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Editor’s Note: I had this article submitted to me by a friend. I publish it because I have seen numerous cases of similar circumstances. The lies about the ORAC score are common. I’ve heard the anthrax thing as well, but I have not seen any distributors put their money where their mouth is and subject themselves to anthrax to back up the claim. The claim about the lack of cancer in Brazil is particularly appalling… of course Brazil isn’t a cancer-free zone. Now on with the story:

I teach a Bible class for college-aged students. About a year ago, one of my students (we’ll call him “A”) came to me and said he had something he needed to talk to me about. “A” was a pretty level-headed kid who loved cars and wanted to open up his own auto shop. When he came over to my house a few days later, my wife and I were treated to a sales pitch to become MonaVie distributors. At that point we had both heard of MonaVie, but didn’t know anything specific. “A” started telling us about this fantastic “business opportunity” that was going to make him rich with minimal effort. He asked me, didn’t I hate having to go to work and have a boss and be told what to do? I said no, not really, I like my job. He told us that basically you are a sucker if you “trade time for money” working a regular 40 hour a week job. His entire pitch was all about the business, leadership, being motivated, and achieving your dreams. He hardly mentioned the juice at all and when pressed he told us that the juice was for “personal consumption” and it “wasn’t about the product.” Of course this screamed scam to us and we politely declined. I told “A” that I would much rather help him get his own auto shop started than sign up to sell MonaVie with him.

Fast-forward a year…I had become increasingly concerned about “A,” especially after learning that he dropped out of auto mechanic school (although honestly I don’t know if he quit before or after becoming involved with MonaVie). But he seemed happy and asked his girlfriend (who was also part of our college Bible class) to marry him, so I thought perhaps he was working hard and was in the minority that would be successful at MLM. However, sirens went off when my wife and I learned that they were planning to go to a MonaVie “business meeting” right after their wedding. I also discovered that one of his groomsmen was his “sponsor,” and from there found out about TEAM. When we approached “A” and his wife “B” about going to a meeting on their wedding night, they told us that it showed their commitment to the business, and that they would be an inspiration to their business partners. When my wife and I suggested that their commitment to their marriage might be more important, they informed us that we didn’t understand.

Now let me tell you something about me – my wife will be the first to tell you that I think I know everything, so being told I “don’t understand” something is the quickest way to get me fired up. I have two degrees in physics, and because of my interest in finance and the stock market I read the Wall Street Journal every day. So I am not uneducated and I believe I have learned a thing or two about business from the WSJ. My wife is also smarter than the average bear, and she loves research, so she set out to dig up everything she could find about MonaVie and TEAM (and found this website in the process). Sirens again went off after I found out that “A” and “B” had been pitching MonaVie and TEAM to the college students at our church under the guise of getting together for Christian fellowship. As their teacher, I felt it was my responsibility to make sure the students were not being preyed upon, so I asked “A” and “B” to stop. They refused, and once again I was told I didn’t understand, that I didn’t understand business, and that I needed to come to a meeting to learn about the business. So I decided to attend a meeting, and this is what I found…

I won’t say the speaker’s name, as he is very rich and could hire a much better lawyer than me, and I get the impression he would sue me for just writing honestly about him. Instead I will call him “C.” A quick Google of his name reveals that he has been involved with TEAM and Orrin Woodward since they were part of Quixtar. Orrin Woodward’s blog lists “C” as having achieved “Founders Emerald” by the end of 2004. This is worth noting because “C” at one point claimed he was making half a million dollars a year when he first got involved with MonaVie, and at another time claimed that his motivation for getting involved with TEAM was to buy shoes – he was working 80-90 hours per week and “getting nowhere.”

He opened up the meeting with economic facts about how bad the economy is right now and the unemployment rate. All valid facts, but pretty irrelevant. There were no MonaVie bottles on display, however the IDS was displayed, as well as an ORAC bar chart. Referring to the IDS, “C” said that the mean income of people who “take the business seriously” was $250,000 per year. He said only 13% take the business seriously. There was constant repetition about listening to people who are successful, not people who want to trap you in a job with a “ceiling.” If you have a traditional 40 hour a week job, your income will plateau, and can go no further than the “ceiling.” There was also a fair amount of college-bashing, with a comment made about how college students don’t know what they want, and don’t typically end up working in the field they entered college to study. The price of buying TEAM materials was also compared to buying college textbooks (something “A” had told me before). He said you would spend $60-75 on TEAM materials per month, the equivalent of buying one college textbook every other month. The price of monthly conventions or weekly meetings was not included. National conventions were pitched as costing at least $500 including travel which is necessary so that the new person can best learn what they are doing right from the start.

The entire meeting was focused on selling the plan, not teaching people how to sell. In fact “C” did not even explain how you make exceptional money with TEAM – he said you should ask the person who invited you to the meeting to explain it, or rather how to “set up your dreams.” “C” did say if you are not a salesman, change. If you don’t know anyone, go meet people or ask your relatives. He talked a little bit about how you can make money by getting other people to sign up, the binary pay plan, and “spill-over” effect. He also congratulated a new “power player” and explained that a power player was a person who had 10 people on his left leg and 5 people on his right leg and half of them were “on system.” He referred to Michael Dell’s 3 C’s (Content, Commerce, and Community), explaining that the first two were MonaVie, and the third, community, was TEAM. This was humorous to me because community refers to a customer base, so “C” was saying that TEAM is MonaVie’s customer base. In fact he did say that the juice was for “self consumption.”

What was said about MonaVie was outrageous. “C” said that a study was done on (M)mun where they injected anthrax into cattle, and the MonaVie (M)mun cured the anthrax. My wife dug up a link on the Wellmune page to a study about the anthrax-protective effects of some of Wellmune’s components. Even if the study is valid, “protective” does not equal “cure.” “C” also claimed that there has never been a single reported case of cancer in the history of Brazil. He elaborated, “Did God create a ‘no cancer zone’ in Brazil?” He never specifically said that it was because of the acai berry, the audience was left to draw their own conclusion. At the end of his “Brazil is cancer-free” speech he mumbled, “According to a Brazilian I know,” thus allowing himself to be blameless once his statements were found to be false – which was easily done with a quick Google search of “cancer rate in Brazil.” He also told a story of a young woman with two young kids who was diagnosed with cancer and given 3-6 months to live, and implied that she has survived for 9 months now using MonaVie and prayer. During one of the breaks “B,” who is diabetic, told me that since she has been using MonaVie her blood sugar levels have gone down, which is a very dangerous thing to do given the legal restrictions on medical claims that the FTC enforces and which are the law of the land.

He referred to the ORAC chart, and talked about how your body rots from the inside out without antioxidants. He said MonaVie contained 4,000 ORAC in 4 ounces, and you would have to consume nine boxes of blueberries, or 4,000 tomatoes to get the equivalent. He said he did not know of anything in a grocery store that would be as good in delivering ORAC, especially if you consider the cost of buying the 5 to 13 fruits every day as a substitute. I looked up blueberries on, and they have an ORAC score of 6,552 per 100 grams (about 3.5 oz). The box of blueberries sitting in my fridge right now is 16 ounces, or 7 days’ worth of MonaVie, if you use their value of 4,000. This box of blueberries cost at most $5 if you buy during the off-season. One 25 oz bottle of MonaVie lasts a week if you are drinking 4 ounces every day, so at $32 for the distributor price of one bottle of MonaVie Original, my blueberries cost $0.71 per day for the same ORAC as MonaVie’s $4.57 per day. I also looked up tomatoes, and depending on variety, a fresh tomato has an ORAC score of 367-546 per 100 grams. This would mean you would need about 10 average-sized tomatoes to equal a days’ worth of MonaVie, not 4,000 tomatoes. Also, simple math will tell you that in order to need 4,000 of something to equal a value of 4,000, that something must have a value of 1. Nothing on the ORAC values website has a value of one – the lowest value they list is 82 per 100 grams for a lime. It is also worth noting that when I talked to “B” about the ORAC claims during a break in the meeting, she admitted she didn’t really know what ORAC meant, despite having attended these weekly meetings for at least a year.

I did not hear much about religion, other than that you should sign up so you can make a lot of money and give it to your church or a charity. “C” said his wife uses their profits to help the poor in Africa. He said the MORE Project has saved 9-year-old girls from having to work “on her back” like her mother did, and “things like this happen everywhere in the world because we don’t have enough money to get them out of it,” implying that if you turn down the pitch you don’t care about 9-year-old girls working on their backs. He also talked about all the lives they were saving for God. After saying next to nothing about how the plan actually worked, “C” still expected people to join on the spot with a $200 sign-up fee on the lowest level – don’t worry, they take credit cards. I can’t tell you if anyone actually signed up that night, as I was done after two hours and left. I told my friends to go home and look up ORAC values for themselves. I hope they do, but they probably forgot about it the minute after I said it.

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419 Responses to “My Experience with TEAM MonaVie”
  1. Jackson Says:

    I see there haven’t been any new comments lately. Does that mean that Team is now selling real products? Are people making big money now?

  2. MonaVie Scam Says:


    It mostly means that I had difficulty with my servers, because it seems that MonaVie could have been hacking my websites. That hacking made me revert a database of comments from around mid-December.

    I apologize that for the lost information, but it was a very sophisticated attack.

    So if you see a gap in the comments, that’s why.

    A better question to ask is why neither MonaVie, nor Team is addressing them. Are they afraid to engage in a public forum? It seems so.

  3. Larry Says:

    I have read many of the stories here. I feel sorry for anyone that has a family member involved with the MonaVie or any other cult such as this. All I”ll say here is I had a son, daughter in law, and two wonderfull grand daughters. We would see them 3-4 time a week. The oldest grand daughter wanted sleep overs every chance she could get. I enjoyed having them. Maybe I spoiled them a little to much.
    Well since my son and daughter in law got involved with Monavie thru people in their church. I didn’t try the juice or mention it maybe a scam MLM. I haven’t seen my grand daughters in 3 months. That’s what MonaVie has done for me, and my grand daughters. If your not MonaVie, MonaVie people have no use for you. Once you question the juice and or the program.

  4. MonaVie Scam Says:

    Thanks for the comment Larry. That’s what I’ve found as well.

  5. Speak Your Truth Says:


    Do you know the history of Orrin and the Team?

    The “Team” isn’t ‘now’ selling any ‘real’ product at least not different than they have always sold for the last almost 2 decades.

    Their ‘product’ has always been the ‘business opportunity’+ tools = the books, cd’s, seminars, majors, open meetings, ‘webinars’ and the ‘guru’ knowledge (mentoring) = the “system.” (began for Orrin in 1993,(I believe) then his ‘own’ tool company in 1999 when he broke off from the (Dexter Yager Inet tool ‘system’)with Amway.

    And although they have attached themselves to all the other ‘product’ front companies(which has always been ‘buy from yourself’ or for the largest majority internal consumption on the ‘real’ product side.

    Such as; Orrin originated with Amway, then Quixtar,(Team of Destiny)then (Team) Monavie, then(Team)as a stand alone sale of their ‘leadership’, (during the Lawsuit they lost for 25 million against Q/A) and now call it Team and LieF..pushing the very same ‘system’ of ‘tools’ which have always been the ‘business product’to them.

    Nota thing has really ‘changed’ as you can see except their name (intentionally to hide the ‘negative truth’ on the internet and then of course the ‘product companies’ that they have been through as mentioned and they tweeked their own comp plan,(seems many times for those of us who were ‘profit-shares’) and now have their very own (unconscionable), P&P, IMO. So there have been ‘changes’ but not in the form of the sale of ‘tools.’

    And lastly to your comment: “Are people making big money now?”

    LOL~ That hasn’t changed either. Those who make the ‘big money’ are in the less than 1% which would be the PC, it has always been that way too. :)

  6. Speak Your Truth Says:


    Sorry to hear of your unfortunate experience and sadly their are multitudes of families who have had similar relationship strains because of MLM companies and their ‘training’.

    How sad and I hope your son and daughter-in-law wake up soon before they are left with too many regrets.

    I wish you the best and hold on, it hopefully won’t last; for most it don’t last longer than a year because of the churning rate.

    The freedom of mind website and Steve Hassan’s books I believe could be an encouragement to you. It may help with some understanding and help for you. I am sorry, it isn’t easy to be in your situation. Good Luck. :)

  7. MonaVie Scam Says:


    I want to apologize for my previous response. It clearly didn’t show the how upset I am about the situation. I was busy trying to keep this website up and functional as many want to take it down. I have been investigating the cult-tactics of MonaVie and other MLMs in general.

    I haven’t been able to complete my article with the full details on that, but from reading other articles on this site, you can clearly see MonaVie is a cult.

    How do you deal with it? The best advice I’ve seen is this:

    As Speak Your Truth mentioned there are links on Steve Hassan’s website.

  8. Frances Says:

    You are all right that TEAM is a cult…. however, please do not link MonaVie to this corrupted group of people. I can see how you all think that MonaVie is a cult, because of these people! I have recently written to MonaVie Compliance Dept. about this so-called TEAM of distributors who have infiltrated the NE part of the country. I have been involved with MonaVie since 2006, and the company has been rated one of the top 20 privately owned companies in America! Dallin Larsen, CEO has spoken at one of our embassies in Washington, DC and has been awared CEO of the Year, by Earnst and Young. This group of people are a minority of distributors that I believe have already been thrown out of MOnaVie due to what they have done to people and their illegal practices! MonaVie Compliance can be reached at [email protected] to report such scams like the TEAM. They have ruined this area where I live in central New York State due to their illegal practices and it has just been recently reported to MonaVie. I am waiting to hear more back from the corporate office about this cult group of people that have ruined MonaVie’s reputation as a legitimate growing company that is helping people around the world both physically,and financially! MonaVie is growing and is in 23 countries around the world helping people. I would suggest that you not judge the entire company because of a few rotten apples!

  9. MonaVie Scam Says:


    It is clear that MonaVie is a cult as well. They share all the same signs.

    Learn more about the Dallin Larsen and the Ernst and Young Award.

    As for MonaVie Compliance, they are a joke. I pointed out how one of their top distributors Mitch Biggs was promoting MonaVie as a cure for Swine Flu, which is clearly illegal. There were multiple infractions. Compliance didn’t kick him out of MonaVie, but simply got him to remove the illegal lies. So Biggs and MonaVie got to profit for years from such illegal activity and MonaVie decided not to sanction him in any public way.

    If you’ve spent any time on this site, you know MonaVie isn’t a few rotten apples… the whole core of the tree is rotted.

  10. Izzy Says:

    Frances, the problem is, Larsen and Woodward actually made business agreements together on Monavie/TEAM. There are actual trade-offs like Woodward using Monavie as thier side-business and Larsen getting to keep royalties for one of Woodward’s books. I can’t remember who posted this info but I think I read it on Amthrax’s site.

  11. Robyn Says:

    It seems to me that EVERY MLM company has exactly the same pitch. It’s not just MonaVie. If you “really believe” in what you are selling, then of course you can make money at it…DUH!

    Here is a great (albeit long) 3 part read from an former MonaVie rep:

  12. MonaVie Scam Says:


    Rasheed of the Blog2Success has been a commenter here in the past. He’s one of the few people who actually looked objectively at the information and realized that he had been duped. He had argued for MonaVie for quite awhile, but when the people on this site asked him to look deeper at the product, he found out all the things he posted in that article.

    He asked his upline for information for a reason to believe in MonaVie, and no one could give a good one. I give him credit for having an open mind instead of just following the herd and the brainwashing of MonaVie.

  13. Jackson Says:

    Wow…. Its been really quiet around here. Has Team finally got things going correctly?

  14. MonaVie Scam Says:

    Nah, it’s just that everything has been covered in sufficient detail.

  15. CGC Says:

    “Wow…. Its been really quiet around here. Has Team finally got things going correctly?”

    It’s a combination of two things. First, MV (especially in North America) has been shrinking at an incredible rate. Second, the MV dupes are now trained to NOT engage in online discussions. It’s a matter of the company conceding that since their reps are supplied with leaky boats and they can’t swim, it’s best they just stay out of the water.

  16. MonaVie Scam Says:

    I love the analogy… perfect.

  17. Speak Your Truth Says:


    Hahaha! Have you read the LIEF P&P’s or seen the video’s on their comp plan? That should tell you something and wouldn’t be they “finally got things going correctly.”

    But then we already know people in the environment believe what-ever is fed to them, without question or asking for verification.

    But if you are looking without the blinders on you will find there is a lot of research going on,because of these sites. Notice there isn’t many defenders? :)

    Keep up the great work JS!

  18. Jackson Says:

    I have a family member who is in the LIFE business. They stopped telling us about the business because we told him it was a scam. I have seen him with stickers that say “we took the mental fitness challenge.” Since he won’t tell us what they do now, I assume this challenge is a test administered by mental health professionals. Do u guys know what that is? I also want to know what the hell do they sell now? I know they still call it “showing the plan” but it seems like they are only selling mindsets and dreams. He has been . The biz for 3 years and he recently got a job. I think they coach members to believe that the wife should stay home and support the husbnd in the biz only. I am concerned for my relatuve, do u guys have any updated info on what’s going on?

  19. MonaVie Scam Says:

    I don’t know what the mental fitness challenge is. I’m sure it’s a way for them to say that what they are doing is a smart, informed decision, when it is the exact opposite.

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