MonaVie is Not Convenient

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Every now and again, you’ll hear a MonaVie distributor claim that MonaVie is convenient is some way. This is a bewildering claim to make. Let’s look at this “convenience” claim of MonaVie.

MonaVie requires:

  • Constant Refrigeration – Even before opening the product refrigeration is necessary. Since MonaVie provides extensive discounts for bulk purchases, be prepared to give up a lot of fridge space and/or even get another fridge. The wine bottle shape is not the more efficient for storing a case in the fridge either.
  • Measuring – The recommendation is to drink two ounce servings. This means measuring or pouring into a shot glass – either one is less convenient (and less thirst quenching) than a typical 8 ounce serving of juice. Also, since MonaVie is so expensive (retail price of around $1.80 an ounce) spilling a few drops, or not measuring accurately, gets expensive.
  • Locating MonaVie – Typically a consumer puts their juice in their cart at the grocery store. This has proven so convenient for so many people that they do it with all sorts of products including bread, milk, and cheese. Those who don’t want to go to the grocery can often have it delivered to their home. For most it’s freedom of choice, and an option to pick up the product in 15 minutes. MonaVie, on the other hand, doesn’t put its product in a convenient place like a store with other products. You have to look for a distributor and pay a shipping charge. If you want MonaVie 15 minutes from reading this article your best bet is look on Craigslist and hope its listed.
  • Lack of Portability – It’s hard to bring MonaVie with you. Most women can’t fit a 25 ounce bottle in their purse. I have to come across a purse with refrigeration – though refrigerated purses is a more sensible business idea than selling MonaVie since 99.64% of people lose money.

In contract to MonaVie, there is an apple. It requires no refrigeration, no measuring, is widely available, and incredibly portable. If it was more convenient it would eat itself for you.

Some people are sticklers on juice though. I get that. Maybe their teeth aren’t good, don’t want to cut up an apple, and haven’t figured out how easy it is to peel a banana. If you must have a juice there are a number of fruit blends at your grocery store (widely available) that require no refrigeration until after opening (more convenient than having to refrigerate before and after opening), require no measuring, and won’t drain your wallet.

The only reason why someone would say that MonaVie is convenient is because they want to sell you some.

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