MonaVie – The Worst Juice in America?


The good people from Men’s Health and the related book, Eat This, Not That, have come up with a list of 20 Worst Drinks in America. The drink are in various categories. The Worst Juice Imposter came in at #12 in the form of Arizona Kiwi Strawberry. One can is 23 fl. oz. and has 345 calories, 0 grams of fat, and 81 grams of sugar – the sugar equivalent of 7 bowls of Froot Loops. The authors claimed:

“The twisted minds at the Arizona factory outdid themselves with this nefarious concoction, a can the size of a bazooka loaded with enough of the sweet stuff to blast your belly with 42 sugar cubes. The most disturbing part isn’t that it masks itself as some sort of healthy juice product (after all, hundreds of products are guilty of the same crime), but that this behemoth serving size costs just $.99, making its contents some of the cheapest calories we’ve ever stumbled across.”

That made me think… what would the nutritional value of 23 ounces of MonaVie look like in terms of calories and sugar? After all, 23 ounces of drink is 23 ounces of drink… and almost every drink in the article is ranked in these terms.

If you were to drink 23 ounces of MonaVie, you’d have 690 calories. That’s exactly twice the amount of the Worst Juice Imposter. 23 ounces of MonaVie is also 69 grams of sugar… the equivalent of 6 bowls of Froot Loops. Arizona Kiwi Strawberry is great in that it won’t hurt your wallet too much with a 99 cent price tag for 23 ounces. MonaVie’s 23 ounce price tag will run you more than $30 in most cases, which can put quite a dent in your wallet.

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16 Responses to “MonaVie – The Worst Juice in America?”
  1. mysterious Says:

    i love these kinds of write ups, and the arozona strawberry kiwi drink isnt bad, i drink it. anyways peeps, you gatta get smart and realize that your monavie is like having a theif following you around picking your pocket everytime there is money inside it. wow, 99cents vs 25 dollars a bottle of active hear in canada and thats not with taxes or shipping.

    when i bought a case of active or pulse, which are the same in price hear in canada it was 145 a case, and you have to add 13% tax on to that and also shipping, so total to my door was 176 and some cents, so its a nice chunk taken out of my wallet every month and thats not accounting the cds and books being on system in order to get ahead which is what they say to you, if you wan tot get ahead u gatta be on system, thats comming from the uplines. and then you have tickets, and its only one thats a must to get in the seminars, but on cds, they talk about if you have 80 people beflow you and you have only 20 on system getting tickets along with there cds and books, well you have to work harder to get tickets to the rest, which isnt easy, sure a few smucks take it while being pressured into taking them, but i learned the hard way and yes im a smuck, lol.

    well for thoes of you who say its cheaper to buy the cases in bulk, well think not only americans r reading this, canadians and im sure other contries are reading scams blog, and we all pay differnt prices, and hear in canada its more expensive to buy. and in order to buy bulk it cost alote expecially at 12 cases to get it at its cheapest, ove4 1000 dollars. now for thoes who have the money great, but for thoes like me and many others who dont we were stuck to to empty out wallets on just a case and for many others out there there life savings, and stop paying bills which ment debt.

    i for one do not have anything more to do with monavie anymore, learned thats everything was bullshit lies. now for the price, i would rather buy real fruit instead of juice for health, and juice that cost alote less then monavie for quenching my thirst, like v8 fusion, and arazona.

    before i go i just wanna mention that one night at a open meeting at a hotel, they asked someone how much would it cost them to buy enough fruit and veggies to get the equal ammounts of monavie which is told to be 13 a day (lies) and the girl said around 300 a month, and then the guy up the front says well u can get it for 140 a month with monavie, in juice form, because if you were to buy real food, you cant eat that much or fast enough before it goes bad and you have to through it away. they still didnt mentioned the tax and shipping in the price, so it cost an arm and a lett , especially when you gatta buy your regular food every month or week which ever you shop, and then you got bills and gas and kids and presents and events and so on, the list goes on, so smarten up monabots, get real and think about it.

    peace out, and take care everyone.

  2. BobJ Says:

    Another Heavily biased and scare tactic post.

    Let’s see some1 wants to try Monavie then reads this. LOL you are preying on people’s fears son. Stop being a deceiver. Oh wait your a Red Sox fan no wonder your miserable.

  3. Anonymous Aussie Says:

    BobJ states “Another Heavily biased and scare tactic post.”

    Feel free to present some evidence to refute the statements made, Bob.

  4. Humiliated Says:

    Bob J. I don’t know how long you have been involved with this wonderful company but let me make some things perfectly clear to you. I WAS involved about 2 years ago. These were the things I was told;

    1) MV takes the place of 10-12 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. You needn’t even buy them! You no longer have to force your kids to eat fruits and vegetables! Think of the money you will save!! Turns out that this was complete and utter B.S.

    2)MV is extremely high in anti-oxidants, 500 times higher then what you will get in blueberries etc. Again. Total and utter B.S.

    3)totally organic & untraceable amounts of pesticides. Crap, crap, crap

    4)Oprah & Dr. Oz

    5) Dr. Lou Niles, cancer specialist, is recommending it to all of his cancer patients. MISTER Lou Niles isn’t even a doctor but a convicted criminal.

    I could go on and on.

    Then we were all told to go and watch “Food Matters” so that we wouldn’t even eat food anymore!

    Then you are told that doctors don’t have a clue about nutrition (outside of the hired guns at Monavie who don’t even have real credentials).

    Pharmaceutical companies are trying to kill us.

    The Government is the enemy because of the FDA and the FTC.

    Surround yourself with only people that will support you in your dreams of succeeding with Monavie. All of the other people are “dream crushers” so stay away from them, they will bring you down.

    Oh, and my personal favorite, “share it”. The message was loud & clear. This product is so nutritionally superior, so if you really cared about your friend’s/family’s/colleague’s health you would get them “on the juice”. The responsibilty for their health fell completely on your shoulders. They spun it into a moral issue.

    And please don’t try to tell me that this wasn’t the content of a typical meeting because I will know that you are lying.

    Talk about “heavily biased”, scare tactics and preying on people’s fears??? WTF?? That is what this company is based on!


  5. MonaVie Scam Says:

    As Aussie mentioned, which part of this post is not truthful? It’s not a scare tactic, it’s simply the truth. MonaVie distributors say that MonaVie is just juice, so why not compare it to other juices?

    Sounds like you have sour grapes that your business is built around selling juice that doesn’t stand up well to what some say are the worst juices.

    The Red Sox have won 2 of the last 5 World Series, not sure why that would make someone miserable. Way to try to score points for irrelevancy.

  6. MonaVie Scam Says:


    Wow, you just summed up a pile of the things I’ve seen in the comments here. I was wondering why every distributor was suggesting that I watch “Food Matters.” I actually watched it and found that most of what was said was about getting vitamins and minerals – something that MonaVie doesn’t have much of. It made me even more against MonaVie than I was before. I wrote a little about it here:

    It is amazing the conspiracy theories that MonaVie distributors will present… as you mentioned the pharmaceutical companies, government, and doctors are all against MonaVie.

  7. mysterious Says:


    great post i have to say. i was told everything you mentioned but i could not put it in such good words like u did thanks so much. anyways could you tell me how long you were in this for? and what level u made it to and how much you were making, kinda like your story. i do not think this is the right place to say it but there is always a place on monaviescam site. anyways i would like to hear it. me im working on my story with monavie expirence. and i hope to share it soon. anyways my mom is in this and believes everything you mentioned and is like bobj and its insane.

  8. mysterious Says:

    maybe scam can creat a blog on hear for people and their stories and expirence to share with the world, the real expirence. and if others try to put in bs like bobj they they will have their mouth shut by everyone hear.

  9. BobJ Says:

    It’s simple you don’t come on here and write “Worst Juice in America” That is nonsense that is a scare tactic. Extremely Biased and based heavily on opinion and circumstance.

    [Editor’s Response: If you read the article, I was comparing MonaVie to something that Men’s Health deemed as the “Worst Juice in America.” If someone were to claim that “Brand A” of a product is the “Worst [X] in America”, I should be able to write why “Brand B” of a product is worse. That’s all I did here. Men’s Health gets credit for the invention of “Worst Juice in America.”]

    Why would anyone drink 23 ounces of Monavie? Monavie is more potent than those crap drinks mentioned in that article with 20x better ingredients. You need only to drink 2-8 Oz a day. This whole article is a bunch of BS.

    [Editor’s Response: People tend to drink juice to quench their thirst. The better question is why would anyone drink 1 ounce of juice? There is no evidence that MonaVie is “potent” in any way. There aren’t very many vitamins, minerals, fiber, or just about anything. And to correct your above point, you don’t need to drink any ounces of MonaVie a day.]

    What is funny is I make a comment going against this site and I am wacked out. LOL OKKKKK

    Humiliated. LOL at You don’t need to buy fruits and vegetables. Like that is standard procedure at every monavie meeting. No I have heard and my own thoughts make me conclude that Monavie is a great combo with fruits and veggies. Why would I stop eating grapes, bananas, oranges, broccoli, peppers all things I enjoy.

    [Editor’s Response: Actually a lot of MonaVie distributors use the “you don’t need to buy fruits and vegetables” argument. See: If you are eating a lot of fruit and vegetables, then what does MonaVie do? Your gas tank is already filled with antioxidants.]

    Maybe you heard a couple people say this. Big whoop make up your own mind man.

    [Editor’s Response: It would be easier for people to make up their own minds if distributors would stop the illegal lies. Maybe following the law doesn’t count as a “big whoop” to you, but the rest of society generally values it.]

    Monavie is high in antioxidants it’s filled with fruit why wouldn’t it be? Wait because this site says no? LOL

    [Editor’s Response: What antioxidants are these again? It is filled with the “juice of fruit”, not fruit itself. Perhaps that’s why it has almost no fiber and an apple has an higher ORAC score: This site backs up what it says with its sources. You just say there are 500 diamonds and went we point out that MonaVie’s Income Disclosure Statement only lists 166.]

    Monavie isn’t full organic and I am not sure if I ever heard it was. Only thing I ever heard was that part of it was organic some couldn’t be classified organic. Yes Monavie is tested for all pesticides and such that is fact and not crap crap crap.

    [Editor’s Response: If you followed Emerald distributor Mitch Biggs, you’d know that high ranking distributors claim that MonaVie is organic (there is no such classification of “full organic”… it either is or is not. And MonaVie is not. Please show all the paperwork relating to the pesticide testing (or reputable third-party paperwork – not MonaVie’s words)… otherwise it is just your opinion.]

    Some People mentioned that Oprah and Oz touted Monavie I am sure I never heard it other than that Acai was on the Oprah show which is not illegal if you are just saying Acai and not Monavie. That whole thing got blown way out of proportion and since has been settled.

    [Editor’s Response: Well if it was blown out of proportion then MonaVie would have countersued and made a lot of money. They did not. Since that time we have proof (see Humiliated comments in another post, which I can easily dig up) saying that it was done as recently as a couple of months ago… 6 months after Oprah decided to protect her name against MonaVie. This is another example of MonaVie trying to claim they are synonymous with acai, as they have done time and time again… and it is not true at all.]

    Lou Niles was a bad seed in a multitude of employees and distributors. Most organizations will have a couple bad seeds here and there. Of course this site will keep pounding it down our throats to scare us.

    [Editor’s Response: MonaVie distributors keep showing his videos and say, “‘Dr.’ Louis Niles says MonaVie is great.” MonaVie obviously doesn’t think he’s a bad seed, because he’s a distributor in good standing. ]

    I don’t think I ever heard Pharma is trying to kill us lol that is an exaggeration.

    [Editor’s Response: Please read the comments on this website… many distributors claim that pharmaceutical companies are in the “sickness industry”, which is the idea that don’t want to make to people healthy, but want to charge money for nothing. Ironically that is MonaVie’s industry (given all the information we have here). We don’t see any clinical studies from MonaVie with a large number of people… nor do we see any comparative studies of MonaVie against any medicine.]

    However I think it is true that a lot of their drugs are highly ineffective and are doing much more harm than good and there is plenty of evidence to suggest so.

    [Editor’s Response: This is very much your opinion. On the whole modern medicine has helped people around the world have increased longevity (i.e. live longer). So I don’t know about them causing more harm than good. That sounds very much like an opinion… and not a very informed one. That is unless you are a fan of polio.]

    Also with Doctors they are hesitant to try to reach the root of the problem but rather give you a drug to just treat the symptom and not the cause.

    [Editor’s Response: Trust me on this one for second… if a doctor knew the root of cancer and could deliver a cure, he’d start a company and be one of the top ten richest people in the world. It’s just smart business sense. He’s not going to prescribe something that he can make a few pennies at, if he had a cure. This is BobJ perpetuating the conspiracy theory…]

    It is fact that the Doctors are heavily influenced by Pharma.

    [Editor’s Response: Not anymore in the US at least… It is illegal for doctors to accept any form of payment from pharmaceuticals for prescribing medication. So if you know any doctors participating in that scam, I suggest you start a website and call them out like I did with MonaVie]

    I don’t think I ever heard the terms “Share it” I’ve heard drink feel it share it but not just share it.

    [Editor’s Response: Umm, so you did hear “share it”… The fact that you heard other things, “drink it”, “feel it”, does not mean that the “share it” doesn’t exist ]

    Also I’ve been to many of meetings and probably to respect the law the distributors I have heard our brief on their experiences with the product but talk moreso about how it helped them financially.

    [Editor’s Response: Well that’s good for them… but again testimonials have to be well within the MonaVie guidelines which means they must have been very, very boring as they couldn’t claim too much.]

    How long were you in Monavie? How many tasting parties did you have? How many 1 on 1’s did you do? How many meetings did you attend? Did you attend any BB’S? Any of the big meetings at one of the resorts?

    [Editor’s Response: Please see the About page of this website. It’s linked at the top in the header.]

  10. Vogel Says:

    Bob said: “Monavie isn’t full organic and I am not sure if I ever heard it was. Only thing I ever heard was that part of it was organic some couldn’t be classified organic.”

    I’m not going to bother deconstructing all your foolish, unsubstantiated comments, but this one merits a rebuttal: you were told wrong — there is NOTHING in Monavie that’s organic — and now you’re spreading that stupid lie. Did you know that you are eligible for an $11,000 fine from the USDA for making that claim. And you know full well that the company will not go on record stating that there is even a single organic ingredient in Monavie because they know they’d be legally culpable if they did. That’s why they leverage greasy scum like you to do the lying for them — and for minimum wage too. Sad dude!

  11. MonaVie Scam Says:

    Well I bothered to refute the above… My comments are inline with his post since he covered so many topics.

  12. Humiliated Says:

    Bob J. You are asking a lot of questions and I would be willing to answer them but please first identify yourself by name and distributor number.


  13. MonaVie Scam Says:

    From: 2010/07/28 at 8:55pm

    BobJ’s ID is 2737312

    unless Monavie’s system is not accurate… which wouldn’t surprise anyone here…. BobJ’s actual name from his distributor ID is Jon Murray (2737312-1)… Odd name for a BobJ

  14. MonaVie Scam Says:

    BobJ hasn’t included his name though… he needs to do that to fulfill his requirement.

  15. Humiliated Says:

    Bobby…is that REALLY your ID number and your real name? Wouldn’t be nice if you were lying and/or impersonating someone….

  16. Rasheed Says:

    Might just be a random distro ID. I considered doing that before. But I figured it’d hurt my integrity.

    Looks like bobby’s integrity just got hurt.

    By the way bob, I was once a distributor for 8 months. Fire your questions away.

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