MonaVie Corporate Attributes Coma Brain Injury Recovery to Monavie


Thanks to frequent commenter Vogel, we have this story from MonaVie’s Corporate Website, “Motorcycles, MonaVie, and a Miracle”:

“Unconscious, Josh was flown to a hospital in Provo, Utah and diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury, multiple bone fractures and abrasions and in a coma. Josh’s initial prognosis was dire. Doctors informed John and Teresa the likelihood of Josh coming out of the coma was slim, and even if Josh did come out of the coma, his disabilities would be severe.

After a horrific motorcycle crash, Josh Morros was flown to a hospital in Utah where he remained in a coma for 24 days. Two days after the accident doctor’s ran tests and were shocked to find tests showing Josh’s nutritional health was off the charts. In addition to a healthy diet, Josh would consume around 7500 calories a day, including half a bottle of MonaVie Active three to four days before a race to ensure proper energy reserves. Doctors said Josh’s health was paramount in providing Josh’s body a head start.

After being in a coma for 24 straight days, on September 8, 2008 Josh awoke from his coma. While he could not talk, there were signs he was aware of who he was, and recognized those around him, certainly an answer to prayers of his family and friends. It was the start of a rigorous rehabilitation process as Josh had relearn how to do most things and Teresa made sure MonaVie was a part of that process.

‘Four days after I woke I learned how to drink out of a straw and the doctors knew how important MonaVie was to my family and hospital and staff believed in good nutrition, so they allowed my mom to introduced the Active juice back into my diet giving me 6-8 ounces of juice two to three times a day. My mom even had some of the nurses taking the gel packs instead of drinking coffee,’ said Josh.

Not only was MonaVie there for Josh to aid in his nutrition that aided his recovery, but the family also received support from the MonaVie community. During Josh’s recovery, friends were able to talk with Dr. Alexander Schauss during MonaVie’s 2008 convention. Dr. Schauss provided advice and prescriptions that significantly aided in Josh’s recovery. Teresa even bought Dr. Schauss’ book Feed My Brain and followed his advice as part of Josh’s recovery. In February, the Morros families reached Ruby Executive and were able to come to Utah and participate in the Ruby Fly-In.

…Teresa has already received inquiries from doctors and medical associations about their story and how proper nutrition can help aid brain injuries.”

Before I go into further into this, let me say that I’m glad that Josh’s recovery went well. Now back to our regularly scheduled program…

I highlighted a few interesting parts of the MonaVie’s post. These are interesting because MonaVie is suggesting that their juice can aid in medical problems, which is, as we all know illegal. I’m also reminded of MonaVie’s own guidelines to distributors to be in compliance with the FTC:

“1. MonaVie distributors who provide testimonials online AND offline must be truthful AND be subject to typical results.”

I should note that they call this out and bold it to emphasize it’s importance. This is clearly an online testimonial. It may be truthful (let’s assume it is). It is NOT subject to typical results. In fact, MonaVie even uses the word “miracle” in the title of the post to indicate that is not typical.

Vogel also mentions that either:

  • Alexander Schauss broke the law by providing prescriptions, since he’s not an MD and is not legally allowed to do so.
  • MonaVie is lying about Schauss providing prescriptions.

One would expect that if the prescriptions “significantly aided in Josh’s recovery”, we’d the story would focus on them. Instead there wasn’t even a mention of the medicine.

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7 Responses to “MonaVie Corporate Attributes Coma Brain Injury Recovery to Monavie”
  1. mysterious Says:

    hey scam great post but i dont think anyone from the monavie side will responjd in a comment because they should know after reading that they are wrong and have no way to try and orove you wrong. lol they would be stupic to even try

  2. MonaVie Scam Says:

    I don’t really expect MonaVie to respond for the reason you mention. I just wanted to make the point that they violate their own guidelines.

  3. mike Says:

    MonaVie is suggesting that their juice “can” aid in medical problems…these are your words and the “can” aid in medical problems is deff not illegal. your obviously lost in your own world. now delete my comment cause you are focusing on anything negative your mind can come up with.

  4. MonaVie Scam Says:


    Suggesting that their juice “can” aid in medical problems is definitely illegal. Statements like these must be approved by the FDA.

  5. Vogel Says:

    Mike it’s obvious that you don’t know a lick about the relevant regulations in DSHEA or the Food & Drug Act, so why pretend otherwise. You’re just another blind lemming groping in the dark and blindly defending fraud. Smarten up son.

  6. Mackwiz Says:

    “now delete my comment cause you are focusing on anything negative your mind can come up with.”


    You shouldn’t let a two year old child make your arguements for you. A “na-na-na-boo-boo” would have been sufficient coming from you.

    The main claim from MonaVier’s is “you don’t need prescription medicine anymore”. If you don’t know what’s wrong with that claim, you likely deserve to have your money swiped while you cheer them on.

  7. Anonymous Aussie Says:

    Mike obviously has some literacy issues as well – especially given Monavie’s website doesn’t state Monavie “can” do anything. Quite the contrary – Monavie specifically states it doesn’t, nor is it intended to.

    Unbelievable the audacity – particularly given the level of ignorance.

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