Is J.D. Drew Breaking MonaVie’s Terms of Service?


I recently covered how MonaVie isn’t helping J.D. Drew’s health. I also mentioned that I’m a huge Red Sox fan. Well I’m embarrassed to say that J.D. Drew seems to be breaking MonaVie’s Terms of Service.

How is J.D. Drew Breaking MonaVie’s Terms of Service?

J.D. Drew has two websites promoting MonaVie : Join J.D. Drew and A MySpace Page. MonaVie’s Terms of Service say that you can only have a until you read a certain level. It’s worth noting that J.D. Drew isn’t at that level. In addition, I tried to contact him through those websites, but couldn’t. Manager Terry Francona’s son, Nick Francona is taking all the contact information. How much retailing of the product is J.D. Drew doing if he’s not even making himself available to talk about the product?

Does MonaVie drop him as a distributor? No they shout from the rooftops that J.D. Drew drinks MonaVie. I don’t understand why anyone thinks he’s an authority on the benefits of juice. Does he do that for a living or is just one of the best few hundred players in the United States at hitting a baseball. I fail to see how one skill translates to another.

Also, ask yourself if you make as much money as J.D. Drew. He had signed a $70 Million dollar contract. The cost of MonaVie isn’t a concern for him. If he puts some of his money in a savings account that accrues interest, he’ll never have to care about the price of anything in his life. For the other 99.9999% of the population, there’s a danger that they will not have a secure retirement and possibly not be able to pay for proven health care.

Lastly, if you plan to become a distributor of MonaVie ask yourself how you can possibly be more successful than J.D. Drew. He’s got millions of fans, yet he can’t seem to sell enough juice to get to the higher levels of MonaVie. Even the aforementioned MySpace page gathers tumbleweeds because no one is interested.

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4 Responses to “Is J.D. Drew Breaking MonaVie’s Terms of Service?”
  1. Lori Says:

    Wow it is really sad that you are trying to find any loop hole that you can to discount mona vie and what it is doing for people!!!

    You reaching and eventually you will run out of stray strands to grab onto!!!

  2. MonaVie Scam Says:

    If MonaVie is going to call J.D. Drew out as a distributor (and Brig Hart himself called him out as a distributor when I was on his site last night), then J.D. Drew should at least be distributing the juice. Otherwise, MonaVie should stop advertising him as a supporter.

    And MonaVie is really reaching for the bottom of the barrel. I’m a Red Sox fan and a J.D. Drew fan, but he is always injured: Obviously MonaVie isn’t helping him.

    MonaVie isn’t doing anything for people except making them poor.

  3. BobJ Says:

    Really Drew has been pretty healthy lately……….

    Since he’s came to Boston his averaged 428 At bats a year with 18 Hrs and 75 Rbi’s. Pretty solid production and although he’s had some minor injuries he’s been fine overall.

  4. MonaVie Scam Says:

    428 ABs a year is not fine overall… it’s really bad for a starting player. Unless the guy walks a lot (J.D. Drew doesn’t), you’d like to see at least 500 ABs from someone making 14M a year. Since you bring up HRs and RBIs, 18 and 75 respectively is not good production for 14M.

    Plus there are the cases of him missing playing time with back problems that I cited above.

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