Monavie Lied About Virgin Galactic Promotion


The following comes from frequent commenter Vogel:

I remember a while back that Monavie was running a promotion in which they were offering top distributors the chance to win a seat on the Virgin Galactic space shuttle. Here are a few examples of distributors using the Virgin Galactic promotion to lure new prospective Monavie distributors:

In the original version of an Inc. magazine article on Monavie, Dallin Larsen was quoted as follows:

“We’ve contracted with Virgin Galactic, and whoever reaches the top will earn a trip to outer space. So we’ll be able to say that MonaVie’s a company that takes you in, around, and out of this world.”

However, I noticed recently that MonaVie retracted the statement and is now denying that they ever had any deal with Virgin Galactic.

“The original version of this story, which appeared in the October 2009 issue, incorrectly stated that MonaVie contracted with Virgin Galactic to send its distributors on a commercial space flight. The two companies do not have a formal contract.”

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12 Responses to “Monavie Lied About Virgin Galactic Promotion”
  1. Tom Says:

    Would it be Virgin Galactic or whatever else – it does not matter – I am pretty sure that when such moment comes that one distributor reaches the appropriate rank – the company would live up to its promise to sponsor for him or her out-of-this-world trip and pay $3 Million cash bonus.

    Just tell me how many companies in the world offer such awards to their best employees?

  2. MonaVie Scam Says:

    I wouldn’t be sure about MonaVie living up to its promise. They had the article changed to make it clear that there is no agreement in place. If you are so sure, put MonaVie on the spot to officially announce it again. Let’s see the press release from Virgin about it.

  3. Anonymous Aussie Says:

    It’s no wonder Monavie were offering its distributors rewards that included a ride into outer space (albeit the fact that it turned out to be a whole lot of BS) – how appropriate for a group of mercenary, ignorant space cadets (like Tom!).

    There’s no-one more gullible that a distributor blinded by greed – although it’s laughable that Monavie promise such extravagant rewards considering 99.64% of the sales force are losing money.

  4. Tom Says:

    Read IDS correctly you moron – most of the people there work somewhere else – I do not know anybody below Ruby Executive who works on MV full-time. Some people make much more than you do, working much less time than you.

    If someone makes more than $30 a week may already break even and pay for the product with the help of commissions he or she makes.

    Nobody qualified for the space trip yet – you’ll get your jaws dropped soon.

  5. MonaVie Scam Says:

    Read the Inc. Magazine article that I stated in the original paragraph. The two companies have no formal agreement. Please quote some source from Virgin Galactic proving it.

    I’m sure some people do make money than me working less time. However, they scamming people like Mitch Biggs Claiming MonaVie Prevents Swine Flu. Some professional thieves and drug dealers make more money in less time than me too. Are you suggest that makes their chosen career ethical and worthwhile?

  6. Anonymous Aussie Says:

    Tom states “Read IDS correctly you moron – most of the people there work somewhere else – I do not know anybody below Ruby Executive who works on MV full-time.”

    I certainly hope people aren’t leaving their jobs in pursuit of the (phantom) opportunity!

    As confirmed by Kelly Bangert (former Monavie Royal Black Diamond) in his resignation letter, neither he or other Black Diamonds, Blue Diamonds and Blue Diamond Executives were making anywhere what is indicated on the IDS. In fact, Kelly confirms his executives have been losing cars, homes and unable to pay bills after having left their jobs to work Monavie full time.

    Tom further states “Nobody qualified for the space trip yet – you’ll get your jaws dropped soon.”

    My jaws dropped already – at seeing you cling to the false hope that you’ll be making any money at all (it’s unfortunate you don’t have the ability to interpret the data in the IDS) let alone believe that anyone except maybe Mr Dallin Larsen will be travelling into outer space (as a result of having leveraged from your futile efforts!)

  7. Billy Says:

    yeah whatever, im in monavie and they just announced that they were testing the space shuttle already because Brig Hart is getting ready to hit that level… And i just have to laugh at any body who says Monavie is a scam. hahaha, well this scam is working and people are getting paid some gooooood money!!!

  8. MonaVie Scam Says:

    Again, there is a statement that there is no formal contract in place.

  9. Rasheed Says:

    I’m actually interested in how this will pan out.

    Billy: “the scam is working?” Wow. Are you really that dense? you know what also works, claiming to be a nigerian prince who lost his place to the throne.

    Apparently you don’t care where your money comes from as long as it works.

  10. Dr. Philip W. Loh Says:

    Hey guys, from what I’ve heard, the last Cash Reward of US$3,000,000 will only pay AFTER YOU TOOK THE SPACE TRAVEL…

    Physically how many people are FIT to take that SPACE TRAVEL? A Triple Crowne Black Diamond could be 60+ of age, and you expect him/her to FLY TO OUTER SPACE…. perhaps no return……

  11. MonaVie Scam Says:

    I’ve heard nothing of a cash reward of $3M.

  12. Dr. Philip W. Loh Says:

    Please refer to Monavie Comp Plan (pg. 9)

    Triple Crowne Black Diamond
    • 3,000,000 GBU cash bonus
    • Participation in the MonaVie Leadership Pool
    • Accommodations at the Zermatt resort (Midway, Utah) in the three bedroom MonaVie Chateau Villa
    • Participation in the MonaVie Jet Credit program
    • A stratospheric adventure—MonaVie is taking you out of this world!

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