MonaVie and the Placebo Effect


There are times where people will give a testimony that MonaVie helped them with [medical condition X]. I assert that it is really impossible to tell if MonaVie did that for the individual. If you are being open-minded about MonaVie, you know that other explanations are possible. Perhaps a change in weather made a difference. Perhaps a less stressful life helped. It’s really hard to say, but I’d say that the best explanation is the placebo effect. Here’s what Wikipedia has to say on the Placebo Effect:

“A placebo is a sham medical intervention. In one common placebo procedure, a patient is given an inert sugar pill, told that it may improve his/her condition, but not told that it is in fact inert. Such an intervention may cause the patient to believe the treatment will change his/her condition; and this belief does indeed sometimes have a therapeutic effect, causing the patient’s condition to improve. This phenomenon is known as the placebo effect.”

I added the bolding myself for emphasis. If the power of positive thinking can have a proven therapeutic effect, it is reasonable to assert that drinkers of MonaVie may be experiencing this. Why might people think MonaVie would improve his/her condition? I can think of three reasons (there may be more):

  • Distributors or the Internet say is does – You can search Google and find tons of references of MonaVie being linked to supposedly helping people with autism. These are unverifiable claims that may be added by distributors to help sell their product.
  • MonaVie’s serving size is medicine-sized – People are used to taking medicine in doses of 1 ounce or less. People drink juices in serving sizes of 8 ounces or more. MonaVie’s juice is in a 1 ounce serving size increasing it’s similarity to juice. You’ll never hear anyone talk about drinking MonaVie as a thirst-quenching beverage like any other juice.
  • Distirbutors use language like “taking” MonaVie – You’ll hear people say all the time that they “take” MonaVie in the morning and night. You “take” pills and medicine – not juice. No one says that they “take” a glass of orange juice at night time. You drink juice. Listen for when people say that they are taking MonaVie and you can spot that they may be subtly trying to trick you (or they are unaware that they’ve been tricked themselves) that it’s medicine.

It’s also worth noting that’s an additional placebo effect here… the Price-Placebo Effect. Scientists have shown that people perceive a product to have more value when they pay more for it. They not only think that, but the product seems to “work” more because of it. In fact, people told they were spending more money for a energy drink actually performed better on mental tasks.

So we see here that there are two reasons why MonaVie may appear to provide some kind of benefit to a person – without physically providing it. Some may say that it’s irrelevant, they just want the benefit. I understand that line of thinking, but realize that placebos can be had cheaply. If you really want the Price-Placebo effect, you should buy your placebos from a friend at a high price and sell him yours at the same high price.

It is well-worth noting that one can’t argue it’s not the placebo effect as it works subconsciously. They simply can’t know what’s in their subconscious as that is the very definition of subconscious. So if someone says that they know their body and MonaVie helped it and it wasn’t the placebo effect (as I’ve seen numerous times), you know that they really don’t understand the placebo effect and how it works.

Frequent commenter, Vogel adds a great point:

“We should also bear in mind that this is not just a typical placebo effect situation, but rather one in which there are tangible rewards for believing that Monavie acts like a drug (e.g., group acceptance, better sales, greater profit) and clear disadvantages to not believing (group ostracism, reduced ability to sell the product convincingly, etc.). In other words, the placebo effect is being strongly coerced.”

Update: Some claim that it’s not possible for a placebo to have the effects that they are seeing on people. Those people would be flat out wrong.

Non-alcoholic beer can make people act drunk

Did you know that the placebo effect can make people act like they are drunk when they haven’t had any alcohol? It’s true… see this Victoria University study. Here are a few quotes:

“We found people who thought they were intoxicated were more suggestible and made worse eyewitnesses compared with those who thought they were sober,” Seema Assefi says.

“In fact the ‘vodka and tonic’ students acted drunk, some even showing physical signs of intoxication,” she adds.


When told, the sober students reacted with disbelief.

“When students were told the true nature of the experiment at the completion of the study, many were amazed that they had only received plain tonic, insisting that they had felt drunk at the time,” she comments.

Dr Garry concludes: “It showed that even thinking you’ve been drinking affects your behaviour.

Clearly it is quite possible that the people making MonaVie testimonies are like the drunken students insisting that they feel something that clearly isn’t there.

There’s also the famous non-alcoholic keg party prank that Princeton pulled that duplicated the effects:

Update : I read an article here that the placebo effect even helps those who know it is a placebo. I’m not sure how that plays into things, I just found it interesting.

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67 Responses to “MonaVie and the Placebo Effect”
  1. plafon Says:

    If Vogel is so educated why the harshness and name calling. I have never come across a truly learned person who acts this way. Kind of bizarre.

  2. MonaVie Scam Says:

    I think you are getting off easy on the harshness and name calling…

    We’ve all spent a lot of time here doing MonaVie’s job of trying to educate distributors and keeping them in compliance. Yet, distributors come here and fight with us. When they do something clearly illegal and we point it out, distributors don’t stop and say “Thank you for letting me know… You potentially saving my business. I owe you one.”

  3. Vogel Says:

    Phillip Lafon said: “If Vogel is so educated why the harshness and name calling. I have never come across a truly learned person who acts this way. Kind of bizarre.”

    I doubt you’d recognize a learned person if your life depended on it. Education and ‘harshness’ aren’t mutually exclusive.

    I’ll put it to you this way.

    1. You were illegally marketing Monavie using prohibited medical claims – that makes you a lawbreaker, unethical, and a disreputable business person.

    2. The particular types of illegal claims that you are making are that kind that could cause serious injury and needless suffering to your customers. It’s bad enough that you recommend this crap fools-juice as a pain reliever, but when you start telling people that it can treat high cholesterol and hypertension (and who knows what else), you run a very real risk of causing harm. Now imagine that I caught you in person trying to con my grandmother into paying you $45 from her pension for your F-ing pathetic juice as a remedy for hypertesnion; and not only that, but also trying to your damndest to convince her that she should pay to become a distributor under you so that she too can sell the juice to her friends with hypertension and other diseases while you profit from it. Do you have any idea how lucky you are that I didn’t catch you in that scenario instead of just stumbling across your illegal claims on the internet? I would F-ing destroy you, and they would need NASA to find your body parts. Does that surprise you? It shouldn’t. Good people are incensed when they witness abominable behavior like yours, and they don’t sit idly by and let innocent people be victimized and lied to.

    3. After we warned you about the illegality of your claims, you didn’t even apologize, let alone thank us.

    4. You continue to post meaningless drivel. Despite the fact that this is a site dedicated to quite high level research and analysis, you insist on lowering the bar with every post. You are a waste of our resources.

    Is it clear now you why you aren’t respected? Do you understand why I call you names? Why shouldn’t I. You deserve to be called names — actually you deserve to have your ass kicked, so be thankful that you’re just being called names.

  4. Humiliated Says:

    Phillip, you say “When Monavie has a convention yes they have speakers about the product but not life coaches or inspirational speakers.”

    Maybe I am reading this incorrectly but have you seen the latest “line up” for your next convention (“Family Reunion” in Florida)? It is chock full of religious motivational speakers. I am fairly certain that they aren’t going to be talking about Monavie. Let me know if I am wrong.

  5. plafon Says:


    That is an R3global event not corporate.

  6. Anonymous Aussie Says:

    Phillip Lafon (ID# 2216622) states “Secondly my wife is more in love with it then I am so no fear of losing her over it.”

    I believe I misread the above statement in my previous post (which I note is awaiting approval).

    If Phillip’s wife is more in love with the crap juice, then suffice to say she’s as big an idiot as Phillip – if not bigger.

    Vogel you’re correct in that these people aren’t deserving of respect – but rather contempt. Their behaviour, which is intended to trick consumers into investing in a product on the basis of their bogus health claims, is unconscionable and constitutes fraud.

  7. MonaVie Scam Says:


    The point that Humiliated made still stands. MonaVie Distributors, in huge amounts are being asked by their upline to go to an event that is chock full of religious motivational speakers.

    The distinction between MonaVie and R3Global is just a minor correction, but it is inconsequential to the cult-like activity that is actually taking place. And that is really all that matters.

  8. BobJ Says:

    Before you claim that Vogel isn’t educated, you really do need to read around the site a lot more – maybe start with the one where Vogel completely destroyed Dr. Clayton in the previous link.

    Vogel does a lot more than just pull up research, he analyzes it very thoroughly and shows he knows the science better than anyone in MonaVie. If you don’t believe it, then please send someone from MonaVie here to debate any of the topics. There’s a reason why MonaVie stays away from this site… they know it is scam.

    Ok so first Vogel ripped Clayton LOL……Pure opinion

    [Editor’s Response: I guess the term “ripped” is opinion, but it is a fact that he caught Clayton telling numerous exaggerations in an attempt to mislead people.]

    2nd THe reason Monavie stays away because they know it’s a scam? LOL another terrible opinion

    [Editor’s Response: It is an opinion, but it’s the only logical conclusion. MonaVie has no other reason not to address the topics here other than the fact that they can’t. By addressing the topics here and on my other post (, they’d have thousands more customers. Don’t say that is opinion either because MonaVie sent me a cease and desist because I was hurting their business (]

    Then Vogel says to Plafon “I would F-ing destroy you, and they would need NASA to find your body parts”

    Wow…..Is Vogel serious? This guys is a little angry troll. My guess he’s about 5’4 bald and has 2 friends in the world.

    Who wants to trust anything or respect anything from someone who would say something of that nature. Vogel hides behind his little cpu and spouts his nonsense over and over.

    [Editor’s Response: Ignore the person, look at the information. It checks out. Stop trying to deflect the topic away from MonaVie… the topic of this website.]

    The problem with this site that you guys find things and then speculate and try to pass them off as facts.

    [Editor’s Response: There are a lot more facts than speculation. There is some speculation added to the facts, but, for example, no one has ever disputed the fact that MonaVie lies about the ORAC value of MonaVie: The facts are there, no speculation necessary.]

    You guys really should go directly to Monavie with all your doubts and concerns.


    Do that ask them about the product concerns. Try to interview them instead of hiding on this site and speculating all the time. Do some real work instead of finding things on Google and then speculating.

    [Editor’s Response: We want MonaVie to address these doubts and concerns in the open, not on some private phone call or off-the-record email. I have had conversations with MonaVie’s Shante Schroeder – this is well-covered territory. I have had offers from distributors to get a Black Diamond to address doubts and concerns. I have gone through the work to create a list. I submit the list and the distributors comes back and says (paraphrased), “My Black Diamond friend said that these people are full of negative energy and that I should spend my time building the business.” This was a typical blow off. In my dealings with MonaVie they have brought only half-baked legal threats (see above link) and no attempt to address any concern about the juice.

    In the end, I don’t see how we can come to an understanding, when I can report to MonaVie a distributor caught red-handed with a multitude of illegal activity and they allow the person to still be a distributor: see Mitch Biggs Scams People and MonaVie Condones It. Any reputable company would have said, “Wow, what this guy was doing was egregious and he certainly knew better since he was one of our top people (Emerald level). There’s no excuse for this and we have no choice other than to terminate his distributorship.” Nope, they just cleaned up his mistakes like Enron with a paper shredder…]

    Scam calling the meeting in Orlando a cult meeting. I guess Myles Monroe is a big cult motivator? LOL he is one of the more respected Motivational and Inspirational figures in America. He has wrote many successful Books.

    [Editor’s Response: After reading that Wikipedia article, I stand corrected. Wait, no I don’t. This is just a further attempt by R3Global to pair religion and MonaVie together. This is just another brainwashing trick to keep distributors in the business longer, so R3Global, BrigHart, and MonaVie can make more money. When was the last time Ocean Spray or Welch’s had a big convention with such focus on religion? What about Subway for their franchise owners?]

  9. steve Says:

    If it is a placebo, how did my bloodpressure regulate, how did my cholesterol drop 40 points, triglycerides 260 (yes thats how high they were, my arthritis evaporated..I don’t make money with this produce I just love and thank god it came into my life

  10. MonaVie Scam Says:


    It sounds like I answered those questions previously in other posts.

    Please see MonaVie Medical Testimonies are Pointless and “I am not a MonaVie distributor, but…”

  11. steve Says:

    [Editor’s Note: The following comment shows that Steve isn’t smart enough to read Dallin Larsen, Ernst and Young, and Entrepreneur Of The Year, even though I suggested him to read it previously… All his answers are there and he is actually the liar. I back up my information with facts and direct links to Ernst and Young and he just gives lies. You be the judge.]

    Hey Monavie Scam, you are so full of facts..can you direct us to the site that says Ernst and Young admitted doing zero research to elect their CEO Entrepreneur of the year…Then put a blow up MONAVIE bottle in their international headquarters congratulating Monavie’s CEO…You do realize that when you lied about Ernst and Young admitting they did no research to elect their companies CEO of the year award…you basically confirmed you are scammer, liar and a fruad. Up until that point you actually almost held your own…but you blew it…time to leave the public library, hop on your moped and buzz back to the trailer park…probably need to pump up the tires on your house anyways….

  12. Vogel Says:

    Stevie, you are a truly disgusting individual. You lie (and break the law) by allegeing that Monavie can treat dieases, you bring not a single fact to the table, and you fall back on really lame personal attacks on the blog host. WTF dude??? Mopeds? Trailer park? Are you serious?

    E&Y’s research obviously sucked since they failed to acknowledge Larsen’s epic failure during his stint as chief swindler for Royal Tongan Limu.

    Once again we witness a distributor who is too obtuse to post their comment on the relevant thread. There is already a thread on E&Y, so post your E&Y comments there fool. JS already addressed the issues quite well.

  13. Rasheed Says:

    Hey all,

    I just stumbled upon this article and I thought you guys would find it interesting.

    The placebo effect is real.

  14. Mackwiz Says:

    Article on the placebo effect. Just replace “pain medicine” with MonaVie and Voila!

  15. MonaVie Scam Says:

    This is my favorite quote from that:

    “This tells me that when we’re talking to patients and presenting therapy, the more positive we are about how the therapy is going to impact them, the better outcomes we’re going to have,” says Rubingh, who was not involved in the study. “And from the patients’ point of view, this says the more positive and open-minded they are to different types of treatment, the better they’re going to do.”

    “In real life, patients’ expectations are also shaped by the media, the Internet, and [reports] from other patients suffering from the same disease,” Bingel says. “Intriguingly, even money plays a role. People expect expensive drugs to be more efficacious than cheap drugs, even if the pharmacological content is exactly the same.”

    There’s no question that MonaVie fosters a feeling of “positiveness” during their conventions and such. So many distributors have commented about being open-minded that I had to post a counter article about it: They also mention the Price-Placebo Effect with MonaVie.

  16. Mackwiz Says:

    Here’s a good link about price-placebo.

    This is why MonaVie comes in slick looking wine bottles. It’s also over-priced, adding to the effect. There’s actually a few things going on to make a good placebo effect:

    1. Price
    2. Packaging
    3. “Belief” through the constant pep talks
    4. Misinformation with speakers implying MonaVie is superior to prescription meds.
    5. Group think (“stand up if the juice has given you health benefits”, and everyone stands up with zeal)
    6. Getting the person “hooked” through promises of great health and wealth (and more disgustingly, getting kids to drink it, so they can say “if you care about your kids you will give them this”)

    The placebo effect is quite something. In one study, people were injected with a medicine that induces vomiting and were told that the medicine prevents vomiting, and some participants actually felt like they didn’t have to vomit.

  17. MonaVie Scam Says:

    Yep, all this information is true. They’ve stacked on multiple layers of placebo effect together. This is why I any testimonial can be easily explained. Then you add in the people who just outright scammers and it becomes really significant.

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