MonaVie EMV, Red Bull, Sugar, and Caffeine


Recently a distributor known as Babylove commented about how one should just try MonaVie. In that comment she said, “Plus, [MonaVie] sell[s] an Energy drink that is 10x better then any other one already out there. I’ve tried it and its really good and 80% pure fruit not like the sugars and Caffeine amounts in Redbull, Rockstar, etc.”

Note: I’ve cleaned up her grammar quite a bit…

I should start off by saying that I’m not a particularly big fan of energy drinks in general. I don’t think they are particularly healthy (MonaVie EMV included) and price-wise, I put them in the category near bottled water. In general, they are extremely expensive. In my opinion, this is like comparing two crimes to see which less bad… neither is good.

Let’s look at a MonaVie Emv nutritional label. You might may want to open that up in another tab or window as you read this.

  • You should note that in 8.4 ounces there are 22 grams of sugar. Red Bull has 27 grams of sugar. That’s difference of 5 grams of sugar. Before you claim that is significant realize that it is 20 calories or 1/100 of your daily calorie intake… not a big deal. However, let’s continue on.
  • I seem to see some Palatinose on the label. It turns out that it is also sugar, but it is a man-made sugar and one that doesn’t exist in nature – see this information on Palatinose. So there are 37 grams of sugar in MonaVie Emv. Compare that to the 27 grams in Red Bull and all of a sudden MonaVie EMV looks 10x worse (and it’s more expensive).
  • MonaVie EMV is 170 calories while Red Bull is 110 calories… Red Bull wins by a wide margin.
  • You say that MonaVie EMV doesn’t have the caffeine amounts as Red Bull, and you are right (sort of). It seems that MonaVie Emv contains 60mg of caffeine – while Red Bull has 76mg of caffeine (click the sports/energy column for the proof). Generic coffee has between 95-200mg (click on the coffee column of the previous link) . All serving sizes of these are approximately 8 ounces, so it is a fair comparison. Red Bull has more caffeine than Emv, but to put it in perspective, the difference amounts to the caffeine amount in one ounce of coffee. Many people would prefer the option with more caffeine as that is the active ingredient in energy drinks. I could create you an energy drink with 10mg of caffeine, but you wouldn’t get much energy out of it.

In the end, I don’t see MonaVie Emv being anywhere near 10x better than Red Bull. And at $2.80 per serving, it is extremely expensive, MonaVie Emv is really expensive.

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7 Responses to “MonaVie EMV, Red Bull, Sugar, and Caffeine”
  1. Rasheed Says:

    LM, out of curiosity (and I suppose fairness as well), can you discuss the fact that it’s 80% juice? Does that change any of the “betterness” of it health-wise?

  2. Mackwiz Says:


    Monster also has a 80% energy drink:

    For the most part the ingredients are similar to eMV:

    There is really nothing about eMV that is different other than the claim it uses mostly acai and does not contain taurine.

    The claims of eMV are similar to 5 Hour Energy in that it claims to have sustained energy with a slow let down rather than an energy spike and crash. I drank an eMV at 8PM and fell asleep 2 hours later. Please note however, that my caffeine tolerance is sky high, as I have been know to fall asleep after drinking coffee.

  3. Rasheed Says:

    I am also very tolerant to caffeine, so I didn’t really feel much effect with eMV. However my friends who are more tolerant to caffeine found it effective without any crash.

    I crashed hard with 5 Hour Energy. Isnt 5hr caffeine-free? It got the job done by keeping me up for 5 hours, but I better not be driving when those 5 hours are up, cuz… I’ll crash! Lol.

    But Monster Juice and eMV, are the 80% juice labels relevant? Does it make it any better or worse for you? And eMV’s probably contain very little acai just as the juices do.

  4. Mackwiz Says:

    The 80% juice in the drink will likely provide little benefit over regular energy drinks. I’m no expert, but spiking fruit juice with the same ingredients as regular energy drinks doesn’t seem to make it much better (calorie count and sugar is still all the same). Maybe a little better, but nothing to write home about.

    5HR Energy does contain caffeine, but a smaller amount than energy drinks. It relies more on B6 and B12 as well as niacin to invoke energy. In my experience with 5HR energy, it provides little to no benefit to me.

  5. Rasheed Bustamam Says:

    That makes sense. In the end, it’s still an energy drink, and if you get your daily juice from an energy drink, well, there’s something wrong.

    Though I gotta admit, EMV’s taste great! I haven’t tried the other juiced energy drinks, and I probably never will because they’re still not exactly healthy for you, but I’m just saying. The only thing I hated about EMV’s was the high price tag. The cheapest you can get them at in bulk was like, $2.68 per can, and they suggested selling it at $3 per can. You could do $4, but no one would want to buy a $4 can of juice/energy. So more price for the same thing. =\

  6. Adam W Says:

    I read all the comments and I’m just shaking my head how much misinformed people are about health.
    1st of all (Most importantly) the nutrition facts are a small factor. The ingredient list plays a huge role in comparing the products.

    Hi-Fructose Corn syrup, Aspartame, or splenda cannot compare to Fruit Sugar. By a long shot… Your body knows how to process fruit sugar very well. EMV wins by far….

    The calories from the EMV come from natural sources. All other energy drinks use artificial colors,flavors, sweetners, and synthetic vitamins. EMV wins by far.

    The only thing is that Monavie EMV is more expensive. But as far as health goes, you know what they say “you get what you pay for”

    EMV wins all the way. Please checkout all the published studies.

    All the other energy drinks should be illegal because they are destroying peoples health.

  7. MonaVie Scam Says:

    Adam W,

    Since when are these energy drinks healthy in the first place?

    I don’t know about you, but if I’m going to have soda, I am going to make it with something like SodaStream. I wrote an article about Soda Stream here. You can mix in your own flavorings. I prefer True Orange as it is also chemical-free. If I want a kick, I can do that with a caffeine pill. As you know caffeine is a natural substance. The whole cost is very little, about 25 cents a liter.

    What are the published you are referring to?

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