MonaVie vs. an Apple


You might have seen MonaVie and an Apple compared before (also done here).

MonaVie has used ORAC scores as one of its core marketing strategies. It has even gone as far as to lie about the ORAC score of MonaVie. Also Dr. Jonny Bowden specifically wrote about the value of MonaVie’s ORAC score. MonaVie even uses ORAC scores to claim that four ounces is the antioxidant equivalent of eating 13 common fruits.

This begs question, “How does MonaVie’s ORAC score compare with that of an apple?”

As we know one day’s worth (4oz.) of MonaVie costs between $3.20 (distributor price of $20/25oz. bottle) and $7.20 (retail price of $45/25oz. bottle). A single Red Delicious apple typically costs about $0.75.

The 4oz. of MonaVie has a ORAC of 2,698 umoles (29.57 ml per oz multiplied by 4 oz. multiplied by an ORAC score of 22.81 – according to AIBMR’s study by MonaVie board member Alex Schauss (see page 8329 of the journal, first paragraph in the “Results” heading)). It also gives you a total phenolics (all antioxidants) of 175 mg. The 22.81 ORAC and 1.48 mg phenolics are from the MonaVie-sponsored study by AIBMR Life Sciences.

A single Red Delicious apple has an average weight 150 gms. Total ORAC per apple: 6,413 umoles. (42.75 umoles times 150 gms). Total phenolics (total antioxidants): 520 mg per apple. Apple data from USDA ORAC Table of Selected Foods 2007

ORAC: MonaVie 2,698, Apple 6,413 (Apple is more than 2 as much)
PHENOLICS: MonaVie 175 mg Apple 520 mg (Apple is more than twice as much)
COST: MonaVie $3.20 to $7.20 per day Apple $0.75/day (apple is 5 to 10 times cheaper)

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Monavie vs. apple

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  1. humiliated Says:

    Yes CGC, I was wondering that also. I also wondered if the average distributor weren’t slightly offended by the “Black Diamond” retreat. Hmmmm, since most of them were lured over (with cash and lucrative contracts) from other MLMs and haven’t really sold any juice, they have a place to rest their weary, greedy, scamming, lying heads. Poor things, it must all be so exhausting…..

    I wonder if the “house” was actually ever built or if that was another lie. My guess is that if it was built, they used money from the fake charity, the MORE project, to do this.

    I like the way that the named the most recent ‘convention’ a “family reunion” in order to engrain the sense of a “community” into these poor (literally & figuratively) souls. The conventions always ended on Sunday with a Christian church service (weird, my company doesn’t do that after a seminar/convention) but the baptisms took it to a whole different level. I guess any of the Jews, Muslims, Bahai, Bhuddists ,Hindus etc. just told to hold their own religious ceremonies in their hotel rooms. It is so sick and twisted, I can’t even begin to wrap my head around it.

    I wonder what the upcoming Salt Lake City convention will bring…can’t WAIT to see those photos!

  2. humiliated Says:

    Also, Emily, I was reading the Amthrax site and found this post from one of the commenters there. I’ll make it easier for you for look into the dynamics of a commercial cult like this one. The Amthrax site is a very good source of information as well (Rick Ross Institute, professional deprogrammer for various kinds of cults, including commercial cults like TEAM) (General overview of how cults operate and various kinds of cults, including commercial cults. Also discusses Mind Control) (Resource site which includes a section on commercial cults, includes personal testimonies of Amway, another company that TEAM was involved in up until about five years ago. Has personal testimonies. (Owner does extensive research on Monavie’s juice blends, also the owner of which is a sister site

    TEAM is the “tools” side of Monavie and is another MLM on top of an MLM. They sell the motivational tapes etc. to the distributors and also have their own little private scam within the larger Monavie scam. Again, very religious in it’s indoctrination, women are marginalized (our job is to stay home and take care of the children…we are not born leaders) and leaders are worshipped. Orrin Woodward is the puppeteer behind THAT scam.

    Not sure if you want to go down this rabbit hole though! It is all very disturbing, and to know that I was remotely involved with a company like this STILL makes me slightly nauseus.

  3. Devon Bryce Says:

    RE: shocky’scamera I wonder how many participants looked up at them and thought, “that’s where all my hard work and money goes”. I also wonder how many from the photo have jumped ship since 2009, on to fresher pastures of new MLM scams.

    check the link above to youtube devon jensen

  4. Mackwiz Says:


    Was that some kind of rick roll? I laughed my ass off!

  5. Andre Degaspery Says:

    I live in brazil, and açai berries are long famous here before even Dalin Larsen was born. This berries are so powerfull that monavie doesn’t even uses 1/8 of its marketing value well known here in Brazil. yes, they take the berries from here, and yes the berryes are what you call organic, because this fruit comes from a palm tree that are native of the rain forest, centuries old, and been there for ages. no one have to seed this plant here, nor cultivate, its over the place like a very good plague.
    This stuff you argue about ORAC scores, and all, thats only one of the good stuff that comes out of nature in brazil.

    Açai is the most popular food serving for over 95% of all Jiu Jitsu athlethes in brazil. every time you see one of this macho guys they talk about how tought they are, and thats all because they eat lots of açai. its called açai na tigela or açai in a bowl. My taste for açai itself isn’t the best thing I ever had, and i don’t like it plane. I like to mix grape juice with açai juice, tastes loads better, plus they look the same color in juice.

    yes, apples are good, I heart too that one apple a day stuff, but açai is really great too. And very, very anti oxidant.

    André Degaspery – Brazil
    about me go on blogspot and see my profile.
    defabrika is one of my blogs.

  6. MonaVie Scam Says:


    It’s funny that you mention that. I have other comments from people in Brazil and they don’t think the berries are anything special.

    It sounds like the berries are the furthest thing from organic.

    “Brazil is the world’s fourth largest consumer of pesticides, and the largest in Latin America. In the Brazilian Amazon, the use of pesticides in varzeas (seasonally flooded land, where fresh vegetables are produced for regional urban markets) is intensive and is perceived by local farmers as necessary for the feasibility of vegetable production in the region. Usage of pesticides in Brazilian agriculture is regulated by Federal Law No. 7.802. However, law enforcement is almost absent in some remote areas. Given the limited or poor literacy skills of Amazon farmers and widespread use of pesticides, it is expected that occupational exposure to pesticides is likely to be high, increasing the vulnerability to acute and chronic poisoning.”

    Andre, your entire comment here was based on acai berries, not MonaVie juice. The two are not the same. They aren’t even remotely similar. Please don’t compare acai berries to MonaVie or apples. It makes you look ignorant.

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