then goes on to cite a third party that tested many juices and compared them to simple fruits like apples and oranges. Though that third party, did not test MonaVie for ORAC scores, we have the information available via MonaVie vs. an Apple.
  • The article makes a great point that the juice of fruit is not the same as the fruit itself. This is why MonaVie marketing often discusses the antioxidants in acai… to draw attention away from the lack of antioxidants in the juice itself.
  • This quote was particularly spot on, “Superfruit juices may be good sources of antioxidants compared to, say, spaghetti or a cheeseburger; but if you want antioxidants, you’ll get far more of them for about 1/100th the price by simply eating common fruit from the supermarket.” This is a repeated point from this article.
  • Skeptoid brings up another great point, “There’s one final concern that critical minds should have with these superfruit juices, and with those who recommend them; and that’s the conflict of interest inherent in a multi-level marketing scheme… Each of them earns income on these sales through a multi-level marketing pyramid… Superfruit juices are a business model first; a salable product second; and a well-evidenced health product a distant third.”
  • Skeptoid also says, “If you’re truly curious about superfruit juices and want the truth, ask a source who has no financial interest in the product.” That is this website. While I do have advertising here to earn a little money, I ask for no money from readers. I do not encourage people to buy the product.
  • Skeptoid makes a final point about how distributors tend to go to the “this commentary is supported by Big Pharma”, and soundly debunks why that thinking is greatly flawed.

Give the article a read here.

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One Response to “Skeptoid Agrees with JuiceScam about MonaVie”
  1. Mackwiz Says:

    The biggest problem is that there is all this snake oil and lots of people ready to buy into it, because their desire to believe the claims overrides their facilities of reason and critical thinking. Who doesn’t want all their problems to be solved, their injuries and ailments healed, and their lives free of traditional work? What a siren’s song…

    As someone said here before, MonaVie is also in the business of selling false dreams. The business model is merely the stepping block for the grandiose utopia they put in people’s heads “if only you get into MonaVie and TEAM fervently”…

    I went to a MonaVie meeting. The whole thing is designed to get you to think that MonaVie is a way out of working a 9 to 5 job. It portrays people working these jobs as “time slaves” and suckers, and offers MonaVie as the utopian alternative, complete with pictures of black diamonds on jet skis, lounging in mansions, and traveling around the world, thanks to MonaVie.

    It is a sham, a purposeful lie, carefully concocted as a Royal Tongan Limu v2.0 by Dallin Larsen, to scam so many people out of their money “distributing” juice (to themselves) in a ridiculous two-pyramid system (TEAM tools and juice).

    Thus I am not surprised that Skeptoid has taken a similar stance as this website.

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