MonaVie and the Car Analogy


To illustrate a point about MonaVie, it’s helpful to consider an analogy to cars. Most people are quite familiar with cars, so this is easy.

Let’s imagine we are talking about cars instead of MonaVie juice. If a new car sells for $20,000, you wouldn’t expect to get much than, well – a car. I actually heard a commercial for a cheap car recently where one of the sound bites was “you just put the key in the ignition, and it goes!” That’s about all I’d expect for $20,000. But if the new car is selling for $200,000, I’d expect that any claims the dealer makes about it can be backed up – and it better be one hell of a car! Does it really do 0 to 60 in under 5 seconds? Does it have a V-12? Do the seats have the fancy butt-warmer option? I’d also want to see reviews from sources like Car and Driver, and I certainly wouldn’t buy it on the basis of far-fetched claims on the company’s brochure or from some smooth-talking hustler of a salesman. If a dealer tries to tell me a car on the lot is a Ferrari, it should look like a Ferrari, not a Ford Focus… which brings us back to the subject of Monavie…

At $45, MonaVie prices itself at about 10 times more than the average 100% pure juice in my supermarket. I think it’s safe to say that it’s priced like a Ferrari. The Ferrari tells us what kind of engine and how fast it can go – I would expect MonaVie to say how much acai and other juice types it contains. Yet it does not. I would also like to see things on the label like that it has no preservatives and is made organically, and that it provides a significant amount of the recommended daily allowance for many vitamins. Monavie provides no such assurances on the label. Instead of a good review from sources like Car and Driver, we have poor reviews from sources like Men’s Journal.

In other words, if MonaVie costs some $45 but serves the same function as juice (tasting good and being good for you), it had better have some spectacular benefits. Alas, there’s no evidence of such benefits. Any testimonials can be explained by the placebo effect.

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  1. CGC Says:

    I think Wil Possible is going for a world record for most posts with the least amount of relevant content. Or perhaps most logical fallacies per rebuttal.
    Although I think he’s earnest and sees himself on a moral high ground, he is totally lacking a developed cerebral cortex and his ability to reason is greatly impaired. In other words, he was born to be a MonaVie leech.

    I believe Donald Trump owns a fairly new company called “Trump Networks”. Surprising that he called it that, as he doesn’t seem so vain as to have to put his name on everything he touches. Why would he start an MLM? I think he’s aware of the truth behind PT Barnum’s quote, “There’s a sucker born every minute.”

  2. Vogel Says:

    I wonder how productive it is to let this idiot sock puppet Wil hijack the thread. The fool is talking about cars, coffee, McDs, Wal-mart, Donald Trump, cold medicines, Galileo, bottled water, Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, v8, Circuit City, and Macy’s. The only thing he won’t discuss is Monavie. And 20 posts a day??? WTF dude? You can’t expect to get away with acting like a destructive soapboxing sociopath forever.

  3. Vogel Says:

    BTW Wil. I know exactly why you behave so destructively. It is beacause you know full well that you can’t even begin to defend Monavie against the evidence of chronic malfeasance, and so your only remedy is to try to drown out the signal with noise. It won’t work. I suggest some form of community censure if this intentionally malicious babbling retard doesn’t start behaving appropriately.

  4. MonaVie Scam Says:


    This is one of the reasons I’ve sent a warning to Wil to actually discuss MonaVie. In his limited defense, I brought up the V8 and the Cars. However, it sounds like he agrees that V8 is every big as good as MonaVie since it has no added sugar or high fructose corn syrup.

  5. Mackwiz Says:

    Wil was all over the map but missed the turn to MonaVie Way. I am having trouble understanding how any of that stuff has anything to do with MonaVie, because of the points MS mentioned. I think he is trying to say that like bottled water, Wal-mart, and McDonalds, MonaVie will soar above the critics and become just as popular and commonplace.

    Let’s see:

    MonaVie = Walmart? NO
    MonaVie = McDonalds? NO
    MonaVie = Bottled Water? NO
    MonaVie = Cough Medicine? NO

    How So? Well, because MonaVie does not have 1.Reasonable cost(Cough Medicine, Wal-mart, McDonalds), 2.Actual science behind it rather than pseudo-scientific diet woo bullshit (Cough Medicine), 3.Convenience (Wal-mart, Mcdonals, bottled water)

    Also, all of the above mentioned products do not have 1.retarded pyramid compensation plans that force the users to be the employees, thus ensuring there are actually no real customers in this crock of a motivational circle jerk, 2.Outrageous pricing to ensure that people sign up as distributors, this ensuring the circle jerk gets larger and larger, 3.Psychotic cult behavior that borderlines on religious fanaticism, 4.Illgeal, unfounded, and pseudo-scientific medical claims, because “hey! if it looks like science, it is science!” and “thank god for the placebo effect!”

    Well Wil, my equation is this:

    MonaVie = One big circle jerk with you in the middle

    Oh, and does the fact that I saw somebody wearing a MonaVie racing suit, driving a car with MonaVie crap plastered all over it AT MCDONALDS mean anything, like what the wallets of these drooling dolts contain?

  6. switch Says:

    Big WILLY!!! Is the diarrhea of the mouth done yet? I think Willy heard about this site, tried to be the hero of the day, and decided to make a last ditch effort and spew his social retardation all over like every “know-it-all” distributor does when someone tries to prove him wrong. You must be a real joy around the cult meetings, chants, and team meetings.

    Yep, I was also on the joker juice for 1 1/2 years and it did nothing but made me crap. Unfortunately, for you, it’s coming out of your mouth. You’re a prime example of how distributors who think they’re in the right go way off topic to hide the f’ing truth all to try and make their dishonest buck. I have to ask ya Willy, can you honestly say your team earnings/bonuses are through legal testimonies and claims because according to your posts here, you certainly are one that keeps track of everything.

    Sad to know your team members follow suit.

  7. MonaVie Scam Says:

    I should mention that I’ve put Wil’s posts in the “on hold” bin. He was just going in so many different directions a million miles a minute. I had a good email thread with him and he believes that this site should expand to address general health concerns (hence the vaccination thing). I think that’s the role of other more general sites, and this site should retain its focus.

  8. Mackwiz Says:

    Heh, so what Wil wants is for the heat to be taken off his personal pet product. Typical, rather than address the issues with positive evidence for his cause, he rathers to stifle the opposition by falsely claiming persecution.

    I agree with MS, the site should retain focus and not cave in the “Why focus on MonaVie?” argument.

    I just read the part where Wil tries to link MonaVie and Gallileo, as if both have brought forth ground breaking discoveries that are perscuted before eventually being accepted. You can’t get much more egotistical than that.

    Now I’m just waiting for a distributor to claim that Jesus actually gave MonaVie as the drink at the last supper rather than wine, and then Dallin Larsen can start claiming divine inspiration was the true way MonaVie was formulated.

  9. Stay Hungry Says:


    I enjoyed your comment.. Very strong perspective..while I have always been a skeptic of over priced juices..I do enjoy drinking Monavies line of products, and don’t mind spending the 35 for the bottle jus like I would spend 35 on 2 double johnny walker black label shots at a club.

    [Editor’s Note: I thought I would add a point of sanity here. Alcohol is obviously priced differently (for a variety of reasons that can’t be addressed in this space). You don’t compare Welch’s grape juice to a bottle of Smirnoff.

    That said, people don’t drink MonaVie at a club – that is an environmental factor. Consumers don’t compare movie popcorn to micro-popcorn prices nor do they compare ballpark beer prices to 30-pack prices. Take the environment factor out as well as the alcohol price and you have your answer.]

    As far as the business side, and the international “circle-jerk” I have to agree..its non-sence and the attrition is mind boggling..even the black diamonds are starving and scraping for pennies..hoping newbies join the jerk session for 90 days till they quit too.


    What is out there that you recommend Mackwiz???

  10. Mackwiz Says:

    Stay Hungry,

    As far as health juices go I don’t recommend anything personally. If it seems like I am some kind of anti-health juice mega skeptic that is not the case, as I do buy a health juice product from a place that I will not mention because I do not want to appear to be sales-pitching (it’s a regular store, not some competing MLM). I drink it merely for camu-camu, which is very high in vitamin C and I do feel more awake after having a serving in the morning. That is a far cry from some off the wall MonaVie-esque health claim, though.

    If you want to consume MonaVie but think the whole business aspect of it is BS, that’s fine with me. I personally think the price is way too outrageous but if you are willing to buy it even after researching everything here and in other places (the Wikipedia article, Men’s Journal, etc) well, you are the consumer. As long as you aren’t making illegal medical claims or trying to get people to sign up merely to make a buck off them, I will leave thou to thouself.

  11. Stay Hungry Says:


    Well I’m definitely not stubborn or blindly loyal to Monavie. If there is an equivalent drink at a better price I’m in! I know its over priced bc I would never suggest it to my friends and family to drop 150 a month on it…

    I will look into what your saying…I won’t be offended if you name the drink you use by name…I mean that’s what these forums are for!

    To inform and educate the masses…share information!

    How about as far as business is concerned?? Is there such thing as a legal…legitimate mlm that is profitable?

    [Editor’s note: Please see… I don’t know about profitable ones, but that tells you about the legal, legitimate ones.]

    Or is mlm just a breading ground for suckers?

  12. Mackwiz Says:

    I will just say I get it from a health food / vitamin store and leave it at that. Offline I would be more than happy to let you know if you really want the info.

    There are legitimate MLMs. The basic rule of thumb is to ask yourself, “Can the product stand on its own, without MLM tactics?” If it cannot, the product is very likely merely a front for a pyramid operation.

    Take a look at Avon cosmetics and compare it to MonaVie. Avon is on the NYSE. Avon has been around in different incantations for over 100 years. It is MLM but it is perfectly reasonable to see distributors making profits simply by selling the products to consumers. They don’t claim some miracle like replacing prescription medication (I heard a MonaVie rep firsthand try to say the juice could be a replacement for prescription meds). They inspire leadership and motivation, yet don’t require near cult like behavior from their distributor force.

    Now look at MonaVie. When I asked if I could get this stuff on store shelves as a retail supplier or sell it door to door they looked at me funny and kept on harping about getting more people signed up. If its such a life changing juice, what the heck? I mean people should be knocking down my doors to get the juice, know what I’m saying? That set off alarm bells when I realized this.

    With MonaVie, they know you can’t make money selling 40 dollar bottles of juice, so building the pyramid becomes the entire operation. The juice product is merely a front, even if it tastes good, and is a good juice (which studies show it is NOT a good juice), it is still just a front to run the dual “tools and juice” pyramid. I could make some really good dish washing soap then sell it for 40 dollars a bar in an MLM; sorry but the soap is still just a front for pyramiding if the cost is 10x the average price.

    There is this juice called Fruit-a-Vie (may not be around anymore) that is a MonaVie knock off. Some people swear by it, some people angrily say it is nothing like MonaVie. I think it was about 16 bucks last time I looked.

    Do you mind me asking what exactly are you into when it comes to MonaVie? Does it give you some noticeable beneficial effects (mood, sleep better, etc), or do you just like the taste, because I think either could be had for much, much cheaper.

  13. MonaVie Scam Says:

    I thought I’d add that I made an inline comment above that I think is worth reading.

  14. Vogel Says:

    Hi Hungry. My advice would be stay away from any MLM that markets any products using any type of claims that remotely tread into the disease treatment realm. Too much opportunity for lying being involved and too great a potential to physically harm people by giving bad advice.

    The MLMs that I’m aware of all seem to feature products that are overpriced and overhyped to varying degrees. The high price tag of products seems to be universal. I can think of a few reasons why that might be. For example, a higher barrier to entry makes the distributor discount look more attractive, and thereby drives more people to sign up. The price-placebo effect applies as well. Then there’s just plain greed at the top (I think some of these MLMs are conceived knowing that the lifespan will be short, so the goal is to gorge as quickly as possible before the collapse). And lastly, the high cost of the products is explained by the general inefficiencies of the business model that necessitate high profit margins per sale so that everyone at the top can get their money (at the bottom-feeder’s expense), and to pay for all the exec perks (bonuses, cars, lavish trips to Bora-Bora, company jet, etc.) and inwardly-focused advertising initiatives (sponsoring race cars, sports teams, etc.).

    But if you come up with anything that looks interesting, start a new thread and lets dissect it.

  15. Mackwiz Says:

    “I think some of these MLMs are conceived knowing that the lifespan will be short, so the goal is to gorge as quickly as possible before the collapse”

    I never really thought of it, but yeah, a fat pig gorging on slop before the farmer comes to make bacon is how some of these MLMs operate.

    I sickens me that someone like Larsen did this before, gorging on Royal Tongan Limu distributors and now filling his maw full of MonaVie hopefuls. What disgusting, parasitic behavior.

  16. Vogel Says:

    Oh and to witness the song and dance routine when distributors try to explain away Dallin’s nefarious history with DE/RTL. It’s absolutely hilarious. Almost as funny as reading those sycophantic Monavie press releases praising Larsen as a courageous leader…a man of integrity and vision with a proven track record. It’s a proven track record alright…of dishonesty and failure.

  17. Anonymous Aussie Says:

    Stay Hungry states “If there is an equivalent drink at a better price I’m in!”

    Sweet! There are a number of choices available which are better than Monavie nutritionally AND better value.

    The beauty about investing in bottle of Welch’s Grape Juice, for example, is that you’ll actually save yourself over $100 a month which is more that what you’d ever make in Monavie. And you’ll preserve your relationships by not attempting to lure your nearest and dearest in a pyramid scam which is priceless.

  18. MonaVie Scam Says:

    No one has told me why V8 Fusion Acai Berry is any different than MonaVie. Other than the fact that it is 1/20th the price (per ounce),has vegetables, and doesn’t require refrigeration before opening. It is 100% juice and an acai blend just like MonaVie.

  19. Rasheed Says:

    Vogel: Whenever I mentioned it to my upline, they asked, “What’s that?” And my first reaction to that was just thinking, “Sheeple.”

    Why would anyone do business with a company without doing research on the corporate bigwigs?

    MV Scam: When pointed this out, a distributor will often say, “Because MonaVie is packaged in glass, which prevents leeching of the nutrients.”

    To which a wise person would respond, “Says what study?”

    If the glass does anything, it leeches. From your pocket. In terms of shipping cost. Oh, and they probably charge extra because it looks like a fancy wine.

  20. Mackwiz Says:

    “Because MonaVie is packaged in glass, which prevents leeching of the nutrients.”

    Man, that’s even worse than the “synergy” claim and the “we have the best acai” claim.

    I can think of a couple of explanations distributors will likely come up with:

    1. V8 doesn’t have certain fruits that MonaVie has like camu camu, wolfberry, etc. The synergy of the 19 speical fruits makes MonaVie work; it was formulated through rigirous scientific research.

    Acai Mixed Berry: Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, Apples, White Grapes, Acai Berries, Blueberries, Limes.


    2. V8 is of dubious quality because a mega-corp produces it.

    3. Company that makes V8 (Campbell’s) is in collusion with the FDA, the very same organization that wants to make you sick so you can feed precription medicine money to the big pharmacutical companies.

    4. I tried switching to V8 and my back pain/ insomnia/headaches came back. I went back to MonaVie and it went away.

    5. MonaVie has the world’s one and only freeze-drying process that gives you the best possible acai. No other competitor comes close.

    6. You can’t be part of something great by buying V8, but you can with MonaVie.

    And yes, all of these reasons are BS and have been debunked on this site.

  21. Vogel Says:

    I posted a comment on LMs site today, but I’ll reiterate it here as well. Have y’all noticed how it seems that the company and the distribs don’t even allude to the quality of the juice anymore? They aren’t loudly boasting about how great their acai is, or about ORAC, polyphenol, anthocyanins, etc. It’s just dead air now. And this is AFTER they reformulated the juice with a bunch of added vitamins (a clear capitulation to the fact that the juice was [and still is] nutritionally worthless.

    Now it seems that all their energy is focused on the new Reveal diet products, but that too reads as an admission of failure, since this is the same crap that Larsen et al. tried to peddle, and failed, through Monarach Health Sciences. Why the reversion to diet products? Is it a safety net in case the FDA orders them to destroy their juice inventory, as they did to Dynamic Essentials?

    All I can smell coming from Monavie these days is the distinct aroma of failure and defeat. And no updated IDS??? The Monavie traveling medicine show looks like it’s going to pick up the tent pegs and make a B line out of town any minute now.

  22. Trevor Says:

    See the real problem here is regardless of any points or facts this admin of juice scam will shoot you down because of ignorance and lack of having an open-mind. Almost everything today that people claim is healthy contains something that is bad for you, or lacks the nutrients it claims. So if you have something against monavie that’s your opinion, I respect it, but leave others to think for themselves and stop feeding them your negative views. Everyone has the right to judge something for them-self. If people want to sell expensive juice who cares… you go to a bar they make you pay through the roof for cheap liquor. The point is here monavie is not better then any other juice beverage but if people like the product thats great they don’t by all means don’t drink the juice. Monavie is a business it moves product through relational marketing instead of paying large advertising firms and corporation to advertise their product they choose to market through word of mouth, and instead of paying large corporations to retail and make ads. They pay distributors a small percentage of each sale. Their is a cap on how much a distributor can earn and their is safe guards to keep the business regulated and illegitimate. But regardless as to what I say here the editor will likely shoot me down. Because all he/she cares about is making companies look bad. Doesn’t matter if you do have enough info to convince them it is a good company he/she will find something to appeal to just to keep to their game that it is a scam.

    So think for yourself most information on the internet will feed you a bunch of bull if you are serious about more information about this stuff talk to people who personally were a part of and hear from their experience, my point not everyone has a right to speak into your life.

  23. MonaVie Scam Says:


    As it turns out, most people looking to make points in favor of MonaVie are ignorant of the information. They probably haven’t taken the time to read this site. Instead they listen to what MonaVie and other distributors tell them. Most distributors never seen an opposing viewpoint, because MonaVie Tries to Suppress the Truth (see that article for a few of the many examples.

    I don’t believe that almost everything today lacks the nutrients it claims. If my orange juice doesn’t have the amount of vitamin C it lists (within a small margin of error) it is an FDA violation. The difference is that MonaVie distributors are making illegal medical claims about the product. It is so prevalant that Dr. Bowden had to write an article, “No More Claiming MonaVie Cures Cancer!”. You may not realize it, but there’s a big difference between saying something is healthy and that something cures cancer. An apple is healthy – it doesn’t cure cancer.

    You suggest that I should let others think for themselves. Those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. It is MonaVie that uses cult tactics into brainwashing people so that they can’t think for themselves. As for being negative, you should read this article and realize that criminals think that the police are negative too.

    You suggest that there should be a comparison between MonaVie and the mark-up of cheap liquor at a bar. I’ve gone through this analogy many times on this site. Typically people will use the Starbucks and coffee, but it works the same for liquor and bars. I went through his analogy so many times that I wrote an article about MonaVie vs. Starbucks. Enjoy being enlightened!

    You makes a great point Trevor that “Monavie is not better then any other juice beverage.” Unfortunately, people aren’t being told that. MonaVie surely isn’t saying it. If this was common knowledge, I’d still say that MonaVie is scamming people, but give them credit for at least telling the people that they are being scammed. As it stands, many people are paying the high price for the product, not because they like it, but because they think it can cure some condition, or that is equivalent to eating 13 fruits, or some other fraudalent claim.

    You said that MonaVie doesn’t pay large firms advertising fees. That’s false. They’ve paid to be the official sponsor of the Boston Red Sox. They’ve paid for their Indy Car. They’ve paid to put the product in celebrities gift bags at awards shows so that they can con more distributors into thinking that “if celebrity X is seen with MonaVie, it must be good!” These are all coming out of MonaVie’s advertising campaign.

    Trevor said,

    “Their is a cap on how much a distributor can earn and their is safe guards to keep the business regulated and illegitimate.”

    What is that cap? It seems like Brig Hart made a lot of money. Perhaps you are right in that they cap how much a distributor can earn. It sounds like something that MonaVie would do, as it would allow them to keep more of the profits.

    Trevor, you are right I’m going to shoot you down. It’s because you don’t make any kind of logical statements that are relevant to whether it is a scam or not. I don’t care about making companies look bad, I care about consumers not getting scammed. If MonaVie wants to price it’s product in line with the other juice beverages (since “Monavie is not better then any other juice beverage” in your own words) and stop people from making illegal medical claims, I will run a banner at the top of this website saying that “This website is only for historical purposes. MonaVie has corrected the problems in their business model that scammed others. I can now endorse them” (or something like that). The ball is in MonaVie’s court. Let me know when they do it.

    “So think for yourself most information on the internet will feed you a bunch of bull if you are serious about more information about this stuff talk to people who personally were a part of and hear from their experience, my point not everyone has a right to speak into your life.”

    Remember, that the people who have experience in this product are being paid by the company to get you into the group. They are not looking out for your best interests, they are looking to make themselves money. As the author of this site, I make no money if you buy MonaVie or not. I provide his information freely to you and ask for no money from you at all. That’s something that a MonaVie distributor can’t offer.

  24. jim Says:

    Howdy Trevor, I’d like to respond to your comment. You said “See the real problem here is regardless of any points or facts this admin of juice scam will shoot you down because of ignorance and lack of having an open-mind.”

    The real problem is that you did not bring up any points or facts. I can’t remember the last time someone defending mona vie did bring up any points or facts. Too often all the pro mona vie crowd seems to do is complain that we’re negative, but can never seem to point out anything that has been said to be false.

    Please please please show me where any of the points of this website are inaccurate. Please explain to me the benefits of mona vie over V8 Fusion that justifies the 2000% price difference. Please enlightlen me to any proven health benefits over ordinary juice. Please dispute the fact that more than 19 out of 20 distributors have to be cash flow negative in this “opportunity” regardless of effort or system that they are plugged into. Please show me how to interpret the IDS so that it doesn’t prove more than 98% of the distributors were cash flow negative.

    Give us something to discuss. If we’re wrong, give us something to correct. Coming on and just saying “you’re negative” and “you don’t understand” is vague and doesn’t extend the conversation. Either be specific in trying to educate us, after all you made the accusation that the admin is ignorant, or read this site and educate yourself.

  25. CGC Says:


    “So think for yourself most information on the internet will feed you a bunch of bull if you are serious about more information about this stuff talk to people who personally were a part of and hear from their experience, my point not everyone has a right to speak into your life.”

    Good advice, so go check out the discussions here:

    There are lots of people there with a lot of experience with MonaVie.

  26. Vogel Says:

    Trevor said: “So if you have something against monavie that’s your opinion, I respect it, but leave others to think for themselves and stop feeding them your negative views. Everyone has the right to judge something for them-self.”

    So let me get this straight. You respect our right to have an opinion but you don’t respect our right to share that opinion? Rather illogical don’t you think? You have the right to ‘change the channel’, so to speak, and find a site where the opinions expressed are more in line with your own (i.e the echo chamber in which MV drones dwell). So why wouldn’t you just do that instead of demanding that we be silent?

    Trevor said: “their (sic) is (sic) safe guards (sic) to keep the business regulated and illegitimate (sic)”

    Not really. Care to elaborate what you meant, maybe in English this time?

    Trevor said: “But regardless as to what I say here the editor will likely shoot me down. Because all he/she cares about is making companies look bad. Doesn’t matter if you do have enough info to convince them it is a good company he/she will find something to appeal to just to keep to their game that it is a scam.”

    Translation: “I (Trevor) could easily prove that all the criticism of Monavie is unjustified – but I won’t.” That doesn’t carry much weight now does it? Reality check — if you could, you would, but you can’t, so you won’t.

    Trevor said: “Because all he/she cares about is making companies look bad.”

    Monavie makes itself look bad. We’re just holding up the mirror.

    Trevor said: “Doesn’t matter if you do have enough info to convince them it is a good company he/she will find something to appeal to just to keep to their game that it is a scam.”

    I see…you’re back to the strategy of “I could easily prove that you are wrong about everything but I won’t because that would be too much trouble so instead I’ll just write a long post filled with irrelevant whining.”

    Trevor said: “So think for yourself most information on the internet will feed you a bunch of bull”

    That’s certainly true when it comes to Monavie. Fortunately, this is one of the few sites that aren’t filled with generic boilerplate BS about the company.

    Trevor said: “not everyone has a right to speak into your life.”

    What exactly is that supposed to mean. Sounds like you’re asking people to put blinders on for fear that they might read something negative about Monavie. I have to conclude that you’re incapable of making a case for Monavie and cannot discount any of the criticism, so the only tactic at your disposal is to plead with people to not read anything negative about Monavie. That’s laughable…in a very sick sad kind of way.

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