Orrin Woodward and TEAM’s Trunks of Tools


As Candace pointed on out on my other website, Lazy Man and Money, Orrin Woodward is selling a set of MonaVie sales tools for the enormous price of $1000. A lot of distributors have told me that getting into the MonaVie business is cheap… then they turn around and tell you to buy this expensive set of tools. However, the $1000 trunk of tools is just the start… there’s a $2000 trunk of tools too.

One thing that I found interesting is that you don’t even get the trunk that’s in the picture. Why call it a trunk of tools and put a picture of a trunk, if there’s no trunk? It’s marketing designed to confuse the buyer. It would have been a lot more accurate to just take a picture of the tools themselves.

If TEAM wasn’t trying to steal your money with it’s trunk trick, Amthrax has shown that the trunks are a waste of money. Many would agree that the sales tools are a waste of money, but he points out that you can buy all the items in the trunks for less than the bundled package. Who has heard of paying more for buying a bulk package? If I buy in bulk, I expect to get a discount, not a surcharge.

Clearly anyone who is buying these trunks are not making a wise purchasing decision… and the seller looks bad by trying to pull a fast one on his customers.

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  1. Anonymous Aussie Says:

    Exactly!! It’s absolutely absurd to suggest that the motivational tools peddled as part of the MLM scam, which was accurately described by Forbes as being the pyramid within the pyramid, are designed to do anything BUT keep people motivated in pursuing the MLM opportunity, in which distributors for 99% of the time are LOSING money.

    Chrissy, surely if you take a step back you’d see that the motivation behind the tools isn’t to improve your quality of life and encourage you to focus on the meaningful things in your life – it’s to motivate you to continue pursuing the opportunity, keep you focused on the prize (being the promises of financial reward) and divert your attention from the fact that you’re not only losing, but also exploiting relationships in pursuit of the opportunity.

    Orrin Woodward and TEAM are pyramid hustlers, they’re not in the business of making money from bona-fide customers, but rather have clued onto the fact that it’s far more lucrative to sell the mirage of time and financial freedom (which is promoted as being the ticket to all happiness) to distributors pursuing the opportunity such as yourself. The MLM products are merely the guise under which they can continue operating their scam.

  2. Chrissy Kulp Says:

    @Scammed By MLM Pros:
    I HAD no house of worship. Being in the group, who PRAYED before a meeting (what a brainwashing idea!) made me uncomfortable, until I allowed the THOUGHT back in my head and heart that I was in the right place. We have prayers, religious Sunday worships. Yes, too right wing for me, too political sometimes, BUT, I get what I need. Direction, association. I AM in counseling, for a childhood of horrors. Guess what! This group of friends I have w/TMV is more faithful than any I had all my long life. Guess we’re just a group getting scammed together. Or rich. Yep, I’ll choose rich. In faith, finance, friendship. The list goes on. You are welcome to join. http://www.the-team.biz/mv1037784

    @Anonymous Aussie: You can’t tell me Orrin is a pyramid hustler. I have met him too many times. The “mirage of time and ff” is not only possible, it is being accomplished by so many that I am working with. It’s totally up to the person and how they want to work. Orrin and Chris have a SYSTEM, just like McDonald’s. Do you like MikkyD’s? Do you go there? I don’t like it, but I go there when it is more convenient that other places. Orrin and Chris are not operating a scam, BUT EVEN IF THEY WERE, too many people are benefiting from it to be negative.
    You all want to hear of a scam? The higher educational system in America today. Putting my daughter in college for 4 years: $78,000. Watching my son fail 3 times: $15,000. But my husband is still in education, my whole family either taught elementary, high school or college. Will I stop my daughter from the scam of college, to be a high school English teacher? NO, it’s her dream, and she’ll do it well. And she’ll drink the juice and energy drink the whole time, as her knees click when she doesn’t drink the juice. There’s some proof for you.
    @Mackwiz: MonaVie is getting medically approved and the PULSE is already approved by the FDA. Mmun is following suit. Pay close attention in the months to come! My cholesterol has lowered on Pulse, I won’t have to take medication. Of course, the Rx may be a BIT cheaper, but look at the side effects. Now the side effects of a synergistically blended variety of juices: health. What a concept.
    Night all, you’re missing a great opportunity.

  3. Mackwiz Says:

    What exactly do you mean by ‘medically approved by the FDA’? As far as I know, MonaVie is covered as a supplement, not a medicine. Can you point me to some evidence to back that claim up? I did a google search on “monavie fda approved” and nothing came up other than statements that MonaVie is NOT approved by the FDA for any medical purposes.

    If you look at your own IDS from 2009 (why are there no new updates?) you will see that very few people actually benefit from it in monetary terms. As a matter of fact, the way MonaVie is set up, more people MUST fail in order for the people on top to succeed.


    The American educational system cost is a red-herring. Usually distributors bring up Big Pharm conspiracy theories… We are talking MonaVie here; the debate over college tuition is far removed from what we are discussing.

    “her knees click when she doesn’t drink the juice. There’s some proof for you.”

    I would be careful with a statement like that. Per your distributor contract you are prohibited from making medical claims, in other words, you can’t say MonaVie cures ailments. It’s in your contract. Also, you are supposed to post your distributor ID when engaging in public internet discussion about MonaVie. If MonaVie is as great as you say it is, you should as least follow the rules you agreed to in a signed contract.

  4. Scammed By MLM Pros Says:

    Chrissy, Good Luck to you. I guess Orrin is your new Messiah and God bless you for that. Go in the direction of “Your” lord and keep buying those tapes books and going to those seminars and conventions.

    BTW, I had only met Orrin in person a couple of times but heard him speak COUNTLESS times. Since you find this 10.5 years as so wonderful, you would not even know if when you met Orrin, his hand was pulling cash from yoru pocket. Don Storms is also a very powerful personality. Seemed loving, religious, caring and he turned out to be a pyramid hustler as his son is in MonaVie. He even hussled millions out of those he trusted with a Ponzi scheme and had to take millions away from a college library that were proceeds from that scam.
    Good Luck to you and keep thinking it is FDA approved. That is EXACTLY how brainwashed you are Chrissy. They say it, so it MUST be true.
    It is so funny reading your posts. It is just as though I was at a Quixtar Meeting, or Melaluca meeting or Excel Meeting. The rhetoric is cross-system and fits all of the MLM scam platforms. You can still get out. One day you will and will shake your head because you believed their “spiel” for so long.

  5. Vogel Says:

    Chrissy Kulp said: “Guess what! This group of friends I have w/TMV is more faithful than any I had all my long life. Guess we’re just a group getting scammed together. Or rich. Yep, I’ll choose rich. In faith, finance, friendship. The list goes on. You are welcome to join. http://www.the-team.biz/mv1037784

    So sad! Guess what…they aren’t your friends at all. If you weren’t helping to flog the purple piss and pouring money into the pyramid, they’d drop you like a hot potato–guaranteed. And why am I so convinced that you aren’t getting rich at all? So how much money have you poured down the toilet so far?

    Chrissy said: “You can’t tell me Orrin is a pyramid hustler.”

    OK, then I’ll tell you. He’s a hustler!

    Chrissy said: “You all want to hear of a scam? The higher educational system in America today. Putting my daughter in college for 4 years: $78,000. Watching my son fail 3 times: $15,000.”

    Yeah, I’d be pissed too if my son failed 3 times and it cost me 15K, but that’s hardly the fault of the higher education system. And 78 K ain’t bad for 4 years. A really good college costs a lot more than that. But what kind of parent dismisses higher education? That’s the dream of hard working families across the country – to send their kids to college. Oh well; at least you’ll have someone in the passenger seat with you so you can take the car pool lane on that long drive to the next TEAM meeting at the Super 8.

    Chrissy said: “Will I stop my daughter from the scam of college, to be a high school English teacher? NO, it’s her dream, and she’ll do it well. And she’ll drink the juice and energy drink the whole time, as her knees click when she doesn’t drink the juice. There’s some proof for you.”

    Wow. That’s some proof. I can just hear her knees not clicking now. Pfft! ROFL!

    Chrissy said: “MonaVie is getting medically approved and the PULSE is already approved by the FDA.”

    Uh, no–It’s not. You were lied to. Keep dreaming though (but stop repeating the lie–it could get you in trouble)

    Chrissy said: “Mmun is following suit. Pay close attention in the months to come! My cholesterol has lowered on Pulse, I won’t have to take medication. Of course, the Rx may be a BIT cheaper, but look at the side effects.”

    I stopped feeling sorry you the very second you made the false claim about the FDA and illegally tried to hawk your crap clown juice as a replacement for medicine. Stow the BS please.

  6. Amthrax Says:


    I cross-posted this to my blog.

    Chrissy said: “You all want to hear of a scam? The higher educational system in America today. Putting my daughter in college for 4 years: $78,000. Watching my son fail 3 times: $15,000.”

    Chrissy – where are you getting this information that college is a scam? It couldn’t be from your TEAM Leaders, could it???

    Well, Orrin himself proudly states in the very first paragraph of one of his many websites:

    Orrin has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Manufacturing Systems Engineering from GMI and Business Administration training from the University of Michigan.

    First thing out of the Supreme Leader website is a line touting his educational credentials. Why is that?

    Okay, if it’s not Orrin talking smack about college, how about his rascal brother-in-arms, Chris Brady? Well, in the very first paragraph on his website, Chris says:

    Education: Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Kettering University (formerly GMI Engineering & Management Institute)
    Master of Science in Manufacturing Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University, General Motors Fellowship, Master Thesis at Toyohashi University, Toyohashi, Japan.

    That’s a lot of education and fellowships that Chris has entered. If it’s not Chris nor Orrin, who is tell you that education is bad? If it is indeed Orrin saying all of this, why do they emphasize their own education credentials on their websites???

    Here’s the truth. TEAM wants you to pay for its own for-profit “educational” system. I put educational in quotes because the TEAM System is not accredited by any third-party national or regional organization.

    TEAM would like you to think that it’s providing you a better education than in a college, but is it? If you leave TEAM, do you get a diploma that you can show at your next interview? No, your prospective employer will laugh at you for saying TEAM is valid education. You can’t even leave TEAM without members calling you a loser for quitting! So, you’re doubly screwed!

    What is the cost of a TEAM Education? As MLM Punisher pointed out, it was $500 every month for him. If you were a couple building this business together, that figure will be more? Four years of TEAM is $24,000. Okay, that might be one year at a good college, but what do you get out of it? After four years, are you a Diamond, or are you perpetually just getting started?”

    Finally, Orrin’s children are getting up there in years. Is his oldest in high school by now — ex-TEAM members please confirm. Are Orrin and Laurie planning to send their children to college? If they are, why? If college is such a dump, why are the children of the Supreme Leader going?

  7. Chrissy Kulp Says:

    @Amthrax I am actually composing this opinion in my own head from my experience. My grandmother taught kindergarten, my father (PhD) was a college prof, my mom (Masters) was a high school English teacher, my sisters were/are both in education, my husband is in university admin and I am a college drop out. My opinion comes from the current way I see education going. My daughter wanted to go one place then transfer. Credits won’t transfer for the same classes ($$$ for the institutions). My son, struggling, had no one notify anyone that he was failing…after all, he was 19. When he finally tried a ground campus, the fourth time, not one prof called to see why he was not in class. When my mother spent a bit of time filling in as a college teacher and her students no-showed, she was on the phone. She was the exceptional teacher. The SYSTEM of education now is not geared toward individual success.

    As for TEAM, including my Diamond, Jerry Harteis, I always hear them preface a comment on doing MLM without a college education, with a PRAISE for education. I am not against education, just the educational process out there right now for the money. The books that have been chosen for the TEAM monthly books have by and large been great, ones I would not have come across on my own, except Robert Kyosaki and Paul Zane Pilzer.

    What is your blog you cross posted to?

  8. MonaVie Scam Says:


    As for Pulse, I have a few articles on that.

  9. Scammed By MLM Pros Says:

    Harteis, Hart, Decker, Hamilton, Ried, Jakubenko….just a few of MonaVie’s Quixtar/Amway retreads. They move from MLM Tool business to another. Once they run their gig at MonaVie, it will be off to the next MLM tools business. It is All about the tools baby and Little about the product. Just ask Dexter Yager. Oh but the tools save marriages, help people to find the “truth”….LOLOL So ignorant and manipulated BY the “System”.

  10. humiliated Says:

    I know. I am reading Chrissy’s posts and it saddens me. People think that there is a quick fix to their financial/educational woes and their simply isn’t. That is what the king pins from MonaVie and TEAM count on is people like Chrissy. I just found out that someone who has been doing MV has just lost her house and business due to MV but is not giving up. She has been involved for over 3 years and is still not cluing in that she will NEVER be a millionaire, and will likely die penniless. But no one can tell her she will fail because that would make us losers and her a quitter.It really does break my heart.

    Chrissy, I wish that you would really sit down and look at what you are getting involved with a cool and logical head, otherwise you could ruin the lives of your entire family. Could you live with that?

    Read some of the information on this site regarding TEAM and the MonaVie. Read Amthrax’s blog. They will lead you to independant research that has been done on the type of business TEAM and MV are operating as well as the “products” you are selling. You owe yourself and your family this.

    I was involved with MV for 1.5 years and I but I don’t communicate with ANY of those people that are involved in MV. I do have a lot of other friends who stuck by me through my MV phase but I think if I would have staying in longer, I would have lost them too. They are not interested in you when you leave (for this I am quite happy, mind you) because you aren’t helping create income for them any longer.

    The “facts” that you are fed about MV (I am reading what you write and you don’t appear to question any of them…why not? you are questioning us?) are also just marketing ploys that are designed to make people believe that the product is superior, when it quite simply is just fruit juice.

    If you are having are finally dealing with trauma in your childhood, you are vulnerable right now and my heart does go out to you. Please, talk to your counsellor about TEAM and get his/her input. I understand that you are trying to make sense of your life right now and I applaud your efforts. I also understand that you are seeking spirituality in your life, which is a great thing, but there are much healthier and cheaper ways to achieve this. Spirituality and connecting to others should not cost you a dime. Think about it.

    You also sound as if you are somewhat bothered by their “right wing” views and I assure you that in TEAM, this only gets worse. They encourage women to stay home as we are not born leaders. We should pretty much be seen and not heard. Perhaps you believe in this doctrine but it doesn’t sound like it.

    Talk to your parents, talk to your counsellor, do some further research, I know that you will find your way. If not, good luck and all I can do is hope you don’t hurt too many other people financially/emotionally on your TEAM journey.

  11. Mackwiz Says:

    “Spirituality and connecting to others should not cost you a dime. Think about it.”

    Bingo! That one one sentence sums it all up. “faith, finance, friendship” is the false trinity TEAM and MV offers, but under that mask is only one thing: $$$

  12. humiliated Says:

    Thanks Mackwiz…I re-read my post and there are a few extra words that were unintended, I think I cut and pasted a little too much! Anyways, I hope everyone (particularly Chrissy) gets the gist of it!

  13. Erika Rozsa Atkinson Says:

    Responce to :Author: Scammed By MLM Pros
    Erika, If your post in any way relects the “Education”, then there is much more to say about that!
    You do not realize it yet, but very soon, you will come to the realization that the “Tools” are the business. You do not make the “Money” that Mr. Woodwards “God” claims you will make on selling juice or vitamins or magenets or any other type of product. The “Tools” are the business! Just ask his mentors Mr. Yager and Mr. Storm.
    Erika, let us know when you are ready to come back to reality and we can have an intelligent conversation.

    Dear Sir,
    Your bitter spirit and mean words are an indication that you think you know better than others. Of course I know the SYSTEM is the business that is why I joined TEAM. I was educated in Europe and grew up there and I am thankful to TEAM that they are brining education back to the households of North America. All the power to them. As for intelligent conversation with you. Please understand, not everyone thinks or agrees with you.
    Take care,

  14. Mackwiz Says:

    While I appreciate the humor in the whole “holier than thou” routine you are running, please get down to some evidence that supports your opinion and please tell us why we should go TEAM when the same advice is all over the place for free.

    I understand that someone walking in here for the first time may conclude we have “bitter spirit an mean words” but what you don’t understand is that we deal with drive-by-distributors who make the same claims and then disappear after we refute them almost every week.

    Sometimes it is appropriate to be angry. Were the people persecuting Bernie Madoff having “bitter spirits and mean words”?

    As far as hiding behind the internet goes, you do know that you are breaking the terms of your distributor contract by not posting your distributor ID here, right?


    Chrissy, I’m still waiting on your FDA approval evidence. Specifically, proof for this statement, “MonaVie is getting medically approved and the PULSE is already approved by the FDA”.

  15. MonaVie Scam Says:

    Erika, it seems that you don’t know that the “SYSTEM” requires that many people lose money. I don’t understand how you can support such a business that is clearly hurting others.

    And yes, “mean words” should be used for those who hurt others without apology.

    This isn’t a matter of whether someone agrees with someone else. It’s not a grey area where one can have an opinion that it isn’t the case. This is objectively proven through the article above and the analysis of the MonaVie income disclosure statement. To have the opinion that this isn’t the case is like having the opinion that automobiles don’t exist. It just doesn’t make any kind of logical sense.

  16. Scammed By MLM Pros Says:

    Erika, it is sad that you rely on the “system” to make all good. If you are having issues and problems in your life, why rely on businessmen who seek only to take money from you? Why look to untrained “MLM hoppers” who look right, walk right and say the right thing that you want to hear? You need professional help and I suggest you seek that sooner rather than later, as most people on this thing would agree. But if you “need” that system, I have hundreds of Quixtar tapes I can sell you that all say the same thing as your MonaVie system do. I will sell them to you at a very discounted price.

  17. Chrissy Kulp Says:

    @Mackwiz Just checked in and see your comment. Next time I find 10 minutes, I’ll post my backings.
    @humiliated Interesting name there. I learned that no one can humiliate another, we only humiliate ourselves. Thank you for your heartfelt words about my childhood; I do indeed have an excellent counselor, who IS helping me, as the one before this one did. This is not a new situation I am dealing with, I have been actively working on it since 1992. It’s one of those “the more you know, the more you know you don’t know” situations.

  18. humiliated Says:

    Chrissy..you are absolutely right. I humiliated myself by becoming involved with MonaVie and I take responsibilty for that, I have never said otherwise. That said, I did a crazy thing called TRUST the people getting me involved while ignoring my instincts. That lead to the humiliation, hence my “handle”. You will also experience this humiliation but you don’t see that right now. Best of luck. You will need it.

  19. marie Says:

    i am with a group who just joined monavie. they are in no way affiliated with TEAM and never will be. I have purchased teh juice and have benefited from it as has my husband. all companies are pyramids, from amway to GM, Chrysler and Ford. Someone at the top always gets more. A business takes investment but we should all do our homework first. TEAM doesnt even use the product monavie has to offer it is a scam and yes they are their own entity. Monavie is not a scam if you do it correctly.

  20. MonaVie Scam Says:

    How has the juice benefited you? Please list the exact benefits over say Welch’s or Ocean Spray.

    Please do not use the: “MonaVie Distributor: Your Job is a Pyramid Too!” line. It makes you look ignorant of what a pyramid scheme is.

    Marie, clearly you didn’t do your homework first.

  21. switch Says:

    Marie says-
    “Monavie is not a scam if you do it correctly.”

    ….this should be good. Please enlighten us on how to do this correctly.

  22. D J Says:

    I’ve been in a 5 month relationship. Last night ends that relationship because I stated I was not believer of the TEAM business. Nor it’s alinement with biblical principles as they say.
    He told me this was a deal breaker for our love and that our relationship was done.

    I thank God for keeping watch over me…

  23. MadScientistMatt Says:


    I’m sorry to hear that, although glad it didn’t turn out worse. While the Bible does say that it’s a bad idea for a believer to marry an unbeliever, orthodox theologians interpret that to mean believers in God and Christ. It sounds as if he’s substituted TEAM for God, and probably not just for one Bible verse.

  24. Amthrax Says:

    There’s a good discussion going on my website pertaining to Orrin Woodward and his past anonymous blogging exploits. Orrin even alluded to these claims in his latest blog post. Check it out here:




  25. Scammed? Says:

    I am a member of Team, and training materials are encouraged. I have never felt scammed in the 16 months I have been with Team. My upline have suggested some great books in the Team training system to me, books that have helped in many parts of my life. Eat That Frog has helped me stop procrastinating, Launching a Leadership Revolution has helped me progress at my job, Positive Personality Profiles has helped me better understand people and how they think and act, How to Win Friends and Influence People has helped me, well as the title says. The seminars I have attended on household finances has helped me reduce my personal debt load by nearly half and with the exception of car payments and a student loan, I am now debt free. Reduced my debt load by half in 15 months and never got a consolidation loan, didn’t need to. I just followed some sound advice from a few people who had done it already.While I agree that if you don’t actually read the Team site, you may be misled by the picture of the trunk on the Trunk of Tools. But it does say, Trunk not included. I have bought tools for both business growth, and personal development, it’s the personal development tools I recommend the most, because they HAVE helped me, because I used them, I read them and followed their advice. A book is no different than buying say a bottle of juice, or a wrench, or a TV or anything else. It is bought for one price and sold for a higher one, it’s called profit: and it’s not illegal. And if a book is a tool, then just like a drill or a saw, if you don’t use it, then it will make you no money and serve no purpose. I see a lot of sour grapes on this site, from a lot of people who went in wide eyed, and perhaps ran into some unethical upline sponsors, but there are unethical people everywhere: politicians, sales people, your boss…
    I have my sponsored’s best interests in mind. When they ask for honest advice, they get it. When they want to know which tools get results and what they REALLY need, I tell them based on my own experiences. I lend tools because some of my downline aren’t made of money, so I lend them tools to use until they can afford to grab some for themselves.
    Different people rate success differently, I rate my success with the number of people I help, and whether or not I can look myself in the mirror at the end of the day. I wish everyone here the best in luck in all their endeavors. Cheers and have a great day.

  26. switch Says:

    LMAO! Ok, that’s some funny shit, Scammed.

  27. jim Says:

    Hi Scammed, glad to hear you have reduced your debt and benefited from some of the books you have read. I don’t think anybody here is saying the books you have read are scams or are worthless. The problem I have is when these personal developement tools are positioned as part of a system that can lead everyone to success in mlm.

    The fact is at least 30 people must lose in order for one person to break even, regardless of the system they are plugged into, what they read, or how hard they work at the business. My understanding is distributors are told that if they plug into the system, if they do as their uplines tell them, if they are positive and persistant they will succeed and that those who failed are those who didn’t follow the system, gave up on themselves and quit.

    I’m wondering if you are aware of the mathematics of this scheme, many people don’t see it immediately. If you aren’t please read the article here titled “It’s not a matter of effort, it’s a mathematical certainty”. In fact me and Brent are having a good conversation on the topic presently. He has corrected the math of the original article and has shown how 30 losers are required in this scheme in order for 1 distribtutor to break even.

    You said “I have my sponsored’s best interests in mind. When they ask for honest advice, they get it.” If this is true, it is now your responsibility to alert your downlines that the only way they can even break even is by inflicting loses on 30 of their friends and family.

    You also said “Different people rate success differently, I rate my success with the number of people I help, and whether or not I can look myself in the mirror at the end of the day.” I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you previously did not know you were taking part in a product based pyramid scheme that requires massive losses be inflicted on your downline. If you have any questions on how the math works I will be glad to help you understand it, it would be my pleasure. Once you’ve come to this epiphany, if you are the honest man who values being able to look in the mirror as you claim, you must do the right thing. As an honorable man, I suggest you must own up to your innocent mistake, share what you have learned with your downline and confront your upline, they may not be aware of the math as well.

    By all means, keep reading the books and working on personal developement, but do so outside the structure of any mlm plan. The books are available at your local library or Amazon. It’s cheaper, there are no group think or cult like influences and you won’t have to sacrifice relationships or reputation. Finally, might I suggest a personal developement book that I think you will enjoy: 59 Seconds by Richard Wiseman.

    Good luck, I’d love to hear back from you.

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