MonaVie Corporate Promotes Juice as a Cure for Pain


There are times when I feel like I might be a little too rough on MonaVie. I can understand how tough it is to keep many, many distributors under compliance. However, as soon as I get close to feeling sympathetic, it seems like they go out of their way to thumb their nose at the law. One such example is this blog post. The post itself is pretty much just this video below:

[If the video is not loading or if you can’t get to the blog post then MonaVie realized that their mistake and took down the video.]

The video is a short story from JP Richardson. I’ll quote just a couple lines of it:

“My neighbor knew I was in pain.”
“She handled me these two bottles and said, ‘Hey these two bottles… I want you to try this. It may help your pain and there’s a chance to make some money.'”

MonaVie’s own blog says that testimonials must conform to approved statements and must be subject to “typical results.” So MonaVie had the choice to send their compliance team out to prevent these unapproved claims and chose not to… Not only that, but they took it the extra step and used the testimony themselves to promote the product.

It’s a real easy case for the FTC to show that MonaVie profiting from the unapproved claims. There’s a direct link to a neighbor making the unapproved claim and JP Richardson’s Gold status (Gold distributors make MonaVie a lot of money). It’s quite interesting to see MonaVie corporate (not just the distributors) sending conflicting messages. It’s another reason why MonaVie is a scam… you don’t see any juice brand in your grocery store saying such things.

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21 Responses to “MonaVie Corporate Promotes Juice as a Cure for Pain”
  1. Vogel Says:

    Thanks for the post LM. I would argue, safely, that corporate and the top executive distributors have been behind these claims all along. We’ve already seen the evidence of how Larsen personally made disease treatment claims about Royal Tongan Limu, and I posted an audio excerpt a while back in which Larsen claimed that his mother was looking forward to the launch of Monavie to treat her arthritis.

    Everything the company has ever said about trying to prevent their distributors from making health claims (eg, the “herding cats” comment) is BS; nothing more than lip service. These health claims were built into the Monavie business model since Day 1. After all the evidence we’ve looked at to date, this fact is undeniable. As but one example, consider the Lou Niles videos, which feature Black Diamond executive Jason Lyons standing by smiling and nodding while Niles (the court-martialed rapist) pretends to be a doctor and lies to the audience about how Monavie prevents and cures cancer. How could the illegality be any more obvious?

  2. Vogel Says:

    Have you seen this Monavie video featuring Jason and Carrie Lyons?

    Check out the part where Dallin Larsen hands them the keys to a new black Mercedes. That was part of Jason’s reward for dressing Monavie distributor Lou Niles (the court-martialed rapist) in hospital scrubs and standing him in front of an audience so that he could pretend to be a “cancer specialist” while lying about Monavie’s ability to treat and prevent cancer.

    But Lyons’ transgressions don’t end there; he actually makes his own claims about Monavie miraculously curing arthritis and other medical conditions:

    4:35 — Lyons says: “So 100% I got involved because of the money…20 thousand a week.”

    5:37 — Lyons says: “First thing I did is call my mom. Hey mom I got some juice here. They say it’s helping people with all kinds of ailments… she’s got arthritis pretty good…got my mom on the juice…she’s got arthritis, suffers from it in her hands pretty bad…3 days after being on this product…she says ‘this is absolutely incredible…I suffer with arthritis every day when I wake up in the morning; I woke up this morning and my hands don’t hurt no more’……this has such high anti-inflammatories (sic)…it helped her big time right away…PEOPLE WITH AILMENTS TEND TO FEEL A LOT OF RESULTS REAL QUICK.”

    We can all see how wrong this is on so many levels – there’s the greed, his eagerness to exploit his own mother, and the illegal disease cure claims.

    And what does the company say about distributors who make such claims? According to Wikipedia:

    “Company executives have repeatedly acknowledged ongoing problems with Monavie distributors making unlawful claims that the juice can treat and prevent diseases. A Newsweek article published August 2, 2008, noted that CEO Dallin Larsen ‘realizes that his sales team can get him in hot water with the Feds’, and in reference to the company’s ability to investigate distributors suspected of making false claims, Larsen commented that ‘it’s next to impossible; like herding cats.'[6] A November 4, 2008 statement from the company noted: ‘many distributors, perhaps unwittingly, have engaged in methods of advertising that are in violation of MonaVie’s policies. Such actions put our business and yours at an unnecessary risk.'[23] In a May 14, 2009 Bloomberg News article, Monavie executive vice-president and cofounder Randy Larsen was quoted saying that ‘the company is struggling with independent distributors who promote the juice as a miracle drug.'[24]”

    The videos of Lyons and Niles are posted all over the Internet. The company no doubt knows of their existence, yet they have apparently done nothing to get rid of them and they have not censured Lyons. Quite the contrary in fact -– they gave him a Mercedes Benz as a reward and posted his lifestyle video on the corporate website; thus proving that all of their official comments about disavowing disease treatment claims are nothing more than barefaced lies.

    The Mercedes that Lyons was given represents BLOOD MONEY. I hope everyone ponders this carefully – Lyons enriched himself and the company by victimizing people and illegally selling grape juice as a cancer cure. Can it get much lower than that? He should do the world a favor and drive that Mercedes off a tall cliff.

  3. Candace Says:

    Well done, MonaVie Scam. Well spotted and pointed out, Vogel.

  4. Tommy Lankhoff the 7th Says:

    Wow you two guys area bunch of morons…….

    So if Get recorded telling my neighbor Hey I heard you had pain try some garlic? It may help your pain.wowwwwww What the hell is the big deal about that? It’s not like anyone said oh your dying from Aids here take some Monavie it will cure it without a doubt forget about your drugs hahahaha..

    You two guys really better just spend your time more wisely

  5. Vogel Says:

    Do I really need to explain the difference between saying “try some garlic, it might help your pain” and dressing up a convicted felon as a doctor and telling a roomful of prospective recruits that Monavie cures cancer? What kind of dimwitted satanic a-hole are you? Oh, yeah; the kind that would resort to selling Monavie. You guys are consistent if nothing else.

  6. Food Tech in CA Says:

    If you were in the business of selling garlic, then yes, you would be breaking the law.
    The laws are there to protect the public against sleazy operations like MonaVie.

    Here’s a new concept for you MonaVie distributors: try telling the truth about your product. It doesn’t cure or help any affliction in any way, shape or form. Two days serving of MonaVie has less antioxidant capacity than one apple. The product, according to multiple laboratory analysis, is nothing more than fruit punch in an expensive bottle.

    If you can still find a buyer, then I’d be impressed.

  7. MonaVie Scam Says:

    Tommy, it was just last week that someone wrote me an email wondering why I wasn’t supporting the “Wellness Industry” (her name for MonaVie’s industry) instead of the “Sickness Industry” (her name for pharmaceutical companies). That’s pretty close to saying forget about your medicine.

  8. Tommy Lankhoff the 7th Says:

    I’m talking about specifics Scam……….I’m sure in some instances many people can forget about their medicine in dire situations medicine is needed in most cases for other things like acid reflux you don’t need medicine so it all depends……..

    What I’m saying it’s not like people are going out there saying if you have aids drink monavie! It’s the only thing that will help you……..

    Or if you have cancer Monavie will take it away guaranteed………..People are just saying here try this maybe it can help you out try it and see how you feel and it does help some people with certain ailments……

    This topic is another meaningless among the many you have on this site

  9. MonaVie Scam Says:

    I’m not sure if I’ve seen anyone claim that MonaVie is the only that will help AIDS, but I have seen people push it for cancer, alzheimer’s, autism, and much more.

    Yes, no one ever says MonaVie is a guaranteed cure for anything. However, people do say that MonaVie may help with those medical conditions and not only is this information false, it’s illegal. So what needs to end is the following marketing (from your own words Tommy):

    “People are just saying here try this maybe it can help you out try it and see how you feel and it does help some people with certain ailments”

    I guess it’s just easy for you to push crimes under the table and call them “meaningless.” I’m glad that you find the topics here meaningless because others are clearly finding it meaningful:

  10. Ann Says:

    MonaVie Active has of course alot of people with ache’s and pains are going to feel better. I would like to see how they feel on regular Monavie and see the results.
    I was exposed to MonaVie recently, and all they touted was the Active. Always pour the Active! Well that’s deception to me right there. Go buy your own liquid glucosamine for 1/4 of the price.
    Like how they have to have to add in the “feel good” music to suck you in!

  11. Food Tech in CA Says:

    If you take regular MonaVie with two asprin, your headache will usually disappear

  12. Adam Says:

    Lou Niles is still in jail

  13. Vogel Says:

    Adam…dude…awesome find on Niles there (nice mugshot too). I did a bit more digging…not only was he arrested on 4 felony sex-related charges, 2 of the convictions were for lewd/lascivous/indecent acts against a CHILD!!! It also looks like he was fleeing a warrant from the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office issued in 2000. He was arrested in 2008 and his trial has been going on since.

  14. Candace Says:

    Adam, thank you for this post. Simply stunning, isn’t it? Would any intelligent person with a lick of decency in them want anything to do with a company who uses a guy like this to promote their products and does not come out and *publicly* denounce any and all connections with him? And then, of course…there’s the entire MORE project connection. Foreign children at risk. Makes me sick to my stomach.

    So, Monavie has known about this for about 2 years, and has not seen it’s way morally or ethically clear to remove themselves from association, perceived or actual, with Lou Niles.
    Somehow, not surprising.

  15. Anonymous Aussie Says:

    Another prime example of a quality representative of a quality organisation! Or not.

    What’s even more stunning is that Monavie have continued to use the video of Lou Niles as a sales pitch to prospects – I located a webinar of the Australian Black Diamonds who confirm referring people to this video (

    I have also located NUMEROUSs Monavie distributor websites who continue to use this video.

    Is this allowed – particularly given the video is in breach of company policy AND the law??

    I’d really like to see something done about it.

  16. Vogel Says:

    Shameless, soulless bastards the lot of them! May they burn in hell.

  17. Kyle Says:

    way too funny, 2 Iowans both with more than 3 children?

  18. mysterious Says:

    hey everyone, morning, july 20/ my bday today
    anyways couldnt spend it anyo0ther way then being hear reading. i love it. anyways i just wanted to point out only from what i listened to in person, and seen in person, was that alote of new people r doing what they are told/tought by their uplines and then pushing it to their downlines.

    when ever i was being suckered into this business i was told alote of stuff, about the product, and they didnt say it may, it might, or any of that, but i was told it has been proven that monavie pulse has sientific tests to prove that it loweres your colesteral, and high blood pressure, and you would not believe some of the stories i herd about the claimes that uplines claim. they also say that monavie pulse in united states, is approved by FDA, and it is written on the bottle. when we hear in canada saw the bottle theres nothing on the bottle and also during the seminar one time i went they were talking about of course the product and wgen he tried to say it was approved by the fda and that it was on the bottle and had to say correct him self after doing a good look on the bottle, saying maybe not in canada but in the states its printed on the bottle APPROVED BY THE FDA. thank god i got out of th business.

  19. Anonymous Aussie Says:

    Happy birthday, mysterious! :-)

    I certainly wouldn’t be surprised about anything when it comes to Monavie – especially after hearing the Australian Black Diamond, Megan Wolfenden, attribute the improvement of her mother-in-law’s arthritis to Monavie (this bogus testimonial is still on the internet – see link) and Megan even attributed a Malaysian villager’s ability to walk after years of being bedridden to using Monavie for only a week (hard to believe but true!).

    We know the corruption starts right at the top – we know people are parroting what they have heard and what they have been told. As part of their training distributors are encouraged to concoct these bogus testimonials – in the attached training booklet, the Australian Black Diamonds encourage distributors to drink the product as soon as possible to get one’s own personal testimony (see point 3):

    What’s notably absent is any mention that distributors are to ensure that any claims/testimonials need to comply with company policy and the law and there’s definitely no reference to Monavie’s website concerning the new FTC guidelines (something that all distributors are apparently supposed to know).

    We all know that these illegal health claims are paramount to the success of the business and luring more distributors into this atrocious venture – hence the lack of action by the company to stop same.

  20. Hellraiser Says:

    Anonymous Aussie,

    I believe that the SOURCE of the health claims are traced back directly to the patent application and “Dr.” Schauss. His patent CLAIMS it IS intended to treat diseases!!

    Look it up here:

    Patent 7,727,564, Schauss

    Excerpt: “4. A method of treating a disease or an injury associated with increased cyclooxygenase enzyme activity in a mammal,…”


    “7. The method of claim 4, wherein the disease or injury is selected from the group consisting of: cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn’s disease, vascular disease, arthritis, ulcer, acute respiratory distress syndrome, ischemia-reperfusion injury, neurodegenerative disorders, autism, Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, gastrointestinal disease, tissue injury induced by inflammation, and tissue injury induced by an environmental toxin.”

    Of course, I agree 100% that the rot in moneyV starts at the top where the money is!

    I seem to recall seeing the words “including humans” when discussing the claimed health benefits in one of the patent applications.

    Now if Schauss will just get some independent 3rd party labs to confirm HIS testing AND medical claims, he could prove us all wrong… sounds easy enough.

  21. Rasheed Says:

    Tommy, a Diamond distributor said these exact words in an open meeting:

    “We told some cancer patients to take MonaVie (M)Mun, two bottles a day for two weeks, then one bottle a day for 60 days. And in the end, 100% of them no longer had cancer. Sure 2 bottles per day is expensive. But it’s cheaper than chemo!” (I betcha he whispered under his breath, and if it doesn’t work, I get paid either way!)

    I later verified with him in case I misheard. He verified that statement.

    If that doesn’t say “MonaVie cures cancer,” I don’t know what does.

    MonaVie should have a money-back guarantee for people who got lured in by this deceptive marketing.

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