MonaVie Distributor Glenn Siesser Threatens to Kill Me


For a few weeks, I’ve been procrastinating on publishing this. However, given recent events of MonaVie blackmailing me it seems necessary to put this out there in case Glenn Siesser (or any one else affiliated with MonaVie) tries to make good on his threats.

Glenn Siesser left a comment on my Acavie post of:

“People are watching you, following you and marking you. You game will soon come to an end so hopefully you will be smart enough to drop your curtains before they are dropped for you.”

What most people didn’t see are the private emails he sent to me. The threats continued. Here are some quotes from various emails:

“…why dont you step into the octagon with me yu (sic) pencil neck geek and i show u what a reall man is made of… i’m gonna pay u a vist!”

“I’m coming out to see you….kets (sic) step in the ring u [female genetalia]….yu better run.”

“You like eating your steak with a straw I guess.”

“Get your straws ready”

At least he’s stepped down from the curtains-for-you talk to finding me and beating me up.

Now Glenn Siesser has previously pleaded guilty for penny stock fraud. And just the other day we saw that Glenn “struggled with drug and alcohol addiction for more than 30 years”

Glenn is clearly still committing fraud by telling lies about MonaVie on Facebook:

If he doesn’t understand why it is a lie, I would advise him to read this article.

These are the kind of people who get involved with MonaVie.

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43 Responses to “MonaVie Distributor Glenn Siesser Threatens to Kill Me”
  1. Cyberxion Says:

    You’ve obviously got these guys running scared. Keep up the great work, and be safe, Lazy.

  2. Candace Says:

    Lovely. Keep ’em hopping, LM!

  3. Vogel Says:

    I would seriously consider a restraining order and initiating a criminal investigation. Those were very serious threats he made and he appears to be a dark and deeply disturbed individual. I’d hate to see you have to waste a cap on his ass if he tries to make good on his threats.

  4. lattimore Says:

    nothing would tickle me more than seeing this get a whole lot of media attention.

  5. MonaVie Scam Says:

    Vogel, I’m thinking about it.

    Lattimore, nor me.

  6. Vogel Says:

    What an impressive CV this guy has:

    1. Drug/alcohol addict
    2. Convicted stock swindler
    3. Apostate convert of the Assemblies of God (the church of “speaking in tongues”)
    4. Seller of giant inflatable advertising and Monavie
    5. (And now) violent offender

    How long before this guy gets his own Monavie Black Diamond Success Story video?

    Seriously man, this is really starting to remind me of the final days of Jonestown. If I were a Monavie distributor I’d keep smiling…and eyeing the exit door, ready to bolt just before they start serving Dixie cups full of cyanide-laced-acai juice. Watch how they’ll turn on each other while the pyramid implodes.

  7. Jim Says:

    Ever consider a press release to bring the Mona vie black mail/ physical threat story to the attention of the news outlets? Given that over 3,000,000 have alledgedly fallen prey to this scam, it may be a tasty enough story for some news hound to run with. This could be a juicy expose featuring excessive greed, poor conned dupes, underdog bloggers fighting the big mlm, and now some threats of violence. American viewers eat this stuff up.

    In any case, thanks for the vigilant fight LM and to all that continue to work toward ending this scam. Is anyone else getting the feeling the end is near for Mona vie? Can’t wait to see the new IDS.

    Good luck and stay safe my friend.

  8. Anonymous Aussie Says:

    Boy, Monavie sure do attract the quality representatives (it certainly doesn’t help that even the founder has a history of making fraudulent and illegal claims).

    I think it should be reported also, Monavie Scam – it’s entirely unacceptable.

  9. MonaVie Scam Says:

    I was considering it. I was kind of hoping that people could take to their Facebook and Twitter accounts and give a “OMG, can you believe this story?”

    I’m a sucker for “the people” taking action.

    I don’t know if we’ll ever see a new IDS at this point.

  10. Vogel Says:

    Oh geeze…I almost missed a portion from the Sun-Sentinel article (see page 2), describing how Siesser had an anger management problem, in addition to being a drug-addicted alcoholic:

    “Glenn Siesser struggled with drug and alcohol addiction for more than 30 years…Now Siesser is a regular at weekly meetings of the church’s Iron Men Ministry…says he has seen the positive influence of the group on his life…’It’s helped me learn how to be the head of my family and how to deal with anger issues and social pressures’, said Seisser.”

    If the Iron Men Ministry is helping Siesser deal with his anger issues, I’d hate to see what he was like back in the days before he found Pentecostalism and was just a heathen meth-snorting, booze-guzzling, stock-swindler.

    Oh, by the way, on Siesser’s Facebook page, he lists Kenpo karate as one of his interests. Great combo…unethical thug, booze and drugs, fundamentalist religious zeal, martial arts, uncontrolled rage, and now a vendetta. Uhhhh…safe to say that this guy is a powder keg waiting to blow.

    This guy doesn’t need a pastor — he needs handcuffs and a few taser shots to the genitals.

  11. MonaVie Scam Says:

    I would never have predicted he had anger management issues. That doesn’t fit with any of the stuff in this article.

  12. Vogel Says:

    Jim said: “Ever consider a press release to bring the Mona vie black mail/ physical threat story to the attention of the news outlets? Given that over 3,000,000 have alledgedly fallen prey to this scam, it may be a tasty enough story for some news hound to run with.”

    Truly a stellar idea. I can think of a few good possibilities: Tony Dokupil at Newsweek, Darren Rovell at MSNBC, Emily Lambert and Klaus Kneale at Forbes, Dr. Jonny Bowden at the Huffington Post, Carolyn Susman at the Palm Beach Post, and Dr. Dean Edell. These are all sources that have been critical of Monavie in the mainstream media so they may have an interest in following up on the story, or they might be able to suggest a staff investigative reporter who could take the story and run with it.

  13. Jim Says:

    Totally off topic but did you see the PH site is now a Mona vie commercial? One of the posters there had claimed all the ant-mv sites were going away very soon. I don’t know what else to guess other than they made a very attractive financial offer.

    Lazy, did they ever approach you to sell out? Wonder if they thought you above it? They apparently buy out one compettitor while simultaneously blackmailing another. Like a scene from the Godfather, Dallin turns and says “today brig, all family business is settled”.

    Glad you’re still here lazy.

  14. Jim Says:

    Never mind. You can delete that post. For some reason the P/H site was redirecting to a series of Mona vie videos/propaganda earlier but seems restored now. Weird. Did anybody else experince this?

  15. MonaVie Scam Says:


    Thanks for the tips of people who could help with this. I have a connection with the Consumerist from when MonaVie tried to sue me in the past: I think that is one of my first stops.

    Everyone could do me a huge favor and send an email to [email protected] alerting them to my post here:

    Simultaneously, I’m going to move forward with the authorities to file a formal complaint against Glenn Siesser. Everyone I’ve talked to agreed that it’s the right thing to do. No one from MonaVie’s organization has responded to my letter about this situation, yet, which is unfortunate.

    I hadn’t noticed that PurpleHorror lost all it’s content. I hope someone grabs it from the Google Cache or soon. No one has approached me with any kind of monetary offer, which I find mind-boggling. Perhaps you are right that they thought I was above it.

  16. MonaVie Scam Says:

    Jim I still see P/H showing videos/propaganda.

  17. Vogel Says:

    Me too. Wonder what’s up with that. I have archived copies of pretty much all of the posts over the past year or two.

  18. Vogel Says:

    Here are some archived versions from 2007-2008.*/

  19. Vogel Says:

    Here’s a cache of the latest version (since June 6, 2010).

  20. Cyberxion Says:

    Vogel, the cached link just leads to the spam version for me. I wonder why that is. @[email protected]

  21. Vogel Says:

    I saved a copy in case you ever need it.

  22. Humiliated Says:

    The PH site was fine this morning but now it is the MV propaganda. I did note that they were having problems with stuff going into moderation a couple of weeks ago…they asked that any posts be resubmitted as a result. I also noted that someone posted that “all of these sites would be shut down soon” and “not to worry”. I meant to ask y’all about that. I wonder if they managed to “scare” the administrator of that site with their legal threats.

    It just makes the company look more pathetic in that they are doing what they can to shut these sites down, the truth is obviously hurting them. They don’t understand that people look for these sites because they have a gut feeling about something not being right with the company/product/people. These sites simply confirm their beliefs and will continue to exist, perhaps in different forms. They will not win. Stay strong and fight JS! We are behind you!!

  23. Hellraiser Says:

    I want to thank LM, Vogel, Lattimore, and the rest of the folks here working as consumer advocates who do their homework and back up opinions with citations and references ;-)

    Look closely at the *new* PH site… it is literally filled with inaccuracies and health claims that are illegal in my opinion. It’s a shame PH seems to havebit the dust… I enjoyed matching wits with the ignorant distributors about facts vs their BS. Keep up the good work ;-)

  24. Anonymous Aussie Says:

    I had exactly the same problem with Purple Horror also.

    I won’t rule sabotage out either – clearly nothing is beneath these people.

    Humiliated states “Stay strong nd fight JS! We are behind you!!”

    I second that!

  25. MonaVie Scam Says:

    In case Purple Horror was sabotaged, I would like everyone to know here that I get regularly scheduled back-ups of the site emailed to a couple of different email accounts. There would probably be a couple of minor headaches in restoring it to full functionality, but it shouldn’t be too difficult.

  26. Humiliated Says:

    Now all of the PH sites shows “ERROR” when you go to them. I guess they would go after that one first because it received recognition through the Newsweek article. JS, I figure you can always start another site called “Purple Whorer” and the legacy will live on!!

    Please tell me that you have reported this to the authorities JS. The more that I think about what that disturbed man wrote, the more I worry that he will take action. Your are dealing with somebody who has anger issues to begin with, couple that with the cult mentality that he seems to be enmeshed in, both with his “church” and with Monavie, and you have a ticking time bomb. This would be especially true if his MV income has been reduced substantially due to his blogging on here. He may be blaming you and that frightens me. I agree with Vogel in that you need to take this very seriously. I don’t think that telling the very company that supports his behaviour will do it.

    I note that we have all become “overheated” in our discussions about this crap product/company but Mr. Seisser has definitely crossed the line and we can NOT ignore these threats. I am fairly certain there are many more “Glenns” out there in psycho MV land and the may “copycat” this behavior if they see Glenn was successful,particularly given the mindset of the company and how much the “higher ups” publicly malign these sites. These people are defending their “god” and may stop at nothing.

    Is there anything else we can do in addition to emailing “[email protected]”?

  27. MonaVie Scam Says:

    Humiliated you are right. I originally didn’t take Glenn too seriously. I forget that there are still some people out there who resolve their problems with violence. In the places I lived, people have always taken a more civilized approach. I should have realized long ago that the civilized world and MonaVie world have very little overlap.

    I am going to put updates at MonaVie Blackmails Me, so you may want to subscribe to comments of that post. The brief update is that I had a conversation with the FBI yesterday. Today, I’m going to contact a few lawyers. I’ll stop by my local police station as well.

    If you have any other media connections or a Facebook and Twitter account, you can spread the word from there.

  28. silo Says:

    According to whois results, there was an update to the domain name for purple horror on the 24th, the same day that site went AWOL.

    Perhaps one of monabots sniped the domain name and converted it to a pro-monavie site instead.

    Created on: 07-Aug-07
    Expires on: 16-Dec-10
    Last Updated on: 24-Aug-10

  29. Hellraiser Says:

    The *New* version of PH is up and ready for blogging… IF you trust whoever is running the new site…

    Let’s flood the beginning of the blog with HARD questions until we uncover the TRUTH ;-)

  30. Anonymous Aussie Says:

    Hellraiser states “The *New* version of PH is up and ready for blogging… IF you trust whoever is running the new site…”

    Hmmmm….the whole thing looks suss – the sites not even titled Purple Horror.

  31. Candace Says:

    It is nice to see some other intelligent consumers commenting here. Welcome! :-)
    It becomes monotonous (for me) to keep refuting the same senseless comments from new uninformed MonaBots who cannot be bothered to read older comments that debunk all of their brainwashed spewing. Good to see others taking up the cause.
    Fight on!

  32. Rasheed Says:

    This is actually kind of scary. I don’t support death threats in any way so this is unacceptable. Keep us posted :)

  33. Rasheed Says:

    Though I want to know, are you Lazy Man as well? I always thought those were two different sites :P

  34. Hellraiser Says:

    I apologize in advance for the long post…

    Interest in monavie is fading, sales are reportedly tanking, lawsuits are abundant, bad PR is drowning the distributors, the BBB rating was a C- last time I checked, JUNK SCIENCE claims are rising, the FDA has already issued at least 1 warning, the drop out rate (~70%) is unsustainable, corporate financial and charitable misconduct allegations have arrived, and recently, monavie distributors have threatened blackmail and violence against at least one consumer advocate for daring to seek out and discuss the truth.

    It is time for the monavie executives (responsible for running and leading the company ethically and legally) to show some appropriate action and leadership before the government is FORCED to take action. They should hastily decide between the following two options:

    1) Get VERY serious about ethics and complying with the (FDA, FTC, State) laws and reign in their ignorant, wildcat, mona-bot distributors in the STRICTEST, MOST EXPEDIENT FASHION possible, or

    2) Prove to the world that the multitude of (currently) illegal claims flooding the internet have merit (are generally accepted by the scientific and medical communities via gold-standard clinical trials) and that the law does not apply to their products/company for that reason.

    If monavie remains silent, they should expect to reap the natural consequences, such as overwhelming bad press, criminal prosecution, and probable closure of the company). The executives running this company are apparent charlatans who REFUSE to make good on their claims about the worth of the product AND the unprecedented business opportunity through transparency and basic, generally accepted, good business conduct. The negativity will only grow with the status quo, and will eventually engulf the company and relegate it to the annals of failed MLM history.

    We have heard for YEARS from mona-bots about how the clinical trials are underway and the results (due any time now from reputable doctors and universities all over the world) will make all us “haters” writhe on the floor, racked with pain and guilt because we did not believe that monavie was indeed a miracle fruit product that has medicinal benefits never before seen by modern man, and we all missed out on the grandiose business opportunity of a lifetime to become millionaires.

    So where are the irrefutable, gold-standard results? The highly acclaimed company leaders (who behave like frauds, afraid of the truth and light) have had 5 years to accomplish this task and have failed MISERABLY!

    IF this is such a God Blessed company, with righteous, Christian men leading it, then why on earth are the leaders avoiding their self-appointed duty to HELP THEIR DISTRIBUTORS by handing them the ammunition they need (PROOF) to prevail in this awful, uphill, endless PR nightmare they have created for themselves AND (more importantly) for their distributors? It is and always was Mr. Larsen’s duty to address these problems. I do not envy your position, because I do NOT have faith that Mr. Larsen intends to address these problems at all.

    The sooner Dallin Larsen and the rest of the top monavie executives and their associated “medical experts” address legitimate questions and squelch the negative commentary by non-violent and non-litigious means, the better – for many reasons, but primarily to increase their revenue, lower their drop out rate, and expand the company… which makes it much easier to sell the product. Unfortunately, they are either unable or unwilling to put things right in an attempt to increase consumer/public confidence in the following ways:

    Improve the corporate BBB rating to the “honor roll” category rather than a worrisome C- (improved from a previous F). Surely, the super CEO and entrepreneur of the year (Mr. Larsen) can handle such a small task! This would help reduce “negativity” now present among prospective clients and increase public confidence.

    Engage in rational dialog (with skeptics and experts) about their product, and enlighten (shock and awe?) us about the nutritional content, basic formulation, amount of acai and other fruits in the blend(s), as well as a host of other related issues contained on this site to silence the ignorant “haters” in their tracks.

    Provide meaningful, transparent financial data to validate their revenue claims, distributor earnings, charitable ventures/expenditures, and distributor terminations (similar to a publicly traded corporation).

    IMMEDIATE, mandatory training for distributors regarding legal and illegal language and behavior, and harsh enforcement of the company policies and procedures, including termination of rogue distributors and reporting them to the FDA and FTC for unlawful conduct. Lawsuits against former distributors for damage to the company reputation due to false claims might also be in order. Termination of distributors who are convicted of criminal behavior (such as Lou Niles) would be a reassuring gesture also.

    IMMEDIATELY increase the tiny ~8 person enforcement department to an EFFECTIVE size, regardless of the cost or the number of employees. Their task includes finding and removing ALL non-approved monavie web sites and ALL non-approved content (via legal means if necessary).

    Apologize for the incompetence, lawlessness, and greed inherent in the company culture and Offer to make restitution to anyone duped by the unfounded health and wealth claims.

    Stop filing frivolous lawsuits and harassing distributors who choose to leave the organization.

    Distributors, does this sound reasonable to you? The sad FACT is, it is much more difficult to grow your business with all of the bad PR flooding the internet, coupled with the new FDA/FTC regulations prohibiting personal testimonials (unless the results are typical and properly documented). The newer distributors face a growing mountain of obstacles and a tainted corporate image that the pioneer Black Diamonds never had to confront when building their businesses.

    Distributors, listen to your conscience, pray, and ponder the above… ask yourselves if you deserve to wade through the sewage that the executives dumped in your front yard and refuse to clean up. YOU need to hold your leaders accountable for their lack of performance and the depressing results. Demand that those at the top of the “triangle-shaped tree” do their duty and clean out the corruption and confusion, so you can do your job with peace of mind ;-)

    If the executives ignore the public (and the misinformed distributors asking for clarification), the public will avoid the distributors… it’s that simple. It is already happening!

  35. Humiliated Says:

    Can I have a “hallelujah”! Fabulous post Hellraiser! I find it ironic that the ultimate responsibility will/should fall back into the hands of the distributors who, as you say, should make the company accountable for doing some housekeeping and answering some very valid questions about the product(s). These distributors are the VERY ones who have been lied to at their first meeting, weekly meetings, Regional meetings and R3Global meetings. They are lied to about the nutritional content and the “business opportunity”. Yet they are the ones that need to plead to their company CEOs to “make it right”. These are the same people that Larsen snidely refers to as “cats”. They are only going on what they have been told, they have had no training and appear to be (I am generalizing here from the majority of the posts) uneducated, which is why they condemn that horrible “post secondary” education. I am not going to get into a philisophical debate about whether higher education = more intelligent, as I know a lot of people that don’t have a “minute” of post secondary education that looked at me like I had two heads when I talked about MV (bless ’em). So, as I was saying, those a-holes feed these people false information and then turn around and BLAME them when they use that information to sell the product. The Glenn Seissers are the extreme version of that mind set but they are all unwittingly (until they read these blogs of course!) taught to LIE. Dallin Larsen got on the radio with Royal Tongan Juice and made the same claims about that juice that he is about Monavie. They were shut down due to these false claims. He is now just getting these distributors to do his dirty work and then publicly denouncing their behaviour when they are “caught”. Truly despicable. Yet he is idolized by his adoring masses. I find it humorous, his followers will say that that was just a little mistake, and still they feel he is a brilliant entrepeneur. How could someone allegedly so savvy in business make such a FATAL error? False advertising is a crime and he was head of marketing. Do the math. Good business people don’t make mistakes of such mammoth proportions.

    As per the latest post from Vogel, the Germans have deemed this to be an illegal business model and there is a reason for that…because it is!!!

    All of the MV executives and various shades of Diamonds should be the ones on trial here. They are the ones who are perpetrating the lies and they need to be held accountable. I say this because these are the people who are “coached” on what to tell their downline if someone brings up the bogus scientific studies, the c- BBB rating etc.. They are FULLY aware of all of the damning evidence out there but they are not interested in confronting the truth head on, because if they were honest people, they would have to wrestle with the moral implications of remaining with this company, pay check be damned…they are just interested in spin doctoring the facts in order to bring more people into the pyramid and keeping the current distributors ignorant. These are their leaders. The whole thing disgusts me.

  36. Unknown1796 Says:

    I know of secret information on a high raking TEAM leader. One who speaks on stage at ALL leadership conventions. His picture is on the home page of the website. Are you interested?

  37. MonaVie Scam Says:

    Sure. If you could hit the contact button at the top of the page and send me an email, I would appreciate it.

  38. Jeffrey G. Says:

    I do not think it’s fair to say “these are the kind of guys that get involved with MonaVie.” Although I am not involved with MonaVie directly, I think that grouping everyone with that company to the behavior of that guy hurts your credibility (not to mention stereotyping.) I’m sorry to hear that Glenn Siesser threatened you, but he seemed like he was a troubled man before he joined MonaVie and never got the true help he needed.

  39. MonaVie Scam Says:

    I didn’t suggest that everyone in MonaVie has the behavior of Glenn Siesser. What I was suggesting is that people who are mentally imbalanced, like Glenn Siesser are more likely to make poor decisions like join MonaVie.

  40. ExAmbot Says:

    “…make poor decisions like join MonaVie.”

    LOL joining MonaVie is a poor decision! Damn right it is. In fact joining any MLM is a poor decision – this is a pernicious, predatory pretend “industry!”

  41. Vogel Says:

    Jeffrey G said: “I do not think it’s fair to say “these are the kind of guys that get involved with MonaVie.” Although I am not involved with MonaVie directly, I think that grouping everyone with that company to the behavior of that guy hurts your credibility (not to mention stereotyping.)

    Siesser may be one of the few distributors to make threats of violence, but as far as being an a-hole goes, he’s just one of many in the Monavie organization. Read through the posts and comments here and you’ll see ample evidence of that. Signing up liars, desperados, a-holes, suckers, and simpletons seems to be Monavie’s idea of equal opportunity employment.

  42. René De Beaumarchais Says:

    That Siesser’s not mentally stable.

  43. Dean Says:

    Funny you should mention this guy. He just filed Chapter 13 bankruptcy. See, his wife divorced him and his wife and her family live in this big house in Palm Beach, Florida where they haven’t paid the maintenance dues, property insurance, property taxes or the mortgage all while he lives in a condo away from his wife. The bank has a final judgment against him but he keeps filing bankruptcies to stop the sale. Of course in another court filing in palm beach with his wife, he admits his wife collects food stamps. Of course Glenn Siesser makes himself out to be a successful MLM guy but the facts and public records show otherwise. I am not surprised to be reading this about him threatening people.

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