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Update: Inc. Magazine had released the rankings for 2010 and MonaVie is not listed. Thus any claims a MonaVie distributor is making about Inc. Magazine and their list without mentioning the year 2009 is likely an attempt to mislead you.

A lot of MonaVie distributors seem to tout the fact that Inc. magazine named MonaVie it’s #1 choice in Food and Beverage and 18th overall. A few things should be noted about this list:

  • It’s a list of privately held companies – You won’t see Coca-Cola, Pepsi, ConAgra foods or other giants on the list. What are the other nine companies in the top 10? I’m glad you asked:, SmartPrice Sales & Marketing, Innovative Foods, The Snack Factory, SoDel Concepts, LesserEvil Brand Snack, Mary’s Gone Crackers, Plenus Group, Oskar Blues Brewery. Congrats if you’ve heard of any of those. It’s not exactly an All-Star line-up of the top food companies in America.
  • It’s a “Fastest Growing” list – From the You can read more on that in the methodology, it’s clear that they are measuring growth. It’s easy to start out small and grow. It’s hard to sustain that growth over the long term.
  • It ranks revenue – Want to make this list? Simply give away $5 bills for 1 dollar. You can easily book $1 billion in revenue, but you’ll lose $4 billion dollars. Is that a top business? I don’t think so.
  • It doesn’t verify the numbers that a company reports – There’s no independent accounting firm verifying the revenue numbers are actually correct. It’s all self-reported. A company could easily give different numbers than the actual truth.
  • Perfect timing for MonaVie – The methodology says it’s a measure of revenue growth from 2005 to 2008 – which just happens to be a convenient time range for MonaVie. If the company picked 2003 or just took the last year into effect, you’d see MonaVie drop quite a bit from the list.
  • It’s not important to most companies – From the methodology link above, “A number of companies had growth high enough to make the Inc. 500, the top 500 of the Inc. 5000, but did not complete the revenue verification portion of the application process in time for Inc. magazine’s deadline.” If it was important to companies, you’d think they’d complete the paperwork right? And if they did, it’s possible that MonaVie could have dropped.
  • It’s something the company has to apply to Inc. for – There could have been numerous other companies that are… well perhaps too busy running their company to care about applying to Inc. Magazine for this.

And the most important reason why this award means nothing? Call it the LHR effect. Who is LHR? Read the NBC Dateline story here. Specifically you want to focus on page 4 of the article. A company called LHR, also named to Inc. 500 list, is a debt collection company. Representatives of the company were told to lie by the company if necessary to make the sale. One representative claimed to be a military liaison and that the person was going to kicked out of the military if they didn’t pay.

Here is a direct quote from that story:

Tina Erdley: The FDCPA regulates what we say on the phone.
Dateline: But she says following the law is optional.
Tina Erdley: But once you get on the phone and are actually talking to somebody, you kinda say what you need to say.

Hmm, one can’t imagine that a MonaVie distributor would ever “say what you need to say” to make a sale once they are in a meeting. Perhaps this is why so many distributors say that drinking MonaVie is equal to eating 13 fruits, has the protein of an egg, helped their cancer or autism.

Update 2: Inc. Magazine further advocates that getting involved in Multi-level Marketing business is a bad idea.

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17 Responses to “MonaVie and Inc. Magazine’s 500”
  1. Jim Melloan Says:

    Most of the points you make about the Inc. 500 and MonaVie are fair, but as the project manager for the Inc. 500 list I’d like to set the record straight on verification. It is not true that we do not verify the numbers that companies report. Companies must submit verification documents to make the list. They may submit corporate tax forms for the years in question, audits, or our own Revenue Certification Form, which must be signed by the CEO and by a CPA or other accredited person. The idea here is that if information comes to light that a company has provided us with false information, and they have submitted a form with the signature of a CPA or someone with similar credentials, we can inform the state accrediting entity about that person’s actions. True that people can still lie to us, as they can lie to the IRS and auditors, but not at all true that we don’t make a reasonable effort to verify the numbers.
    –Jim Melloan
    Project Manager, Inc. 500|5000
    Inc. magazine

  2. MonaVie Scam Says:

    Thanks for the clarification, Mr. Melloan. I didn’t see how that verification was outlined in the methodology. I figured that you’d take on signed documents as you suggest, but I wanted to make the distinction that you don’t actually go in an perform an audit… nor do you seem to require an a very established auditor verify the numbers. I don’t suggest that you should, but just what you said in the end, “people can still lie to us.”

    I think that in some places (like this one or this one), I’ve shown that MonaVie has a history of not telling the truth. On another level the Consumerist even wrote a story about how they tried to shut me… and I do is ask questions that they don’t want asked.

    MonaVie distributors are spreading the word around the Internet that they are Inc. Magazine’s #1 Food and Beverage and point to this link:—beverage.html. It would greatly helpful to consumers if you clarified that page with some of the bullet points mentioned here, so it’s not considered an endorsement from Inc. Magazine as to the value the products there.

    I would like to add that a couple of months ago, I did subscribe to your magazine and I quite enjoy it. (It was a great price on, and I couldn’t resist it.)

  3. Rasheed Says:

    You also need to keep in mind that Inc 500 has the revenue of MonaVie being $800 million. WAAY less than the reported $2 billion+ that TEAM leaders have been telling everyone.

  4. Vogel Says:

    I noticed that in Jim’s reply above he neglected to mention a key detail. He said the following:

    “Companies must submit verification documents to make the list. They may submit corporate tax forms for the years in question, audits, or our own Revenue Certification Form, which must be signed by the CEO and by a CPA or other accredited person.”

    But what he didn’t mention was that the “other accredited person” can be an employee of the company in question.

    I think that’s a very significant omission. This creates a scenario whereby Monavie could easily have submitted false revenue claims to Inc. Perhaps Jim could tell us the name of Monavie’s certifier.

    We should also bear in mind that revenue alone is not a reliable indicator of a company’s viability — it’s profit that matters, and Monavie has never made any claims about profitability.

  5. Anonymous Aussie Says:

    Too true, Vogel – revenue and profits aren’t one and the same.

    And while on the topic of revenue, I’d like to know precisely what portion of that revenue is derived from the investments and purchases of the distributors themselves. However, I recognise that that’s wishful thinking on my part – no MLM, including and particularly Monavie, would ever reveal such data.

  6. MonaVie Scam Says:


    That is a very good point about the certification process… especially come from a bunch of executives that openly thumb their nose at the authorities.

    I’ll email Jim and see if we can information on who certified the numbers. Jim did say it could be the CEO of the company, who obviously is an employee of MonaVie. That’s why I responded to Jim’s comment that the company has shown itself to not be trustworthy numerous times in the past… it was hint that we shouldn’t take such unverified information as worth anything.

    Vogel, I tried to cover the revenue vs. profits with my explanation in the third bullet point.

  7. CGC Says:

    Where are they this year?

  8. MonaVie Scam Says:

    They aren’t there. The main criteria is the growth of the companies and we know that the interest in MonaVie is fading, so this isn’t surprising.

    I added an update at the beginning of the paragraph.

  9. Mun Says:

    Microsoft started as a partnership between Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1975. Today, the company’s operating system runs more than 90% of the world’s PCs — making its founders two of the world’s richest men. They made their 1st Billion in 1983 (accumulated since day 1). so in 1984 they applied to be in the list on Inc 500 & they made the ranking of no 80. in 1985 it dropped to no 163 (not a very good indicator) & so never bothered to apply anymore & now they are $60Billion company.
    of course when we are doing very well with 5000% growth from startup we want to show to public our reputation. as such once at the top MonaVie wouldn’t want to be behind their 2009 achievement because they learned from Microsoft and others too such as:
    Jenny Craig
    #6, 1988 / #448, 1989
    John Paul Mitchell Systems
    #71, 1986 / #141, 1987 / #279, 1989
    Clif Bar
    #152, 1998 / #186, 1999 / #387, 2000
    One thing for sure the founders & the successful distributors are grinning happily on their way to the bank.
    As for people who are always on the negative they know where they are now & coming years.
    Its all about magnetic thinking as taught by Matt Dillard.

  10. MonaVie Scam Says:

    Mun, you clearly don’t know what you are talking about.

    Microsoft went public in 1986, so it wasn’t eligible for the Inc. 500 (since it is a list of only privately held companies). It didn’t “decide” to not bother.

    Also, the rankings are done based on revenue growth (see the methodology). When you get to be as big as household names like Microsoft, Jenny Craig, John Paual Mitchell, or Clif bar, it becomes exponentially difficult to continue that growth. Someone with one dollar to their name who finds a $10 bill on the ground has 1000% net worth growth. For someone like Warren Buffett to have 1000% he’d have to find a big technology company lying on the ground. The person with one dollar to his name would make the top of the Inc. 500 and Warren Buffett would be left off the list.

    Of course the founders and successful distributors are grinning on the way to the bank. Remember that it is at your expense. If you want to buy my pocket lint for $500, I’ll be grinning to the bank as well.

  11. Rasheed Says:


    Why then did MonaVie drop off of the Inc 500 list for 2010? They couldn’t sustain their growth, that’s why. From start, it is very easy for a company to grow 5000%, as MonaVie Scam has pointed out.

    Can that company sustain 5000% growth forever? Every year, their revenues would have to be multiplied by 50. Even starting from $1, we see that after a few years, things start getting crazily impossible.

    A starting-up company growing 5000% doesn’t really mean anything. Give me a company that is a few years old that has growth of over 1000% and then we’ll talk money.

    Mun said, “As for people who are always on the negative they know where they are now & coming years.
    Its all about magnetic thinking as taught by Matt Dillard.”

    1) Assuming you mean that we are negative; yes, we do know where we are now. Your point? I resent that statement though; none of us here are negative. We just hate falsehood.

    2) Magnetic thinking? Matt Dillard? You disgrace Mike Dillard’s name. People don’t think like a magnet. People think the way they want to think, and happen to attract other people who think alike. That is the Law of Attraction in a nutshell.

    Do yourself (and us) a favor and never speak of the subject again. You’ll look like a fool. Not only that, but the Law of Attraction has nothing to do with the discussion at hand: i.e. MonaVie and the Inc 500. Unless you wanted to point out that since you happen to be an ignorant fool, your upline and downline are ignorant also. In that case, I’m proud of you for making that realization.

  12. Ramona Says:

    Are you schizophrenic? Just wondering because you seem to be presevarating an awful lot on one thing. Where the hell do you find the time and effort to try to pick apart some juice company don’t you have a real job and a family… ah …. a life? Or are you just another random lunatic. Further more I hope you can be justified in all your ranting because if you are wrong…. man I’d hate to have your Karma. You spew so much anger and negativity at a business that you clearly have no interest in… why even bother? And if you are incorrect you will be judged in THIS LIFE by your words deeds and actions, not to mention the hereafter.

  13. MonaVie Scam Says:

    You seem to think that I spend a lot of time on this website. It’s not that much – just a couple of minutes a day. That adds up over the course of a few years. It’s easy to fit it in with a normal job, family, life etc… Some people volunteer their time in other ways, I like to help educate people avoid being scammed. We all donate what we can, right?

    It’s interesting that you presented my arguments as anything less than certainties. You give a lot of “if you are wrong” and “if you are incorrect.” I invite people to comment and prove me incorrect. There are some 4000+ comments on this website, and I have only had to make one change to one article – about the number of car accidents in the United States. It wasn’t even about MonaVie.

    Maybe you should ask yourself why you are not negative MonaVie. After all, this website has provided tons of irrefutable evidence supported by reputable third parties that MonaVie is a grossly overpriced product, with little nutritional value, wrapped in a poor business opportunity that is an illegal pyramid scheme, which is itself wrapped in illegal medical claims, supported by nonsensical “scientific” studies, and tied to a fraudulent charity.

    Is there any redeeming quality that makes you defend the company?

  14. Mackwiz Says:

    Most of us spend about 5-20 minutes a day a few times a week on this site debating. That doesn’t really make us obesssive. Anyway, what’s more obsessive, some people spending time exposing a scamming juice MLM (trying to save people from ending up in the 98% bottom of the MonaVie pymramid), or people so obessed with said juice MLM that they come on here with incoherent rants trying to defend said scammer MLM, sounding like a possessed madman with violent tendencies?

    Maybe you could try making some actual debatable points rather than being a belligerent psycho trying to play the “you are all just losers with nothing better to do” card. Sorry, that doesn’t make MonaVie good, it just makes you look like a vicious a-hole.

    I’m not here because I have nothing better to do, I am here because I saw what MonaVie and Team do first hand and was shocked. I decided to take action after getting the facts right and this site is a great platform for it. Maybe if you quit being a greedy jerk you could do the same and see what is being done to you right in front of your face.

    If you really feel like you are above us and we are pathetic then drop the ad hominems and give us something to debate or answer some simple questions such as why anyone should sign up for a company where 98%+ of the distributors are not making money? (Not working hard enough has already been refuted, so don’t waste your time).

  15. Rand C Says:

    First off I wish I had read this site three years ago before I got involved in Money-vie
    I thought it might be a marketable product. What I learned is that its not about the product its about signing up distributors (pyramiding). The product has very little Acai and lack any thing close to nutrition. I went to SLC Utah to investigate Monavies so call international convention, I wanted to see what was behind the company. From what I could see they took the distributors money to put on a two day advertising promotion about themselves. I emphasize, payed for out of the distributors pockets. The corporate headquarters staff was mostly young kids, I was not impressed. It looked like a company that could make there assets liquid in the blink of an eye. You watch, Dalin Larsen and his cronies will soon be a thing of the past and they will be retired in south America on the monies of the 90% of the distributors that didn’t make a dime

  16. Pietro D Says:

    Wow… Randy, seem that you prophecy are very poor… the fact seem say total different reality. Monavie is very growing and maybe you can be a thing of the past. Not Dallin Larsen. :D

  17. MonaVie Scam Says:

    Doesn’t look like MonaVie is growing. They’ve admitted that they aren’t.

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