MonaVie Distributor: You Can’t Trust the Internet


One of the arguments that I’ve seen MonaVie Distributors make lately is the sweeping statement of “You can’t trust the Internet.” Most recently it came up in this comment. Let’s examine if you can trust the Internet or not… and then try to figure out why a MonaVie distributor might make this claim.

Can you Trust the Internet

The Internet is similar to any other medium… there is information that you can trust and information that you should take with a healthy share of skepticism.

For example, let’s look at television. Do you trust those late night infomercials trying to sell you a course on how to make money in real estate with no money down? If you do, you are one of the very few that those commercials target. Do you see a commercial for McDonalds and trust that your burger will look the same? If you’ve been to McDonalds, you know that’s not true. Clearly television is not to be trusted, right? Wrong.

When you see something on the History Channel or the Discover Channel, do you respond with “television is not to be trusted”? When you read a sports ticker at the bottom of the screen, do you think that it lies to you? Of course not.

Doing Research on the Internet is Natural

Let’s pretend that you a looking to buy a television. Naturally, you want to get good value for your money. So you decide to do some research. You could get a magazine like Consumer Reports and that gives you some information. Alternatively, you could look up the reviews on to see what people are saying about a particular television. You could go to blogs like Gizmodo or Engadget that are trusted by millions of people each day. These would be smart moves in finding the right television for you.

Why MonaVie Distributors Steer you Away from the Internet

MonaVie distributors view you as a potential customer. Since they are already talking to you, they want to close the sale. If you leave the store to research the product, they know they may lose that sale. If they were confident in the product and the company, they would encourage you to go out there and do the research.

We’ve seen time and again that MonaVie tries to suppress the truth you get about the product and the company.

In the comment that I mentioned at the beginning of the article, the person doing the research simply had some questions that he wanted answered. The broad sweeping response of, “You cannot trust the Internet”, is not only ignorant, but rude. The proper etiquette is to answer the specific questions the customer has.

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5 Responses to “MonaVie Distributor: You Can’t Trust the Internet”
  1. Anonymous Aussie Says:

    This by far has to be one of the most absurd statements I’ve heard from distributors – including my own friend who, prior to becoming involved in Monavie did ALL of his research on the internet (and still does when he needs to), yet questions the reliability of sources from the internet when it comes to Monavie specifically.

    There’s just simply no logic to it.

    I’ve also seen Monavie distributors here in Australia being taught NOT to discuss the opportunity with a prospect prior to meeting with them face to face – so as not to allow the person to do their own research about the company prior to the carefully scripted and selected Monavie inspired propaganda being given by the distributor and at which time various tactics are employed to appeal to the person’s sense of greed.

    Monavie do NOT want distributors doing true “due diligence”, the success of the company depends solely on misinformation concerning both the venture and products.

  2. Vogel Says:

    They also don’t like the one-on-one as much as they do stacking the odds in their favor by having a distributor-to-rube ratio of about 5:1 or better. Bully tactics and group coercion are cornerstone tactics for keeping the lies alive.

  3. Dee Says:

    This statement is also a form of Manipulation on the distributors part. Now let us ask ourselves what is Manipulation ?

    Manipulation : to control or play upon by artful, unfair, or insidious means especially to one’s own advantage.

    Manipulation is the main goal when attending a meeting in Monavie. The main purpose of a distributor is not to get you in to get you “healthy” or to cure your cancer or to stop your aching joints. The goal is to Manipulate you so that you are just another money making branch in their pyramid…. oops I mean Monavie tree. As soon as I left the organization all the people who would call me all the time to ask me how I was feeling( make sure I’m drinking my Monavie) were nowhere to be found. All the people who treated me like a friend when I was involved just threw my number away like I never existed. Beware of the Manipulation because it is only for their benefit and not your own. I am aware of my unnecessary capitalization of the word manipulation but that word is the spotlight of this post. If you look at the word Monavie it almost has the word Manipulation in it.

  4. Dave Says:

    I had a “meeting” with a MonaVie distributor today. I let him give his talk then I said that I would need a little time to investigate MonaVie online. He did not seem very happy about it. Thank you very much for this website. I guess my advice to others would be if there is any kind of doubt..just don’t risk it. Thanks again.

  5. MonaVie Scam Says:

    You are welcome Dave. Thanks for taking the time to drop the note.

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