MonaVie Contains Cancer Causing Ingredients


Many MonaVie distributors may claim that it is a healthy drink. As we’ve seen, MonaVie lacks nutrition. However, upon further investigation of the ingredients it seems that MonaVie contains a known carcinogen – a cancer causing ingredient.

That ingredient is benzene. Now you might be thinking, “I have a bottle of MonaVie and I don’t see benzene on the label.” Sodium Benzoate + Vitamin C = Benzene:

“Sodium benzoate has already been the subject of concern about cancer because when mixed with the additive vitamin C in soft drinks, it causes benzene, a carcinogenic substance.”

Here’s the list of ingredients from a bottle of MonaVie :

You might have blow that up a bit to read it. However, you’ll see that sodium benzoate and vitamin C are clearly there.

The FDA has created a question and answer for such products. It has tested quite a few products, but it has not tested MonaVie.

In any case, a wise consumer should avoid any “health” drink that has unknown dangers like proven cancer causing ingredients. MonaVie would fit into that category.

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  1. Vogel Says:

    Hi Wendy. Please contact the FDA to report your concerns — it could save lives.

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