MonaVie EMV Lite: Now With Less Energy?


I see that MonaVie eMV Lite is coming out soon… in fact there seems to be samples in Indianapolis this week.

It’s interesting to note that when MonaVie eMV (the regular version) became available, many MonaVie distributors said this exact statement:

A significant number of energy drinks are also available in sugar free or low carbohydrate versions. These products provide very little if any “real energy,” since energy comes from calories.

Click the link and you can find hundreds of articles with the same exact words on Google, so this had to be passed on from MonaVie in some form (hundreds of distributors wouldn’t make up the exact same page of marketing material).

I knew at the time MonaVie was going to regret using that statement. At the time it proved that MonaVie doesn’t provide energy (I’m referring to Active, Original, etc… that have few calories.)

Now it looks like the statement might come back to haunt MonaVie again. What is eMV Lite going to be? I haven’t been able to track down any information on the product itself yet. It surely can’t be low calorie version since the marketing for eMV was pretty clear in that there is “very little energy” in those drinks. MonaVie finds itself once again trapped in their own marketing web. Either they admit that they were wrong about their marketing of MonaVie eMV or they have to come out with a MonaVie eMV Lite that bends the definition of “Lite” in such a way as containing full calories. It will be interesting to see how they handle that.

I should also point out that Amthrax poses the interesting eMV Lite question of how MonaVie is going to push the no “artificial flavors or sweeteners” angle if they end up using a sugar substitute. My only guess here is that it uses Stevia or some deriviative (rebaudioside-A) that I see was approved as a food additive. That would be the smart way for MonaVie to go.

[Edit: I’m seeing another MLM energy drink, XOWii, has stevia in it. It would be very surprised if MonaVie used anything other than stevia, as stevia is the most marketable of the sweetners – since it’s natural.]

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103 Responses to “MonaVie EMV Lite: Now With Less Energy?”
  1. silo Says:

    IheartEMV (and others)

    If you had followed the timeline of this site, you would understand Vogel’s shortness in his replies.

    Dozens, if not hundreds of times, Monavie supporters show up on the site and begin the pitch. They accuse the regular posters here of working for a competitor, or of being too lazy to give the product a try, or of having no life, or of not knowing the facts about Monavie. You yourself are guilty of a few of these in your early posts. Yet on every occasion, the ‘facts’ presented by distributors are unsupported and debunked, and the FACTS posted by the regulars here are cited, supported and uncontested.

    This site isn’t about opinion, or testimonials, or faith in a product/company. This site posts facts and cites references to support them. Those facts remain uncontested by Monavie corporate, its scientific advisory board and especially by its distributors. Those same facts get in the way of recruiting potential downline distributors, especially those who have the ethical wherewithall to avoid scamming people. When those recruits research the company, they will have additional resources through this site to counter the illegal distributor claims about the product.

    The bottom line is that the product is overpriced and lacking in nutrition. The cost is in no way justified. The tactics used by distributors to sell the product are unethical at best and outright dangerous at worst.

    As a distributor, if you don’t know the true facts and you sell this product, you are merely irresponsible and doing a disservice to your customers (financially and nutritionally). If you do know the facts, and choose to make the sale anyway, you deserve all the ire that Vogel has directed at you.

  2. Vogel Says:

    Totally agree. When a distributor violates their contract by posting anonymously, it demonstrates dishonesty, a lack of pride in the business, and unwillingness to stand behind their advertising claims. I think that some of the distributors here are extra reluctant to abide by this policy because it would hinder their ability to post under different user names and to use multiple dissenting posts to create the illusion of strength in numbers.

    What really galls though is their lack of humility. I mean, let’s face it, we’ve dealt with some really frighteningly uneducated Monavie distributors who could barely write coherent sentences and really knew nothing about the product, but it never stopped them from being strident and accusatory, particularly when the facts didn’t fall their way. Even those who started out halfway lucid and civilized eventually degenerated after being proven wrong a few times.

    If these were honest people who wanted to engage in honest debate, they simply wouldn’t behave as they do, nor would they be so quick to resort to misinformation, redirection, strawman arguments, and ad hominem attacks.

    An honest person who didn’t know much about the product would come here asking questions, not simply posting blurbs from Monavie brochures and then getting angry when we use facts, with which we are well acquainted, and simple logic to show why the claims are either false or do not support the value of the product or business. And once shown the facts, they should absorb them and acknowledge them as such, rather than looking away and changing the subject. When proven wrong, a humble person admits it. But not these buffoonish Monavie distributors; they all seem to have the same dangerous mix of ignorance, arrogance, and greed.

  3. Food Tech in CA Says:

    Actually, Vogel really held back. I think he was just toying with him.

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