Ex-MonaVie & TEAM Distributor Explains His Metamorphosis


The following is a guest post from a former MonaVie distributor and a former member of TEAM. As editor of the site, I’ve adjusted the formatting slightly for appearance on the site.

My name’s Rasheed. No aliases, no nicknames, just Rasheed. I’m not afraid to expose my identity because I have confidence in what I say. If I am somehow shown to be wrong, I take the hit.

So as you may have have inferred, I used to be a MonaVie distributor. And boy was I a distributor. I was more like a “collector” with all of the extra cases of juice and CDs I had! If you ask anyone on my team, they’ll say that I was one of the best students of the system! Until I realized that everyone was “one of the best students of the system.”

I went to all the leadership seminars. I thought I was learning a lot. Every seminar was essentially the same though. Some rags-to-riches story of how a person became successful in MonaVie. Too many inconsistencies in their stories though. I think everyone Emerald and above were with TEAM when they were with Quixtar/Amway. However, the speakers somehow found a way to join MonaVie before their upline yet still be their downline. That’s like giving birth to your own father.

Now I’m all for motivational stories and such. But they advertise the seminars as such: “He makes $300k a year in passive income!”

That’s great, really, but anyone worth their salt will NOT bank all of their money on a single income stream. They’d invest it, or maybe have another business for income.

And you can guess what they DIDN’T talk about during the seminars. Either that, or you can reach the top of MonaVie by being financially incompetent.

Okay, so they talk about a single income stream. They focused on it! Right? Well, yes, but the seminars were basically a giant advertisement that cost $30 to attend. And food isn’t provided. You’d imagine with a $30 price tag they’d have something to eat.

Here’s how seminars usually go, and you TEAMers can attest to this:

  • Introduce how awesome the speakers are. Usually by a Gold.
  • Speaker’s wife talks about how awesome her husband is for doing what he did to get them where they are.
  • Big-shot speaker gives his presentation on how he bought every tool in existence to achieve his success. He wasn’t responsible for his success, the tools system was. The saying goes, “if you give a man stranded on a deserted island a Top 50 pack, 36 months later you’ll find a black diamond.”

No, if you give a stranded man on a deserted island a Top 50 pack, 36 months later you’ll find a rotting skeleton cursing you for not rescuing him.

By the way, if you’re not familiar, the Top 50 pack is the “Top 50 CDs ever in the system.” And they release a new one every year I think. Usually has many of the same CDs as the previous Top 50. Oh and it costs like $260. You’re paying more than retail price of the CDs themselves, maybe for that shiny case? I dunno. [Editor’s Note: Sounds a lot like Orrin Woodward and TEAM’s Trunks of Tools that we’ve seen before.]

So that’s all the seminars ever did. Promote the CDs (which were recordings of previous seminars). So it’s advertising promoting advertising promoting advertising… its an iterative cycle where as it approaches infinity, your bank account approaches zero and your upline’s bank account approaches a nice income.

So what, am I angry I didn’t succeed in MonaVie? That’s why I’m against it? Hey, you might be right. I am angry. Why? Because they taught me how to dream big but never how to achieve my dreams.

I joined MonaVie for a couple of reasons. First of all, the health. I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Eat the right things, drink the right drinks. And MonaVie promised to deliver 7-13 servings of fruits and vegetables. Not only that, but it was also high in antioxidants! And it was mainly composed of the most potent açai in existence! And when I tried the Active, I felt so much better! My wrist no longer hurt! MonaVie must work wonders.

Second, the wealth. My upline said this while pointing to the IDS: “If you could be any level what level would you want to be? I guarantee you that we can help you get there in 2-5 years.” Yes, he said guarantee. I hope he wasn’t told the same thing because he’d been with TEAM since ’05 and he wasn’t even a Bronze yet. [Editor’s Note: I find this particularly interesting as they guaranteed “to help”, not that you’ll actually get there… or that it is possible to get there. Looks like careful wording designed to mislead.]

My upline isn’t a bad guy, I’ll explain more in a bit. Keep reading.

Third reason: wisdom. Widsom in the form of association with wise guys and reading/listening.

Well the first reason was moot. MonaVie is NOT 7-13 servings of fruits & vegetables. Check the MonaVie site yourself. [Editor’s Note: This is a common lie MonaVie Distributor’s tell: see Drinking MonaVie is Not Equal to Eating 13 Fruits] The reason my wrist felt better was because of the glucosamine. I take liquid glucosmaine now and feel just as well. And the MonaVie ORAC score is less than stellar. [Editor’s note: Not only that, but MonaVie lies about the ORAC score of MonaVie.] So what is in MonaVie? Is it just a bottle of hopes and dreams? Well, we’ll see. Keep reading.

Now, a note about my upline. He’s a great friend. Great guy, really motivated. I have nothing but respect for him. The rest of the TEAM loves him as well. Why? Well, he’s a nice guy, first of all. But he also sets the example of what to do to explode your business.

What’d he do? Well, the leader of our TEAM re-texted a text my upline sent him. “One time I spent lots of money on tools, and my business exploded. Then the next time I spent no money on tools, and my business was stagnant. So now I just walked away from the tools table with $1.2k worth of tools.” One thousand, two hundred dollars, spent on CDs and books and brochures.

So, of course, our TEAM leader re-texted that saying that that’s how you achieve your dream! Achieve your dream by giving your money to other people!

When things go right in TEAM, it’s because of the system. When things go wrong in TEAM, its because you’re not using enough system. System system system.

If the system’s so great, then why are there many other MLMs with FREE TRAINING??? You just pay for your monthly product and you get access to ALL of the training materials online!

Now I have to say I learned a lot from the system. The system included a book of the month, and I read all of them. They’re very informative books, but published by other publishers. In other words, the books weren’t unique to TEAM. Go to a library and you’ll see all the wisdom right in front of your face.

Oh, and regarding the system: I’ve been told lies after lies about the cost of the system. Maybe my upline sucked at math, or maybe they were trying to con me. Let me explain.

Three levels of system. Basic, Power Player, Leadership.

Basic system is two CDs per week ($5 each) and a book per month (about $15). Monthly costs rise to about $55 (I was told it would cost $40 per month).

Power Player system is 4 CDs per week and a book per month. Monthly cost $95. Oh and I’m not including shipping and tax, guys! I was never quoted a price for this.

Leadership system is what creates leaders, what makes you excel in the business. Eight CDs per week and TWO books per month. That’s $190 per month. I was told EIGHTY DOLLARS PER MONTH for this option.

Now though I bought into the Basic system, I was too stingy with my money to spend the “$80 per month” for the leadership system. Good thing I was too, because I would have gone broke fast.

So what does TEAM offer? Health? Moot point seeing as a lot of the TEAM leaders, nice as they are, are slightly overweight and talk about how since they were always on the road they had to always eat fast food.

Wealth? Sure, if you can manage to get enough people to buy into your lies about the health.

Wisdom? Yeah, definitely. Once you quit TEAM you feel like you’re wiser than you ever have been before.

By the way, what are the monthly costs? Well, we have $190 for system, $300 for product, $30 for seminars, every 4 months there’s a $120 convention at somewhere far away (about $400-$600 after plane tix and hotel room), $20 for open meetings…

So $540 plus an average of $200 per month for the convention… we’re looking at $740 per month. You’re gonna need almost 8000 monthly PV in your lesser leg. If everyone in your downline does 200 PV autoship, you’re looking at 40 people in each leg JUST TO BREAK EVEN. What the hell kind of overhead is THAT??

No wonder people go broke in this industry so fast!

Oh, and just a sidenote: they always encourage buying 300 PV every month. If you can drink it all with your family, great! If not, sell it off!

I just want to know WHY you should buy a ton of excess product to SELL when you can just as easily direct them to your website to buy?

I can understand buying an extra case every so often for “tasting parties” or for letting prospects try & buy.

I always let my prospects try before they bought. Told them to try the product for a month and then to just pay me whatever they thought it was worth to them. Now thats market value. What people are willing to pay for the value it provides to them. That’s what market research does. It tells what people would be willing to pay when they’re not given a price. I don’t think MonaVie did that… or maybe they did. They found out how much people were willing to pay to buy hopes and dreams. Yippee!

Here’s another thing about MonaVie. Fastest company to $1 billion? Hah. My company’s done it faster. I sell pocket lint animals. I take the pocket lint from designer brand jeans like Diesel, Abercrombie, Hurley, and I make them into little animals that are enchanted with my magical touch. Now, I got this “magical touch” from a guy who invested $2 billion into the science of “magically touching.” So you know its legit!

Well, since it takes so long to make my pocket lint animals, and since it’s made from only the finest materials, I felt it was only fair to sell them for $100,000 each. The cool thing about the lint animals is that they attract people to you to give you money! Want proof? Just buy it, and walk around with it, and tell everyone you know that they can make tons of money if they’re willing to put the investment of $100k into the animals! They’ll be clamoring at your door to buy it! You’re gonna make so much money because I give you a slice of every animal that is sold! You only need to refer 10 people to buy my animals in order to break even! Truly, this is a deal beyond all comprehension. Compare my ten to MonaVie’s 40. And if you cant get anyone to buy, you’re not trying hard enough! Show them proof that my animals work! Look I have my right hand man Dave who’s already make tens of thousands of dollars from helping me! Don’t you want a slice of it?

You want me to prove that I made $1 billion in a week? Well, I’m privately held so you can’t enforce an audit on me.

What? You’re calling BS on me? Prove it! Prove that I’m lying!

Can’t prove it? Exactly my point. The burden of proof lies on me to prove my sales and revenue. And that’s what the case is with MonaVie. Can they prove they hit $1 billion? Or rather $2 billion now? Can you prove it? If not, shut up about it. No one cares how fast a company supposedly grows. Every time someone joins you because you tell them that MonaVie was the fastest to $1bil, $2bil, $1tril, or whatever, YOU ARE LIABLE. Every time you make a medical testimony, YOU ARE LIABLE. If you start taking your responsibilities and liabilities a bit more seriously and do research into the claims, you may find that MonaVie may not work for you. I mean how do you sell a product that has almost zero nutrition for $45? You cant! That’s the point.

Anyway, you may label me as a hater, as ignorant, or whatever. I don’t care. I’m not anti-MonaVie or anti-MLM. I’m anti lies. You should have enough integrity to not have to lie to anyone to sell a product. Tell facts. Not testimonials. Medical testimonials in a public setting are against MonaVie’s P&P’s.

Now if you can tell the truth about your product and still believe in it yourself, that’s great! If you can tell the truth about your product and still be able to sell it to people, that’s great!

I don’t care what you do with your money. It’s your money. I’d like to help you manage it better, or better yet, Lazy Man can help you manage your money better, but if you don’t want to, that’s not my problem. [Editor’s note: here is a great start]

But telling people lies in order to make some money is something I do care about. And I’d like to prevent that if possible. If you do your business with integrity, awesome. If not, then shame on you.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to comment. Or find me on Facebook. My name’s Rasheed Bustamam. I don’t want to have any creepy dudes like Glenn Siesser or whatever stalking me.

Take care.

To your abundance,

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112 Responses to “Ex-MonaVie & TEAM Distributor Explains His Metamorphosis”
  1. humiliated Says:

    Betty, what your associate failed to tell you is she probably spends close to that or more a month in products. If she alone is just drinking the juice, it is costing her $160 a month, but she probably buys the energy drinks, perhaps the weight loss products and the “tools” to help her sell the products. You can triple that number if she has her family on any of the products. She probably spends money to go to the conventions/regionals as well. Finally, the weekly cheques are NEVER consistent.I know having been involved in this scam. She probably hit $340 once or twice and is being told to tell people that is what she makes…she isn’t lying…not according to their twisted logic.

    You should be asking her what she spends on Monavie/TEAM in a year vs. what she has made. I think if she sat down and crunched the numbers, even she would be shocked.

  2. Lisa Says:

    Oh my gosh. I could have written your email. I have a friend in the exact same situation. I so hate this cult. Hope they disband soon.

  3. Anonymous Aussie Says:

    Betty, for some reason the whole concept of numbers seems to elude much of the sales force despite the fact that the word “business” is used when describing their activities (we, just like you, prefer to refer to it as pyramiding) – the focus is entirely on the future earning potential (however, the numbers you will see confirm that potential earnings simply aren’t a reality for greater than 99% of the sales force).

    There are no sustainable business practices – nor would one expect there to be considering Monavie is in fact a MLM/pyramid scam. Distributors are in the business of selling the opportunity, the product is merely the means of camouflaging the underlying business.

    Don’t expect an updated Income Disclosure anytime soon either – Monavie haven’t released anything since mid 2009 and judging by the numbers, it’s no wonder.

    Your instincts and observations are entirely spot on.

  4. Anonymous Aussie Says:

    Victorious Lady states “I can’t believe people would continue spending with a company that promises them $1,000′s a week and get maybe $40+.”

    The fraud is that the scheme is being promoted as an “opportunity” and a venture which is able to offer financial freedom. The tactics used to appeal to a person’s sense of greed are sickening – distributors are encouraged to make a dream board, money and wealth are flaunted by the highest ranked and the promoters and wealth is promoted as being on par with happiness and fulfilling relationships.

    Distributors’ attention is diverted from the current losses but rather they’re encouraged to focus on the future earning potential.

    Here are some more numbers when considering the extent of the fraud – consider the 99.64% of Monavie’s entire sales force who are in bottom ranks where no profit is being made (people totalling 710,569). If each of these distributors invested only $500.00 in the entire year (which is a very conservative figure in many instances when you consider all the outgoings such as tools, product, seminars, travel, phone), this equates to in excess of $350 million defrauded from these distributors/consumers.

    It’s an appalling situation.

  5. Vogel Says:

    And to add insult to injury, the “business opportunity” is promoted to new recruits as a way to save on income taxes (i.e. by deducting not only expenses like phone, car/gas, juice, but also the cost of meetings, tools, etc.). Thus, the distributors are not the only victims of this scam; the US taxpayer is getting fleeced too.

  6. team deception Says:


    Here you go juicescam. There is plenty of praise for what you and Amthrax do to help everyone that has been effected by this scam.

    Thanks for all the work you put into this.

  7. Izzy Says:

    Hear, hear!!!! *raises my vodka glass* I agree with team deception 100% <3

  8. Jackson Says:

    I have been trying to get a TEAM income disclosure for a month now. It is impossible to get straight answers out of people in this organization. Everthing falls back on “your dreams.”

  9. Izzy Says:

    That is correct, Jackson, I got the exact same run-around with my upline and her upline as well…it’s the “dreams” and “bigger picture”. THERE IS NO TEAM IDS!

    Run, Jackson, before you spend more money. My credit has been maxed out and is damaged from TEAM. It nearly cost my marriage.

  10. MadScientistMatt Says:

    I think that IS the average TEAM member’s income – all they get out of it is a bunch of dreams, a big picture, and nothing else.

  11. wendy Says:

    We saw the writing on the wall with the new “TEAM” concept with Monavie. We lived in MI at the time, got “in” with Monavie very early due to outstanding health improvements for both my husband and I. We “did the business” on our own, 2 years before “TEAM” ever existed. We lived near Amway country so we were very leery of any MLM and didn’t really care about the business but fell into it as friends saw changes in our health. We ended up making about $5000.00+ in our first year but didn’t continue with any sort of push/frenzy and ended up eventually skipping the business part and just buying large case amounts to get it cheaper and splitting it with others who also drank it for health reasons. Fast forward about 6-7 years….yes we still LOVE Monavie…we drink it everyday, but buy it off of Ebay! LOL The product is great, the marketing started off as great but the “fad” wore off for many and they quit. We didn’t quit the product, just the business. We never thought we’d get rich, but were amazed at the $$ we did make since we had NEVER made close to that in any other MLM business attempts in the past. We knew people who started joining up with TEAM and we warned them that it sounded a lot like the other venture that these same “business owners” had been part of years ago. I am not surprised to see this on here, but did want to say that the product IS unbelieveably impressive and has kept our family healthier since we started drinking it. I have nothing to gain/lose by saying this….go to Ebay and buy a bottle or a case if you don’t want to mess with the MLM part of it.

  12. MonaVie Scam Says:


    I agree with you, except that it is well known that there are no known health benefits from MonaVie over other 100% juices.

    Here’s a good unbiased look at MonaVie’s nutrition: http://www.mensjournal.com/superjuices-on-trial. Note that Welch’s grape juice is better.

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