MonaVie Tries to Suppress the Truth


In recent years, it seems like MonaVie and/or its distributor organization is trying harder and harder to whitewash information about the company and the product.

For those unfamiliar with the term whitewash allow me to quote a few bits from Wikipedia:

“To whitewash is to gloss over or cover up vices, crimes or scandals or to exonerate by means of a perfunctory investigation or through biased presentation of data. It is especially used in the context of corporations, governments or other organizations.

Modern Usage
Many dictatorships and authoritarian states, as well as democratic countries, have used the method of whitewash in order to glorify the results.

During the Soviet-era, Stalin adjusted photographs of himself with Lenin, in order to position himself closer as to give an impression of a closer relationship between the two.”

Here is a brief recap of the whitewashing and other information control tactics:

  1. Purple Horror gets Whitewashed – One of the most popular, and critical, websites about MonaVie had all its comments scrubbed clean and replaced with a few promotional videos. Google ranked on the first page for the term “MonaVie”, which clearly was detrimental MonaVie’s business.

    The website isn’t making an announcement why it removed thousands of hours of useful information. The most logical suggestion I can think of is that the owner was coerced (through money or threats of violence) to remove the information.

  2. MonaVie asks Distributors Not to Link or Click on this Site – Amthrax has a fantastic article, MonaVie Does Not Want You To Read Or Link To Negative Websites. It exposes a letter that MonaVie sent out to distributors to “manage their reputation.” In it they say the following:

    “Online Reputation Management consists of managing what people see on the Internet when they are researching the company.

    MonaVie’s corporate team is very active in managing our online reputation. Over the last several months, we’ve seen great improvements on the search results pages by promoting some of MonaVie’s corporate websites, which, in turn, push down negative websites. When searching for “MonaVie” on search engines, the first several pages are filled with MonaVie product microsites, social networks, and other corporate websites.

    MonaVie Corporate can do a lot of the Online Reputation Management, but Google looks to see what the masses are saying about a company, not just Corporate.”

  3. Frivolous Legal Threats – A controversial article called the product’s value into question, MonaVie threatened frivolous legal action specifically citing the highly visible first page of Google’s search results.
  4. MonaVie Blackmails – MonaVie or a distributor for MonaVie attempted to blackmail this person into removing the information from the articles and this website. If the frivolous lawsuits don’t work, the company and/or followers decide to take matters into their own hands to try to get the information expunged.
  5. Orrin Woodward Looks to Whitewash History with AmwayOrrin Woodward’s Team and their close association with MonaVie deserves a mention for whitewashing the past too.
  6. The case of Mitch Biggs – When I told MonaVie that one of their most senior distributors, Mitch Biggs, was violating the law, I got no response other than their legal/compliance team would look into it. The offending material was simply deleted. Mitch Biggs who should have known better is still allowed to keep the MonaVie business that appears to have built on lying to consumers.

While it may not be a case of whitewashing like the above examples, it is important to note that MonaVie Admits AIBMR is the Only Source of Their Biased “Research”. They direct you to AIBMR, because it is attached to Alexander Schauss, a MonaVie boardmember. Distributors are not encouraged to research the product on their own. This way distributors won’t come across the information on this site, or other sources such as research that shows MonaVie to be dangerous or independent tests that show Originally posted 2010-11-28 04:30:34. Republished by Blog Post Promoter

The above article is intended to be accurate at the time of its original posting. MonaVie may change its pricing, product, or other policies at any time without notice.

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7 Responses to “MonaVie Tries to Suppress the Truth”
  1. Vogel Says:

    And let’s not forget the company’s attempt to delete their IDS from Wikipedia, using an anonymous account with an IP address traceable to Monavie HQ.

  2. scott Says:

    I want to know why Monavie hasn’t published a “new” IDS? They are still using the mid-year 2009 IDS – it’s not almost 2011. What are they hiding?

  3. Vogel Says:

    You can be sure that if they had anything remotely good to report, they would have. That they haven’t released the IDS yet indicates that the financial situation is bleak.

  4. Vogel Says:

    It’s really a sick and twisted mind game that they are playing isn’t it? They seem to try to disorient people in every way possible. They actively lie, and when the lies get exposed, they actively try to suppress the truth; when they can’t suppress the truth outright, they try to denigrate the source; and if the source can’t be discounted, they try to create uncertainty by breaking down one’s faith in their own instincts and critical thinking abilities. And of course, the coup de grace is the appeal to greed, which tells people that even if it’s all BS and they know they are lying, stealing, and injuring people — financially, cognitively and ethically — it’s all OK because of the money that will inch them closer to their “dreams”.

    The mis-education might be the worst aspect of Monavie. It’s bad enough that they steal money from people, but recovering from the cult programming and intellectual stunting can be even more difficult than recovering from the financial losses.

    In the dark suspicious world of Monavie, you can’t trust fruit in the store, or medicine from the doctor, or any other juice, or scientists (with the exception of those who work for Monavie), or farmers, or the FDA/FTC/USDA/AMA, or the Internet, or former distributors, or family members and friends (if they are “negative”), or the news media, or anyone who says anything unflattering about Monavie or MLM (denigrated as “naysayers”, “failures”, and “anti-MLM zealots”), etc… You can’t even trust yourself or the internal voice that tells you when something’s wrong. The ONLY sources you are expected to trust are your upline and the kingpins. The only books you are expected to read are the idiotic materials sold by the kingpins or the 4 or 5 gospels of the feel-good self-help power-of-me MLM “gurus” (who foster greed, materialism, and self-delusion) such as Kirosaki and Napoleon Hill.

    The distributors are led to become socially alienated from the non-Monavie world, and the groupthink is reinforced by the big-tent revival style meetings, which are held under the pretense of providing product training, when in fact it only instills conformity through deception, coercion, and peer-pressure.

    This is parasitism of the worst kind. They rob people of everything – money, a social life, a moral compass, time, self awareness, commonsense, and the chance for a better future.

  5. MonaVie Scam Says:

    Vogel, I think you read where I was going with this article. I’m taking a methodological approach here.

  6. Mackwiz Says:

    Great article MS and great comment Vogel. The distributors that are confronted whitewash their web pages instead of standing by their false claims, but I imagine they tell people that they do it only because of FDA “persecution”. At any rate, the standard fare seems to make a whole bunch of illegal claims to pull in victims then back off when the heat comes. Not to mention the threatening tactics used against sites like this.

  7. Speak Your Truth Says:

    I agree great article, JS! Your methodical approach is great for understanding and points out the obvious. Thanks :)

    Vogel~ After spending over a decade building, up close and personal studying these people at the TOPP, asking questions to myself about everything they say and why they say it and continuing to ask; of where is the proof of what makes these fanatical people so ‘different’ as they ‘claim’ than anyone else and how they tell the ‘masses’ the leaders at the TOPP are the only ones with the ‘superior knowledge’ (sometimes blatantly & other times subtlety)who will change the world, are so noble and Christian, and genius.

    It seems I wasn’t even a part of that whole illusion now and not implying that I didn’t participate or have my own regrets. It is still a journey.

    Vogel, I with all that experience; could not have summarized the process with such amazing accuracy as you just have. I am not that good at communicating or have much of a methodical approach, and know you’ve all noticed.
    I pretty much call a spade a spade. I don’t have patience for their manipulation and twisted word games. They say; “You’re not being objective, or that is subjective and talking in circles just irritates me and you said it best; is a game to disorient people.”

    My experience fortunately (had to learn the hard way and left with many regrets) has taught me to spot their manipulations and games a mile away. This is the good and invaluable lesson that I have learned.

    They are MASTERS and have had decades to hone their skills of manipulation, deception, lies, and game playing, role modeling etc, to such a level that most will not see it and I know how easily people get sucked in.

    Behind the scenes they continually try and stay one step ahead of the game and act on ‘the war’ with the ‘negative’ immediately and are ruthless in protecting their idol $ that is of greed & power. They believe their end justifies their means in every case.

    The books in the system would be good books outside, except that they have twisted the readings to manipulate, and a few that downright teach manipulation and how to destroy others.These books were not promoted to the general masses.

    I just mentioned a book that I know Orrin has read and promoted and told to read to 1 person (in the inner circle) I know for a fact; it is called; The 48 Laws of Power and another 33 Strategies of War. I have not read these books in full but have read the 48 Laws of Power and that for me was enough and has summed up how ruthless and twisted these masters of deception and manipulation are.

    There definitely is a dark side to these seemingly, caring, loving, Christian, wolves in sheeps’ clothing.

    I appreciate you all who have the hearts to care about others being damaged and destroyed, I hope you know what this means. You website and Amthrax and others as a voice to be heard; your patience and sacrifice of your time, and your efforts are not in vain.

    Thanks a million for caring. :)

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