Mitch Biggs Claims MonaVie is Organic (and Other Lies)


If you haven’t heard of Emerald Mitch Biggs before… I encourage you to first read Mitch Biggs Claims MonaVie Prevents Swine Flu. For those not interested in clicking through, Mitch Biggs is one of the top MonaVie distributors. As an Emerald level distributor only 166 of MonaVie’s more than 90,000 active distributors rank even with him. He should be one of the most educated people in MonaVie and one of the people that MonaVie can put on a pedestal as a shining example of what a distributor should strive to be. Unfortunately for those who read that previous article we can see he’s neither. This article will show much of the same.

Like the previous article, Mitch Biggs has posted a story on MonaVie on Associated Content. As of June 6th, 2010, you can see the Google Cache of this story here and here. Since Google may refresh their cache, you can just click the images below for a preserved copy.

Page 1

Mitch Biggs - - MonaVie Organic Lies

Mitch Biggs - MonaVie Organic Lies

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Mitch Biggs - MonaVie Organic Lies

Mitch Biggs - MonaVie Organic Lies

Here are some of the quotes from both pages that I found worth focusing on:

“The value proposition is a tasteful, convenient and economical way to get all your fruit in a day.”

This is a clear lie and one we’ve heard MonaVie distributors tell again and again. It’s say that Mitch Biggs is simply making a mistake, but at his level in MonaVie organization such an obvious mistake is ridiculously impossible. For those unfamiliar with this lie, I give you this article on MonaVie and comparison to fruit. It’s worth noting that even a glance at MonaVie’s label shows that has very few vitamins and minerals and almost no fiber – all things that you should get by eating fruit. If you read this article, even MonaVie Product Specialist Sarah Brown agrees with this, proving Mitch Biggs’ statement to be wrong.

“MonaVie’s product is all natural and organic.”

We know that MonaVie is NOT organic. MonaVie admits this in their literature. Frequent commenter on this site, Vogel, has pointed out that there isn’t even one USDA-certified organic ingredient in Monavie. He also correctly points out that the false claim is punishable by a fine of up to $11,000 according to the USDA: “A civil penalty of up to $11,000 can be levied on any person who knowingly sells or labels as organic a product that is not produced and handled in accordance with the National Organic Program’s regulations.”

“The company recommends consuming 2 ounces twice a day for a total of 4 ounces. That will give you the antioxidant equivalent of 13 servings of fruits and vegetables. Do the math and it breaks down to 39 cents for an organic serving of fruit each day or about $5.”

I’d like to point out that this also a lie. It’s based on the above false assumption that antioxidant equivalent (measured by ORAC score) is equal to a real serving of fruits and vegetables. If Mitch Biggs wants to play that game, a $1.99 amount of cinnamon has 32 days worth of antioxidant capacity or about 6 cents a day (as opposed to MonaVie’s $5 a day).

Math and logic is clearly not Mitch Biggs strong point. Or maybe he’s trying to scam people so that he can line his pockets with money. It’s impossible to tell, but it’s one of the two.

“Research has also shown that it is effective against Swine Flu.”

We covered this previously here: Mitch Biggs Claims MonaVie Prevents Swine Flu. MonaVie is not shown to be effective against Swine Flu.

“Rather than choose one or two celebrities, they chose to use the average everyday worker that wanted something better for their family’s health and wealth.”

This is completely untrue. MonaVie has chosen celebrities. You’ll see Red Sox pitcher Jonathan Papelbon as one example. In fact there are whole photoshoots with Red Sox players You’ll also see MonaVie’s sponsored NASCAR cars. In fact here’s a picture proving the point:

MonaVie and the Red Sox

MonaVie and the Red Sox

The choose the everyday worker not for altruistic purposes, but for other purposes. Mitch Biggs is an example of MonaVie’s true purpose. Distributors are given incentive to exaggerate the truth, outright lie (in Mitch Biggs’ case), or just claim ignorance of the very product they are paid to sell. With MonaVie’s distribution system, MonaVie itself retains plausible deniability and can get away with paying most of it’s sales force under minimum wage (see MonaVie’s Income Disclosure Statement.)

“As more team members are taught how to host tasting parties, the size of the team grows rapidly. Distributors are compensated on how much product is consumed by their team and not how many people sign up.”

Actually the compensation has nothing to do with actual consumption… there’s no one watching to see if the product is consumed. It’s about the product being purchased. What Mitch Biggs isn’t telling you in the above quote is that “how much product is consumed [or purchased] by their team” is directly related to “how many people sign up” as MonaVie requires that people who sign up also purchase the product. The way for distributors to get more money is to get more people to sign up.

Again, if you want want read more on Mitch Biggs’ claims, I suggest: Mitch Biggs Claims MonaVie Prevents Swine Flu.

(By the way, Mitch if you are reading this, this article isn’t meant to be personal. It’s meant to be more of a reflection of MonaVie’s educational process and how their method of distribution should be abolished. Clearly even top people in the organization like yourself are either not getting educated about the product or are purposely trying to scam your way to an early retirement. It has to be one of the two.)

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5 Responses to “Mitch Biggs Claims MonaVie is Organic (and Other Lies)”
  1. Mackwiz Says:

    It is definitely a loophole technique. When I was at the MonaVie tasting (indoctrination) the presenter and speaker basically said what the FTC requires (it’s just juice) and then did a “wink wink” by making off topic comments about prescription medicine. The exact connection was not made but it is subconsciously implied – MonaVie is the way to be free of prescription medicine and its side effects. It’s even priced high like prescrition meds.

    Mitch Biggs isn’t off track from most distributors. At the very least, even the most honest distributor will claim there is some big benefit of MonaVie that wasn’t there before.

  2. Izzy Says:

    Well, this is freaking humilating. When I was a MV distributor, I (at first) said it was organic because my upline said it was organic. When one of my prospects told me to go to the MV website and specifically ask them that question as she couldn’t find it on the bottle at all, I emailed and got back the response that it’s not certified organic but it is taken care that the juice has the least amount of pesticides as possible. I then reported back to her. She never did sign up as it was too expensive.

    I just wish there wasn’t all these well-worded “implications”, it’s so underhanded, and the reason why I’m so embarrassed is because I did the same thing myself.

    Why can’t they be open and honest in the first place?

  3. Mackwiz Says:


    I have noticed that organic claim coming in from many distributors. It is a prime example of how misinformation in MonaVie works.

  4. Jim Says:

    Izzy said “Why can’t they be open and honest in the first place?”

    They can’t because who would pay $40 for a bottle of average ordinary juice? But a bottle of organic magic juice… Now we’ve got something.

    Izzy, I hope now that you know the truth you will become an advocate and go back to your downline, upline, sideline and tell them what you’ve learned. I don’t think anyone will blame you for being lied to. The truth will set you (and them) free.

  5. Izzy Says:

    @Jim – Don’t worry, first of all, out of my 7 months in MV/TEAM, I was never able to get one recruit, however, I did apologise to all of the people that I tried to recruit. When I told them the real nature of the scam, some of them actually thanked me for telling them. Crossline, well, I don’t know who my crossline is because I was discouraged from talking to them. I warned my upline and her upline but both have blocked me from contacting them. Just last night I lost a friend to MV/TEAM, she defriended me on facebook because I posted something from SiperEnergy on YouTube. The mentality in TEAM is that if anyone is negative about the business, you need to cut them off as “you don’t need those people who will steal your success” type thing. If a person wants to believe that bullshit, then I can’t do anything else. It’s their life. I can, however, warn people who aren’t in MV/TEAM to stay away.

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