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I grew up 8 miles from Boston, I’ve always been Red Sox fan. My new dog is named after Jacoby Ellsbury. I’m part of a group of 300 Red Sox fan in San Francisco and we get together almost every week during the season to watch a game.

I don’t know if you know, but Red Sox right fielder J.D. Drew is a MonaVie distributor. If you ask and Red Sox to name three things that typify J.D. Drew they’d say:

  • The Grand Slam – He hit a pivotal grand slam that helped the Red Sox get beat the Indians ALCS in 2007. Since he didn’t contribute offensively during the season, people called it the $14 Million dollar Grand Slam.
  • The Month (June) in 2008 – When Big Papi was injured, J.D. Drew carried the team on his shoulders for a month. Other than that, he didn’t do too much that season.
  • His Constant Injury Problems – Yep, Drew is constantly injured… need proof?

MonaVie Doesn’t Help J.D. Drew’s Injuries

Time after time, I’ve heard that MonaVie helps cure people’s aches and pains. Of course MonaVie corporate won’t say it because it would be illegal for them to. Instead distributors (people paid by MonaVie) say this behind closed doors and on websites. Anyway, let’s get back to J.D. Drew. His Wikipedia article says:

Drew’s revised contract has a clause that allows the Red Sox to opt out of Drew’s five-year contract after three or four years if Drew has extensive injuries due to a previously existing problem in his right shoulder.

For most of the 2007 season, Drew struggled offensively and spent time on the DL (due to a hamstring injury) as well as taking time off from the team to attend to his son’s health.


Drew later visited the 15-day disabled list, spending from August 27 to September 8 [2008] on the DL with a strained lower back.

In mid-February 2009, after a whole off-season of rest he still had back pain.

Clearly MonaVie isn’t doing anything for J.D. Drew’s health.

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55 Responses to “MonaVie and J.D. Drew’s Health”
  1. Lee Says:

    “MonaVie Scam” I was in Amway and when Brig was in it Amway was the “BEST” company in the World, oh now I guess it’s MonaVie, lol

  2. MonaVie Scam Says:

    The best company to Brig is the one that supports the outrageous prices of his business “tools.”

  3. Lee Says:

    yeah it’s really all about the tools!

  4. Ray Says:

    So you are saying you just want to save people money by giving them all these negative “facts.” We can both agree that there are also positive “facts,” yes? It’s not 100% negative. Sure. You should do your research on products outside of Monavie too. Most of the things in the grocery stores aren’t what they claim. Study the farms we have, the chickens we grow, the cows we engineer. The shiny polished apples that all look the same. The thing is, even a lot of the “proof” and “facts” are “biased.” Ex. when packages say “free roaming chicken” the area is at most a small study desk. Did you know that the meat served at a certain fast food place *coughcantsaycough* is rated “E.” My friend saw one of the packages once from the back, the box said Grade E, but edible. Also Cancer and Heart Disease are the top two killers in America today. That wasn’t the case about a generation ago? around the same time fast food and high stress lifestyle took over America. It’s great that you’re trying to help people. But I believe to really “help” people, lets look at where people are spending most of their money on (high sodium, high fat, low nutrient, pre processed, pre cooked, engineered foods) and not focus on what isn’t important (which company is as healthy as they claim or better than other health companies) Bottom line a bad health company is still better than a good unhealthy company. I mean America spends more money on fast food than education, that should clue all of us in. We’re all in this together.

  5. MonaVie Scam Says:

    I have not been able to find any positive “facts.” Perhaps you can enlighten us with some.

    If you know something about other products at grocery stores that aren’t what they claim, I encourage you to start your own website. If you want to study farms, chickens, and cows, you are more than welcome to do that. When your website is created hit the contact button at the top of the page and email me your creation. I look forward to it.

    In the meantime, I happen to know about MonaVie, so I write about MonaVie. The topics of the conversation here should be about MonaVie. I promise not to go to your grocery store product, chicken, and cow site and mention MonaVie. That would be rude and inappropriate… just like you coming to this website and discussing your grocery store products, chickens, and cows.

    This site is also not about cancer and heart disease. Those two things have nothing to do with MonaVie. MonaVie distributors like to imply they do so that they can lie and make illegal medical claims about MonaVie.

    Ray also said, “Also Cancer and Heart Disease are the top two killers in America today. That wasn’t the case about a generation ago? around the same time fast food and high stress lifestyle took over America.”

    Are you sure about that Ray. This website says a generation ago (1980 = 30 years) the top causes were heart disease and cancer. In fact, when you look at the percentages, 59% of deaths were due to those two causes in 1980 and only 53% were due to them in 2000. The website doesn’t have 2010 numbers, but I don’t think “fast food” and “high stress lifestyle” are things that took over America since 2000.

    Furthermore, you might want to look how the life expectancy has raised in a generation.

    I agree with you on the points of avoiding “high sodium, high fat, low nutrient, pre processed, pre cooked, engineered foods.” People mostly know this. However, they choose to ignore it a variety of reasons (these foods are cheaper, they are easier to make, people like the taste of them more, etc.). Instead, I’d rather help the people who think that MonaVie is healthy realize that it isn’t. It is one of those low-nutrient, pre-processed foods. In fact, MonaVie is adding engineered ingredients like Fibersol-2 to its juice as well as coming out engineered weight-loss meals. On top of that, it is grossly overcharging people by pretending it isn’t low-nutrient, pre-processed, and engineered. I have had distributors tell me numerous times that they STOP eating fruit in favor of MonaVie, because MonaVie’s marketing tells them that it’s the same thing.

    Bottom line: a bad, unhealthy company trying to swindle people for a lot of money by pretending to be something it is not is about as bad as it gets. We are all in this together. Thank you for joining my side, Ray.

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