MonaVie Distributor: Your Job is a Pyramid Too!


This is an argument that I’ve read from MonaVie Distributors again and again. They’ll often point out that the CEO of the company makes more than a VP of sales who makes more than the janitor. I don’t argue this fact, but the difference is how those people got into their positions. The CEO didn’t become CEO because he created an incentive for his customers to work for him. He also doesn’t ask you buy significant amounts of the company’s product in advance of paying you a salary.

The CEO didn’t start out at janitor and work his way up to CEO. The typical CEO graduates from a very difficult business school and almost typically starts with a salary upwards of $150,000 a year in an executive position. I have not seen MonaVie value an education like this and just start people at Gold or Ruby levels.

There’s another major difference… in some industries there are often significantly more people at the top than at the bottom. Think of your average restaurant. How many chefs do they have for every dishwasher or bus boy? I think you get where this going.

If you think that MonaVie isn’t a pyramid, why not look at the tips outlined by the FTC. I particularly like this article on illegal pyramids, because they add much needed common sense.

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115 Responses to “MonaVie Distributor: Your Job is a Pyramid Too!”
  1. Mackwiz Says:

    Wil is a condescending $h1t head, and a bald-faced liar.

    How do these idiots walk around saying stuff like “If you invest some time into it throughout the year, you have a good shot at making money.” when the company’s own IDS reports that 1-2% of distributors actually make any real money? The fact that no new IDS is popping up should be a small yet steady alarm.

    The stupid health claim… ugh. Drink regular juice, or go buy Sambazon or some other “super-fruit-juice” that’s SANELY priced. Pseudo-science aside, the mere price of MonaVie offsets health claims, especially unfounded and illegal ones.

    This guy is merely an apologist making it look like we have some personal vendetta against a legit product and company.

    “So easy. BTW thanks for brining so many people together on your blog and creating such a buzz for MONAVIE! U R AWESOME.”

    This is basically Wil’s way of saying F*&! you. Yes, because I am sure that odds are many people who read juicescam go running to be a distributor. Also, if it’s “So easy.”, why is there a near gambling level failure rate in your business? Slot machines are very easy too, you just pull the handle.

  2. team deception Says:

    Dont know much about the guy in the video but he compares your chances of success in a mlm to gambling with data provided by mlm’s.

  3. CGC Says:

    That is Brian Dunning, and he has a long running podcast titled “Skeptoid”. This was originally an audio version which can be found here:

  4. Tom Says:

    Let me share with you an e-mail I recently received. As term Network Marketing is used here you may want to use MLM (multi-level-marketing) instead. This talks about one of the key premise of MLM industry: paying for productivity not just experience or education.

    What exactly is a pyramid?

    First off, it is the shape of the strongest architectural structure known to man. It is also the shape of every corporate structure in
    the world.

    Let me give you an example. In any corporation you have a CEO at the top. Below the CEO is one or more vice presidents and below them the managers, and so on and so on.

    Who makes the most money in this model? The CEO, right? The vice presidents make less than the CEO, but more than the managers.

    This goes on and on right down to the lowest paid individual in the company, for this example let’s say it is the salesman.

    Will the VP’s or salesman ever make more than the CEO?

    Not likely.

    And why is this? Because the person who makes the most money also holds all the control – he/she is the boss. If the VP’s or the
    salesman were to earn more than the CEO – the entire corporate model would crash.

    Is the salesman or VP not as productive as the CEO? This is questionable. He/she may in fact be more productive, but in corporations, individuals are not paid on productivity. They are paid on education and experience. Even if it is the salesman’s efforts that are bringing more $’s to the bottom line.

    In Network Marketing you are paid on your productivity. If you build a large organization, you are compensated fairly based on your efforts. Those that are less productive are paid less.

    Isn’t that fair?

    If one person works harder than another, and adds more to the bottom line, shouldn’t they be paid based on their productivity,
    rather than on some organizational pyramid?

    This is the premise for Network Marketing. No matter what your education or your previous experience, you have the exact same
    opportunity as every other *independent representative* of that company.

    In fact, even the master distributor (similar in position to the CEO in the corporate America business model) can be out-earned by
    ANY distributor who is more productive and adds more to the bottom line.”

  5. MonaVie Scam Says:


    Welcome back. Thanks for sharing an email you received. It is difficult for me to resist the urge to be sarcastic because I receive lots of email. If you had stated the source of this email, like say Orrin Woodward, that would set it apart from an anonymous email.

    Let’s critique the email.

    It starts of by stating that a pyramid is strongest architectural structure in the world. This is an irrelevant point. One is a physcial tangible structure and the other is term used to refer an illegal scheme in numerous countries including MonaVie’s corporate headquarters. So by talking about pyramids in the context of MLM, the emailer is admitting that it is an illegal scheme.

    It is an interesting point of paying for productivity vs. experience and education. Unfortunately this debate isn’t likely to end well for those in the MLM world.

    Let’s take a minute and discuss education. Should we really discount this? Are you really going to advocate against education. Would you put your money where your mouth is and take your children out of school and refuse to educate them at home? I don’t think any responsible parent would do this.

    When you discount education in MLM, you get salesmen who don’t know the product. For instance, you get Mitch Biggs Scams People and MonaVie Condones ItMitch Biggs and illegal health claims. He’s one of the highest paid people in MonaVie at the Emerald level, and he doesn’t know the product or his business. Maybe he’s really good at recruiting people, but remember, this is a sign of an illegal pyramid scheme according to the FTC.

    What about experience? Should we discount this? Does this make any sense. I can’t think of one thing where an inexperienced person should get paid more than an experienced one.

    I understand the focus on productivity. That’s not wrong. However, we see that the people at the top of the MLM pyramids are not more productive that the people at the bottom. They aren’t out there showing more plans they aren’t making more retail sales. Let’s look at the Black Diamond Executives. From MonaVie’s IDS, they are getting paid over $1000 an hour. Are you telling me that each and every hour they are showing the MonaVie plan and creating retail sales? Clearly that isn’t possible, especially when you consider the videos of them explaining how they don’t really work any more.

    One final note on education, if we are to believe this email, that is the end of all talk about “tool” sales. Remember, “no matter what your education…, you have the exact same opportunity as every other *independent representative* of that company.” There’s no reason to spend money on these tools.

    I have to get going, but I could say a lot more on this topic. Let’s just go with this for now.

  6. CGC Says:

    First off, the author of that article (Crystal Herbelin) is playing a game of semantic deception, for a pyramid and a pyramid scheme are two distinct things with their own definitions. The fact that a typical corporate structure may have the shape of a pyramid no more makes it a pyramid scheme than the Eiffel Tower, because it is shaped like a tower, is also an “ivory tower”.

    Then she goes on to make some simplified generalizations that demonstrate that she has no knowledge of real world companies. Yes, the CEO almost always makes the most, but in many areas, like consulting sales, the reps can make more than the company’s top executives. When this happens, the company doesn’t fall apart. Also, the vice-president or someone else can take over the top position, as these structures are dynamic and there is usually opportunity for vertical movement based on performance.

    The CEO usually does not “hold all the control”, but is constrained by company policy and boards of directors. The omnipotent corporate ruler she seems to base her example on is very rare and it is disingenuous to use it as the norm.

    She is also being deceptive in the way she compares the hierarchy of a company with the levels in an MLM’s sales force. In the former we are talking about completely different tasks, skills, knowledge and responsibilities, in the latter it’s all the same job. MonaVie’s own corporate structure, with Dallin Larsen at the top, is not a part of the distributor pyramid – and if a rep made more than him, is it likely “the entire corporate model would crash”?

    Basically her article does nothing to defend any particular MLM from the charge of being a pyramid scheme, and in no way convinces me that MonaVie isn’t a barely legal scam in which almost any new distributor is guaranteed to lose. Those at the bottom are paying the income of those at the top and the only way to succeed would be to get suckers under you to pay your income, i.e., a pyramid scheme.

  7. Mackwiz Says:


    The sales force in a traditional company does not pay to be in the sales force. The customers give the profits, and the whole reason for the business becomes making money through customers. This is what could be called COMMON SENSE, unlike a pyramid scheme where there are no real customers, you know, like MonaVie. You don’t pay your traditional job 200 bucks so that your CEO can make a commission because he is at the “top”. Until MonaVie has real customers, non-distributor customers and the juice sells in a non Jehovah’s Witness-like way, I won’t be conveinced it is like any other job.

  8. CGC Says:

    Tom — In that article you posted an excerpt from, there is also the following quote:

    “The Best Investment I Ever Made” – Warren Buffet (of Network Marketing)

    Now as the author has included absolutely no sources for any of what she wrote (what a surprise), I tried to verify that quote. I was only able to find references to it on other pro-MLM sites (what a surprise).

    Can you source it, or can we assume it is just another MLM myth unquestionably parroted down the line to eternity? Hmmm, come to think of it, a parrot would make a good MonaVie sales rep: “Squawk! Equals 13 fruits! Squawk! Your job is a pyramid!”

  9. Anonymous Aussie Says:

    Tom, do you recognise the fact that Monavie is in fact a pyramid scheme – is that the point of your post?

    What eludes you is the fact that pyramid schemes are a form of FRAUD. They’re entirely unsustainable – the “revenue” is merely an internal transfer of money from later participants to earlier ones. One’s ability to succeed in such schemes depends on the ability to recruit other participants – a factor which will always result in greater than 99% of the participants at the bottom who will lose, noting that the recruitment process simply can’t go on forever. As already pointed out, pyramid schemes are illegal.

    The geometric shape of a pyramid, a corporational structure – none of these things has anything to do with a pyramid scheme and the fundamental flaws of same. It doesn’t take a genius mind to figure this out…

    Monavie Scam – is this our resident genius, Tom (you know, the one who spelt pyramid as “P-Y-R-A-M-I-D-E”)???

  10. jim Says:

    Good day ladies and gentlemen. For your viewing pleasure I present to you “pyramid scheme animation” from the website of R3Global.

  11. CGC Says:

    Jim – nice link. That animated bear-thing guy really destroyed that pathetic straw man!

  12. MonaVie Scam Says:

    This is re-run of the YouTube thing here: I’ve seen it a lot on my Protandim Scam post. They probably didn’t want to include the YouTube version in because Pat Petrini is from Xango.

  13. CGC Says:

    I posted a comment on that r3global site. What are the odds that it will see the light of day?

  14. CGC Says:

    Believe it or not, r3global did not show my “negative” comment. If they thought that cute little video was making a valid point, wouldn’t they welcome a challenge they could smack down with their brilliant logic?

  15. Anonymous Aussie Says:

    Hardly surprising, CGC – as we know, thinking on any level beyond the information they provide isn’t encouraged, it’s detrimental to the success of the scam.

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