Interest in MonaVie is Fading


It is July 28th, 2010 as I post this, and something fairly interesting came to my attention… interest in MonaVie is fading… and fading fast.

I have to give credit to frequent commenter, mysterious for this for this first chart. It comes from which is a well-known website traffic measuring source: traffic according to traffic according to

You can get a recent update (assuming that you are reading this after July 28th, 2010) on Monavie Traffic by clicking here.

The interesting thing to me is that MonaVie traffic is 1/4th of what it was a year ago. Ouch. It looks like the anonymous tipster that said revenue was down more than 18% may be right.

Some MonaVie distributors will likely throw out some kind of conspiracy theory that isn’t accurate. They’ll probably go digging up a bunch of stuff that supports that argument. In anticipation of that, I decided to add a second, even more trustworthy source… Google. Their Google Trends product can tell you how much interest there is in something overtime. It does this by analyzing the data on billions of daily searches… a vast sample size. What does Google say about the interesting in MonaVie? It’s fading.

MonaVie - Google Trends

Interest in MonaVie according to Google Trends

Looking at the chart, you can see MonaVie has been fading since the beginning of 2009. Interest is the currently the same as it was in early 2007… just one year after it started showing up on Google’s radar.

You can see the latest on MonaVie on Google Trends here

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65 Responses to “Interest in MonaVie is Fading”
  1. Humiliated Says:

    CGC,I just checked the Purple Horror site out a couple of weeks ago & I suspect our dear Vogel has commented on there a couple of times, which the “site” sorely needed. Other then that, it kind of lays there..dormant. I have a feeling that they don’t care if it gets a lot of traffic because the previous “traffic” was doing the company more harm then good, exactly like this site.

    I think it is truly pathetic and desperate that they resort to blackmailing and threatening to get these sites shut down. Now they are culling the negative comments on their own site, from their own distributors (see the Lazy Man site)!

    They are trying to plug holes in a battered and sinking ship (who’s a poet?) and it is rather fun to watch.

  2. CGC Says:

    It’d be funner to watch if you didn’t know that all those top rats will just jump onto the top of another garbage barge.

  3. Anonymous Aussie Says:

    That’s for sure. Then they go and inflict the same losses upon consumers and leave the same path of destruction time and time again…

    Makes me livid.

  4. switch Says:

    Oh I can agree with the “jumping on to a new garbage barge”….sound familiar TEAMERS???

    Here I’ll help you start……

  5. MonaVie Scam Says:

    I was just looking at this again. The last six months has only shown more decline in MonaVie.

  6. CGC Says:

    MV’s website had a huge spike in traffic in September.

    116,883 unique visitors, which was way up from the previous month and previous year:

    previous month: 55,969 | 91.88%
    previous year: 62,915 | 116.58%

    So what happened?

    I also noticed that this increase in internet traffic was not reflected in MV’s related sites, like and

  7. CGC Says:

    That 09/11 spike was an anomaly – traffic has fallen back to around 53K. And this is a company that is aggressively expanding internationally. And as Brig said, “But our industry is all about sponsoring them faster than they quit. So you have to put them in faster than they get out.”

    Another interesting trend can be seen at, which has been in a free fall from a high of 8,900 in 10/11 to 2763 in 02/12. It was at 9K a year earlier (-69.79%).

    Brig’s site is down from 6100 to 1800 in a year (-70.60%).

    Randy Schroeder claimed on FG, “USA has stabilized and has in fact reentered growth, with positive month to month comparisons in North America since November”

    But in fact, it was pointed out that, along with about a 33% decline in income, MV has been expanding internationally — thus MV North America is has been in a huge decline.

    For example, rank advancements for Monavie for the week of 3/30/12:
    2,413 rank advancements worldwide with only 115 of them taking place in the U.S./Domestic market.That is, North America counted for just 4.7% in an overall shrinking company. This pattern has been consistent and long term too.

  8. TruthWillSetYouFree Says:

    Another round of layoffs occurred today. Doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of life left in that dream machine of theirs.

  9. MonaVie Scam Says:

    It is imploding in the US. They are pushing overseas to continue the pyramid scheme there – fresh victims that don’t know any better.

  10. Vogel Says:

    That’s a double-edged sword really isn’t it? In those countries, the laws on MLMs may be more permissive, but so are the laws on revenge-seeking machete-wielding mobs.

  11. humiliated Says:

    Truth, can you expand on this? CGC commented on Amthrax that another Diamond jumped ship and has gone to another scam/l/m.

  12. MonaVie Scam Says:

    I got word from another source that it was a big round of layoffs. There weren’t any specifics, but word has it that nearly 20% of one department was let go.

  13. TruthWillSetYouFree Says:

    I’m not clear on the distributors who have jumped ship, as distributors come and go often, but on the corporate level, the Training department (who deals in training for call center representatives and other various training duties) was cut dramatically, the Marketing department took a big hit, and the Finance department cut some individuals loose.

  14. CGC Says:

    The Marketing Dept. took a hit? But this is an MLM company, they don’t do marketing. That’s how they save millions of dollars and pass it on to their distributors! That’s how they manage to sell the fruit juice for a low price of $35 a bottle while helping 1% of the distributors become financially independent!
    What’s more, I recently read on one of the diamond’s pages that MLM is recession-proof. So everyone must be mistaken here.

  15. matt Says:

    These mlm artist need to be sued by their downlines with company named in suit. That might put a speed bump in the orrin ripoff scam plans.

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