MonaVie, World Progress Report, and Joan Lunden (It’s Another Scam)


Frequent commenter CGC had an interesting find regarding MonaVie and World Progress Report.

It seems that MonaVie’s corporate website has a warning regarding World Progress Report and the use of Joan Lunden’s name. You can read about it here. Here is a choice quote:

“We appreciate and share your enthusiasm for the recent feature story on MonaVie by the World Progress Report television series.

As you share this great news, please remember that Joan Lunden’s relationship with the World Progress Report remains only as a host for their educational programming through public television. MonaVie distributors are prohibited from using Joan Lunden’s name and/or likeness in any press releases or other forms of communication. You may mention the World Progress Report; however, no mention of Ms. Lunden is permitted.

Once again, we are grateful for the passion of all our distributors. We hope this information is helpful as you share the MonaVie opportunity each day.”

As CGC points out that, the World Progress Report is essentially a scam itself. It gets a relatively well-known retired news personality, to film a lead-in to what is an infomercial. The organization running the infomercial (in this case, MonaVie) pays production costs to get it on the air. Consumer Protection Agency Public Citizen has noted that World Progress Report Gaming Search Engines to Bury Reports Linking It to Scammers.

The Consumerist seems to agree That World Progress Report is a scam. I particularly found this quote applicable:

“On their website, a demo video introed by Lunden gives a generic preamble into something about innovations in healthcare. Then, in an editing non sequitur, a banal documentary plays, seemingly cobbled entirely from stock video, about raising homeless children in impoverished countries in family style group homes. The voiceover enunciates extremely clearly, while saying little of substance.”

Or we can use the NPR story, with my favorite quote being:

“[American not-for-profit organizations] are promised the shows will be educational in nature and reach an estimated 60 million American households on public television stations across the country.

But the programs aren’t documentaries; they’re marketing segments that will cost the firms that are their subjects roughly $25,000 apiece. And the spots, created by Vision Media of Boca Raton, Fla., are likely to receive little airtime, if any, on local PBS member stations.”

Here’s the infomercial from World Progress Report (note that there’s no Joan Lunden in it):

Going back to the MonaVie Corporate quote that I mentioned at the outset, I am struck by the phrase: “As you share this great news…” This isn’t news, it isn’t from a reputable source, and it’s not worth sharing.

The stressing of the point that Joan Lunden is not be referenced is noteworthy. I think MonaVie wants to avoid another Oprah lawsuit – or something similar. As TechDirt says, it looks like Joan Lunden won’t be with World Progress Report for long as Hugh Downs disassociated himself from Vision Media and Walter Cronkite and Mike Douglas have sued them over getting mislead by the company.

What we have here is a scam within a scam. MonaVie is all too happy to let its distributors “share this great news”, with the full intention of deceiving others.


Apparently Brig Hart of R3Global didn’t get the message about not including Joan Lunden:

R3Global mentions Joan "London" (sic) with the World Progress Report infomercial on MonaVie

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8 Responses to “MonaVie, World Progress Report, and Joan Lunden (It’s Another Scam)”
  1. CollegeFreshman Says:

    So we use a scam to promote a scam as not being a scam. Genius!

  2. Rasheed Says:

    To be fair to Mr. Hart, he referenced “Joan London” whoever the hell that is.

    So he’s still within MonaVie compliance ;)

  3. CGC Says:

    It’s funny to note the original URL that announces the release of this MV “documentary”:

    Yes, they actually call this piece of crap a documentary, twice. The comments that follow are almost surreal in their blind love for all things MonaVie.

    I left a comment there:

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    March 9, 2011 at 6:46 am
    This is obviously a paid advertisement, not a documentary. World Progress Report has a shady reputation. Is MonaVie against free speech? We’ll see.

    I’m sure it won’t be up by midday.

  4. humiliated Says:

    It won’t matter to the cult members that this is essentially an infomercial. How much mileage do you figure they will try to get out of this before they are threatened with a law suit yet again, by Joan Lunden’s (London’s-nice try idiot-Hart) people?

    Their deceitful and manipulative ways are boundless. It is so pathetic that they have to spin a crappy commercial into a “documentary” in order to renew the distributor’s twisted and undeserved faith in the product and company. The distributors wait for this sort of stuff like rats waiting for a scrap of food. They believe it will help them gain more distributors but the sad truth is it will only serve to keep them sucked in and push any potential victims farther away because the general public is smarter then Monavie Corporate gives them credit for.

    Brig Hart is supposed to be a leader of the company and he should be leading by example. I guess he is doing exactly what a dishonest leader of a scam company would do though….so on second thought, he is being a good leader.

    CGC, if Monavie doesn’t post your comment, not only will it PROVE that Monavie doesn’t believe in free speech, but they are also completely committed in their quest for mind control. You are not saying anything that is slanderous or untrue. You are not being rude or disrespectful to Monavie. You are simply stating a fact and asking a question. You are also potentially saving them from a lawsuit so you are actually doing them a favor.

    I think that anyone researching this company would have to ask themselves why they refuse to allow open dialogue on their site. What are they so afraid of?

  5. MonaVie Scam Says:

    CGC, I wouldn’t hold my breath on seeing that comment posted. I be careful not to call it your free speech either. A blog owner isn’t required to publish comments. You still have the right to free speech – you just can’t force it in their venue.

    That said, your point stands. A reputable organization would publish and address this very fair criticism.

  6. CGC Says:

    Don’t worry, I wasn’t holding my breath :)

    “A reputable organization would publish and address this very fair criticism.”

    Well, MonaVie did not let this mild criticism stand, thus more evidence that they are anything but a reputable organization. Just throw this onto that Everest-sized mountain of such proof.

  7. Mackwiz Says:

    The pictures at the top of Brig Hart’s page haunts me. There’s something about people willingly taking part in this insanity that scares me. It took me one tasting meeting to notice something was seriously wrong.

    The infommerical reminds me of the Simpson’s episode “Camp Krusty”, a Krusty the Clown sponsored summer camp that Krusty the Clown has never even been to. They way they wedge in a semi-famous person in the MonaVie ad in such a dishonest way draws many parallels.

  8. Anonymous Aussie Says:

    Humiliated asks “What are they so afraid of?”

    As we all know, they fear the truth.

    CGC has about as much of a chance of getting his comment published as to distributors making money in Monavie – 0.053%. That is, pretty much zero.

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