MonaVie Can Harm Your Dog


[The following is a guest post from Dog Training Pet. If you are wondering why your dog won’t eat food, it’s a good place to start.]

The other day I came across an article where people claimed to be giving their dog this fruit juice called MonaVie:

“A particular vendor, MonaVie, is an acai berry juice blend said to prevent parvovirus, a highly contagious disease that infects dogs and cats and can cause respiratory or cardiovascular failure.”

[Editor’s Note: To my knowledge MonaVie hasn’t been tested in dogs or cats and food hasn’t been shown to prevent viruses like parvovirus.]

Previously, I had also read about people giving MonaVie to their dog in hopes that it will with their arthritis. Since we love dogs we want to pass this message along:

MonaVie Can Harm Your Dog!

The ASPCA, through extensive research has determined that grapes and raisins can cause acute renal (kidney) failure in dogs. One of the main ingredients in MonaVie is white grape juice. Giving MonaVie to your dog may be poisoning him/her.

As always we urge all pet owners to be aware of foods that are harmful to their pets. Some foods that are quite healthy to people, like grapes in this case, can be silent and deadly killers.

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MonaVie Kills?

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17 Responses to “MonaVie Can Harm Your Dog”
  1. TheTruth Says:

    Scam you really ARE reaching now. Dogs and Monavie? C’mon!

  2. Tommy Lankhoff the 7th Says:

    Seriously…….I thought it was just water with dye anyway? No actual fruit in the juice lol……..

  3. MonaVie Scam Says:

    I’m not the one giving it to them.

  4. MonaVie Scam Says:

    Why are you pushing something with water and dye then? You are the first person I’ve heard say such a thing.

  5. Cooper Simon/John Feldow Says:

    I’m not pushing that but that what you guys make it out to be…….

  6. Dan Says:

    You can debate the integrity of the article if you like. Given the fact that it was published in a small student newspaper thank God very few people will read it. However, given the fact that this small bit of information was published anywhere is very reckless.

    However, it’s my understanding that Monavie does contain grape juice and that it’s fairly high up on the ingredient list. The fact that grapes are toxic to dogs is a well known fact to most veteran dog owners.

    Parvo is a very serious disease that a very large percentage of dogs die from even with treatment. If you were to give them grapes, it places further stress on them trying to remove a toxin from their body that they cannot properly digest.

    Dogs have no choice in how the deal with disease, or the food that they consume. They are at the sole mercy of their owners in these matters. The owner must be responsible enough to make informed decisions on how best to care for their dogs… The statement in this article is counterproductive to that.

    If you want to hock Monavie on some unsuspecting rube that can’t make informed decisions for themselves, by all means go ahead. As people, we are ultimately responsible for educating ourselves and making informed decisions on the way we treat our bodies. However, please don’t defend giving a toxic substance to an animal that has no choice in the matter.

  7. Bob Says:

    Also very toxic to dogs and cats is avocado, rhubarb, onion and garlic especially in their powder for, extremely toxic especially in concentrated form found in plain old gravy or drippings which will cause hemolytic anemia in dogs. I hope nobody reading this is actually giving their poor dogs leftover pot roast, it is a deadly killer if cooked with garlic and onion and then the juices rendered down into a gravy. Not to mention mushrooms which again are found in the toxic concentrations that many people give their poor animals when they smother the food with left over gravy, it will most likely kill them.

    Then there is raw salmon, also very dangerous to dogs, and of course chocolate (all forms), coffee (all forms), fatty foods, macadamian nuts, yeast or dough, salt, broccoli, and I can go on and on. So Lazy feels you should know about grapes then you should also know about all the other foods people feed their dogs and shorten their lives.

  8. Candace Says:

    So, in a small chewable bone size nugget…only feed your dog dog food.

    If a MonaVie rep tells you to give your dog MonaVie juice, they’re a moron, end of story. Oh, and don’t do it.

    Gee, Bob, and the other commenter with several screen names, that was a really tough one.

  9. SWatkins Says:

    I guess people should take the information on this site as opinion only…and not something necessarily based in any sort of fact.

    The article mentioned here, written by someone random, about dogs and parvovirus was retracted with apology.

  10. MonaVie Scam Says:

    I think you can tell from the article that grapes are bad for dogs and MonaVie with it’s grape juice content could be bad for dogs as well. Those are all facts that few can dispute.

  11. Vogel Says:

    I see that the author of the article, Taylor Cheney, deleted the quote about Monavie curing parvovirus (updated on April 14, roughly 2 weeks after it was originally published). That was the responsible thing to do. I didn’t see any apology though. If it exists, can someone post the link?

    I’m not sure what SWatkins is referring to about “opinion only” on this site. Was that supposed to be criticism? If so, what’s the basis?

  12. MonaVie Distributor Says:

    I have never once heard of a MonaVie distributor even suggesting that you give your animals MonaVie! It is a JUICE (not dyed water) for HUMANS… just sayin!

  13. Vogel Says:

    Just saying what? That if you haven’t heard it, it never happened? That’s a pretty arrogant attitude.

  14. MonaVie Distributor Says:

    I know you think that us MonaVie distributors are all stupid and know nothing… however… youa re all mistaken. I am sure that it was the dog owner who decided to try it! And no, I dont think that because I have not seen it, it never happens… all I was saying is that its not in our normal tasting… its foucsed on PEOPLE, not ANIMALS…

  15. Vogel Says:

    Monavie Distributor said: “I have never once heard of a MonaVie distributor even suggesting that you give your animals MonaVie! It is a JUICE (not dyed water) for HUMANS… just sayin!”

    Distributor Jean Chung suggested that Monavie can increase the lifespan of cats and dogs.

    ..and these idiot distributors, Edie and Danny Gunter, claimed that Monavie cured their dog’s arthritis.

    …and here is another fool who is pushing Monavie for pets.

    …and here’s another asking about giving Monavie to their dog

    Pull your head out of your arse Monavie Distributor!

  16. MonaVie Scam Says:

    Outstanding Vogel… this is exactly I this article is here. There are people out there who do believe that it is wise to give their dogs MonaVie. I love dogs and don’t want to see them get them hurt. So I hope that people take a couple seconds, search the Internet, and find this article before harm is done.

    Also if the juice is meant for humans, please tell MonaVie corporate that they should stop telling distributors about a study their own Dr. Schauss conducted on 1 of MonaVie’s 19 fruit juices in fruit flies – (see #9 here:…

    …. just sayin!

  17. Vogel Says:

    Monavie Distributor said: “I know you think that us MonaVie distributors are all stupid and know nothing…”

    Yes but you left out other key adjectives like ‘greedy’, ‘manipulative’, ‘desperate’, ‘liars’, ‘vile’, ‘loathsome’, etc. Not to mention ‘babykillers’ and ‘child rapists’.

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