“I am not a MonaVie distributor, but…”


This is a common claim in comments and MonaVie message boards. This claim is pointless, here’s why:

  • No one can verify it – How is anyone supposed to be able to verify that this is the truth. In fact…
  • … Distributors have incentive to claim they are not distributors – By opening with, “I am not a MonaVie distributor,” it tries to tell the reader, “I’m not biased, so you should believe the following claim that I’m going to make even though I can’t prove to you this is true.”
  • If you aren’t a Distributor and you love the product, why not become a distributor to buy it cheaper? It doesn’t make any sense.
  • Even MonaVie Headquarters lies about this – We have people at MonaVie HQ leaving comments saying that they’ve never tried the juice and calling people annoying douches.. Are we supposed to believe distributors when top of the organization tries to hide their identity and acts in this unprofessional manner?

The most important part of this post is the 2nd and 3rd bullets. If you are going to defend the product, you should be a distributor so that you can buy it cheaper. If you are distributor and claim that you are not to try gain credibility, you simply fail.

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17 Responses to ““I am not a MonaVie distributor, but…””
  1. boobie Says:

    Thank you for helping expose these despicable ,unscrupulous lying animals.

  2. MonaVie Distributor Says:

    I AM a MonaVie Distributor, and I am not afraid to admit it and to speak my mind about it. YES, I am probably biased, but when it has truely helped me… and many firends of mine why wouldnt I be! MonaVie is an amazing product and I would recomend it to everyone I know (in fact… most of them drink it on a daily basis!!!)

    And ‘boobie’ we are NOT despicable, unscrupulous lying animals… You are a very inmature and close minded person…

  3. MonaVie Scam Says:

    How has MonaVie helped you? What does it do that ordinary fruit can not?

    It may be helpful to review what being open-minded is about MonaVie. This website exists in large part to get the facts out there that there simply isn’t a lot of nutrition in MonaVie. I’m open-minded enough to change my opinion if anyone can give me scientific analysis.

  4. very open minded but poor Says:

    mona vie is a waste of money i recommend V8 acari berry its a name brand and you can buy in bulk for the price of one bottle of mona vie

  5. ray Says:

    Ever watched “Food Inc” or “Food Matters”? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4DOQ6Xhqss

    How can Monavie be any worse than what is available to us as consumers? Have you looked at our kids lately? They are enormous. What do you think causes that–growth hormones in our diet? I am a very simple person as you can tell. But, I notice these things and I am sure other parents do too.

    CNN did a story this morning about how America’s poor diet is causing a national security crisis. Recruits are not up to the physical challenge and are dropping out. Sad but true.

    [Editor’s Note: MonaVie doesn’t help people have a better diet. Taking a 2 ounce shot of juice in the morning isn’t going to stop them from over-eating or make them eat better. If anything it’s going to cause them to eat worse because they feel they’ve already done their healthy thing for the day. Numerous distributors are saying that the 4 ounces of MonaVie REPLACES the need for fruit. That’s the last thing we need. And none of this addresses why MonaVie may be better than other cheaper juices, which is the big question.]

    All companies get bad press. Many companies have complaints against them from the BBB. There are bad people in every industry. Name one which did not have someone who took advantage and abused people’s trust. Aspirin Kills if taken in sufficient doses. They recommended the H1N1 flu shots and some people had adverse affects and some would argue that people died as well. Point is there are always too sides to every arguement.

    [Editor’s Note: Cars sometimes crash as well. In rare circumstances bad things can happen. However, in EVERY circumstance something negative is happening with MonaVie. Again MonaVie can show no benefit over other juices.]

    People buy things they can’t afford every day—that’s America— and most of it is not good for them. We know this because of the situation this country is in today.

    [Editor’s Note: Two wrongs doesn’t make a right. I have other websites where I educate people to not buy things they can’t afford. Those websites lead me to write about MonaVie as one of those items. I now believe it to be the worst because it costs 15x-20x competing products for what is a lower quality product (according to all tests to date). McDonald’s hamburgers don’t cost 15-20x more than Wendy’s. If MonaVie wants to price it at $3 or so and stop trying to claim that it can cure medical conditions, I’d have no issue with it.]

    I noticed that your site is also promoting a cheaper form of ACAI or other supplements that boasts higher orac values, so people reading this blog should wonder is there an underlying motivation to exposing the “scam”.

    [Editor’s Note: I don’t know what you are talking about, but if it’s the advertising you see, I don’t control that. Talk to Google AdSense who chooses relevant ads.]

    By the way, hasn’t Wall Street taken more money from the average educated and uneducate person alike? In this day and age, best let people choose their own poison. If you are going to spend your money anyway, why not invest it into health? You could do worse.

    [Editor’s Note: Except that if you spend your MonaVie, you aren’t spending wisely on health. You are better using 1/10 of the money for cheaper better juice and then getting a gym membership or hire a personal trainer. If you don’t like Wall Street, you don’t have to invest there… there are a number of overseas companies to invest in. You can also buy annuities that guarantee you income. Or maybe you can buy your home. Let’s not throw Wall Street under the bus completely either. It’s made a lot of people quite rich who have never been near Wall Street.]

    I am not suggesting that you can’t buy other products. I am sure there are some good ones out there. Or, you can buy a juicer like I did—that proved to be too much effort. I tell people to try it and do their own research. Some of them find your site, but they try it anyway and stay on as customers. Others never try, or if the do they may cancel. I know for me eating healthy is expensive in general. I find it actually cheaper considering we throw our money every day to junk food.

    By the way, I am neither too patriotic or too religious. I am a “make no waves, kind-of guy”. You don’t need to be a patriot to know America has health issues.

    I know there is a market for this product and the business too. People who don’t buy or don’t like the business are not the right market for either. I personally don’t care for mercedes too much. Some would argue with me that once you drive a mercedes, nothing else comes close. Is that a problem with the mercedes, or a problem with me? I know it is my problem—I just can’t afford it. So, I am not the right person to sell a mercedes to.

    [Editor’s Note: What you are basically saying here is that Mercedes aren’t a good fit for you. Basically it doesn’t provide the driving experience that you prefer. It just doesn’t apply to MonaVie. There’s no drinking experience unless you just talking about taste. There’s also no comparison to the quality of a Mercedes product (you can see all the quality parts yourself) and the quality MonaVie (where you get no details on how much acai is in it and all tests come back showing that it isn’t very nutritious.) ]

    Maybe some people are scamming using monavie. But that is not fair to others who have the best interests of their client in mind. We never get paid enough or in the long run taking advantage of people.

    [Editor’s Note: If you sell MonaVie and you don’t point out that there are better juices for a lot less money, you are scamming them. I think that probably reaches about 100% of distributors. Perhaps the distributors are blind to the fact that other juices are better and think they have the best interests of their clients in mind. Those distributors are just too lazy or too unwilling to look at the product objectively and see that there’s nothing special about it… just great marketing.]

  6. Food Tech in CA Says:

    Ray, are you suggesting that MonaVie has some type of nutritional advantage over fresh produce? It doesn’t. An apple has the antioxidant capacity of over two days worth of MonaVie (9 oz.). MonaVie runs about $5.00 per day per person. An apple costs about $0.75.

    End of discussion.

  7. ray Says:

    I’m not suggesting. I’m stating that if you can’t afford something, it does not mean the product is bad. I can’t afford a lot of things. Many of those things are high quality things that people say are worth it—cars, bags, dresses, jewelry, the whole designer label market.

    People buy things they can’t afford all day long because it makes them feel good. And, someone makes money. What’s the difference? Who doesn’t need a little happiness every day? My $5.00 buys me happiness and I find a way to rework my budget to fit it in.

    Editor’s Note: In general there is a vast difference in the quality of the car that you get for the money. Buying MonaVie is like paying $200,000 for Hyundai Accent… you can get a very similar car for $12,000. The rest of your examples are fashion-based and that’s for the experience and to show off status. I’m not a big fan either. Here’s a good book on that. MonaVie doesn’t even provide the experience of showing off. It’s something that sits in a refrigerator for all but 1 minute of the day. I can put milk in a fancy wine bottle too if you want to pay me $45 for it.]

    And, finally, sites like this usually sell something else. So they are using a negative campaign tactic then offer a lower cost product. Remember, “you get what you pay for”—so I’ve been told.

    Editor’s Note: I’m not selling anything else. I’m asking people to eat fruit or, if you must choose juice for convenience, pick one of the number of other options. If you like, I can sell a you a $200,000 Hyundai Accent… “remember you get what you pay for.”]

  8. Vogel Says:

    Ray, your logic is upside down. There is ample evidence showing that Monavie isn’t even as nutritious as grape and apple juice. It’s not a question of whether someone can afford to waste $45; most of us can. But why would they? It doesn’t make sense; it’s akin to me charging you $45 for a cup of water. You are simply trying to defend your right to rip people off on an essentially worthless product.

    It’s an offense to the intellect that you would suggest that the site operator is hosting this discussion because he is out to “sell something else”….i.e., “a lower cost product”. That’s obviously not the case.

    I also couldn’t help but notice that your comment doesn’t pertain at all the the subject of this particular post. Is it becuase you are trying to derail the discussion with noise, or are you just not very perceptive?

    Lastly, show some pride in your business and post your distributor ID# like your contract requires — or is there some reason why you are too ashamed to follow your company’s rules?

  9. ray Says:

    I’m just saying that if you can not afford something doesn’t mean it is bad. Just that, —“you” can’t afford it and are not the right market for the product. I can’t afford a lot of things. But that never stopped people before from getting what they want.

    I heard it said, “people don’t lack resources, they just need to be resourceful”.

    And, sometimes critics have an underlying motivation and quite possibly are trying to push other programs. This site has affiliate programs that pay the site when people buy from them. Let’s not overlook that piece.

  10. Vogel Says:

    You’re thick as a plank Ray. I said that I CAN afford it — the point is that Monavie is bad regardless of whether or not one can afford it.

    Don’t try to shift the burden of blame onto the site’s host. You are the one who is colluding with liars, thieves, and rapists. That seems to be OK with you, and as a result, we are here fighting to make sure that you can’t operate this scam carte blanche. If Monavie continues on its present course, it will continue to be a magnet for criticism and it will, in all likelihood, eventually be shut down; or at the very least, so vilified that no one will ever be able to sell it.

    BTW, we’re still waiting for you to honor your contract and post your ID#. You’re still too embarassed I see. I would be too if I were you.

  11. MonaVie Scam Says:

    No one is saying, “Oh no, I can’t afford this product, it must be bad!” People are saying, “This product is priced $45 for 25 ounces, and juice that is $3 for 48 ounces has been repeatedly shown to be more healthy – why would I burn my money on a sub-par product?” There’s a mountain of difference between the two.

    It’s true that sometimes critics have an underlying motivation, but this is not the case. I have no affiliate programs that pay me on sales of other juices. I don’t know where you got that idea Ray.

  12. john doe Says:

    I was thinkin of becoming one of the many young recruiters of monavie. But the matter of fact is, they sold me at first to sign on and buy a beginners pack, ($352) which I didn’t do because I lacked the income to do so. At the end of this meeting, the leaders, they were like lions feeding on the weak and hopeful, like myself, hoping that this could be the solution to my financial crisis. They pushed so hard to get people to buy one of there business packs, that it made me definitly second guess them. I got paid the next day, and I explained to them that I was interested and that I would defenitly be back to get the beginners pack. But to them, that was unacceptable, they wanted me to use a credit card or borrow money from a family member or friend. That’s when I got this chill, this vibe, that these people, are really scam artist that most likely sit in front of a mirror all day, practicing there speech and there lines so that they have u soooo caught up in there b.s., stories about how poor and tough they had it, and they talk about money, incentives, bonuses of course…. that you have no choice but to believe in them, and then the product. So people sort of get brain washed, buy the stuff, and then find out it was a big mistake. When I got home, I talked about it with my wife, and in the morning I had a moment of clarity… these people, have no business selling, recruiting, and involving others in these fiasco… I like how they target the young, teenage crowd, to move along there product… they tell you, don’t worry about door to door sales, they have a better solution… sell it to your family! Of course a young teen ( which most are living at home with family members, mom and dad) is going to be more suseptible to distributors like this, and go running to there family to try to sell them this product… brilliant if you ask me… the truth is that I did a little research and recalled the events of that night, looked at the crowd of people, and said to myself, I really dodged a bullet… watch out everyone, make sure that if your looking for a job, do some research about what your getting youself involved in… before you give up your piggybank…

  13. B.S Says:

    I signed up and fell into the trap, I payed the $352 for the starter pack, I just recieved it and now Im kinda sad I just spent 352$ :( I cant believe I did that. I dont know how to get rid of this product and break ties with Monavie.
    They arent even intrested in selling juice, they are intrested in getting you to bring people in to be sell it as well and purchase a $352 kit

  14. Anonymous Aussie Says:

    B.S – please find below Monavie’s US policy regarding refund of items.

    “Return Policy:
    Wholesale—(Non Terminated Distributors) Unopened product is refundable within 90 days for a 90% refund, excluding shipping and return costs. See Addendum B of the Policies and Procedures for a full explanation.
    Retail—Unopened product is refundable for a 100% (plus shipping, if applicable), 30-day, money-back guarantee to all retail customers through their selling distributor.
    AutoShip—Unopened first AutoShip is 100% refundable on product, minus shipping costs”

    If I were you, I’d contact Monavie as soon as possible to obtain a refund on any unopened goods you are unable to sell.

  15. Anonymous Aussie Says:

    B.S – please note there is a 2010 Monavie “How to do ” Business Guide to refer to however, the wording concerning the refund policy is the same as the 2009.

  16. Dio Says:

    Recent research indicates this product is dangerous for pregnant women because it contains COX inhibitor that closes the heart before birth rather than after causing potentially deadly complications for the baby: http://www.nature.com/jp/journal/v30/n4/abs/jp2009140a.html

    How on earth does a natural product contain COX inhibitors? Is that not a pharmaceutical product? This is one irresponsible company to be knowing endangering the lives of babies. Women taking these drugs are advised not to take them during pregnancy as this is a known complication. What does Monavie do to protect the customer who is unaware this chemical is in the product? You will be facing class action law suits very soon I imagine Monavie. Be prepared to remove this dangerous product from the market place.

  17. Dio Says:

    I understand now, from reading that again, the articles is saying the COX inhibitor is the anthocyanins in the product. So if this wasn’t a concentrated amount of highly colored fruits, this wouldn’t be the case and it wouldn’t be harmful to babies. So if people were to just eat these or similar fruits in their natural form instead of this concentrate, then the pharmaceutical levels of anthocyanins acting as COX inhibitors, could not be achieved. I think we need to stop screwing with the natural form of things and leave anthocyanins as COX inhibitors as a separate thing to be taken as a supplement or prescription so the contraindications can be known by the patient.

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